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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Faithful Attacked Again

Hey folks,

Yes the Dems had a debate last night. They went after the front runner and Supreme Leader Wanabe Hillary. More Blah Blah Blah. We already know what these people stand for, WHO they are actually beholden to, and what their goals are. So I want to talk about this today.

According to the AP - VA clarifies rule on flag-folding text By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press WriterTue Oct 30, 7:53 PM ET

The Veterans Affairs Department moved Tuesday to clarify a directive limiting the use of a religious recitation at flag-folding ceremonies after it sparked an uproar among some veterans and Republican House members.

In a memo last month to directors of the agency's 125 cemeteries, a senior VA official said they should not distribute or post nongovernment handouts on “The Meaning of Each Fold of an Honor Guard Funeral Flag.”

The memo said the handout and its religious references shouldn't be used as a script at committal services unless the next-of-kin requests it.

House members introduced a resolution Tuesday condemning a policy that would ban the recitations entirely, and dozens of lawmakers wrote to the VA demanding that it be rescinded.

“The VA is being manipulated by out-of-control secularists,” said Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Calif.

Yes it is. Just like our country itself and the foundation on which it was laid is under attack by secularists and the LWL.

The VA contended it was simply clarifying its policy. The recital in question is not part of the official Defense Department interment ceremony and should be read only on request from a family member, said VA spokeswoman Lisette Mondello.

At issue is the "”3-fold recital"”sometimes read by members of an honor guard as an American flag is folded at a veteran's graveside.

At each fold of the flag concepts including life, country and heart are invoked, as well as God. There are separate references to the Jewish God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to the Christian trinity.

There in lies the problem. It’s amazing to me that it’s OK for some in this country to attack, denounce, belittle, make fun of, or anything else, anything Christian. The Jews have been protected some what, but anything Christian? Free game. Any other religion? “You cannot say that. We have ‘Freedom of Religion' in this country.” I’m glad to see Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Calif. step up, and the House pass a resolution condemning this.

It was the 11th fold, which when honoring Jewish veterans, makes a reference to the God of Abraham, that provoked a complaint this summer by someone who witnessed the ceremony at Riverside National Cemetery in Southern California, said Mondello.

The complaint focused not on the content of the recital but on an error in the text used by cemetery volunteers which identified Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as gods, Mondello said.

The complaint prompted the VA to focus on the recital and determine that it shouldn't be used by VA employees or honor guard volunteers from the American Legion or other veterans organizations unless specifically requested by family members. Mondello stressed that honor guards would also honor requests from families of any religion to recite texts of their choosing.

That’s Bunk folks. Basically, this is one of the ways they do it. Don’t mention it, hope people forget or better yet, do not even know about it, and in time, it will fade away.

“The key is that the family has to request this and we would acquiesce to any family's particular religious views and/or traditions,” Mondello said. “I would describe it as a clarification of a policy so that we make sure that everyone throughout our system knows that there is consistency.”

Then say it EVERY time, unless the family asks you NOT to. That would be consistant.

The policy was not clear to lawmakers Tuesday who interpreted comments from VA officials to mean the 13-fold recital could no longer be recited at all by cemetery workers or volunteers.

So you want to see how offensive this is? Here it is


Every evening at a time specified by the Commanding Officer, military bases throughout the world conduct a solemn ceremony called retreat. During this ceremony our National Colors, accompanied by the appropriate music, are lowered from their staffs. The Flag is then folded into a triangle shape and kept under watch throughout the night. This is done in tribute to our Honored dead. Each of the 13 folds has a special symbolic meaning.

Our Flag is folded from the stripes forward. The 13 stripes represent the original colonies that founded our republic. The 50 stars represent the sovereign states now comprising our nation.

1) The first fold is symbolic of life.

2) The 2nd fold is symbolic of our trust and belief in eternal life.

3) The 3rd fold is made in remembrance and honor of the departed veterans who gave a portion of their lives in defense of our country. They have not died in vain and shall not be forgotten.

4) The 4th fold represents our weaker nature. As Americans we trust in God and turn to him for divine guidance in times of peace and war.

5) The 5th fold is made in tribute to our country. In the immortal words of Stephen Decatur: "Our country, in dealing with other countries, may she always be right, but it is our country - right or wrong".

6) The 6th fold brings to mind where our hearts lie. It is with our hearts that we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

7) The 7th fold is in tribute to our armed forces, for it is they who protect our country and flag against all enemies, whether they are found within or out of the borders of our Republic.

8) The 8th fold is a tribute to those who have entered into the valley of the shadow of death that we might see the light of day.

9) The 9th fold is a tribute to motherhood. It is through their faith, love, loyalty and devotion that the characters of our great leaders have been molded.

10) The 10th fold is made in honor of our fathers. They too, have given their sons and daughters for the defense of our country.

11) The 11th fold represents the lower portion of the Seals of King David and King Solomon and glorifies the Gods Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

12) The 12th fold is the collective religious faiths of Americans. It symbolizes eternity and glorifies the righteousness of God.

13) The 13th and final fold is made in honor of the 13 American Colonies whose fighting force gave us liberty.

When folded, the Flag's Stars will be uppermost, reminds us of our motto. "In God we Trust". The Flag now takes on the appearance of the "cocked hat" worn by our forces in the American Revolution. It now reminds us of the soldiers who once served under General George Washington and the sailors and marines who served under John Paul Jones. They have been followed by their comrades and shipmates in United States forces who have preserved for us the rights, privileges and freedoms which we enjoy today.

Yup folks, that’s offensive. To the LWL and secularists. And we all know, we cannot possibly offend someone in this country. They have been given the “right” not to be offended. Last time I checked, the majority of this country still believe in God, and country. It is just a small, loud, and very well funded minority that doesn’t. Sorry, as far as I’m concerned, TOO BAD. We are what we are. I couldn’t care less if you are offended. You enjoy the freedoms of this country, you should honor those and the things that keep it that way. That includes our men and women in service, the foundation on which it was founded, the Constitution and or course, like it or not, that includes God.

AP - VA clarifies rule on flag-folding text

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Foiled Again By Those Pesky Americans

Hey folks,

Yes, yet another Islamo-fascist terror plot foiled by those pesky Americans. But there is something here that we need to watch. According to CNN - U.S. embassy terror plot uncovered

(CNN) -- Authorities in Azerbaijan recently uncovered a radical Islamic terror plot against the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Baku, prompting the facility to close its doors to the public Monday, Azerbaijan and U.S. officials told CNN.

As a precaution, Britain also shut its embassy in Baku to the public on Monday “following security concerns nearby,” Britain's Foreign Office said.

The terror plot was unraveled after a weekend raid outside Baku that netted several suspected members of the radical group, two U.S. officials who asked not to be identified and a spokesman for Azerbaijan's National Security Ministry told CNN.

U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack stressed that the details “are still unfolding,” and the threat "may or may not be" linked to the Saturday raid.

“There were some specific and credible threat information concerning the embassy and plans by militants to in some way do harm to individuals in and around the U.S. Embassy there,” McCormack said, noting that no specific individuals were targeted.

Several days ago, an Azerbaijani army officer who had connections to a radical Islamic group seized four assault rifles, a machine gun and 20 hand grenades from his military unit and hid them in the outskirts of Baku, the ministry spokesman and U.S. officials said.

Government security forces tracked down the group and arrested several members during a sweep on Saturday in the village of Mastaga, about 20 miles (32 km) northeast of Baku, the spokesman said.

One suspected member of the militant group resisted arrest and was killed in the sweep, the spokesman said. Several others are still at large, he added.

He said the terror plot also targeted Azerbaijani government buildings.

The U.S. Embassy in Baku issued a warden message warning Americans in Azerbaijan to take precautions.

