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Monday, June 30, 2008

Do Not Let Up On Congress On Using Our Own Oil

Let them know you will not stop.

Hey folks,

I'm not letting up. Neither should you. If you care what you are paying at the pump that is. You know, it really is infuriating that those that are against Dilling and using our own oil, have NO alternative. NONE. They continue to tout alternative fuels and energy, yet they fail to tell you how long THAT will take to become a reality. They are quick to tell you Dilling will take ten to twenty years, but Solar, Wind Power? How long?

But then you have the Envionuts standing in the way of even THAT! A while back there were articles about how Wind Turbines will harm wildlife. More studies need to be done. NOW, Solar Power is on their hit list. On Friday, the New York Times had this. Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

DENVER — Faced with a surge in the number of proposed solar power plants, the federal government has placed a moratorium on new solar projects on public land until it studies their environmental impact, which is expected to take about two years.

That is all you need to know. So TWO years to study the environmental impact, then, if they decide it's OK, we MAY start to plan, build, and distribute, for a high price, this alternative. So how long?

It is past time we stop playing games here folks. Go here and let them know you are done with the insanity of the Left and you WANT this NOW. There is a form letter there that you can just put you name and address to. I added a few things and sent it out. Here is a copy of mine. Highlighted is what I added to it.

Peter Carlock
[Sender address inserted here]

June 27, 2008

[recipient address was inserted here]

Dear [recipient name was inserted here],

As you know, energy prices are skyrocketing and Americans are feeling an increasing amount of pain from fuel costs at home, at the office and at the pump. I am writing you today to ask that you support opening the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to energy exploration and production. You have an opportunity to fix these high prices by voting in favor of increasing America's supply of energy. I am counting on your support.

It really is as simple as this. Drill Here, Drill Now, and we will pay less. As they stated in their letter to Speaker Pelosi, The American Association of Petroleum Geologists indicated that it would only take between five to ten years.

"The process of leasing, evaluating, drilling, and developing an oil or natural gas field typically takes five to ten years. Some fields come online sooner. Others are delayed by permitting or regulatory delays or constraints in the availability of data acquisition and drilling equipment and crews. Large projects and those in deep water may require a decade or more to ramp up to full production."

This by those that actually DO it. Not talking points from some Liberal Evionut group that knows nothing.

Doing nothing, taxing Big Oil, {By the way, Windfall Profits means profit from doing nothing. Like what the Government gets by taxing the gas we buy now.} or stealing their profits outright "to invest in alternative fuels," will not add another gallon of gas, nor lower the price at the pump one Pennie.

Please help those of us who are concerned about how our nation's energy policies impact our daily lives. Please support increasing our energy supply by accessing our domestic energy resources in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

Thank you considering my perspective.


Peter Carlock

Folks, if you are as fed up as I am over the fight to keep us away from the simplest of answers to this continuously growing problem, take a second and take action on this. Let them KNOW you are. We must keep up the pressure on these idiots, we must gain our energy independence NOW.

NYT - Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects
Friends of The Chamber- Letter

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Preview For Sunday 062908

Coming right up today

Hey folks,

I have had a pretty bad week this past week. Tomorrow is not looking like it will be much better. Possibly even worse. I have to go to a meeting tomorrow and discuss some things that may cause me to miss being here. It may also give me more time to be here, we will have to wait and see. But FRET NOT! If I miss a day or two this week, do not worry, I WILL be back in The Chair soon. I wish I could share more with you. However, right this second, I have no idea how tomorrow will go. It is a short week for me, maybe you as well, so we have to think about THAT being a positive. {Smile}

Anyway, coming right up today:

It HAS been a GREAT week for the Constitution. The Supreme Court is on a roll.

Notice all the news about the Arctic Ice melting? Notice why they SAY it is? Their wrong.

Remind me to never take Air India.

Wrapping it all up as usual with the IWA. This week? Just for fun.

So go get your morning go-go juice, whatever that may be, and get comfortable.

I'll be right back.


US Supreme Court On A Roll

Upholding the Constitution and Commonsense, MOST of the time.

Hey folks,

But for how long? It depends on who the Next President is and who THEY appoint. Everybody was upset at the Supreme Court for their idiotic ruling:

Kennedy v. Louisiana: Declaring that the death penalty for the crime of child rape violates the Eight Amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishment; the decision overturned a ruling by the Louisiana Supreme Court that would have allowed the execution of a man convicted of raping his 8-year-old stepdaughter. 5-4 Writing the decision- Kennedy. Dissenting - Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito

What most people were upset about was this statement. "The death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child." What can you think of that is more horrendous than raping an innocent child? Not much. So many were beside themselves over this one. While the court ruling effectively ends the use of the death penalty for child rape, the court left open its use for crimes such as "treason, espionage, terrorism, and drug kingpin activity, which are offenses against the state." Kennedy wrote, "As it relates to crimes against individuals, though, the death penalty should not be expanded to instances where the victim's life was not taken." In other words, no life taken for no life taken.

Then you have the other ruling that a lot of people, including yours truly, found to be completely insane.

Boumediene v. Bush: Declaring for the first time that foreign prisoners held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have a constitutional right to challenge their detention in U.S. courts. 5-4 Writing the decision - Kennedy, Dissenting - Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito

In essence, giving US Constitutional Rights to those that want to kill us. To NON- US Citizens.

But in the bigger picture, we see the Court doing what it is MEANT to do. Upholding the Constitution. Instead of rewriting the Constitution, by legislating from the bench, they have started to actually UPHOLD it against insane laws from the past or those that want to violated it by passing new laws.

The Second Amendment.

District of Columbia v. Heller: Establishing for the first time that the Constitution protects an individual right to own guns and rejecting the notion that the gun right must be connected to service in the militia; the decision struck down a Washington handgun ban. 5-4 Writing the decision - Scalia. Dissenting - Stevens, Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter.

Voting Rights and the First Amendment.

Crawford v. Marion County Election Board: Upholding an Indiana law that prohibited people from voting unless they presented a photo ID issued by the state or federal government. 6-3 Writing the decision - Stevens Dissenting- Souter, Breyer, Ginsburg.

To cut down on Voter Fraud and making sure that those voting are ELIGABALE to do so. Nothing wrong with that.

Then the latest.

Davis v. Federal Election Commission: Striking down the "millionaires' amendment" in federal campaign-finance law, which lifted contribution limits for House of Representatives candidates when their opponents spent more than $350,000 of their own money; the court also threw out additional disclosure requirements for wealthy candidates. 5-4 Writing the decision - Alito. Dissenting - Stevens, Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter.

Now this case overturns some of the McCain / Feingold legislational attack on Free Speech. Those that are for the "millionaires' amendment" say it all about fairness. Yes, fairness. Level the playing field for all. {Sigh} But it's NOT, nor will it ever be level. Anyway, Alito wrote in his majority opinion. "The argument that a candidate's speech may be restricted in order to 'level electoral opportunities' has ominous implications," and is "antithetical to the First Amendment."

Folks, THIS is what the Court SHOULD be all about. Upholding the Constitution. Enforcing JUST laws and doing away with those that are unconstitutional. NOT creating laws to further agendas. It has been a great week for the Constitution. Let's hope it continues.

USA Today - Major rulings for the 2007-2008 Supreme Court term

H.S. For Sunday 062908

Volcanoes are hot. Ice Melts in heat. REALLY?

