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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Restoring Honor, The Rally They Hate

This is too funny.

Hey folks,

What do you get when you put two or more of the most Hated People of the Left together? Lies, ignorance, and name calling. {Laughing} Of course I'm talking about the "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington DC. MANY Speakers where there, but who is the State Run MMD {Mainstream Media Drones} focused on? Dr. Alveda King? No of course not. They are focused on Beck and Palin. Oh and of course, White people.

WASHINGTON – Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall to help restore traditional American values and honor Martin Luther King's message.
{Laughing} FIRST Sentence. White. You Racist Bigots you. Not true. But humorous. Also, the numbers are coming in. Early numbers are being reported in the MMD as under 100,000. But the REAL numbers are anywhere from 500,000 and 1 million.

Early reports indicate that the crowd was so large that attendees were having difficulty hearing the speakers. Look at some of the pictures of this event. At 7:30 AM there were already 100,000 people gathered at the site.

But the Media doesn't want you to know this. They want to further that same old rhetoric that it is only a small number of ignorant, White, Racist, Chauvinistic, Homophobes that oppose the Liberal Utopian Vision of America. Problem is, the NUMBERS do not lie.

The VAST majority of Americans are AGAINST this view. They are NOT with the Obama Regime at all with, well, anything. The Tea Party was formed because of this. This out of Control, Power hungry, Socialistic, New Liberal Agenda. The MAJORITY of America wants nothing to do with any of it.

Coming right up today?

School Is Back, So Are They
The REAL Costs Of Birthcontrol
DLA For Sunday 082910
IWA For Sunday 082910

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Yahoo News - Beck says US has 'wandered in darkness' too long

School Is Back, So Are They

It IS your job.

Hey folks,

Just one week. Well, here in Florida, and many parts around the country, School is back in session. That means THEY'RE BACK! The kids I mean. All ages. All walks of life. From 5 to 18. There they are. Standing. Waiting. Running. Walking. Playing. Sitting. Riding the Bus.

As many of you know, this is my Son's first year to ride the Bus. The first day was great. He gave me a hug, said "Love you Daddy. See ya." Got on, and away they went. It really didn't sink in that School was back in session, even with all the prep we did, until I went to go somewhere at 8 in the morning, on Thursday. I came around a corner and there she was. About 16, all dressed up for School, Backpack. Walking down the middle of the street. I was driving careful, so I saw her in plenty of time. I moved over as far as I could. She stepped aside a bit. She smiled and I smiled back. Life went on. However?

Police said there have been 39 accidents involving school bus traffic control violations during the past five years. This resulted in 15 injuries, including one that involved a child who was getting off a school bus at the time.
Just one school district. Here is another Headline.

KMOV - Bus involved in accident near Alton High School

(KMOV)- A school bus with children aboard wrecked near Alton High School Friday after school.

Children were on the bus at the time of the accident, but police said the accident was minor and have not reported any serious injuries. No further details have been released yet.
And another?

Rockford Register Star - Drivers urged to be vigilant after 2 unrelated bus accidents

CHERRY VALLEY — One person died Thursday morning and four children were taken to the hospital in two separate crashes involving Rockford School District buses.

About 7:15 a.m., police said, 74-year-old Betty Lawson was killed after the vehicle she was in slammed into the back of a bus that was stopped in the 4900 block of Rotary Road. The driver of the vehicle was flown via Lifeline to a hospital with unknown injuries.
Folks, School is back in session and we need to ensure that our Children arrive and return from School safely. From School Buses, that we all know make frequent stops, to approaching or leaving the Bus. Simply put, it IS your job. Here are some tips.

Obviously, when driving in Neighborhoods, watch out for Children who are thinking about getting to the Bus, but may not be thinking of getting there safely. Some may not even be awake yet.

When backing out of a driveway, pulling into or out of parking lots, watch out for Children walking or bicycling to School.

Slow down! Slow down! Slow down! Watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood. Watch for children playing and congregating near Bus Stops. Children arriving late for the bus may dart into the street without looking for traffic.

The YELLOW lights mean that the Bush is getting ready to stop. The RED? Not only does that mean the Bus stopped. But also that the door is open. Kids are about to get on or off, and there is no way of knowing, which way they are going. STOP!

