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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Conversation

A Morning Talk Show you really MUST check out.

Hey folks,

You all know that I am a HUGE Talk Radio Junkie. I just am. You know I talk about Tom Sullivan, Rush, and others all the time. I even Post from time to time on the Tom Sullivan Radio's Facebook Page. But there is a Morning Talk Show like no other. I've mentioned it here a couple of times. It's called The Conversation with Rich Stevens and News Dude Dave Mcbride. A Morning Talk Show you really MUST check out.

You know how most Talk Radio Shows work. You call in, if you are lucky enough to get through, you must then get past the Call Screener, and if you are REALLY Lucky, you get on the Air. The way most of these work, you either agree with the Host, or you just do not get on. If you are THAT lucky, and the Host realizes that you do not agree with them, you get cut off. Some Shows are better than others, but they all pretty much operate the same way. But hey, if you can not get through, just TEXT Rush on his new I Phone and maybe he will read your comment on the Air? I can hear ya laughing right now. Well? You CAN Text Rich Stevens on his Personal I Phone. Yup. I said YOU can Text Rich Stevens on HIS Personal I Phone during the Show.

The thing I like the most about The Conversation, is that you are TRULY part of the Conversation. Agree or disagree, you can become a part of the Show. All they ask of you, is that if you disagree with something, you stay on the Line so they can discuss it with you. But they do not insult you. They do not cut you off.

Another aspect of the Show I like is that it is NON Political. They are there to entertain and inform. Of course, with the News being what it is, there are Political stuff from time to time, but they are not there to profess what they believe is the Political Party of choice. It's a FUN Show.

Now I know most of you do not live here in sunny South Florida. I get that. But I HIGHLY Encourage you to check them out between 9am - 12pm Eastern Standard time ONLINE. Just go to 850 WFTL Radio, click The Conversation with Rich Stevens and News Dude Dave Mcbride. and click Listen Live. It really is just that simple.

Trust me folks, you give this show a chance, and like me, you will most likely find it to be the Best Morning Show out there. I know some of you live in NY. They just got a call from someone listening in North Carolina? I think. They said they want to be their Northern Out Post. Well, I know we can do better than that. If you do tune in ONLINE in NY, or ANY Northern States, Call in and let them know where you are. {Smile} Maybe YOU will be the most Northern Out Post.

A Show like no other folks, TRUST ME when I tell you this. Check them out. You will not be disappointed.

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