Hey folks,

Let's see, looks like we have GWBS Gloom and Doom reporting again. First The AP warns us this. AP - This summer may see first ice-free North Pole

There's a 50-50 chance that the North Pole will be ice-free this summer, which would be a first in recorded history, a leading ice scientist says.

The weather and ocean conditions in the next couple of weeks will determine how much of the sea ice will melt, and early signs are not good, said Mark Serreze. He's a senior researcher at the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo.

The chances for a total meltdown at the pole are higher than ever because the layer of ice coating the sea is thinner than ever, he said.

There reason for this? GLOBAL WARMING! It's our fault.

The explanation is a warming climate and a weather phenomenon, scientists said.

For the last couple of decades, there has been a steady melt of Arctic sea ice — which covers only the ocean and which thins during summer and refreezes in winter. In recent years, it has gradually become thinner because more of it has been melting as the Earth's temperature rises.

The AFP - North Pole may have no ice this summer: US expert, just read the first paragraph.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - There could briefly be no ice at the North Pole this summer, a US scientist said Friday, an event that would mark a new stage in the melting of the Arctic ice sheets due to global warming.

CNN quoted the same moronic Scientist Mark Serreze

"It's not cyclical at this point. I think we understand the physics behind this pretty well," he said. "We've known for at least 30 years, from our earliest climate models, that it's the Arctic where we'd see the first signs of global warming."

But HERE is the problem. It's NOT Man-Made Global Warming. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with us at all. It's a VOLCANO! - Volcanoes Erupt Beneath Arctic Ice

New evidence deep beneath the Arctic ice suggests a series of underwater volcanoes have erupted in violent explosions in the past decade.

Hidden 2.5 miles (4,000 meters) beneath the Arctic surface, the volcanoes are up to a mile (2,000 meters) in diameter and a few hundred yards tall. They formed along the Gakkel Ridge, a lengthy crack in the ocean crust where two rocky plates are spreading apart, pulling new melted rock to the surface.

Until now, scientists thought undersea volcanoes only dribbled lava from cracks in the seafloor. The extreme pressure from the overlying water makes it difficult for gas and magma to blast outward.

But the Gakkel Ridge, which is relatively unexplored and considered unique for its slow spreading rate, is just the place for surprises.

Robert Reeves-Sohn of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Massachusetts and his colleagues discovered jagged, glassy fragments of rock scattered around the volcanoes, suggesting explosive eruptions occurred between 1999 and 2001.

They hypothesize that the slow spreading could allow excess gas to build up in pockets of magma beneath the oceanic crust. When the gas pressure gets high enough, it pops like a champagne bottle being uncorked.

With news this week that polar ice is melting dramatically, underwater Arctic pyrotechnics might seem like a logical smoking gun. Scientists don't see any significant connection, however.

"We don't believe the volcanoes had much effect on the overlying ice," Reeves-Sohn told LiveScience, "but they seem to have had a major impact on the overlying water column."

The eruptions discharge large amounts of carbon dioxide, helium, trace metals and heat into the water over long distances, he said.

The research, detailed in the June 26 issue of the journal Nature, was funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation and WHOI.

Volcanoes HOT. Ice Melts in heat. But they have no effect? {Laughing} No folks, it's not the volcanoes, it's you driving your gas guzzling SUV to work. It's NOT the Volcanoes, it's you using one of those old fashion light bulbs. It's not the Volcanoes, it's YOU not buying carbon credits. Yes YOU are to blame for Global Warming and YOU are to blame for the Arctic ice melting. Forget the VOLCANOES.

AP - This summer may see first ice-free North Pole
The AFP - North Pole may have no ice this summer: US expert
CNN- North Pole could be ice-free this summer, scientists say - Volcanoes Erupt Beneath Arctic Ice

You Can't Make This Stuff Up 062908

Remind me not to fly Air India.

Hey folks,

For those of you who do a lot of traveling by air, you may want to join me in NOT taking Air India. You know, I have traveled quite a bit in planes and I have tried everything I can think of to stay awake. The problem is, I just find myself falling asleep EVERY TIME if the flight is over three hours. I have tried reading, getting up and walking around, eating, drinking, ETC. Yet, it seems inevitable that I will close my eyes and find myself asleep. You see, so do the other passengers who have to then listen to me snore. {Smile}

But that's OK for me. I'm a passenger. What about the Pilots? According to AFP, they fall asleep too.

An Air India flight headed for Mumbai overshot its destination and was halfway to Goa before its dozing pilots were woken out of a deep slumber by air traffic control, a report said.

The high altitude nap took place approximately two weeks ago, the Times of India reported Thursday. The report, however, drew a furious denial from Air India.

Some 100 passengers were on board the state-run flight that originated from Dubai and flew to the western Indian city of Jaipur before heading south to Mumbai when both pilots fell asleep, a source told the paper.

Could THAT be the answer? State-run flight? I bet you THEIR Pilots do not get a say on how many flights, hours, or off time they get.

"After operating an overnight flight, fatigue levels peak -- and so the pilots dozed off after taking off from Jaipur," the source, who was not identified in the report, said.

I wonder if they snore. Of course they, the Government, DENIES this. They seem a little angry about it also. {Smile}

"The report is absolutely incorrect, devoid of facts, misleading and irresponsible. It is a figment of imagination," Air India spokesman Jitender Bhargava told AFP by telephone from Mumbai.

"We have gone through the flight reports of the last 30 days. A plane did cross Mumbai for 15 kilometres because it had lost contact for a few moments. At those speeds 15 kilometres is covered in a very short time."

Bhargava accused the Times of India, one of the country's biggest papers, of "batting for somebody." The daily has said in its report that authorities were trying to hush up the incident.

Then you have this.

Indian papers also reported this week that a flight operated by private airline Jetlite to the central Indian city of Patna was grounded after the pilot was allegedly found to be drunk.

Yeah, I do not think I will be flying Air India any time soon. It also goes to show you how much better things are when Government takes over private industries. {Smile} Don't ya think?

AFP - Plane soars past destination as pilots doze: report

IWA For Sunday 062908

OK, This one is just for fun.

Hey folks,

It's Sunday, time for the Idiot of the Week. OK, I'll admit it. This one is just for fun. According to Contacto Magazine - You're an Idiot! Yes YOU are.

Washington, DC
VOA News

In America, as in most cultures, you risk offending people if you call them dumb or an idiot to their faces. You also risk a punch in the nose.

And yet by the millions, people are buying books with titles like Wine for Dummies and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles. When we don't know a thing about meditation or buying stocks or speaking Bulgarian, we're happy to be insulted. Go right ahead: call us dummies on the cover of your book. Just show us how to lay tile or knit a sweater.

And for 17 years, that's exactly what a seemingly endless stream of books, written in a breezy manner with lots of illustrations and simple instructions, has done.

Want a tattoo? There's The Complete Idiot's Guide to getting one. A yappy little dog? Chihuahuas for Dummies will tell you all there is to know about them. There's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Webkinz, whatever that is. And Chronic Pain for Dummies, leaving us to wonder where smart people go to deal with pain.

More than 125 million copies in the Dummies series alone have sold since the first Dummies book — about a computer program called DOS — was published in 1991.

Ever since, Dummies and Idiots books have promised to teach us how to garden, learn religions, paint walls, even raise our kids.