Just be careful out there folks. Be extra careful. Just ask yourself, would you be able to live with yourself? Would you? If you take the life of a Child, because of carelessness or lack of caution on your part? Would you be able to face their grieving Parents? Is it worth the 5 minutes lateness to work? Is it worth ANYTHING? Think about it.

KMOV - Bus involved in accident near Alton High School
Ottawa Citizen - Ottawa police shift focus to school bus and school zone safety
Rockford Register Star - Drivers urged to be vigilant after 2 unrelated bus accidents

The REAL Costs Of Birthcontrol

I have one that is FREE. It will protect you from ALL Sexually Transmitted Diseases as well.

Hey folks,

You know, I am adamantly Pro-Life. Well, whatever that means. I believe life begins at conception, and the PERSON is formed by the Will of God. The Word declares.

14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

16 Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. Psalm 139
Some misunderstand what this means. They feel that if someone is "Pro-Life," then they must be against Birth Control of any kind. Not true. I would rather someone who, uh, acts like Rabbits, protect themselves, and their unborn, from having to decide weather or not to MURDER them.

Now, I do have a method, that is GUARANTEED to work, 100 percent of the time, and protect you from ALL Sexually transmitted diseases, ALL the time. I will share it with you at the end. But some are going to go from partner to partner, have sex daily, just because it FEELS good, and so there are options out there. In today's Health and Science Segment, I want to talk about some options, and point out some of the stupidity out there. But if you ARE going to have Sex, make sure you chose one of these.

According to US News and World Reports - The Real Cost of Birth Control By Kimberly Palmer Kimberly Palmer – Fri Aug 27, 12:25 pm ET

The cost of birth control often takes a second seat to other factors, such as how well it works, or how easy it is to use; the FDA's otherwise useful guide to birth control makes no mention of money at all. But cost can ultimately play a big role in whether someone is happy with her chosen method or not

Someone surprised by the constant money drain of single use methods such as condoms might be happier with an IUD, which comes with a larger initial price tag but lasts longer. Similarly, being too frugal by opting for a "free" but relatively ineffective method, such as fertility awareness or withdrawal, can easily lead to accidental pregnancy. A couple using no birth control has an 85 percent chance of becoming pregnant in one year. The Agriculture Department estimates that on average, middle-income couples spend around $12,500 per year per child.

Choosing the most money-smart method isn't as easy as crunching numbers because costs depend on a variety of factors, including how long you want the birth control to last, how often you need it, and how generous your insurance policy is. But by running a few numbers, we were able to generate a guide for people who want to consider the health of their bank account when making their birth control decision.

Here's a guide to the costs of 12 popular methods of birth control:
There IS another way. More on that in a second.

Birth Control Pills: The "Pill," introduced in the early 1960s, uses hormones (estrogen and progestin) to prevent pregnancy. Users have to take one pill a day and need a prescription from their doctor. On average, five out of every 100 women who rely on birth control pills will get pregnant each year. The Cost: According to Planned Parenthood, birth control pills cost between $15 to $50 a month, depending on health insurance coverage and type of pill. On an annual basis, that means the Pill costs between $160 to $600.

Birth Control Patch: This hormone-based method goes on the skin and works the same way as the Pill. Each patch lasts for one week and, like the Pill, users also face a 5 percent chance of pregnancy. The Cost: The same as the Pill--on average, it costs between $15 to $50 a month, or between $160 to $600 a year.

Cervical Cap: Women insert this barrier method, along with spermicide, before they have sex. By covering the cervix, it prevents pregnancy. According to the FDA, it is not as effective as hormonal methods: 17 to 23 percent of women who rely on it might become pregnant within one year. The Cost: The American Pregnancy Association reports that one cervical cap, which lasts up to two years, costs between $15 and $50. Caps also require spermicides, which cost between $7 to $17 per package. Annually, users can expect their costs to average out to a relatively inexpensive $35 to $60 per year.

Condoms: Condoms, which also reduce the chance of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, are effective about 85 percent of the time, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Using spermicide along with condoms increases that rate to 95 percent. The Cost: Some health clinics distribute condoms for free. Otherwise, on average, they cost between 20 cents and $2.50 each. For couples that use them twice a week, that averages out to around $150 a year.
Wait, Condoms are only 85 percent effective? I thought this most the most effective? Anyway moving on.