“While there is no information at this time that other American or Western interests in Azerbaijan are being targeted, the U.S. Embassy encourages Americans to maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to bolster their own personal security,” it said.

That is GREAT news. We win again. However, remember this little tidbit.

Azerbaijan is a former Soviet republic that borders the Caspian Sea, and lies just north of Iran.

McCormack said U.S. authorities are working closely with their counterparts in Baku and will determine when normal embassy operations will resume. He said he expects the embassy to limit its operations on Tuesday, as well.

So why am I telling you to remember that this village is a former Soviet republic ? We are all watching the New Russian President. He was part of the old Soviet Union, he is against American sanctions, and he seems to missing the old days of the Soviet Union. He needs watching to begin with. But then you add this. According to Reuters - Russia's Lavrov to meet Ahmadinejad on Tuesday

Russia's foreign minister is due to hold talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran on Tuesday, less than a week after Moscow criticized new U.S. sanctions against the Islamic state over its nuclear work.

Iranian officials said Sergei Lavrov would meet Ahmadinejad at 1600 GMT.

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry chief spokesman Mikhail Kamynin said the visit would discuss Iran's nuclear activities, which the West suspects are aimed at making bombs, as well as bilateral questions.

“A number of issues connected to the situation around Iran's nuclear program, and a number of questions of bilateral cooperation, will be discussed,” Interfax news agency quoted him as saying.

Iran rejects Western accusations it is seeking to build atom bombs and has refused to halt its nuclear program.

The United States last week imposed new sanctions on Iran and accused its Revolutionary Guards of spreading weapons of mass destruction. Russian President Vladimir Putin said such moves only forced Tehran into a corner.

It was not clear whether Lavrov and Ahmadinejad would hold a press conference after their discussions.

Their meeting coincides with a new round of talks in Tehran between officials from Iran and the U.N. nuclear agency watchdog on implementing an August agreement aimed at clearing up past suspicions about the country's nuclear ambitions.

Russia believes dialogue rather than more punishment or military action is the way forward. Visiting Tehran two weeks ago, Putin told Washington that Moscow would not accept military action against Iran.

Russia is building Iran's first atomic power plant in Bushehr. Western powers fear Tehran's pursuit of nuclear-generated electricity is a precursor to building an atom bomb. Iran says its program is for peaceful purposes.

This really needs to be looked into. I would like to think that those with the ability to do so, are. But we have to ignore Russia’s disapproval if need be, to make sure that Iran does not get nuclear weapons. We need to be ever so vigilant in making sure our friends remain our friends and that we, at the same time, do not lose our ability to protect ourselves and our allies. The next President, whomever that may be, needs to be able to handle a full plate. These are indeed, dangerous times.

CNN - U.S. embassy terror plot uncovered
Reuters - Russia's Lavrov to meet Ahmadinejad on Tuesday

Monday, October 29, 2007

Here We Are Again,

Hey folks,

Here we are again. Standing at the edge of war. This time with Iran. WE have the usual suspects on both sides. However, this time, we have an enemy that IS already killing Americans, supplying weapons to the enemy, and TELLING us they want to wipe another country off the map, and they want us dead.

Little Hitler {Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad} has come right out and told you that he would give up to half his country to wipe Israel off the map . He has come here, and been welcomed with open arms by some, then gone back to his country and chanted “Death to America”

As far as sanctions go? He already told us, over and over again. Back on May 5 I posted Don’t Forget Little Hitler

“They want to stop (Iran's atomic plans) with continuous resolutions,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech to university students in the southeastern province of Kerman.

"I tell them: issue resolutions until you get tired," he said according to the ISNA news agency.

"They have some people inside as well who are trying to weaken what we say and violate the market with their money so that they will be able to say these resolutions have negative impacts, while it is not true," he said.

On May 23 the IAEA itself told us Iran was not cooperating.

He knows that his friends in Washington has the President's hands tied. He feels he can do anything he wants. From Reuters- IAEA says Iran building up atom program, defying UN By Mark Heinrich 54 minutes ago

The U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday Iran was expanding its uranium enrichment program in defiance of international demands, opening the way to harsher sanctions against Tehran over fears it is seeking atom bombs.

The findings in a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came on the day nine U.S. warships sailed into the Gulf for maneuvers to demonstrate American impatience with Tehran, which it also accuses of backing insurgents in Iraq.

Iran ignored another 60-day deadline for it to freeze enrichment activity set by the United Nations Security Council when it imposed a second round of sanctions on March 24.

"Iran has not suspended its enrichment-related activities. Iran has continued with operation of its pilot fuel enrichment plant and with construction of its (planned industrial) enrichment plant," said the report, obtained by Reuters.

So go blow the hell out of their factory. Not a single foot of and single Soldier needs to be soiled on Iranian land. Just BOOM. No more threat. OH, Yeah, I forgot the Traitors in Washington.

In response, Iran said it remained committed to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which the West suspects it is violating by using a declared civilian nuclear program as a facade for mastering the means to build warheads.

"Iran is still loyal to its commitment in carrying out the NPT," Iranian state television quoted chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani as saying.

NO it’s NOT! Never was. Evidence after evidence proves it.

Iran, which had already said it was expanding uranium enrichment, says it seeks to use nuclear technology only for power generation. Enriched uranium can be used for nuclear power plants or, if refined to a much higher degree, for bombs.

Six world powers stand behind U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding Iran suspend all nuclear fuel work in exchange for negotiations on trade incentives, with the threat of escalating sanctions if Tehran keeps refusing.

Get this,


In Washington, a White House spokesman said the new IAEA report was "a laundry list of Iran's continued defiance of the international community and shows that Iran's leaders are only furthering the isolation of the Iranian people."

U.S. officials had said the powers would start drafting a third, harsher batch of sanctions if the deadline was flouted.

More talk that has been and will again be useless.

But a senior European diplomat at the Security Council said "I don't think we'll rush at it." He said he expected the Council to await the outcome of high-level exploratory talks on the nuclear issue between the EU and Iran next.

Now, this morning we get this from the AP - Concern raised about anti-Iran rhetoric

The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Sunday he had no evidence Iran was working actively to build nuclear weapons and expressed concern that escalating rhetoric from the U.S. could bring disaster.

“We have information that there has been maybe some studies about possible weaponization,” said Mohamed ElBaradei, who leads the International Atomic Energy Agency. “That's why we have said that we cannot give Iran a pass right now, because there is still a lot of question marks.”

“But have we seen Iran having the nuclear material that can readily be used into a weapon? No. Have we seen an active weaponization program? No.” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Iran this month of "lying" about the aim of its nuclear program. She said there is no doubt Tehran wants the capability to produce nuclear weapons and has deceived the IAEA about its intentions.

There IS no doubt.

Vice President Dick Cheney has raised the prospect of “serious consequences” if Iran were found to be working toward developing a nuclear weapon. Last week, the Bush administration announced harsh penalties against the Iranian military and state-owned banking systems in hopes of raising pressure on the world financial system to cut ties with Tehran.

ElBaradei said he was worried about the growing rhetoric from the U.S., which he noted focused on Iran's alleged intentions to build a nuclear weapon rather than evidence the country was actively doing so. If there is actual evidence, ElBaradei said he would welcome seeing it.

“I'm very much concerned about confrontation, building confrontation, because that would lead absolutely to a disaster. I see no military solution. The only durable solution is through negotiation and inspection,” he said.

“My fear is that if we continue to escalate from both sides that we will end up into a precipice, we will end up into an abyss. As I said, the Middle East is in a total mess, to say the least. And we cannot add fuel to the fire,” ElBaradei added.

Believe me folks, The UN and the IAEA only “See” what they want to see. Of course, this statement is just more attacking Bush and America. It’s all our fault that the Middle East is a mess, and we are making it worse. According to them.