Dummies books have been translated into 39 languages and published in 40 countries, so all the idiots are no longer in America. There are now dummies videos, too.

You name it — chess, vampires, foreclosed houses — there's a Dummies or Idiots book about it. There's even one called Biochemistry for Dummies. But no Idiot's Guide to Brain Surgery . . . yet!

Congratulations Mr. Landphair, for pointing out that we are all Idiots, YOU are the Idiot of the Week. By the way, since you seem to be the expert, is there a book out there called The Idiot Guide to Millions. If so, where can I get a copy? {Smile}

Contacto Magazine - You're an Idiot!

Presidential Radio Address for 062808

President Bush Radio Address

President Bush: "Good morning.

This week, the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives held a conference to highlight the work being done by our Nation's armies of compassion, with help from the Federal government. This conference demonstrated the remarkable difference these groups have made over the past eight years.

When I first came to office, I was troubled to see many of our citizens' greatest needs going unmet. Too many addicts walked the rough road to recovery alone. Too many prisoners had the desire for reform but no one to show them the way. Across our country, the hungry, homeless, and sick begged for deliverance -- and too many heard only silence in reply.

The tragedy was that there were good men and women across America who had the desire to help but not the resources. Because many of them worked with small charities, they were overlooked by Washington as potential partners in service. And because many of them belonged to faith-based organizations, they were often barred from receiving support from the Federal government.

So I set about to change this with a new approach called "compassionate conservatism." This approach was compassionate, because it was rooted in a timeless truth: that we ought to love our neighbors as we'd like to be loved ourselves. And this approach was conservative, because it recognized the limits of government: that bureaucracies can put money in people's hands, but they cannot put hope in people's hearts.

Putting hope in people's hearts is the mission of our Nation's faith-based and community groups, so my Administration decided to treat them as trusted partners. We held these groups to high standards and insisted on demonstrable results. And they have delivered on those expectations.

Through their partnerships with the government, these organizations have helped reduce the number of chronically homeless by nearly 12 percent -- getting more than 20,000 Americans off the streets. They have helped match nearly 90,000 children of prisoners with adult mentors. And they have helped provide services such as job placement for thousands of former inmates.

Faith-based and community groups have also had a powerful impact overseas. In Africa, they have participated in our Malaria Initiative. In just over two years, this effort has reached more than 25 million people -- and according to new data, malaria rates are dropping dramatically in many parts of that continent.

These groups have also been a vital part of the Emergency Plan for AIDS relief. When we launched this program in 2003, about 50,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa were receiving anti-retroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS. Today, that number is nearly 1.7 million.

Behind each of these statistics, there are stories of people whose lives have been changed by the kindness of faith-based and community organizations. One such person is Ramie Siler. Ramie was once lost to substance abuse, recidivism, and depression. Even when she tried to get clean for her daughter's high school graduation, Ramie couldn't break free from her addiction. Then she found a faith-based group called The Next Door. At The Next Door, Ramie met people who stood by her throughout her difficult recovery. They gave her a second chance to become a productive citizen and good mother. Today, Ramie is reunited with her daughter. She now helps other women as the Next Door case manager. When Ramie describes her turnaround, she uses the words of Saint Paul: "Old things have passed away; behold, all things are becoming new."

I'm grateful to every American who works to create this spirit of hope. Because of you, our Nation has made great strides toward fulfilling the noble goals that gave rise to the Faith-Based and Community Initiative. Because of you, I'm confident that the progress we have made over the past eight years will continue. Because of you, countless souls have been touched and lives have been healed.

Thank you for listening."

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Second Amendment Gave The Right, NOT The Court

The Second Amendment
Right to Bare Arms

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Hey folks,

Why is this big news? Don't worry, we will get to the emails in a second. But seriously, WHY is this big news? The NYTs started it out this way

The 5-4 ruling was the first ever to so directly address the meaning of the Second Amendment’s ambiguous text, but the decision left open the possibility that less restrictive state laws were permissible.

Ambiguous text?

AOl News? Actually the AP?

WASHINGTON (AP) - Silent on central questions of gun control for two centuries, the Supreme Court found its voice Thursday in a decision affirming the right to have guns for self-defense in the home and addressing a constitutional riddle almost as old as the republic over what it means to say the people may keep and bear arms.

The court's 5-4 ruling struck down the District of Columbia's ban on handguns and imperiled similar prohibitions in other cities, Chicago and San Francisco among them. Federal gun restrictions, however, were expected to remain largely intact.

Constitutional riddle
? Their is NO riddle. There is NOTHING ambiguous about it. It CLEARLY states:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

"A well regulated Militia" Why? COMA, "being necessary to the security of a free State" COMA, "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms" Two SEPERATE issues. People have the RIGHT to posses and use if necessary, GUNS. Notice here yet another COMA, SHALL NOT BE INFRIGED! Neither the well regulated Militia, NOR the people's RIGHT to bear arms.

If you want to get real about this, those writing the Constitution just got done fighting a CIVIL WAR against a well regulated Militia. They wanted to make sure that people could protect themselves from even this threat.

At least the Washington Post ACTULLY posted some of Justice Scalia's decision. I was going to post the whole thing but it's like 64 pages long. {Smile}

"As the quotations earlier in this opinion demonstrate, the inherent right of self-defense has been central to the Second Amendment right. The handgun ban amounts to a prohibition of an entire class of 'arms' that is overwhelmingly chosen by American society for that lawful purpose. The prohibition extends, moreover, to the home, where the need for defense of self, family and property is most acute. Under any of the standards of scrutiny that we have applied to enumerated constitutional rights, banning from the home 'the most preferred firearm in the nation to keep and use for protection of one's home and family,' would fail constitutional muster."

"We must also address the District's requirement (as applied to respondent's handgun) that firearms in the home be rendered and kept inoperable at all times. This makes it impossible for citizens to use them for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional."

"Nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms."

But this has SHOCKED the LWL. This has driven some Libs off the deep end. I'm not making this up. Google it. This is way to funny. This is big news and some are not happy with it. They TRULY feel that the Supreme Court just gave the people this Right. They feel that the Supreme Court just over turned the Ban in Washington DC and others that will follow. They really didn't. The Constitution DID.

I'm sure that this is not one of those flash in the pan news stories. This is going to be around for a while. They will continue to attempt to strip away your rights or attempt to RE-write the Constitution to fit THEIR opinion of what it SHOULD mean. Congratulations Justice Scalia. Job well done.

Now to the Emails.

NYT-Justices Rule for Individual Gun Rights
AOL News / AP- High court affirms gun rights in historic decision
The Washington Post - Excerpts from ruling on handgun ban

From The Emails 062708

"Why haven't you talked about this? Is this not important to you? Leave it to a Limbaugh to talk about things people do not want to talk about."

Hey folks,

I just have not had time. {Smile} Seriously, I talk about the moral decline in this country all the time. In various ways. For those that have known me for a while, long before the OPNTalk Blog, I was doing whole series of articles about the moral Decline in this country. HERE are some examples.

Since it IS Friday, we will go with your article. Here it is.

Evolving Standards of Indecency
By David Limbaugh

The Supreme Court's barring of the death penalty for child rapists in Kennedy v. Louisiana underscores the hazards in the court's abandonment of moral absolutes in favor of "evolving standards of decency" and the court's unbridled arrogance in substituting its subjective judgment for the legislatively enacted will of the people.