Diaphragm: This rubber or silicone disk covers the cervix during sex. The FDA reports that for every 100 women who use a diaphragm, about 15 might get pregnant in one year. Some women also report that they find it difficult or annoying to use every time. The Cost: Diaphragms require a doctor's exam, which can cost anywhere from $20 to $200. Planned Parenthood estimates that the cost for the diaphragm itself, which lasts up to two years, falls between $15 to $75. It's also used with spermicide. In total, users can expect to pay around $60 a year, excluding the initial doctor's visit.

Fertility-Awareness: By charting their ovulation schedules, women can calculate when they are most likely to get pregnant--and most likely not to. Of course, this method requires careful note-taking and the self-discipline to avoid intercourse, or use an alternative method, during fertile periods. Women's bodies can also go off-schedule without warning. Planned Parenthood estimates that out of every 100 couples who rely on fertility awareness, between 12 and 25 will become pregnant. The Cost: Free. Websites such as "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" explain how to use the method.

IUDs: This T-shaped device, which in some cases also contains hormones, is placed in the uterus by a health care provider. It lasts up to 12 years and is 99 percent effective. The Cost: While the upfront cost is a whopping $500 to $1,000, the fact that it lasts so long means that the average annual cost can be under $100--cheaper than condoms. The cost goes up for users who rely on the IUD for shorter periods.

Shot (Depo-Provera): Getting a hormone injection every three months prevents women's ovaries from releasing eggs. It's also about 99 percent effective, according to the FDA. The Cost: Each shot costs between $35 and $75, and sometimes comes with an additional doctor's visit fee of $20 to $40. That means each year, users can expect to pay between $220 and $460.

Sterilization: This permanent birth control method only makes sense for people who are done building their families. For both men and women, it is 99 percent effective. The Cost: Vasectomies costs between $350 to $1,000. Sterilization for women costs between $1,500 and $6,000. But since it's permanent, the cost per year over the long-term is lower. For example, if a 35-year-old women gets sterilized, it prevents her from getting pregnant for the rest of her fertile years. Spreading the cost of a $4,000 procedure over 20 years brings the annual expense down to $200. Similarly, if her partner gets a $600 vasectomy, the annual cost averages out to just $30 over 20 years.
Well, 99 percent? I guess that is pretty effective.

Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing): Similar to the birth control patch or the Pill, the ring releases hormones that prevent women's ovaries from releasing eggs. Users insert the ring themselves, and each ring stays in for three weeks. It is about 95 percent effective, like other hormonal methods. The Cost: It costs between $15 and $50 per month, the same as other hormonal methods. Since it requires a prescription, users might also have to pay for an office visit, which can cost between $35 to $200. Excluding that visit, the ring costs between $160 to $600 per year.

Vaginal Sponge: This soft, disk-shaped device covered in spermicide is inserted prior to intercourse and covers the cervix. After use, it is discarded. No prescription is needed. The FDA estimates that for every 100 women that use this method, between 16 and 32 will become pregnant in a year. The odds might be higher for women who have given birth since childbirth stretches the cervix. The Cost: A pack of three sponges cost about $15. For a couple that uses two sponges per week, the annual cost averages out to about $500 a year.

Abstinence: "If you do not want to get pregnant, do not have sex," the FDA's brochure on birth control suggests. Abstinence is 100 percent effective, but also not realistic for many couples. The Cost: Completely free.
WAIT!! That's mine. Abstinence. But yeah, never mind that. According to this piece.

The Winner: The diaphragm. With an annual cost of just $60 and an efficacy rate of 85 percent, this method gives users the most cost-effective method of preventing pregnancy. While the method fell in popularity after the introduction of the Pill, various forms of it have been used for centuries.
No, the winner IS Abstinence. Not 85 percent, but 100 percent. Also 100 percent effective in preventing and protecting YOU from Sexually transmitted Diseases.

You know, it's really simply folks. If you do not want to shoot yourself in the Head, do not pick up the Gun. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to shoot yourself in the head if you do not pick up a Gun to do it with. Oh, you could play Russian Roulette. You may make it. But if you do not pick up the Gun? You get the point.