Sen. Carl Levin, {D-MI} chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, agreed that the current "hot rhetoric" from the U.S. could prove dangerous.

“We ought to make it clear that there's always a military option if Iran goes nuclear, but that we ought to just speak more softly because these hot words that are coming out of the administration, this hot rhetoric plays right into the hands of the fanatics in Iran,” said Levin, D-Mich.

{Laughing} “we ought to just speak more softly” This is NOT what people like Little Hitler understands. The Libs want us to just be nice, and speak softly, and make friends. If we just be nice, Iran will be nice too. There will be peace in the,,,BOOM!!!!!! Idiots.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said strong action might be needed because he does not believe the United Nations adequately has kept Iran in check.

“I think the United Nations' efforts to sanction Iran have been pitiful because of Russia and China vetoing a resolution. The European Union has some sanctions. They're fairly weak.”

“So in this regard, I agree with the following, that the diplomatic efforts to control Iran need to continue. They need to be more robust but we're sending mixed signals,” Graham said.

Like I said, they only see what they want to see.

ElBaradei spoke on CNN's "Late Edition," and Levin and Graham appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Folks, I was against us going into Iraq. I warned about it. I said that there were more evil people in the world that we should be dealing with. But Iran? I see no other choice. I still do not know if it would be needed to put ONE soldier’s foot on Iranian soil. But I do know we could end this one faster than you can blink with some air power. Iran CAN NOT be allowed to obtain Nuclear Weapons. We KNOW they will use them. It really is that simple. We need not concern ourselves with the useless, anti-Semitic, anti-American UN. We need to take care of ourselves. WE need to take care of our friends. We can not let Little Hitler rise as the first. We can not allow them the ability to explode a nuclear weapon ANYWHERE.

They are not cooperating with the Sanctions. Issue more. We can continue to talk to them, although that seems useless, but we must be ready for the next step. SCREW “soft words.” They do not understand that, and would simply use that as propaganda to say we are weak. They do however, understand the threat of force. They also understand that right now, we have a President that will use it if needed. This is why they are just biding their time, waiting, hoping, that the Democrats win in 08.

OPNTalk - Don’t Forget Little Hitler
OPNTalk - Special Iran Update, Wednesday 23, 2007

AP - Concern raised about anti-Iran rhetoric

Sunday, October 28, 2007

H.S. for Sunday 102807

Depression Follows Disasters

Hey folks,

In the Duh, I mean, in the Health and Science segment this week, we learn that depression follows loss and disasters.

According to the AFP - Fire victims face depression, loneliness: experts by Kerry Sheridan Sat Oct 27, 2:30 PM ET

Mental health experts have fanned out across southern California to help people struggling with depression and loss caused by the region's devastating wildfires.

The fires have ravaged 1,800 homes, killed seven people and sent hundreds of thousands into temporary shelters and although firefighters are now making progress, experts say the psychological scars will remain.

“Every citizen in San Diego County has been affected in one way or another," said Daran Osborne, a firefighter and spokesman for San Diego Fire Rescue. "Right now we are seeing a transition back to normalcy.”

But all too often, transition for those left homeless means beginning to realize that their welcome with family or friends is limited, or that their paychecks cannot withstand long-term hotel bills.

“Some of them are overwhelmed, very sad, stressed, angry, frustrated,” said Karen Hoganson, the Red Cross's disaster mental health supervisor who spent the past few days counseling people in a shelter at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium.

“They have feelings of loneliness because home was all they had,” she said, adding that a team of 75 Red Cross mental health counselors was on its way to help in the coming weeks.

Most of her work so far has been making sure people have their basic needs covered and know where to seek aid, from insurance agents to federal agencies.

“They need to be directed where to go. It's really not counseling at this point. It is crisis intervention,” she said.

Shavaar Thompson, 23, stopped by the stadium as it was closing up operations on Friday. Its electronic billboard outside read: “We are no longer accepting donations,” and aid groups were rapidly packing up so that the San Diego Chargers American football team could play as scheduled on Sunday.

Thompson's family spent one night in a tent at the stadium after the mandatory evacuation Monday, then went to stay with friends. They returned home Thursday to find their home still standing but uninhabitable due to heavy water damage, and soot and ash from the homes across the street that were scorched to the ground.

In addition, they discovered that their computer and television set were missing, possibly due to looters.

“The past couple of days I have been really depressed,” she said. “I don't know if it is lack of control over our lives or what, but everything we have worked for has been damaged.”

At a table filled with donated goods, she picked up a box of juice for her two children, age 1 and 3, and browsed some paperback novels for herself.

“We have just exhausted our funds,” she said.

She said she applied to federal authorities for financial assistance, and they told her it would be 12-14 days before they received any response.

She has been unable to work at her job at a home lender's association because the office was in a location hit by the fires.

“Once you find out you have lost your home, devastating sadness, helplessness and hopelessness come in to play,” said Jeff Rowe, the supervising psychiatrist for children's mental health services for San Diego County.

He said mental health experts focus on getting victims in contact with people in similar situations so that their sense of identity can be reaffirmed and they can be involved in their own rebuilding.

Other concerns can be survivor guilt, a mixture of relief and anxiety which afflicts some people who did not lose their homes while they may know neighbors, friends or relatives who did.

“Having them go from the passive victim stance, gradually you shift them into an act of participation,” which could involve volunteering or donating to those in need. “That helps,” he said.

“The other thing to mention is that crises occur, and to think that they are not going to occur is kind of silly, because everybody will be exposed to a crisis sometime in their life,” he said.

So now we know that those that have lost everything may come to a place of depression. {Sigh} I hope that those in need, get the help they do need. I wish nothing but peace and comfort to these people that somehow, in some way, must find the strength to carry on. Notice, this really did not tell us HOW? Like I said, Duh.


AFP - Fire victims face depression, loneliness: experts
IWA For Sunday 102807

Hey folks,

It’s Sunday, TIME For the IWA.

You know, there are just some things you do not do. Or if you chose to do them, you should realize that there WILL be consequences for your actions. This is one of those cases.

Here you have a cop. He worked for 11 years at the Houston Independent School District. He is only 34 years old, so that means he has worked there since he was 22 years old. A bright future, long career ahead of him. Happily married, to a Black women, with three kids. So what’s the problem? Why did I mention his wife is Black? I mentioned it to show you that he is not a racist. Just a young guy with 11 years under his belt on the right path for a long a healthy life. Until he became an Idiot.

According to Fox News Houston School District Officer Fired Over Distributing 'Ghetto Handbook'

HOUSTON — A school district police officer suspended for creating and distributing a “Ghetto Handbook” has been fired.

Gang investigator Roby Morris, 34, had worked for 11 years at the Houston Independent School District before being fired this week, according to an investigation report released Friday.

Morris was placed on paid leave in August after school officials learned of his eight-page booklet subtitled “Wucha dun did now?”

The booklet was given to other police officers at a May roll call and tells them learning the definitions in it will allow them to speak as if they “just came out of the hood.”

Police supervisors spoke with Morris shortly after the booklet was distributed and he was issued a written reprimand in June. But the report said there was little follow-up and school district superintendent Abelardo Saavedra wasn't told about the booklet until mid-August.

“This incident represents an egregious violation of our standards of conduct and decency,” said school district spokesman Terry Abbott.

Morris told district investigators he made the booklet to get back at one of his bosses. He also pointed out he is married to a black woman and that they have three children together, according to the report.

Morris could not immediately be reached for comment Saturday.

The names of six officers were listed in the booklet as having contributed, but the investigation concluded Morris was the sole participant.

OK, I can appreciate if this was a joke. If this had been a Democrat in public office or running for public office, it would be portrayed as such, all would have been forgiving. But he is not. He is a cop that should have known better.