In Kennedy, the court reversed the decision of the Louisiana Supreme Court to uphold the capital punishment of a convicted child rapist, holding that the Eighth Amendment's cruel and unusual punishment clause prohibits executing such offenders "where the crime did not result, and was not intended to result, in the victim's death."

A United States Supreme Court with a majority of Constitution-respecting justices would have evaluated the Louisiana statute in light of the originally understood meaning of the cruel and unusual punishment clause.

Instead, today's sometimes Obama-inclined liberal activist majority subordinated to the lowest rung the clause's original meaning in favor of "the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society."

And how does the majority identify that new, enlightened standard applicable to child rape cases not resulting or intended to result in death?

Simple. "The Court is guided by 'objective indicia of society's standards, as expressed in legislative enactments and state practice with respect to executions.'" And the majority, in its infinite wisdom, concluded that there exists a "national consensus against capital punishment for the crime of child rape."

The only consensus that should matter to the court is that reflected by the Louisiana legislature -- a consensus that ought not be circumvented, in any event, by the national will when it involves a matter of state law.

But put that aside for a moment, as well as the court's fallacious analysis -- systematically demolished by Justice Alito in his dissent -- in finding that such a national consensus exists. Let's consider the legitimacy of the court applying an "evolving standard" in the first place to interpret the Constitution.

Does it not follow that if provisions of the Constitution can change by fiat of the high court solely on the basis of its perceived assessment of a national consensus on any particular question, the Constitution's restrictive amendment process -- which requires supermajorities and imposes other hurdles -- is rendered meaningless?

The majority can flower its language all it wants, but in the end, this reference to a national consensus to interpret the Constitution is just a disguised rationale for liberal judicial activism. It's the court's pseudo-intellectual, specious excuse for imposing its own policy judgments on the American people under the cover of interpreting law.

Liberals fashion themselves as protectors of fundamental rights, even as against the "tyranny of the majority." But they only selectively apply that principle, readily dispensing with it when it interferes with their policy preferences.

The Constitution establishes a framework to maximize liberties not by making them absolute, but by pitting competing branches and levels of government against each other and enshrining certain rights and prerogatives that can't be abolished outside of the prescribed constitutional procedures.

If we continue to surrender the more permanent structural framework of the Constitution to the shifting sands of ever-changing national opinions, we'll see our liberty evaporate drip by drip, until we end up like all other great nations preceding us.

But the national consensus analysis, as bad as it is, is symptomatic of the deeper-rooted standard the court insists on invoking with increasing frequency: "the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society."

The very enunciation of such "standards" betrays the majority's abandonment of the Framers' Judeo-Christian-inspired belief in moral absolutes. It mocks the biblical description of man as a fallen creature. It arrogantly presumes -- despite a wealth of objective evidence to the contrary, including the multiplicity of godless atrocities in the 20th century alone -- that we human beings are forever improving on God's moral standards. Of course, that's not difficult to accept if you reject the existence of God.

Are we evolving as a morally mature society when we permit the killing of babies in -- and halfway outside -- the womb? When we permit such obscenely sloppy formulations as "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"? When we glorify so much else that is abominable in the sight of God?

If we are evolving to the point that, on supposed moral grounds, we won't let sovereign state legislatures sanction execution for a sadistic creature who raped his 8-year-old stepdaughter -- giving her "a laceration to the left wall of her vagina" and "causing her rectum to protrude into the vaginal structure," tearing "her entire perineum from the posterior fourchette to the anus" and requiring emergency surgery -- I weep for all of our children and our society.

As do I, weep for the children in our society. I agree with David Limbaugh's article. There you go folks, the moral decline on full display.

Have a great Weekend.

OPNTalk - Moral Decline Montage
David Limbaugh at

Note: "From The Emails" is a weekly segment in the Friday edition of the OPNtalk Blog. If you care to send in News Articles, Comments, Stories, or anything else you may wish to share, please feel free to send it to As always, you never know what you are going to see here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pelosi And Other Libs Want to Silence YOUR Voice

The LWL HATE the First Amendment

Hey folks,

I have been warning you over and over again that they HATE Talk Radio and the New Media. They REALLY do. I have pointed out why.

Amnesty. Something like 40 attempts at granting Amnesty in various Bills and hidden agendas. Talk Radio, Blogs, ETC, the NEW Media, told you about it. They failed.

Universal Health Care. It was because of the New Media that you have all the information you have on this. The Utopia of Nationalized Healthcare is not what it seems. They cannot get the votes because YOU will not let them.

FISA, Supporting our Troops, the fact that the War HAS NOT FAILED. In the face of all the FACTS and TRUTH, they, and their friends in the Mainstreme Media, were coming out and telling you DIRECT LIES. It was because of Talk Radio and the New Media that YOU FORCED them to do the right thing.

Global Warming BS. Why do you think they have not hit this full force and attempted to pass some of their idiotic ideas in to law? Because more and more of you are learning the it is GWBS. If it were not for the New Media, they would have flooded the major networks, and New Papers, as they have, with constant BS about GW. But more and more of you are getting your FACTS, and hearing the TRUTH from sources other than them. They cannot even debate it. They have NO real scientific PROOF that it even exists, as a matter of fact, Science and Nature prove them WRONG. You would have never heard that from them. You still haven't.

NOW, 76 percent of you want us to Drill here, Drill NOW, and you KNOW that this would mean you will pay less. They continue to hammer you with the Liberal talking points that are both incorrect, and will NOT add another gallon nor lower the cost a Pennie. As a matter of fact. ALL of their proposals on this will INCREASE the cost at the pump and create MORE hardship on those already suffering. How do you know this? Well, next to commonsense and logic, you have gotten the TRUE facts from the New Media.

I have been telling you that they want to cut this source off. Even some Republicans have said Talk Radio is a problem. These people have power to change your lives forever. They WANT to. But you are not making it easy for them because as a wise man once said. "Knowledge is power." You have the facts and know the truth. Therefore they can not, although they try, come out and fool you or mislead you into buying what they are trying to sell to you.

So instead of doing what normal and intelligent people do, talk about and debate the points on any given subject, they want to SILENCE those that disagree with them. They want to silence YOUR voice, and those that give you the TRUTH. They want the monopoly of the news and information you receive BACK.

See the montage of the Fairness Doctrine HERE.

Yesterday, John Gizzi, Political Editor of Human Events Online posted this. Pelosi Supports 'Fairness Doctrine'

The speaker of the House made it clear to me and more than forty of my colleagues yesterday that a bill by Rep. Mike Pence (R.-Ind.) to outlaw the “Fairness Doctrine” (which a liberal administration could use to silence Rush Limbaugh, other radio talk show hosts and much of the new alternative media) would not see the light of day in Congress during ’08. In ruling out a vote on Pence’s proposed Broadcaster's Freedom Act, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA.) also signaled her strong support for revival of the “Fairness Doctrine” -- which would require radio station owners to provide equal time to radio commentary when it is requested.

Experts say that the “Fairness Doctrine,” which was ended under the Reagan Administration, would put a major burden on small radio stations in providing equal time to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative broadcasters, who are a potent political force. Rather than engage in the costly practice of providing that time, the experts conclude, many stations would simply not carry Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other talk show hosts who are likely to generate demands for equal time.