US News and World Reports - The Real Cost of Birth Control

DLA For Sunday 082910

I absolutely love this. I'm not going to mess it up by adding anything to it.

Hey folks,

Here is our Winner of the Display of Logic Award for Sunday 082910.

In front of the Lincoln Memorial in June, a group of students caught up in a moment of spontaneous patriotism broke into song. But the US Park Police were quick to shush the members of the Young America’s Foundation, saying singing is not allowed at the memorial. The song that was stifled? “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

So much for freedom of speech.

At the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta this July, an official at the memorial to one of the greatest civil rights leaders in the world – my Uncle Martin – removed a bullhorn from the hands of Father Frank Pavone, an internationally recognized leader of the pro-life movement. We were a group more than 100 strong, in Atlanta to declare that abortion is the greatest violation of civil rights in our day. We brought a wreath to lay at Uncle Martin’s grave while we prayed, but due to a King Center official’s barricade at the gravesite, we weren’t allowed. The National Park Service said that would constitute a demonstration.

So much for freedom of assembly.

Symbols of liberty

Americans are hungry to reclaim the symbols of our liberty, hard won by an unlikely group of outnumbered, outgunned, underfunded patriots determined not to live in servitude to the British Empire. If we want to sing the national anthem at a memorial to the man who led this fledgling nation out of slavery, and made my people free, we should be able to send our voices soaring to the heavens.

Glenn Beck’s “Rally to Restore Honor” this Saturday will give us that chance, and that’s why I feel it’s important for me to be there.

Before the words were out of Mr. Beck’s mouth announcing the Aug. 28 rally, The New York Times noted that it would be at the same place and 47 years to the day since my Uncle Martin gave his “I Have a Dream Speech.” When asked why he chose that date in particular, Beck said he had not realized its significance, but in thinking about it, he saw it is an auspicious day to rally for the honor of the American people. He has said, and he’s right, that Martin Luther King didn’t speak only for African-Americans. He spoke for all Americans, and his words still ring true.

Other groups are planning rallies and demonstrations in Washington that day, and freedom of speech gives them the right to do so – and to criticize me for not jumping on their bandwagon. But Uncle Martin’s legacy is big enough to go around.

A rally about character, not politics

Though critics see it as partisan, Beck’s rally is not a political event, per se. Instead, it is designed to be a refreshing exercise of freedom of speech.

The rally will be a celebration of who we are as a nation and a chance to stop for a moment, reflect, reorganize, and re-energize. It’s a chance to think about character; both our character as a nation and our character as individuals.

Delineating ourselves as red state or blue, liberal or conservative, minority or majority, we have not quite reached the day when men and women are “judged not by the color of their skin but on the content of their character.” We are still marching toward that day. As Uncle Martin said, “we cannot turn back.”

The rally will also give America another chance to honor and thank the men and women in our armed forces for the dangers they face every day in our stead. Unless you have a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan, it’s too easy to forget that tens of thousands of Americans are far from the comforts of home, are directly in harm’s way, facing an enemy who hates us precisely because we are free. And coming just days before the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the day that roused us from our complacency, we could use another wakeup call, one of our own devising.

When I join Beck and all gathered at the Lincoln Memorial this weekend, I will talk about my Uncle Martin and the America he envisioned. I will talk about honor and character and sacrifice. I will be joined by those who represent the diversity of the human race.

On Saturday, Uncle Martin’s dream of personhood and human dignity will resound across America. And the Park Police should consider themselves forewarned: As we stand in the symbolic shadow of the great American who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, we just might sing.
Dr. Alveda King is the director of African-American outreach for Priests for Life, and the founder of King for America.

Speaks for itself. Be right back.

CSM - Glenn Beck 8/28 rally: It's a matter of honor

IWA For Sunday 082910

Sad thing is, he ACTUALLY believes this.

Hey folks,

Why would he actually believe this? Because he is told to believe it. No thought required.

That's right Jerry Springer actually believes that Obama is a GREAT President.