I can appreciate if he was fed up with the way many Black Youths are kept ignorant by media, peers, and yes, even some of their own “Leaders.” I can appreciate if he was just tired of some Black Youths sounding like complete and utter Morons when they talk.

But here is the problem. We live in a PC society. We live in a society that says people have a right to be offended. {They don’t} So in defense of this “right.” and fear of the Sharpton and Jackson Circus coming to town, the town and School took the appropriate action. They fired him.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, there are just some things you just do not do. Congratulations Officer Morris, for not remembering the PC police are always watching, and for doing something you should have known would get a reaction, throwing away a bright future to make some sort of statement, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. Now try to play nice.

Fox News - Houston School District Officer Fired Over Distributing 'Ghetto Handbook'
Bush Sacrificing American Sovereignty?

Hey folks,

OK, first off, let me say this. This is another article that someone sent me via email. This is a growing trend. I love it. But please just understand that I cannot, nor would I, post EVERY single one I receive. More and more of you are sending me stuff. DON’T Stop. I do use them from time to time as you well know. But if I do not use one you sent me, there was a reason for it. Sorry. I hope you understand.

So today is no different. Someone sent this to me from Opinion. I have never heard of them before so here is who they are.

Founded in 1998, the Center for Individual Freedom is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with the mission to protect and defend individual freedoms and individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

The Center seeks to focus public, legislative and judicial attention on the rule of law as embodied in the federal and state constitutions. Those fundamental documents both express and safeguard society’s commitment to individual freedom, not only through specific protections such as the Bill of Rights, but also through structural protections that constrain and disperse governmental authority.

In addition, the Center seeks to foster intellectual discourse by bringing together independent thinkers to examine broad-ranging issues of individual freedom in our global society. While the Center is decidedly for individual freedom, scholars and legal authorities who share that same basic philosophy differ as to the application of those principles in the complex world in which we live. The Center strives for balanced debate that encourages conflict resolution where there is tension between the rights of individuals and the requirements of government, as well as between individuals.

The Center engages in three distinct but complementary activities:

Legal activities. It is a fundamental premise of the Center that the courts are rapidly supplanting legislative and public initiatives, as our increasingly diverse Republic seeks to balance the interests of individuals, interest groups and government. The Center will engage constitutional authorities to participate in major litigation on behalf of fundamental individual rights protection.

Legislative activities. State legislatures and the US Congress at times introduce and pass legislation that violates the Constitution. The Center seeks to make its voice heard on important legislative issues affecting constitutional rights and freedoms.

Education. Through a variety of publications, seminar sponsorships, issues papers and briefings, news bulletins and broadsides, the Center seeks to reaffirm the plain language imperatives of the US Constitution, relating it to contemporary conflicts that cannot be allowed to erode or circumvent it.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, the Center for Individual Freedom is a nonprofit, 501(c)(4) corporation that relies on private financial support from individuals, associations, foundations and corporations. For more information, please call us at 703-535-5836.

Here is the article.

Bush Begins to Sacrifice American Sovereignty to International Authorities

By Supporting World Court's Order in Texas Death Penalty Case and Internationalist Law of the Sea Treaty, Bush Dangerously Imperils American Sovereignty

President George W. Bush, who has so often defended American sovereignty on such critical issues as missile defense and our right to defend strategic interests while the United Nations (UN) navel-gazes, has begun to dangerously reverse course.

With Bush's support of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and his servile compliance with the United Nations World Court's order regarding Mexican national Jose Medellin, who received the death penalty for committing a gruesome murder in Texas, nothing short of American Constitutional self-determination stands in jeopardy.

The Medellin matter centers upon a savage June 1993 rape and murder of two little girls walking home in Houston, Texas. Jennifer Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16, encountered Mr. Medellin and other members of his brutal street gang along an isolated railroad track. Medellin and the other gang members proceeded to repeatedly rape the two unfortunate schoolgirls and murder them by strangulation, and the girls' bodies weren't discovered for days.

Quickly apprehended, Medellin and the other perpetrators received the full panoply of Miranda warnings and other American legal protections, which they promptly waived before confessing within hours. On the basis of those confessions and the unequivocal evidence, a jury justifiably sentenced Medellin to death after his counsel provided a full and vigorous defense.

Despite living most of his life in the United States (he was 18 at the time he committed the rapes and murders), however, Medellin remained a Mexican national. Under Article 36 of the Vienna Convention, therefore, the police were obligated to notify him at some point of his right to have the Mexican consulate notified of the charges, which they failed to do.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that this failure was immaterial to Medellin's quick confession, as such consular notice is not required prior to initial police questioning. Rather, one to three days is the common legal interpretation. In fact, even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg acknowledged that “in contrast to Miranda warnings, which must be given on the spot before the police interrogate, Article 36 of the Vienna Convention does not require the arresting authority to contact the consular post instantly.”

Accordingly, the failure to notify the Mexican consulate had no effect upon Medellin's airtight confession, which occurred within three hours of his arrest.

Undeterred, however, Medellin eventually grasped at this consular notice technicality in order to reverse his death sentence. The Mexican government also chose to sue the United States in the United Nations World Court, whose members included such human rights paragons as China, Egypt and Sierra Leone. By a 14-1 decision, the World Court ultimately condemned the Texas court's death sentence against this savage, and preposterously ordered the U.S. to review the convictions of not only Medellin, but 51 other death-row Mexican nationals.

The World Court itself exists only for the purpose of arbitrating disputes between nations, and has no authority to issue remedial orders against American or other domestic national courts. Moreover, Congress has never made the Vienna Convention enforceable. Despite this, President Bush in 2005 ordered state courts, including the Texas court that convicted Medellin, to honor the World Court's order.

The fact that President Bush capitulated to a powerless World Court is bad enough, but he compounded the problem in the sense that a President has no such authority under our federal system to order states in such a manner. Under our Constitution, the Judicial Branch is the only entity entitled to instruct state courts, and then only with regard to federal issues. President Bush is no more empowered to order state court compliance than he is to order Canadian court compliance on such an issue. The arrogance of this surrender is therefore all the more astounding and depressing.

Unfortunately, the Bush Administration's endorsement of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is even more distressing.

This international agreement, which Ronald Reagan refused to sign, would create an international tribunal in which other hostile nations and environmental activists could sue the United States, and would place all of the world's unclaimed natural resources under its authority. Third World nations dominated LOST's negotiations in the 1970s, so it naturally places America's sovereignty and interests at a predictable disadvantage.

In addition to placing the United States under even more international regulation, LOST would discourage innovative mineral exploration and production, including oil beds that would reduce our dependence upon foreign sources, by placing these resources under its control.

Although LOST does contain some beneficial provisions, such as codification of marine research and navigation rights, these are far outweighed by the treaty's nightmarish potential to create even more anti-American bureaucratic authorities.

The author, who is not named, is right on this. I posted this as an illustration of just how important the President is in keeping American Sovereignty, or giving it up. Bush is wrong on BOTH counts. He is completely off base here. As he is on his stance on illegal immigration.

Keep this in mind folks, we have Democrats that are running that will do even WORST than this as President. You want to lose this country? Vote them in to power in 08.
You Asked For It

Hey folks,

I have been asked WHY do I not post the Democrat Radio Address. Well, OK, one, they are not the President. If they get in office in 08, and I am still able to, I will. Second, I have caught a couple of them, and they are nothing more than propaganda, lies, and a tool to further their agenda. As we saw with the “Poor kid” {Already covered by SCHIP}, saying President Bush doesn’t want him and his “poor” family to have health insurance.

Take yesterday as an example. In the Presidential Radio address, President Bush talked about the California fires. He talked about the spirit of the people there, the devastation, and what the Government is going to do to help them.