At a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor yesterday, I asked Pelosi if Pence failed to get the required signatures on a discharge petition to get his anti-Fairness Doctrine bill out of committee, would she permit the Pence measure to get a floor vote this year.

“No,” the Speaker replied, without hesitation. She added that “the interest in my caucus is the reverse” and that New York Democratic Rep. “Louise Slaughter has been active behind this [revival of the Fairness Doctrine] for a while now.”

Pelosi pointed out that, after it returns from its Fourth of July recess, the House will only meet for another three weeks in July and three weeks in the fall. There are a lot of bills it has to deal with before adjournment, she said, such as FISA and an energy bill.

“So I don’t see it [the Pence bill] coming to the floor,” Pelosi said.

“Do you personally support revival of the ‘Fairness Doctrine?’” I asked.

“Yes,” the speaker replied, without hesitation.

Folks, if the House and the Senate, continue to be run by the Left Wing Loonies that are running it now, and someone like Obama get in, possibly even McCain, we could see the Fairness Doctrine reinstated. Now it will not force Rush to do anything. It will not effect WABC. However, as Mr. Gizzi points out, it WILL effect smaller radio stations nationwide. So people in the Midwest and smaller areas will lose the ability to hear Rush, Hannity, ETC. Of course, you can always listen to them on line. {Smile} But this is a DIRECT attack on the First Amendment by those running our Government. This is an on going attempt to keep you in the dark about what they are actually doing. This is the INSANITY and arrogance of the LWL. Time to send them a message folks. Plain and simple.

OPNTalk - Fairness Doctrine Montage
Human Events- Pelosi Supports 'Fairness Doctrine'

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Republicans Hear You, Democrat Continue Games

They cannot ignore you for much longer

Hey folks,

But I'm sure they are going to try. Sticking with our energy crisis for a little bit longer, we learned that the Republicans hear you. More than that, so do the Democrats, however, they still want to play games.

AP - House fails to move gas pump price gouging bill By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 25, 12:50 AM ET

House Democrats failed Tuesday to resurrect a bill to punish price gouging at the gas pump, while maneuvering to block Republican attempts to expand offshore drilling, an idea gaining in popularity amid $4-a-gallon gas prices.

Gaining in popularity? Yeah like 76 percent of Americas are for it.

Action on legislation that would assure continuation of the ban on oil and natural gas drilling in most of the country's coastal waters was put off until later this summer after it became increasingly clear that Republican lawmakers may have the votes to lift the drilling moratorium.

SO WHO's Fault is it that you will STILL be paying over 4.00 a gallon? The Liberal Democrats. Who's fault is it that we STILL cannot drill and use our own resources? The LWL {Left Wing Loonies} Who is to blame? Not Bush. Not the Republicans. Not YOU. It is ALL the Democrats. Those beholden to the Envionuts.

As Democrats prepared a string of energy proposals before lawmakers depart for the July 4 holiday recess, Republicans charged that they were being blocked from getting a vote on whether to end the ban on offshore oil and gas drilling.

Of course they are.

Last week GOP presidential candidate John McCain as well as President Bush called for ending the blanket prohibition on energy development over 80 percent of the country's offshore waters. Republicans contend that the offshore bans should be ended to allow for more domestic oil and gas production, an argument that has gained support with $130-a-barrel oil raising the cost of everything from food to air travel.

Air travel and the Airline business IS in danger of being destroyed at the hands of the Democrats. But they do not care about that. They do not care about the single mom that has to decide if she can afford to buy food for her kids or gas to go to work. They do not care about the average American who is struggling. They care about the Chicken Little crowd and the Envionuts. They care about the Soros money.

The House Appropriations Committee has postponed consideration of an Interior Department spending bill that included continuation of the offshore drilling ban. Republicans had prepared a proposal that would have ended the ban and allowed oil and gas development 50 miles from shore in all U.S. coastal waters.

"Somebody's afraid that we'll send a message" and lift the drilling ban, Rep. Jerry Lewis of California, the ranking Republican on the Appropriations panel, said Tuesday as the panel focused on other legislation.

The similar Interior spending bill, which also included the offshore drilling ban, was put off in the Senate as well.

Meanwhile, House Democratic leaders failed to get the two-thirds vote needed to push through a measure that would have made gasoline and diesel fuel price gouging a federal crime, with penalties of up to $2 million for individuals and possible jail time. The vote was 276-146.

Folks, these people are blooming Idiots. Big Oil has been investigated over and over again. No price gouging has EVER been found. This was nothing but a show vote. AGAIN. An attempt to villainize Big Oil and allow the Government to take over. Get the picture? Their answer as to WHY they continue to play games? Same old lies that have already been debunked.

"One way you deal with this problem of supply ... is to force oil companies and gas companies that own permits to drill them," said Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a senior member of the Democratic leadership.

It really is a wonder how a guy like this that cannot walk and crew gum at the same time got elected.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said that legislation to lift the ban has significant support and might pass the House, but he told reporters, "If we allow drilling everywhere tomorrow, there would be no additional supply available."

And again.

Energy experts and oil geologists acknowledge it would take five to 10 years for any oil or natural gas to be produced if the ban were ended today.

WAIT!!! The experts agree five to 10 years. FIVE YEARS? What happened to 2030? They just admitted that they LIED to you.

"We have the votes," maintained Rep. John Peterson, R-Pa., sponsor of the pro-drilling measure that would open waters 50 miles offshore to oil companies. But he said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California "will do everything she can do to stalemate it."


Emanuel, at a news conference, sidestepped questions on whether Democrats are concerned the GOP drilling measure was gaining support and that Democratic leaders were refusing to allow it to come up for a vote.

Instead, Emanuel emphasized that Democrats soon will push legislation that would require oil and gas companies to explore and develop the waters on which they already have obtained federal leases. If they don't, they will lose the leases.

{Laughing} Yeah, use it of lose it. We already talked about this.

Oil companies and their GOP supporters in Congress "are using this crisis as an excuse" for a grab for additional federal land and waters, said Emanuel.

This guy really is nothing more than a complete and utter Moron. I mean it. This guy is completely, well, stupid. Either that or he is just bought and paid for.

Other Democratic proposals range from giving the federal government new tools to curtail speculation in oil trading markets by imposing new requirements on the amount of collateral traders must have in oil purchases and requiring a reduction in mass transit fares.

NONE of which will add another gallon, nor lower prices at the pumps. Not now, not in five years. Not even by 2030. The Democrats have NOTHING. No answers. They just continue to play games. It's time to send them a message. GAME OVER. Drill Here, Drill Now. We WILL pay less. Anything else? Not good enough.

AP - House fails to move gas pump price gouging bill

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Letter From American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Liberal and Envionut talking points just plain false.

Hey folks,

Hope you all had a good Monday. Now I want to start off telling you, and some of my friends out there that like to use some of my stuff, this is going to go long. But I have a lot to say about this. I also want to answer a private question publicly.

"Why did you allow DS Harford to post that today, when it seems that he does not agree with you on why energy costs are so high? You seem to be pushing people to sign the 'Drill Now' petition, yet it seems to me that DS Harford is against that. I'm just wondering. Not that I really expect an answer."

Well, I always try to answer. Of course, some of the Loonies out there will be waiting for a while. It's sometimes hard for me to deal with stupidity. {Smile} Basically, I can answer that question and a few others along that same lines by asking you this. What is wrong with differing opinions? That is what the OPN {The Our opinion Network} is all about.