"I think Barack Obama has done a good job as president," Springer said. "In fact, I'd say even better than good. Do I agree with every single thing he's done? No. Is America perfect yet? Of course not. ... I must admit he's turned out to be an excellent president."
Obviously Sean Hannity, that lives in the real world with the rest of us, pointed out Obamacare, and out of control spending. I would have gone a bit further. I would have asked WHAT. I would have asked Jerry to NAME any great accomplishments that Obama has accomplished that has seen the goal realized. What in Springer's view has Obama done to make this country better. Springer said this.

"He didn't make popular moves — he made courageous moves," he said. "And the fact of the matter is people can go to the banks today and have some sense that their money is still there. ... Plus a lot of people have health insurance now that didn't have health insurance before, God bless that."
That is simply just not true. Record declines in Housing, that now even some of the "Expert" are NOW saying, is perhaps linked to Jobs.{Sigh} Record Foreclosures, Unemployment, and Banks still putting their hand out for more money. Couple all that with a record high deficient that will be burdensome to our GRANDCHILDREN. I should have given Hannity the Display of Logic Award just for this one statement.

"You're living a Jerry Springer fantasy world," Hannity said.
He seems to like it there.

"Well, it's a nice place to be. I welcome you to my world," Springer said.
No thank you Jerry. I live in the REAL World. I have the ability to apply Logic and THOUGHT to what I see around me. I have the ability to actually THINK. I understand that you made you living with a show that is popular for it requires no thought whatsoever. It highlights what Liberal think EVERYONE that is not them are. The stupid, dregs of society. The "Trailer Park Trash," the "Radical Religious," The Drunken, Adultery committing, welfare receiving trash of society. But then again, that is the only people that actually watch the show. Well, them and those that buy the uncensored versions for the Nudity.

Congratulations Jerry Springer. I would have also asked you what you meant by this.

"Is America perfect yet? Of course not."
What would your definition of "perfect" be? Just honestly curious about that. However, for thinking that Obama is a great President? You ARE the Idiot of the Week. You are also in the incredible shrinking minority. The numbers do not lie. Reality is what it is. Sorry Jerry, but you may what to actually look around and listen to people that ask you questions, than listening to those who TELL you what to think. Maybe you might see things differently.

Politico - Jerry Springer: Obama's 'Excellent'

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank Liberalism

Thank Liberalism.

Hey folks,

"Hey Pete. I caught your post on the economy and what you think is the ultimate answer to bring about it's recovery on Tom Sullivan's site. But there is only one problem with it Pete. There is no problem. The economy is just fine. Like what Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) told an audience in Greeley, Colo. “We have managed to acquire $13 trillion of debt on our balance sheet; in my view we have nothing to show for it.” Oh sorry. But like the Heritage Foundation said here. Oh sorry again. Well, the economy is just fine damn it. Just ask Obama and the rest of the liberals."
{Laughing} I stand corrected. {Smile} Happy Friday to you folks. It's time to go to the Emails. Yes. the Economy is just fine. And we can thank Literalism for it. Check out this piece by The Heritage Foundation / Morning Bell: Liberalism is Failing

On Tuesday, the National Association of Realtors reported that July sales of existing homes fell by 27% from June of this year and by 25.5% compared to July 2009. This annual sales rate of 3.83 million homes was the lowest since NAR began keeping track of sales in 1999. Then yesterday, the Commerce Department reported that July sales of new homes fell 12.4% from June and by 32.4% compared to July 2009. This annual rate of 276,000 new units sold is the lowest since 1963, when government records were first kept. The source of the plunge is no secret: July’s numbers reflect the first month when existing home sales received no boost from the home buyer tax credit.

Americans have seen this movie before. Last fall after the Obama administration’s Cash for Clunkers program dried up, new automobile sales plummeted. General Motors’ sales plunged 36 percent in September 2009 compared with August. Ford plummeted 37 percent. Chrysler dove 33 percent. And Americans are still feeling the hangover from the original car spending binge. Thanks to the destruction of traded-in cars mandated by President Obama, used car prices have soared this year. This means that the most cash-strapped Americans who are already dealing with 9.5% unemployment now are finding it harder to find an affordable car, all thanks to government intervention in the marketplace.