The Democrat Radio Address? First thing, he wants you to know who he is. Second and one paragraph, he talks about the fired in California. Doesn’t even seem sincere. Then the rest of the time? Nothing but more attacks on the war, Bush, furthering their quest for Universal Healthcare, and more lies. Here it is.

Democratic Radio Address Sat 102707

Howard Dean:

“Good morning.

I'm Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

I want to start by joining all Americans in offering my thoughts and prayers to the people of California devastated by the wildfires this week. And our thanks to the firefighters, the National Guard, local agencies, and neighbors for their extraordinary work. You serve as a reminder that when we work together, Americans can accomplish anything.

We need more of that spirit of cooperation in Washington, DC today. Despite significant bipartisan support for the country's health insurance program for our children or “S-CHIP,” every single Republican running for president sided with President Bush in keeping our kids from getting the health care that they need.

Turning our backs on our children is not the way to lead our country. It's bad policy, but it's also politics at its worst.

Just weeks after vetoing S-CHIP, the Bush Republicans wanted to borrow a total of $196 billion to continue the wars in Iraq and then Afghanistan, but they wouldn't spend $7 billion for the health of our children.

The Republican leaders have made their choice. They want to stay in Iraq and deny our kids health care. It is wrong for the Bush Republicans to stand in the way of legislation needed to protect the well-being of our kids.

This week, Democrats in Congress re-crafted the legislation to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program and provide health care for 10 million uninsured children. It is time for Republicans to join the Democrats in overriding President Bush's veto and to reauthorize this program. Eighty-one percent of the American people and governors of both parties from states all across the country support our effort to cover these 10 million uninsured children.

Again, all of the republican candidates for president support President Bush's veto on health care for our uninsured children. And every one of them supports spending a total of $196 billion to send brave Americans to fight in a civil war in Iraq. America can not afford four more years of a president who borrows for the war and denies health insurance for our kids.

It's a time for a return to American values -- and a return to the era of fiscal responsibility we saw during the last Democratic administration. It's time we restore America to its position of moral leadership throughout the world. And, it's time we fulfill our moral obligation to care for our nation's children.

I know it can be done. In my home state of Vermont, 99 percent of all children under the age of 18 were eligible for health insurance when I left office. If we can do that in a small state like Vermont, we can do it in the greatest country in the world.

The contrast in the presidential race is so clear.

Democrats want to end the war in Iraq, the Republicans would continue President Bush's failed strategy. While Democrats will ensure our kids have health care, the Republicans will deny our kids. The Democrats want to end the culture of corruption, the Republicans support the pardoning of corrupt officials.

And while Democrats will balance the budget and restore fiscal discipline, the Republicans will borrow against our children's future.

The choice is clear in 2008. If you believe in supporting our kids, making our economy stronger, creating jobs, and ending the war in Iraq, please vote for a Democrat in 2008.

I'm Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Thanks so much for listening.”

People really still wonder WHY I call these idiots the LWL {Left Wing Loonies}? I did not interrupt, because I wanted you to read the whole thing. Now, let’s talk about it shall we? Screaming Dean said this.

“Turning our backs on our children is not the way to lead our country. It's bad policy, but it's also politics at its worst.”

Complete and bold face lie. It is NOT even about kids. Poor kids at that. Notice they stopped using “poor?”

Dean: “The Republican leaders have made their choice. They want to stay in Iraq and deny our kids health care. It is wrong for the Bush Republicans to stand in the way of legislation needed to protect the well-being of our kids”

Again, their plan has nothing to do with kids. This is just an opportunity to attack the war, Bush, and attempt to generate “feelings” and emotions to further their agenda.

Dean: “Democrats want to end the war in Iraq, the Republicans would continue President Bush's failed strategy. While Democrats will ensure our kids have health care, the Republicans will deny our kids. The Democrats want to end the culture of corruption, the Republicans support the pardoning of corrupt officials.”

Again. This really is just sad and pathetic. It really is.

Dean: “And while Democrats will balance the budget and restore fiscal discipline, the Republicans will borrow against our children's future.”

This is another complete and outright lie. They will however raise YOUR taxes to an all time high. “The Mother of all Tax increases.”

Dean: “The choice is clear in 2008. If you believe in supporting our kids, making our economy stronger, creating jobs, and ending the war in Iraq, please vote for a Democrat in 2008.”

If you believe this, YOU are an idiot. Folks, this is NOT about kids. As we ALL know now. This is about Universal Healthcare. A step into a Socialist Society. A step into Tyranny. This is not now, nor has it EVER been about the kids. Second, EVERY ONE of the Democratic Candidates came right our and told you they will NOT end the war. They will NOT bring all the troops home by the end of their term.

"It is very difficult to know what we're going to be inheriting," added Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

"I think it's hard to project four years from now," said Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in the opening moments of a campaign debate in the nation's first primary state.

"I cannot make that commitment," said former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.

This is why I do not post the Democrat Radio Address. Not to mention, most of the time, the transcripts are not as easy to find. They do not really want ALL to know, just their looney base, what they are up to. They are realizing more and more, that they are found out to be liars. They are finding out, that more and more of you, just simply do not buy it anymore.

Oh, he ended it with this. “I'm Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.” Just incase you missed it, he wanted to make sure you understood who he was. We DO understand who you are Screaming Dean. That is YOUR problem.

OPNTalk -
Dems Playing Same Old Games
Presidential Radio Address For Saturday 102707

President Bush:

“Good morning

On Thursday, I traveled to California to visit communities ravaged by wildfires. I walked with a married couple through the charred remains of their home. I met with emergency responders. I talked with displaced families at a disaster assistance center. And I made a pledge to the people of California on behalf of all Americans: We will help you put out the fires, get through the crisis, and rebuild your lives.

State and local authorities in California were well prepared for this crisis, and they responded quickly and effectively. Officials warned those in danger, moved residents out of the path of the flames, and set up dozens of shelters for thousands of people.

State officials also reached out to the Federal government for help. And we responded. Shortly after the fires broke out, we started mobilizing and providing assistance, including the deployment of Federal firefighters and aircraft to drop fire retardant on the fires. As high winds spread the fires, Governor Schwarzenegger requested more Federal help. Within one hour of that request, we approved an emergency declaration that authorized Federal agencies across the government to help state and local responders save lives, protect property, and maintain public health and safety.

On Wednesday, I issued a second declaration. This action made additional Federal funding available to the residents of the counties affected by the wildfires, so they can recover and rebuild. This Federal assistance includes grants for temporary housing and home repair, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, loans for small business owners, and funding to help clean up debris.

I was impressed by the performance of the first responders I met in California. Despite the challenges of high winds and dry weather, firefighters are gaining the upper hand and earning the gratitude of their fellow citizens. Many of these brave men and women have battled the blaze in triple-digit heat. Some have worked around the clock. And more than once, firefighting teams were forced to take emergency shelter in their fire tents when threatened by approaching walls of flame. I was grateful for the opportunity to meet them, and I thank them for their courage.

I was also encouraged by the spirit of the families I met. At one recovery center, I met an amazing young girl named Alyssa Lamborn. Alyssa told me, ‘I lost my house, but I didn't lose my home -- because my family and my pets are safe.’ I saw this same spirit in many others who are grateful for their safety and determined to rebuild.

People like Alyssa and her family are receiving help from their fellow Americans. Some have opened their homes to strangers who were evacuated and could not find a hotel room. Doctors and nurses have answered the call to help seniors who were forced from their nursing homes. And volunteers from every walk of life have come forward to provide food, clothing, and blankets -- and a shoulder to lean on.

I went to Southern California with a message: We want you to know the country cares for you. We're concerned about you, your neighborhoods, and your homes. Things may look dismal now, but there is a better day ahead. And we will not forget you in Washington, D.C.