Now do Doug and I, or do YOU and I, agree on EVERYTHING? No. That does not mean that one of us HAS to be completely wrong and not worthy of being heard. Who says that Doug and I DIS-agree on this? I agree with what he said. That IS how a price is figured for a barrel of oil.

What you may be talking about here is the way Doug kept saying "Newty." Does this mean he does not accept the petition as important, or the fact it will change anything? I do not think so. Do I blame the Speculators? No. Big Oil? No. I do not blame them for wanting to maximize their profits.

Take the guy that came up with the "Pet Rock." He looked down, picked up a rock, put eyes on it, became rich. Should he get millions for it? If he can, then why not? Big Oil is in business to make money.

Do I question if production is manipulated from time to time to artificially inflate profit? Yup. They have been doing that for YEARS. Do I feel that the Speculators have driven the price up FAR past the confines of Supply and Demand? Yup. But I do not blame them. We have to rely on them and play their games because the Envionuts, and some in our Government have prevented us from using our own resources for FAR to long.

Drill here, Drill Now, Pay Less WILL work. As a matter of fact, it IS working. 1,136,368 people, at the time I'm writing this, HAVE signed the petition. New polls show 76 percent of Americans believe that we SHOULD. Including now over half of Liberals polled.

So what happens? According to the Christian Science Monitor, CSM - Some signs of relief on gasoline prices

Some of the long-term factors that have pushed oil prices to record levels are starting to change.

In large part because gasoline prices are over $4 a gallon, demand for fuel in the US is falling for the first time in 17 years. China is raising prices for gasoline and diesel – a move that might ultimately lower demand. And, on Sunday, there were signs supply might increase as Saudi Arabia's oil minister indicated that the country would increase production through the end of the year if needed. Iraq is also set to sign contracts with foreign companies to hike production.

"It's all a step in the right direction," says Phil Flynn, an oil analyst and trader at Alaron Trading in Chicago. "These are certainly signs to the market that prices can't just continue to go up."

That's not it folks. The simple fact is the prices started going down when President Bush stood up and said ENOUGH! When long time foes of drilling, starting listening to YOU, and changed their opinion. When the majority of Americans said DRILL NOW.

So you have this movement that has exploded for us to use our own oil. But here is the REAL problem that some of the Liberals have with this. One, they WANT the price high. If the price of oil continued to skyrocket, they can continue to attack Big Oil. The movement of some Liberals in Government is growing to SOCIALIZE the oil companies. Two predominate Democrats have come right out and said so. Second, they want to tax them "Windfall Profits" tax. There is no such thing when talking about oil. More on that in a second. Third, GWBS. Some FEAR that if we drill and use our own resources, it WILL work. The prices will become so cheap that people will stop looking for Alternative Fuels. They will lose their momentum with the American people. AFs will no longer be as appealing as they are now with the high gas prices.

First, Socializing the oil companies pretty much speaks for itself. "Windfall Profits?" Do you even know what that means? That means you do nothing to gain profit from something. In other words, winning the Lotto, receiving an unexpected inheritance, the Government taxing Big Oil, ETC. Many trace this back to Colonial Times. The British Government controlled how much and what kind of wood they could use. However, if a storm came through and knocked down a bunch of trees, they could use them due to that being an act of God.

Big Oil does NOT sit back and do nothing to profit. They search out, drill, refine, and ship. What Big Oil gets is profit. NOT Windfall Profit. That is what our Government gets by taxing up to 6 times the amount Big Oil gets, without doing ANYTHING to earn it. So what you really have is the third reason. GWBS.

SO some Liberal, Envionut, came out with the talking points to argue against drilling and using our own. EVERY good Lib out there is simply repeating it. One of the biggest parts of this completely false argument is that Big Oil already has something like 68 million acres and are doing nothing.

Nancey Pelosi said this in a statement yesterday.

"With American consumers and businesses struggling as the price at the pump cascades across our economy, Senator McCain's proposals show he aims to continue the 'drill and veto' policies of the current Administration. John McCain's energy proposal is an attempt to divert attention away from his recent flip flop and his support of the failed Bush-Cheney policies that have resulted in skyrocketing gasoline prices for consumers and skyrocketing profits for Big Oil."

A Complete and outright lie. It has been the Envionuts and the Liberals that PREVENT us from using our own resources for over 30 years. No new refineries. No Nuclear planets, No drilling. THAT is what caused the high gas prices today.

"Last week, Senator McCain reversed himself and said we need to drill more. Today, he has reversed years of failing to support more efficient cars, new energy technologies and green jobs. Democrats welcome a debate on energy independence from Senator McCain, but we just don't know which John McCain we are debating."

OK, if you truly believe, which I really don't you do, but if you truly believe the garbage of it will take over ten years to drill and produce oil, then it will mean nothing price-wise, then I ask you this. HOW LONG will it take to start using AFs? How will "Windfall Profit Tax" add one more gallon, or decrease the prices at the pump?

"Americans are suffering under the Bush-Cheney-McCain policies that were written by Big Oil: $4 a gallon gasoline; $136 per barrel oil and increased reliance on foreign sources of energy. Americans need and deserve a consistent vision for energy independence that will invest in real solutions from their next President."

No Pelosi, the American people are suffering because of IDIOTS like you.

Do you want some REAL information about those 68 million acres, and the drilling procedure itself? Well, it turns out that the American Association of Petroleum Geologists sent this letter to Nancey Pelosi and others in Government. Interesting read.

Willard R. (Will) Green, President June 23, 2008
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515
The Honorable Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader
The Honorable John Boehner, Republican Leader U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Hoyer, and Minority Leader Boehner:

Given the on-going debate about access and leasing activity on federal onshore lands and the Outer Continental Shelf, I would like to offer some perspective, on behalf of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), on the science and process of finding oil and natural gas.

AAPG, an international geoscience organization, is the world's largest professional geological society representing over 33,000 members. The purpose of AAPG is to advance the science of geology, foster scientific research, promote technology and advance the well-being of its members. With members in 116 countries, more than two-thirds of whom work and reside in the United States, AAPG serves as a voice for the shared interests of energy geologists and geophysicists in our profession worldwide. AAPG strives to increase public awareness of the crucial role that the geosciences, and particularly petroleum and energy-related geology, play in our society.

Finding and developing oil and natural gas blends science, engineering, and economics. It has distinct phases: exploration, development, and production. And it is risky, because finding oil and natural gas traps, places where oil and natural gas migrate and concentrate, buried under thousands of feet of rock is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Talent and technology increase our chances of a discovery, but there are no guarantees.

What is exploration? Well, the grid pattern on a block map makes it tempting to think of exploration as a process of simply drilling a well in each grid block to determine whether it contains oil. But because of the natural variation in regional geology, one cannot assume oil and natural gas are evenly distributed across a given lease or region.

Rather, exploration is about unraveling the geologic history of the rock underneath that grid block, trying to understand where oil or natural gas may have formed and where it migrated. If the geology isn't right, you won't find oil or natural gas.

Legendary geologist Wallace Pratt once observed, "Where oil is first found is in the minds of men." When preparing a lease bid, geologists use their knowledge to identify the specific areas in a region that they believe have the highest likelihood of containing oil and natural gas traps. Successful exploration begins with an idea - a hypothesis of where oil may be found.