The problem with both of these liberal programs is the same: there is no such thing as a free lunch. In both cases the additional government spending did not create any new demand; it only shifted the time at which American consumers were going to make a purchase they had decided to make anyway. Instead of ensuring an environment where market participants could ascertain the true prices of the goods they want to purchase, these government interventions added uncertainty into the economy by making it harder for existing businesses and entrepreneurs to plan their next move. These government interventions, paid for with borrowed dollars, did not create new wealth. They just diverted capital and resources from the other places where markets would have invested it spontaneously absent government action.

This is the same problem with President Obama’s failed stimulus. Government spending does not stimulate economic growth. All it does is move resources away from one sector of the economy to another. And government has a horrible track record at efficiently allocating resources. All that really happens is that, on net, jobs get destroyed in the transfer process. But the left refuses to recognize this reality.

In February 2009, at a House Democratic retreat in Williamsburg, Va., President Obama pressed for passage of his stimulus plan, reasoning: “This is not something that we’re just doing to grow government. We’re doing this because this is what the best minds tell us needs to be done.” But what if the people who President Obama believes have “the best minds” are just wrong? Forty-five years earlier, then-Gov. Ronald Reagan told the American people: “Anytime you and I question the schemes of the do-gooders, we’re denounced as being against their humanitarian goals. They say we’re always “against” things—we’re never “for” anything. Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Last week a group of economic bloggers met with some Treasury officials, including Secretary Timothy Geithner. When pressed on the failure of President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, the Obama officials explained that they judged “HAMP to be a qualified success because it helped banks muddle through what might have been a fatal shock.” Shocked at the admission that HAMP was meant to bail out banks and not help owners, Media Matters fellow Duncan Black wrote: “When Liberalism Doesn’t Work It Discredits Liberalism.” Liberalism is not working. We’ll find out in the coming months just how discredited it is in the eyes of the American people.
I guess I stand corrected. All is well. You are just greedy, self centered, bitter clingers, that feel you have a right to the American Dream. You are just against everything. You are just too stupid to know any better. Just rely on the Obama Regime, be a good Citizen, do and believe whatever they tell you, and all will be fine.

Have a great Weekend folks. See you soon.

Note: From The Emails is a weekly Segment every Friday, or occasionally anytime, that appears here at the OPNTalk Blog. Please feel free to Email any Articles, Comments, Thoughts, Whatever, that you may like to share to As always, you never know what you may see here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Simplified Answer To All Economic Woes

It's Jobs Stupid.

Hey folks,

I know I was told I shouldn't say anything, but, nice try. You know who you are, and you know what I'm talking about. {Smile} Nice try. But here we are. Happy Thursday to you folks.

Now, as I said before, some of you heard me on the Tom Sullivan Radio Show on Friday talking about the Housing quote - unquote "Recovery." Tom asked what I though could be done to speed up the Housing "Recovery." Some of you did not like my answer. "Too simplistic." Well, I have news for you. It really IS just this simple. So I wanted to elaborate a bit more on this topic.

Oh, I could get on here and talk about different Economic Formulas. I could talk about inserting more Capital into the Housing Industry, and speak in Financial lingo. I could talk about statistics and show you how this and that SHOULD work in the Industry via looking at history. But this will not solve ANYTHING. It may make me "sound smart." You may be left with the feeling that this is just too complicated to understand therefore I must know what I'm talking about. But the TRUTH is really not that difficult.

Why are people not buying homes? Well, why are they NOT buying Cars. Why are they not buying a big screen TV from the local Retailer? A new Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday 72 percent of people said they were very worried about Joblessness and 67 percent were very concerned about Government spending. With the "Official" Unemployment rate of 9.5 percent, REAL numbers in double digits, and the huge Budget Deficit, people are just not going to go out an make investments in, well, ANYTHING.

Look, the formula is really simple. No Job, or fear of losing one, no spending. No spending, no new Jobs, no new Businesses. If you do not go to Merchant A and buy item B. Merchant A makes no money. They do not hire more people. In most cases, they CUT people. I'm not going to go out and buy that Big Screen TV, if I do not know if I will be able to pay my Electric Bill next month. I'm not going to go out and buy a new Car tomorrow if I am collecting Unemployment, or am fearful I may soon be. I, sure enough, am not going to invest in a long term Mortgage.

Chances are, raise your hands, you know someone now that is unemployed. They are collecting $500 bucks from the Government in unemployment benefits. That leaves little money, even with a "Housing Incentive" tax break, or $8,000 dollars check. That eight grand is not going to cover the long term Thousand plus monthly bill.