Thank you for listening.”
Had A Great Time

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to you. I had a great time yesterday. I went to “Mangia.” An all day Asia Fantasia hosted by the Blake Library here in Martin Country Florida. I got to meet and spent time with the following people.

Grace Young - Young has been featured in the New York Times, on CBS Sunday Morning, Good Morning America, CBS the Early Show, Cooking Live With Sara Moulton, B Smith with style, Seasonings, Home Cooking, Discovery Channel’s Home Matters. She is an author and a top recognized Wok expert.

She gave a lecture and demonstration on the proper care and usage of Woks. I love to cook. Cook all the time. Just stated using Woks, and found this VERY interesting. I even got a chance to spend some time with Mrs. Young after. She also is the author of “The Wisdom of The Chinese Kitchen” and her latest “The Breath of a Wok: Unlocking the Spirit of Chinese Wok Cooking.” I encourage any of you, if you love cooking like I do, go get her books. They can be found at any major Bookstores.

Then there was the Benihana of Stuart demo of the art of making Sushi.

Then I got to meet a VERY unique artist. One I enjoyed the demonstration, and even more, getting to spend some time with after, Candy Miyuki from Japan. Folks, This is a little lady. About 4 11 with a box. Inside the box is 200 degree candy dough. She takes out these balls with her bare hands, and has 2 minutes to form any animal that you can imagine. Using just her little hands and a pair of sheers. I stood in aw watching her do this. Every animal was PERFECT! The Monkey even had bananas.

After the demo, I got to stand by and watch as she made these candies for some kids in the lobby. She even made me my favorite animal, a Giraffe. Don’t ask, I have no idea. Always has been my favorite. You would not ever meet such a sweet and kind soul as Miyuki. That was truly an experience I will not soon forget.

Then up on stage was Cheryl Friend talking about bamboo.

Then Cheryl Friend and Pat Lawson, joined by others gave Tai Chi demos.

The last guest, one I have much respect for, Mrs. Chieko Mihori. You can go, certain times a year, to the Morikami Museum and meet her. You can even experience a real Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Spending time with these guests, and food EVERYWHERE you looked, the music, the spirit that was there, folks, I’m telling you the truth, I HAD A GREAT TIME. Hats off to the Blake Library, and the “Friends of the Blake Library” for putting this together. Early indications is that next year, they will be doing a New Orleans theme. I CAN’T WAIT. I have never been to the Blake Library for anything before yesterday, but I guarantee you this, I will be back. If you are in or around Martin country this time next year, you might want to check it out as well. You will not regret it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Anyone who votes for a Democrat for President is committing suicide!

Hey folks,

A friend of mine sent me this via Email. He also entitled it. {Smile} Just some food for thought before you lay yourself down to sleep, or start your day, whichever applies. I also found the link and posted it at the bottom. Thank you Bob. Sweet Dreams to all, I'll see you Sunday.

Terrorists: Vote Hillary; Kill Rudy
by Deroy Murdock

Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is gaining fans, even on the West Bank.

“I hope Hillary is elected in order to have the occasion to carry out all the promises she is giving regarding Iraq,” said Ala Senakreh, West Bank chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a Palestinian terror group. “President Clinton wanted to give the Palestinians 98 percent of the West Bank territories. I hope Hillary will move a step forward and will give the Palestinians all their rights.”

Senakreh and other top Islamo-fascists want Hillary in the Oval Office. These mass murders also have “gone negative.” They want GOP contender Rudy Giuliani dead.

“We see Hillary and other candidates are competing on who will withdraw from Iraq,” said Abu Jihad of Al Aqsa’s Nablus unit. “This is a moment of glory for the revolutionary movements in the Arab world…”

Al Aqsa’s Nasser Abu Aziz, considered it “very good” that there are “voices like Hillary and others who are now attacking the Iraq invasion.”

Islamic Jihad’s Abu Ayman felt “emboldened” by Clinton’s demands that America retreat from Iraq. He said: “It is clear that it is the resistance operations of the mujahideen that have brought about these calls for withdrawal.”

“All Americans must vote Democrat,” insisted Jihad Jaara, an exiled Al Aqsa agent who commanded 2002’s siege of Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity.

Since 1995, these terrorists’ organizations have killed an estimated 162 and wounded 368 others in Israel. Aaron Klein, an Orthodox Jew who is’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief, interviewed some three dozen leading Muslim fanatics, including those quoted here. His new book, “Schmoozing with Terrorists,” details these chilling encounters with violent Islamic extremists in Israel’s Palestinian territories.

Why do these hardened butchers have a soft spot for Hillary Clinton? Perhaps because the New York Democrat is soft on terrorism.

*Clinton rejects robustly interrogating terrorists even in “ticking time bomb” scenarios. In a September 26 Democratic debate, she said: “It cannot be American policy, period.”

*Clinton opposes the U.S. Terrorist Surveillance Program, calling it “a secret program that spies on Americans.”

*Clinton voted against military tribunals for terror suspects, including al-Qaeda detainees.

*Clinton has zigzagged on Iraq. In autumn 2002, she voted for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Last January 18, she told PBS: “I think the timetable still remains problematic” for leaving Iraq. But on February 17, she stated: “It’s time to say the redeployment should start in 90 days…”

Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign has not responded to my request to list her counterterrorist accomplishments.

These terrorists’ love for Hillary mirrors their hatred for her leading GOP rival, Rudy Giuliani.

“If I had the occasion to meet him I would hurt him,” said Ramadan Adassi, a West Bank Al Aqsa leader. “For the sake of the American people, Giuliani shouldn’t be elected.”

“Giuliani doesn’t deserve to live or even to be mentioned,” said Al Aqsa’s Ala Senakreh. “He hates Palestinians and we hate him.”

Al Aqsa’s Abu Hamed said Giuliani “can hate Arafat and the Palestinians, but he knows that nobody is hated in the world more than his leadership, his party, his president, and his Zionist friends.”

Why the hard feelings? Perhaps because Giuliani has snipped terrorists’ bomb wires for 31 years.

*Mayor Giuliani’s NYPD officers in July 1997 arrested two Palestinians with Jordanian passports and five pipe-bombs. They were convicted of immigration fraud and plotting to blast Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue subway station.

*As New York City’s U.S. Attorney, Giuliani attempted in 1988 to close the Palestine Liberation Organization’s United Nations observer mission under the 1987 Anti-Terrorism Act.

*In 1986, Giuliani targeted an anti-Castro group responsible for two murders and 25 bombings. Giuliani secured guilty pleas from three Omega 7 members who conspired to kill Cuba’s U.N. ambassador in 1980 and blow up its Manhattan consulate in 1979.

*Giuliani represented the Justice Department on President Gerald Ford’s Cabinet Committee to Combat Terrorism in 1976.

“I don’t believe Americans should base their votes entirely on what the terrorists think,” Aaron Klein says from Jerusalem, “but it’s certainly telling that our enemies are rooting for the Democrats, particularly Hillary.”

As the War on Terror continues, Americans should study our foes’ political preferences -- and then pull the lever the other way.

Note: The Author, Mr. Murdock, a New York-based commentator to HUMAN EVENTS, is a columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.

Human Events. com - Terrorists: Vote Hillary; Kill Rudy
The Left Politic, The Rest Help Out In California

Hey folks,

Over 500,000 acres of land, thousands of houses and business, billions of dollars in damages, people losing their lives. May those involved find and receive the peace and comfort they so desperately need in this most dangerous time.

While this is going on, a lot of those on the Left, just seem to want to turn it into another “Katrina.” The Libs are playing politics, blaming Bush, the war, ETC. The Mass Media Drones are seeking for the worse news they can find to report. Some are searching really hard to FIND anything that they can use, or supply to the Libs as to pass blame. But in the middle of this mess, there are people coming together. People helping. People encouraging.