Since exploration is about developing and testing ideas, some acreage available for leasing is never leased. That is because no one develops a compelling idea of why oil or natural gas should be there. Similarly, some acreage is leased and drilled repeatedly with no success. Then, one day, a geologist develops an idea that works, resulting in new oil or natural gas production from the same land that others dismissed as barren.

Once a lease is awarded, geologists begin an intensive assessment. They collect new geological, geophysical, and geochemical data to better understand the geology in their lease area. They use this data to construct a geological model that best explains where they think oil and natural gas were generated, where it may have been trapped, and whether the trap is big enough to warrant drilling.

If there is no evidence of a suitable trap, the explorer will relinquish the lease and walk away. If they see a trap that looks interesting, they schedule a drill rig to find out if they are right. Drilling is the true test of the geologists' model, and it isn't a decision to be made lightly. Drilling costs for a single well can range from $0.5 million for shallow onshore wells to over $25 million for tests in deep water offshore.

As the well is drilling, geologists continually collect and evaluate data to see whether it conforms to their expectations based on the geological model. Eventually, they reach the rock layer where they think the trap is located.

If there is no oil or natural gas when the drill reaches the trap they were targeting, they've drilled a dry hole. At this point the explorers will evaluate why the hole is dry: was there never oil and gas here; how was the geological model wrong; and can it be improved based on what they know from the drilled well? Depending on the results of this analysis, they may tweak the exploration idea and drill another well or decide the idea failed and relinquish the lease.

If there is oil and/or natural gas, they've drilled a discovery. Typically, they will test the well to see what volumes of oil and/or natural gas flow from it. Sometimes the flow rates do not justify further expenditures and the well is abandoned. If the results are promising, they will usually drill several additional wells to better define the size and shape of the trap. All of this data improves the geological model.

Based on this revised geological model, engineers plan how to develop the new field (e.g., number of production wells to drill, construction of oil field facilities and pipelines).

Using complex economic tools, they must decide whether the revenue from the oil and natural gas sales will exceed the past and continuing expenses to decide whether it is a commercial discovery.

The process of leasing, evaluating, drilling, and developing an oil or natural gas field typically takes five to ten years. Some fields come online sooner. Others are delayed by permitting or regulatory delays or constraints in the availability of data acquisition and drilling equipment and crews. Large projects and those in deep water may require a decade or more to ramp up to full production.

As you can see, oil and natural gas exploration is not simple and it is not easy. It requires geological ingenuity, advanced technologies, and the time to do the job right. It also requires access to areas where exploration ideas can be tested--the greater the number of areas available for exploration, the higher the chance of finding oil and natural gas traps.

U.S. consumers are burdened by high crude oil prices. Conservation and efficiency improvements are necessary responses, but equally important is increasing long-term supply from stable parts of the world, such as our very own federal lands and Outer Continental Shelf.

As Congress considers measures to deal with high crude oil prices, I urge caution. Policies that increase exploration costs, decrease the available time to properly evaluate leases, and restrict access to federal lands and the Outer Continental Shelf do not provide the American people with short-term relief from high prices and undermine the goal of increasing stable long-term supplies.

I am happy to further discuss these ideas. Please contact me through our Geoscience & Energy Office in Washington, D.C. at 202-684-8225 or 202-355-3415.

Willard R. (Will) Green President
Cc: The Honorable Nick Rahall, Chairman, Committee on Natural Resources The Honorable Don Young, Ranking Member, Committee on Natural Resources

Does that sound like "Windfall Profits" to you? It really is simple. Drill here, Drill now, Pay less WILL work. It has already started and we have not even put one drill on the ground. We need to do this. We need to do this now. And it IS, just that simple.

CSM - Some signs of relief on gasoline prices
AAPG- Letter to Pelosi
Office of the Speaker of The House
Office of Roy Blunt

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Barrel of Oil

There are three things that effect the price of a barrel of oil.

Supply and Demand :

The market price is when the two are in balance.

Currency :

The value of what you are trading for the oil.


The controls and regulations imposed on oil or none.

The price of oil has over the past 100 + years have varied. In 1869 oil sold for over $80 a barrel, then quickly dropped to less than $20 a few years later. It maintained this low price until the 70’s, when it peaked out at over $60. The Nixon administration placed price controls on the country as well as the beginning of the EPA. Since that time, no new refineries have been built and very little drilling for more oil. Nixon however did promote the Alaskan pipeline, so he isn’t total evil. In the early 80’s, the Carter Administration phased out price controls (would you believe). The price of oil quickly dropped to $20 + and stayed in that area until 9/11 aftermath , namely our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Does that tell you something?

The worldwide demand for oil is on the rise, but not for American dollars. The demand for American dollars is falling. Nobody wants them since they continue to be worth less than in the past. The reason for this is because we keep making more dollars, but we are not making more oil. Governments are extremely good at producing more currency, but poor at producing more oil. As a matter of fact our Government has done, its best to insure that no more oil will be produced, at least in our own backyard.

A 1947 silver quarter will still buy a gallon of gas as it did in 1947. The reason of course is that Government can’t make silver either and a silver quarter is valued at around $4.30.

When you listen to the politicians about economic issues always keep in mind that they and their News media cousins really don’t know what they are talking about or CARE.

An example of this even when most of the idea is correct reflects this economic ignorance. Newt Gingrich is promoting a petition to Congress titled Drill Now. A petition that Congress may listen to. One of Newty’s ideas is to dump a third of the USA oil reserves on to the market to punish all the speculators in oil. I assume he thinks they are responsible for the high price of oil.

Politicians have a great talent for finding scapegoats to cover up their irresponsibility.

The big oil companies, China, India, Saudi Arabia, speculators and eventually global warming.

I pray that the day before Newty does this he tells me, as I’m sure he will all of his friends; in order that I can sell oil options short. Then I can be as rich as he is.

Proven oil reserves are not a measure of future supply. ‘Proven oil reserves’ is oil that can be extracted at current price levels and current technologies. The higher the price of oil the more proven oil reserves appear.

Shale oil alone in this country is triple the amount that is in Saudi Arabia. Also sand oil in Canada is 8 times that of Saudi Arabia.

Brazil has just made a huge discovery in the Atlantic Ocean.

Alaska is another place with 12 billion gallons of oil.

Conservative estimates place available world oil at 4.5 trillion barrels, which translates into 140 years at current worldwide usage.

We can’t drill our way out of this? The government sure can’t.

Alternate energy resources are inevitable, but only if we keep the irresponsible ignorant politicians out of the picture, who have a propensity to exploit every variable that doesn’t fit their blueprint of the world.

Similar is the recent law banning incandescent light bulbs by 2012. Trying to force the American people to use the light bulb that Congress approves; the spaghetti fluorescent bulb. While LED lights are already hitting the markets through natural market forces and will eventually replace the incandescent, unless the politicians get involved.

Note: Congress can’t produce light bulbs either.

Some thoughts from 8th grade Economics A101; a course that our current candidates for President skipped.

Scarcity; everything is scarce.

Shortages; availability at a specific price.

Pricing; Everything is priced at its maximum, just like your time and efforts. (we all want to be paid the most we can get)

Supply and Demand; How much there is and how many want it.

