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Sunday, October 09, 2011

DLA for Sunday 100911

From an unlikely source, the TRUTH flows.

Hey folks,

Up until just recently, it was a forgone conclusion that no matter who the GOP put up, The Media will have little problem destroying, and Obama will simply Wallace in for another 4 years.

Lets face it. Obama is still Black. He is still Brilliant {According to the Media and the Lib Left, still no proof of this whatsoever.} Republicans are still Racists, Bigoted, Chauvinistic, Homophobes that want nothing more that to Protect the Rich Fat Cats, and Screw the little People. If they are Conservatives, then add in there Stupid as well. There is NO WAY that anyone on the Right could beat Obama.

However, that WAS until people starting waking up. That was until people actually put aside the completely Bogus Stereotypes, created by the the Left and the Media, and actually starting to LISTEN to the Candidates. To the Conservative Message. They started to like what they heard.

Look, the truth is, Liberal Ideals are NICE. They are GOOD Ideas. EVERYONE can agree that the world could indeed be a better place if we lived by some of them. Consider a World without War. Who doesn't want that. Consider the Lion laying down with the Lamb. Consider a World where money meant NOTHING. Who wouldn't be happy with that? Consider a World where we could wake up and go about our day without leaving any kind of "foot print" or mark, on the Planet. Where we could fly around in Solar Powered Hover Cars, drink clean water straight from Mountains, Sleep at night being cooled by a cool Breeze created solely by the Wind itself. Love not War. Green everywhere? Who could be against any of that?

The problem is, THAT is not reality. It is not now, never has been, it CAN NOT BE. Reality is that War is real. The Lion EATS the Lamb. Oil makes the World turn. Unfortunately, because of US, Money is a necessity. If you like it or not.

Reality is not fair. It is not always Just. The American Dream is so great, for the sole reason that ANYONE can achieve it. ANYONE. You can strive for Greatness in this Country, and you can achieve it. Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Herman Cain. All came from NOTHING, and are now the Millionaires and Billionaires that Obama talks about. But then again, so is HE.

However, Reality is also cruel for some. If you do not eat, you die. Simple enough to understand. If you CHOSE to be content doing what you are doing, and strive for nothing more, then you get what you get. If you CHOSE to stay home and be dependant on the System, then you will be one of those that feel jealousy and hatred towards those that DID make something of themselves. But you have no one to blame be yourself. Seriously. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Herman Cain, Vince McMahon, and Opera Winfrey making their Millions and Billions, have NO effect on me. If Rush Limbaugh lost his Millions, it would have no effect on me. I would not make a DIME more if Bill Gates lost his. However, in Reality, I could go to work for Rush. I could go to work for IBM, Gateway, or APPLE. I could work for the WWE or become a Camera Guy for Opera. I could make a good Salary. But I could never go to work for someone sitting on their couch WATCHING Opera, collecting a Government Check.

The American Dream is great because instead of Working for Rush, I could go out and get my own Radio Show. If I'm good enough, I could BE Rush. I could sit in my garage, and come up with the next big thing, and become Bill Gates. I could envision a NEW TV Show, and BECOME Vince McMahon, or Opera. Since the founding of this Country, the American Spirit, the American Dream, has MADE this Country what it is today. Well, what it WAS until around 2005. What Bush started at the encouragement of Obama and other Liberals, Obama walked right in and took over.

It is, without doubt. ANY Doubt whatsoever, Liberal Ideals and Agendas that have gotten us into this mess. It is because Liberal Ideas are OPPOSED to what America Stands for. Freedom. The American Dream has been replaced by a Liberal One. An unattainable Utopia of Fairness and Equality for all. Where nothing costs anything, and everyone is equal no matter the amount of work or decisions made by themselves.

Well, we have a President that has brought to pass, a lot of the Liberal Dreams. The American people are learning that they are FALSE. Failed Policies and the Reality is, they simply make things WORSE for all. Now they are hearing the Truth, about what made this Country Great. Conservatism. Freedom. And yes, FAITH. They are waking up. They are starting to listen.

So do not believe that Obama is a shoo-in. Do not believe the early MMD Polls showing that he is still in the Lead. Do not believe that there is no one that can beat him. They DON'T! When asked if he though Obama could loose in 2012, that the Mood in the Country, and the Tea Party, was strong enough to beat Obama, our Winner of the Display of Logic Award said this.

“Oh, absolutely! Absolutely! It's strong enough to beat both of us. Look, no matter what the circumstance, at the end of the day, the American people right now are in real trouble. An even larger percentage have stagnant wages. And a significant majority of the American people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction. That is never a good place to be going into re-election, whether it’s your fault or not your fault. It’s almost sometimes irrelevant.”
WOW! I will give credit where credit is due. From an unlikely source, the TRUTH flows. It is because of Obama that we are in this mess. It is because of Liberal Ideas and Agendas, that "the American people right now are in real trouble. An even larger percentage have stagnant wages. And a significant majority of the American people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction." VP Biden knows it. Obama knows it. The Media knows it. The PEOPLE know it.

Congratulations VP Biden. I do not agree with 99 percent of the things that come out of your mouth, but Like Bush, I love hearing you say them from time to time. But this? THIS I agree with you one hundred percent. You ARE the Winner of the Display of Logic Award, for today, Sunday, October 09th, 2011.

Hot Air - Biden echoes Obama’s “underdog” claim: GOP “strong enough to beat us”

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