So while the Left play political games with this tragedy, the rest of us are coming together to help. Here is YOUR chance to help. Here is just a few examples of those helping to make the situation better.

Responding to the devastating aftermath of the wildfires that have blazed across California, Wal-Mart has donated $1,000,000 to American Red Cross disaster relief efforts. In addition, Wal-Mart is also providing its customers with the opportunity to help by initiating a customer donation program in Wal-Mart stores across California.

The Red Cross has nearly 3,000 workers on site in Southern California, including volunteers from all 50 states, and is offering a wide range of support focusing on continued sheltering for those who need it. As of midnight last night, the Red Cross had 24 shelters opened, providing people with a safe place to stay. Additional Red Cross services include providing meals, distribution of clean up supplies and mental health support to provide a shoulder for those in need to lean on.

In addition to the generous $1,000,000 donation, local Wal-Mart stores and Sam's Clubs in California are setting up collection sites so that their customers can conveniently make cash donations to help support ongoing relief efforts. “We are grateful for the generous support of Wal-Mart and their customers, providing help and hope to our neighbors in California during their time of need,” said Mark W. Everson, President and CEO of the American Red Cross.

“Wal-Mart's generosity, leadership and timely support of our humanitarian mission is greatly appreciated.” Wal-Mart has a history as a corporate leader in the area of disaster relief. In 2005, Wal-Mart donated more than $32 million in cash to aid Hurricane Katrina emergency relief efforts. This included $2 million in contributions to the Red Cross. Last year, Wal-Mart provided more than $2 million in disaster relief funds to assist in relief efforts across the nation, including floods and tornadoes disaster response.

“Wal-Mart has a long history of increasing our community support during times of disaster,” said Margaret McKenna, president of the Wal-Mart Foundation.

The wildfires raging across Southern California have impacted customers, communities and our own associates. It was an easy decision to move forward with aiding relief efforts.”

About the American Red Cross All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people. You can help the victims of thousands of disasters across the country each year, disasters like the California wildfires, by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which enables the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to victims of disaster. The American Red Cross honors donor intent. If you wish to designate your donation to a specific disaster please do so at the time of your donation. Call 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish). Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund may be sent to your local American Red Cross chapter or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013. Internet users can make a secure online contribution

United Ways in Southern California are responding to the devastating wildfires in two key ways: ensuring the strength of the 2-1-1 phone number for people who need help and launching the regional United Way Southern California Wildfires Recovery Fund.

The United Way Southern California Wildfires Recovery Fund is unique in the following ways:

This Fund represents a collaboration of several United Ways across the region. United Way of San Diego is leading the way with United Ways throughout Southern California actively participating, including: United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Inland Empire United Way, Orange County United Way, United Way of the Inland Valleys, Arrowhead United Way, United Way of Santa Barbara County, United Way of Ventura County and United Way of California.

Miriam Krehbiel, Chair for United Ways of California, comments, “We are delighted to see this unprecedented funding collaboration among the United Ways in Southern California. Our unity on issues like 2-1-1 and in times of crisis demonstrates how powerful we can be when we organize for the greater good.”

2. The Fund will focus primarily on community-wide healing. United Ways will activate local volunteer committees of community leaders to review applications from support agencies and develop strategies to address the long term needs of the communities affected.

Doug Sawyer, President & CEO for United Way of San Diego County, in the hardest hit area of the region, states, “As we turn to the long term recovery and rebuilding of the residents and communities affected by the wildfires, the involved United Ways will work closely with local and national agencies to address the issues that matter most to the Southern California region's residents. We're facing a long haul in recovering from the wildfires, and this fund will support our residents and communities for years to come.”

Another crucial role United Way is playing in the response to the wildfires it to ensure the strength of 2-1-1, an easy-to-remember phone number that can be dialed for people who need services or for those who want to offer help. As we saw with the 2004 hurricanes in Florida and with Gulf Coast Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, 2-1-1 provides an invaluable service in times of crisis, providing maximum community access to critical resources and information to help reduce the harmful effects of the disaster. With the Southern California wildfires, 2-1-1 has again demonstrated its powerful role. Tens of thousands of people in the region are getting connected with the services they need, such as finding temporary shelter. As call volumes in the area continue to soar, United Way of America has committed the funds to bring in extra 211 operators to staff the busy lines.

Community partnerships will be critical to the long term recovery efforts. United Way is a member of both the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN), formed to coordinate relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters, and the Major Relief Agency Consortium (M-RAC) co-chaired by America Red Cross and UWA. Within this network, the initial response to disasters is led by the America Red Cross while United Way takes the lead in long term recovery. Red Cross and United Way are joined by partners such as Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), Salvation Army, AIRS, FEMA and many others in this critical work.

Brian Gallagher, President and CEO for United Way of America, ensures that, “United Way of America will stand by the 11 local United Ways in the affected Southern California counties for the duration of the long term recovery. Working together, we will be here as long as it takes to rebuild the lives, homes and communities of people who have lost so much in this tragedy.”

How People Can Help -- Financial donations can be made to the Fund at: -- Questions can be directed to Carol Williams at 858-636-4177, or by email to, --

If people are interested in volunteering or making in-kind donations: Dial 2-1-1. About United Way of America United Way of America is the national organization dedicated to leading the United Way movement in making a measurable impact in every community across America by focusing on the root causes of the most serious problems. The United Way movement includes over 1,300 community-based United Way organizations. Each is independent, separately incorporated, and governed by local volunteers. For more information about United Way of America, please visit: 2-1-1:

United Way is a partner in 2-1-1, an easy-to-remember number that can be dialed for people who need services, or for those who want to offer help. Visit:

Even The United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh is helping out, for those of you that may be of the Jewish faith or heritage.

The United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, in conjunction with its national organization, the United Jewish Communities, has established a relief fund for victims of the Southern California wildfires, which continue to rage from San Diego to Los Angeles.

The UJF/Wildfire Relief Fund will accept donations through checks or online to help victims in Southern California. One hundred percent of the funds will be forwarded to relief agencies through the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Jewish Federation of Orange County, and the United Jewish Federation of San Diego County, whose communities have been affected.

“In times of natural disasters or other tragedies, donors recognize that we have one of the best mechanisms to ensure that their contributions will effectively meet the needs of those in affected areas,” said Jeff Finkelstein, President and CEO of the United Jewish Federation.

Contributions to the victims of the California wildfires can be made online at or by mail to the United Jewish Federation, 234 McKee Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Make checks payable to UJF/Wildfire Relief Fund.

During the past few days, the wildfires have ravaged Southern California, consuming some 500,000 acres, forcing approximately one million people from their homes, and destroying an estimated 1,300 homes and businesses. San Diego County, home to some 100,000 Jews, is the scene of 14 separate fires. Contact: Hank Karp, Director of Marketing Direct Communications Direct Dial: 412-992-5219

You see folks, in times like these, it shouldn’t matter what faith you follow, what color you are, or even, yes, even what political party you associate yourself with. This is just a small example of people coming together to help. Wal-Mart giving a Million dollars? Has Boxer helped out? Has Reid? Has any of those that claim they CARE about the people? We should be coming together to help our fellow HUMAN BEINGS, and NOT playing political games with their loss. And it IS, just that simple.

American Red Cross
United Way of America
United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Thursday, October 25, 2007

They Failed In Their DREAM, Republicans Blocked Amnesty

Hey folks,

Not a great day yesterday for the Democrats. The DREAM act vote failed 52-44. You know, this was yet another bill that would have granted amnesty to illegal aliens who came to this country before the age of 16 and who have lived here at least five years. This was the Senate's first attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens again since the defeat of the Kennedy-McCain-Kyl bill in June of this year. This will not be the last I assure you.

Screaming Dean said this.