You have to love our politicians and their rhetoric on how they are so concerned about what you pay for a gallon of gas and what they are going to do for you; when they are the ones that have distorted the market place so badly, that you pay over $4.00 a gallon. Then like dictators of the 15th and 16th Centuries give us permission maybe to do a little exploring here and maybe build another Nuclear plant and maybe, if I’m elected I’ll allow you to buy the light bulb you want.

D.S. Harford

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Preview For Sunday 062208

Coming right up today, Special Guest on Monday.

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to you. I will not be in the office this Monday 062308, but DS Harford will. Doug has been a good friend of the OPNTalk since it's beginning and I have come to know him over the years. I consider him to be a great Personal friend of mine as well. He sent me an article he wrote on the price of a barrel of oil. It really is very good. Since I will not be here tomorrow, I will take that opportunity to highlight it here for you to read and think about for yourself. Also do not forget to check out his Website here.

That's tomorrow. I'm here now, in the chair and ready to go. Coming right up is Iran not giving up on their nuclear quest, I told you so. I'm changing my religion. Subway now has competition, it's McDonald's. Wrapping things up with the IWA.

Be right back.

Iran Presses On Nuclear Quest

Told you so.

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to you. As you know I have been keeping an eye on Little Hitler, perhaps longer than most, and letting you know what is going on with him. His rise to power mirrors the original Hitler. His words and actions mirror the original Hitler. And just like the original Hitler, he has his fans. He has his appeasers in this country.

The Liberal answer to this growing problem with Iran is the same as it always was. Talk. Be nice. I guess as we have recently learned, if you listen to Obama's new adviser, we just need to read Winnie the Pooh.

I have told you, over and over again, that talking will not work. They will not stop. I keep telling you that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is nothing more than a Religious Figurehead. It is Little Hitler, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is the one who controls the country. He is the one traveling around the world. He is the one saying what Iran means to do. It is him. However, do not underestimate the Supreme Leader's hatred toward our country either.

In a speech at the tomb of his predecessor, June 9, 2008, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Khamenei said that America is the Leader of "the tyrants of the world." He also said that he believed "Before long, the world's terrorists will have access to nuclear weapons and take away security from all the tyrants of the world and all the nations of the world." Keep in mind, Khamenei WAS President before becoming the Supreme Leader. Picture Little Hitler ascending to that position.

Iran's Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali-Asghar Soltanieh, just said that "The Islamic Republic of Iran continues with enrichment non-stop," Really? Is this a surprise? Not to me. Nor should it be to you. I told you so.

Folks, it really is this simple. They will not stop. They want Nuclear power. They say it is for power. Well, so do I. But it is not for the power to light up houses, it is for the power to light up Israel and "Death to America."

All these talks. All these promises. All these sanctions, mean NOTHING. They have money. They do not want ours. The have land. They do not want ours. They have a culture that they feel is far superior. They HATE ours. We have nothing they want from us. Except our death. How do you negotiate with someone with a starting point is your death?

You Can't Make This Stuff Up 062208

May The Force Be With You. Always.

Hey folks,

I'm thinking of converting. I love Lightsabers. I love Yoda. I am a huge Star Wars fan. Back in the 70's I WAS a Jedi. At the time, all we had to play with was a blow up Lightsaber, but we had all the ships and figures.

I remember playing for hours on end, days on end, in woods, in town, old cars were spaceships, and my friend was Han Solo. Those were the days of magic and miracles.

I just wrote an article this past Wednesday, talking about Obama's newest adviser, Richard Danzig, quoting Winnie the Pooh, and saying that terrorist are telling him that we all want to be Luke Skywalker. That reminded me of something I read a while back. I guess, I do not have to pretend any more. I can actually become a Jedi.

According to the BBC - Jedi makes the census list, 2002

It's official: "Jedi Knight" is ON the list of religions for the 2001 UK census.
A campaign to get people to write the entry on their census forms has succeeded in the term being included on the list of religions, alongside Church of England, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu.

Just this past May 22, 2008 Posted this. 'Star Wars' is My Co-Pilot

May 25th marks the 31st anniversary of the movie megalith Star Wars. In three decades the franchise has spawned more than just massive revenues and legions of fans — it has also inspired a religion. Jediism, based on the teachings of the films, counts thousands of members worldwide.

Time spoke with Daniel Jones, co-founder of the first Church of Jediism in the United Kingdom, about The Force, a recent brush with the Dark Side and future plans for world domination.

If you want to check this out, find out if Jediism is for you, you can go to one of MANY websites out there that are toting the Jedi Religion. I like this one. The Jedi Sanctuary

So if you have had it with other Man-Made religions out there, or even if you believe in God, you can now officially become a Jedi.

I leave you with the common Jedi warning. Be mindful of your emotions. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." These are things of the Dark Side. Be mindful of good thoughts, and live in the present. "A powerful Jedi you will become."

May the force be with you, ALWAYS!

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Look Out Subway.

You have competition.

Hey folks,

We all know Jared. He is famous for losing 240 pounds on the “Subway Diet.” So the story goes, according to Wikipedia anyway.

By his junior year at North Central High School, Fogle's weight was at 425 pounds, and he reportedly wore size 12XL shirts[1].

Several years later, after his roommate, a pre-med student at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., correctly diagnosed Jared with sleep apnea and edema, he was sent to the hospital. Fogle's father, who is a physician, told him he might not live past 35, and Jared began to turn his life around. At the age of 20, Fogle estimated he consumed a diet of around 10,000 calories a day.[2]

Interested by Subway's "7 Under 6" campaign, Fogle tried his first turkey sub, and enjoyed the sandwich.[1] He developed his own "Subway diet", consisting of a 6-inch turkey sub for lunch, and a footlong veggie sub for dinner.[1]

After three months on the diet, he had lost nearly 100 pounds, and weighed in at 330 pounds (150 kg). He stuck with the diet and soon began to walk as much as he could, rather than using transport, and would walk up the stairs rather than take an elevator. By the end of the diet Jared had lost over 240 pounds (109 kg).[1]

12 X LARGE? If my friend was here, he would just have one word to say about that. “Damn ” {Smile}

Then a few years back, a documentary came out entitled “Supersize Me”

Why are Americans so fat? Two words: fast food. What would happen if you ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock does just that and embarks on the most perilous journey of his life. The rules? For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must wolf three squares a day; he must consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked. Spurlock treks across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and an equal number of regular folk while chowing down at the Golden Arches. Spurlock's grueling drive-through diet spirals him into a physical and emotional metamorphosis that will make you think twice about picking up another Big Mac.

So Subway heathy and McDonald’s not? WAIT Not so fast. According to the AP- Virginia man sheds 80 pounds eating at McDonald's

A Virginia man lost about 80 pounds in six months by eating nearly every meal at McDonald's. Not Big Macs, french fries and chocolate shakes. Mostly salads, wraps and apple dippers without the caramel sauce.

Apple dippers without the caramel sauce? Would that not just be apples?

Chris Coleson tipped the scales at 278 pounds in December. The 5-foot-8 Coleson now weighs 199 pounds and his waist size has dropped from 50 to 36.

The 42-year-old businessman from Quinton says he chose McDonald's because it's convenient.

His inspiration came from his two children and from the story of a blind war veteran who rode a tandem bicycle cross-country.

Coleson says his goal is to get back to the 185 pounds he weighed when he married Tricia Summer. Their 10th anniversary is Saturday.

Do you know the best diet? It works every time. Eat less, move more. It really is that simple.

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