I told this story on the show. I met this guy at a Mini-Mart. We were both getting a Coffee. He just bought a home in this new Neighborhood that was built, well, started to be built, about Four years ago. There is him, and a Neighbor a street or two over. Oh there is houses there. About eight or so. Some are not even completed. He paid 1.4 Million dollars. Now he has done pretty good for himself. He can afford it. So he bought it. But now? The house right across the street from his, a "cookie cutter high end home," that looks just like his, now on the market for $400 Grand. Same configuration. Same size. Everything. $400 Grand. His Neighbor? He said his Neighbors are on their way out. They can afford it as well, but they have already lost a Million Dollars, why continue to pay. They can afford to go somewhere else, and pay cash for a smaller home. So they are thinking about it.

Credit? Who cares? Is your Credit Score 700 or higher? GREAT! Where are you going to get a loan? WHY are you going to get a loan? No one is lending. It makes no logical sense whatsoever to go out an make an investment, when you do not know what tomorrow brings.

I know this guy. He got a job where he is, because of the Benefits, and Job Security. It was pretty much a standard belief that once you are vested in this Job, you are there for life. Well, 5 years later, half his department was cut. His Supervisor that has been there something like 15 years got demoted. There are now like two people left in front of him, before he goes in and gets a pink slip. Do you REALLY think that he is all that concerned about investing in a bigger home? A new Car? He has a family, and his Wife has a child on the way. He WAS looking into getting a larger home. He has a modest two bedroom now. Nope. He is going to work with what he has got. His car is pretty beat up. Is he worried about going out and investing in a NEW one? Nope. As long as it will go from point A to B, he will keep it.

They use to say, "It's the Economy Stupid." Well, it's Jobs Stupid. Without Jobs, and with this growing fear about losing them, we will NEVER have a recovery in Housing, the Auto Industry, or ANY Economic Recovery at all. It ALL has to start with JOBS.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E15, Liberal Dreams Have Consequences

We drive. They starve. Everybody PAYS.

Hey folks,

Not to mention, no one knows how it will ACTUALLY effect, well, ANYTHING. Happy Tuesday to you. YES. That WAS me on the Tom Sullivan Radio Show on Friday talking about Housing. I was on the Third Hour, first up. I was talking about the best, and only way, to speed up the Housing "Recovery." I will elaborate more on this tomorrow. However, since it is Tuesday, time to check in at the Energy Front.

So you may have heard, the E.P.A. is considering raising the maximum blend of ethanol in unleaded gasoline from 10 percent to 15%. Great. So what's the problem? No one knows how it will effect the Engine, Pollution, OR the World Food Source.

So let me ask you a question. You are a Farmer. You grow products that feed the the masses. You get X amount per acre. It's enough to barely get you by. Some years are better than others. Then along comes the Government. They say we will pay you a GUARANTEED amount for you to grow Corn. That's roughly 120 bushels per acre of Corn that yield 300 gallons of ethanol. They will even give you MORE to subsidize you, just in case. They will also herald you as someone on the cutting edge and a Hero, for doing your part, in saving the planet. Most stop growing FOOD, and start growing "Fuel."

Remember stories like these? Media Research Center - Ethanol Being Blamed for Global Food Riots New York Times columnist praised by Pulitzer board for 'clarity of vision' didn't foresee global food shortages that resulted from the realities of his vision. By Jeff Poor Business & Media Institute 4/11/2008 5:48:11 PM

As riots over food shortages are breaking out in Haiti, Egypt and other parts of Africa, the media are looking for a culprit. ABC’s April 10 “World News with Charles Gibson” identified one culprit of this global strife: biofuels.

“[P]rices are rising across Africa, pushed up by the cost of oil and demand for biofuels,” ABC correspondent Jim Sciutto said.

“Those biofuels are in fact a large part of the equation,” ABC correspondent David Muir added. “Many farmers around the world, who once grew wheat and rice, now grow corn and sugar cane instead to produce ethanol, a more lucrative market.”
It's pretty hard for most to turn down a GUARANTEE profit. Some Kooks, would LOVE to see Oil Prices out of reach. Some Libs back then even admitted it. Listen to this Idiot.