“Senator Reid and the Democrats in Congress deserve a lot of credit for working toward solutions for border security and immigration reform. Republicans ought to be ashamed of themselves for continuing to stand in the way of both. Children who came to our country with their families in hope of a better life, often in their infancy and through no fault of their own, and who call America home deserve a shot at the American Dream. These kids want to serve in the military and go to college, hoping to succeed and give back to our country. What could be more American? Republicans' actions today, denying immigrant children an education after they denied 10 million American children health care, do not represent the values our country was founded on.”

YES folks, it ALL about children. The LWL’s FAVORITE pawn. They LOVE children. {Sigh} They love to use them. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said this.

“By blocking action on the Dream Act, Senate Republicans prevented a critical first step to address our nation's broken immigration system.

Our immigration system needs to honor the promise of America and recognize the enormous contributions that immigrants make to our nation. But it must do so in a way that makes our nation safer, protects all workers, and respects the rule of law.”

What, no mention of the children? Only one problem though. The DREAM Act did NONE of these things. It did not make our Country safer. It did not protect workers. It did not respect the rule of law. The DREAM is not dead though. Your voices were heard again, but as this indicates, they are NOT letting this go. Just be ready for round three.

Then you have the SCHIP Universal Healthcare , that will not go away either. Again, “all about the children.” No, it’s all about power and control in YOUR lives. Your most basic needs Healthcare.

Meanwhile, fires are burning in California. Homes being destroyed, people dying. Pelosi had this to say about that.

“The thoughts and prayers of our entire nation today are with California: with the firefighters risking life and limb to protect others, and with the many who have lost so much.

California's Office of Emergency Services is one of the best in the nation and I commend them for their continued efforts to act quickly to protect the people in the area and contain the

I am pleased that President Bush today signed the request of the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, supported by the California congressional delegation, declaring a major federal disaster in Southern California. I pledge to the residents of the counties affected that the Congress will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to make sure their short-term and long-term needs are met. I urge displaced residents to contact FEMA to apply for the federal individual assistance that has been made available for temporary housing or to replace belongings.

As the President prepares to visit the area tomorrow and view the extensive damage, Congress commits to working with him to provide necessary federal resources to contain the fires, provide for the safety of the people, and help them rebuild their homes and their lives.”

Some politicians are TRYING to do the right thing and want to be with their people in this devastating time of need. However, some are not, because some, the LWL, are USING this as a opportunity to get their agenda’s passed. House Minority Whip Roy Blunt said this.

“The scope, scale and severity of the fires raging in southern California are of a magnitude few of us have ever seen. What's important right now is that members from the area be given the chance to return to their districts to aid their constituents in any way they can -- whether through casework, disaster relief efforts, or simply lending a hand to a neighbor in need.

Unfortunately, the speaker announced plans today to hold an important, and contentious, vote on SCHIP while these members are confronting serious issues at home -- disenfranchising, in effect, a large segment of the most populous state in the union, and throwing into doubt the integrity of the vote.

In light of these circumstances, I would urge the speaker to reconsider her strategy and delay the vote on her SCHIP bill until a time when the interests of millions of Americans in southern California can be accurately represented. Maybe in that time Democrats will also actually consider making a copy of the bill available to Republicans.”

Do not think for one second that ANY of their agenda is going away, until YOU vote them out of power in 08. All these things that they keep trying to do and FAILING at doing, will come back with at warp speed, and WILL become reality, if they stay in power, and the next President is one of them. It really is, just that simple.

We won again. They failed again. But we must be ready for the most important election of our time.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hey folks,

Yes Amnesty is still alive and well. Anyone that speaks out against it, is being labeled racist by the Loony Libs that WANT this. It keeps failing. They keep trying. The latest is The DREAM Act.

Back on September 19, I posted a plea from Roy Beck, of Numbers USA. On September 20, I posted the Heritage Foundation’s take on what this actually is, AMNESTY. The bill you killed again and again. Now the vote is coming. According to this release by The Center for Immigration Studies, which is an independent research institute which examines the impact of immigration on the United States, Mark Krikorian is executive director,

The Senate is currently considering the DREAM Act (S.2205). Some have argued that only 60,000 illegal immigrants would be granted amnesty annually under the Act, but a new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies of 2007 Census Bureau data shows millions of potential beneficiaries.

-- An estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants under age 17 have been here long enough to qualify for legalization under the DREAM Act. There are a total of 1.7 million illegal aliens estimated to be under age 17.

-- There are an estimated 900,000 parents of illegal aliens under age 17 who qualify. It is unclear whether the government would deport these parents.

-- The DREAM Act is also unclear as to what will happen to the siblings of legalized illegals who are themselves illegal, but do not meet the Act's requirements. There are an estimated 500,000 of these siblings.

-- The DREAM Act also allows illegal aliens ages 18 to 29 to legalize if they claim to have arrived prior to age 16. We estimate 1.3 million meet this requirement. There are a total of 4.4 million illegal aliens in this age group.

-- Thus the total number of potential amnesty beneficiaries is 2.1 million (assuming no fraud). This does not include 1.4 million siblings and parents of qualifying illegals who may end up receiving a de facto amnesty.

-- Prior legalization programs have been plagued by fraud. One-fourth (700,000) of those legalized in the 1986 amnesty are estimated to have done so fraudulently.

-- Given the difficultly in determining whether an applicant meets the DREAM Act's amnesty requirements, coupled with the overworked nature of the immigration bureaucracy, fraud could be a significant problem.

Methodology: These estimates are based on a Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the March 2007 Current Population Survey (CPS) collected by the Census Bureau. No estimate is definitive, of course, but the Urban Institute, the Pew Hispanic Center, and the INS have all used the March CPS to estimate the size of the illegal population. We estimated that the survey included more than 11 million illegals in 2007. This is entirely consistent with prior research. The above numbers do NOT include those illegal aliens missed by the Census Bureau's survey. The Department of Homeland Security and other researchers have estimated that 10 percent of illegals are likely missed in Census Bureau surveys of this kind. Thus, the actual number of potential beneficiaries is almost certainly higher than the numbers discussed above.

We use the demographic characteristics of respondents to distinguish legal and illegal immigrants in the survey. We combine this with the estimated number of legal immigrants in the country. This method is based on some very well-established facts about the characteristics of the legal and illegal population and is consistent with other research that employs the same approach to estimate the illegal population.

Folks, the Lib.s do not want to give this up. They WANT Amnesty. They are trying to sneak it in with the DREAM Act. Make no mistake about it. AMNESTY is ALL this is about. Once again, YOUR voices need to be heard.

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The Center for Immigration Studies
A Historic Day

Hey folks,

Mark your calendar with yesterdays day. It was a historic date. This was as rare as snow here in south Florida. It has happened, but not often to say the least. This is a moment like that.

What am I talking about? A FULL fledged, card carrying member of the LWL, came to the House Floor, and APOLOGIZED. Seriously folks. It sounded sincere to boot. Of course, the “New Media” once again broke this story to you, and he was being threatened by Censure by his own party, but he APOLOGIZED. That is rare.

Yes folks, our own latest winner of the IWA, Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif for saying this.

“You don't have money to fund the war or children. But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement.”

While the Loons applauded, sanity prevailed yet again. Yesterday, he came to the House floor and said this.

“I want to apologize to my -- first of all, all my colleagues, many of whom I've offended, uhhh, to the president, his family, to, uhhh, the troops that may have found in my remarks, as were suggested in, uh, the motion that we just voted on, uh, and I do apologize.”

See the video of this here.

Yes, he came right out and apologized. He did not say, “Sorry if my words were misrepresented.” or “Sorry if my words were misunderstood.” or the usual half hearted, double talk apology. No this was real.

Truly a historic day.

Rep. Pete Stark
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