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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Obama the Warlord?

Where are all the Anti-War Liberals? Where is Code Pink?

Hey folks,

OK. Obama runs for Office. He says, "I will end the War in Iraq. I will bring the Troops Home. I will Close Gitmo. I will bring about an end of the War in Afghanistan." He wins. What does he do? Doubles down. He DOESN'T close Gitmo. He GETS bin Laden. So an obvious and HONEST question I have is this. We Got Saddam. We got bin Laden. WHY ARE WE STILL THERE!?!?

Thanks to Obama, we are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen. Seriously? Now we are in Africa? AFRICA?? According to the UK Daily Mail - Now U.S. sends troops to Africa to take down brutal rebel leader

President Barack Obama said Friday he's dispatching roughly 100 U.S. troops to central Africa to help battle the Lord's Resistance Army, which the administration accuses of a campaign of murder, rape and kidnapping children that spans two decades.

In a letter to Congress, Obama said the troops will act as advisers in efforts to hunt down rebel leader Joseph Kony but will not engage in combat except in self-defence.

Pentagon officials said the bulk of the U.S. contingent will be special operations troops, who will provide security and combat training to African units.

The White House said the first troops arrived in Uganda on Wednesday.

Ultimately, they'll also deploy in South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
So now we are in "Five Wars?" Thank you Obama? What happened to War is not the Answer? What happened to negotiations? What happened to cutting the Military? I do not think he is going to cut Military spending if he is using them for "Justice" around the World. Now is he? "But Peter. This is only a Hundred Troops. No big deal. The are merely Advisers. They will only enter into combat in self defense." Yeah, and Libya was suppose to be a matter of days. We are still there. We are still fighting. What ever happened to seeking approval from Congress? Oh, he send a letter. According to CBS News - LRA: Rebels worth sending U.S. troops to Africa? October 15, 2011 8:34 AM

(AP) NAIROBI, Kenya - Why is the U.S. sending its troops to finish off a fractured band of bush fighters in the middle of Africa? Political payback for the quiet sacrifices of Uganda's troops in Somalia could be one reason.

President Barack Obama announced Friday he is dispatching about 100 U.S. troops — mostly special operations forces — to central Africa to advise in the fight against the Lord's Resistance Army — a guerrilla group accused of widespread atrocities across several countries. The first U.S. troops arrived Wednesday.

Obama sends troops to Africa to counter rebels

Long considered one of Africa's most brutal rebel groups, the Lord's Resistance Army began its attacks in Uganda more than 20 years ago. But the rebels are at their weakest point in 15 years. Their forces are fractured and scattered, and the Ugandan military estimated earlier this year that only 200 to 400 fighters remain. In 2003 the LRA had 3,000 armed troops and 2,000 people in support roles.

But capturing LRA leader Joseph Kony — a ruthless and brutal thug — remains the highest priority for Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, a 25-year-leader who has committed thousands of troops to the African Union force in Somalia to fight militants from al-Shabab, a group with ties from al Qaeda.

The U.S. has not had forces in Somalia since pulling out shortly after the 1993 Black Hawk Down battle in Mogadishu in which 18 American troops died.

Some experts believe that the U.S. military advisers sent to Uganda could be a reward for the U.S.-funded Ugandan troops service in Somalia.

"I've been hearing that. I don't know if our group necessarily agrees with that, but it definitely would make sense," said Matt Brown, a spokesman for the Enough Project, a U.S. group working to end genocide and crimes against humanity, especially in central Africa.
Now again, this is a very bad guy. Bad stuff is happening. Obama is taking it upon himself to deploy US Men and Women to go off to War in a foreign Country, to fight a War that is not ours to fight. 5. 5 Wars? Where is Code Pink? I know some of the Anti-War crowd is busy being paid to Protest Wall Street, and in other Cities around the Country. But FIVE Wars?

I know it's only a hundred Troops. Yet? What happens if they are killed? What happens if they are captured? Do we just say to those Obama Promised to help. "Well, that's it. We tried. They kicked our butt. Your on your own? Of course we would NEVER do that. Like I said before, we are STILL in Libya. Where are the body counts? Why do we NOT still hear how Iraq is a travesty? WHERE ARE THE PROTESTERS? "Uh, we are protesting, uh, we are here for, uh, Weed and Chicks. Yeah. Peace out man."

UK Daily Mail - Now U.S. sends troops to Africa to take down brutal rebel leader
CBS News - LRA: Rebels worth sending U.S. troops to Africa?

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