Flash back to two years ago – Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, author of “The World Is Flat,” appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on March 9, 2006. He made a very bold statement about his preferred direction for the future of U.S. energy policy.

“[C]harlie, if they [Iran] cut off oil and oil went to $100 a barrel – that would make my day, because the sooner we go to $100 a barrel, the sooner we’re going to have everyone in America driving a plug-in hybrid car fueled by corn and ethanol,” Friedman said. “And I think that would be a great thing. And that would ultimately free us from having to worry about these people.”
Yeah the DREAM. But as we know, the Liberal Dream usually doesn't even come close to resemblance of any type of actual REALITY. Not only did this hurt the Food sources, but it was also blamed for INCREASED Pollution.

An April 7 Time magazine article also blamed ethanol for the quickened clearing of Brazilian rainforests, as farmers move to plant more soy to meet the demand created as American farmers switch from soy to corn to feed ethanol mandates.
Then you had THIS Story. From CNN - Riots, instability spread as food prices skyrocket

"In just two months," Zoellick said in his speech, "rice prices have skyrocketed to near historical levels, rising by around 75 percent globally and more in some markets, with more likely to come. In Bangladesh, a 2-kilogram bag of rice ... now consumes about half of the daily income of a poor family."

The price of wheat has jumped 120 percent in the past year, he said -- meaning that the price of a loaf of bread has more than doubled in places where the poor spend as much as 75 percent of their income on food.

"This is not just about meals forgone today or about increasing social unrest. This is about lost learning potential for children and adults in the future, stunted intellectual and physical growth," Zoellick said.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, also spoke at the joint IMF-World Bank spring meeting.

"If food prices go on as they are today, then the consequences on the population in a large set of countries ... will be terrible," he said.
The UK Telegraph - Global warming rage lets global hunger grow By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor Published: 12:01AM BST 14 Apr 2008

We drive, they starve. The mass diversion of the North American grain harvest into ethanol plants for fuel is reaching its political and moral limits.

"The reality is that people are dying already," said Jacques Diouf, of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). "Naturally people won't be sitting dying of starvation, they will react," he said.
Back in 2009, I talked about all this. I posted OPNTalk - Good Intentions Unintended Consequences

CHICAGO (AFP) – The use of crop-based biofuels could speed up rather than slow down global warming by fueling the destruction of rainforests, scientists warned Saturday.

Once heralded as the answer to oil, biofuels have become increasingly controversial because of their impact on food prices and the amount of energy it takes to produce them.

Yeah, remember the riots? The "Food Wars" that were breaking out? The poor could no longer afford Corn Products and Farmers were rewards a lot of money to set land aside to produce Harvests for Fuel only? That was a great plan.

They could also be responsible for pumping far more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than they could possibly save as a replacement for fossil fuels, according to a study released Saturday

So? Now, they want to INCREASE this. Add another 5 percent to EVERY GALLON of gas. So look for all this to also increase. Then you have the fact that they do not even know how it will actually WORK. According to Energy Tomorrow - Don't Blend Politics and Science On E15, API President, Jack Gerard, tell us this. Don't Blend Politics and Science on E15
By Jack Gerard Thursday 19 August 2010

Higher-level ethanol blends like E15 have not been proven safe or effective according to preliminary testing to date. These studies are scheduled to be completed in 2011. In addition, EPA is in the midst of the scientific review mandated by the Clean Air Act before new fuels, additives or fuel blends are introduced into commerce.

Despite these ongoing studies, EPA has indicated it may act as soon as September to approve E15 in vehicles. This has alarmed lawmakers and ordinary citizens alike. In July, the House Energy Committee warned EPA that renewable fuels must be introduced in "a manner that adequately protects consumers." A broad coalition of business, consumer and environmental groups also wrote EPA expressing similar concerns.
So untested, untried, and to hell with any unintended consequences, we have to realize the DREAM. I know, I know, that IS Liberalism defined. Quick to Dream, slow to think. Problem is, when you do this, you do not have the time to realize if it IS a dream, or a nightmare in the waiting.

Media Research Center - Ethanol Being Blamed for Global Food Riots
Riots, instability spread as food prices skyrocket
UK Telegraph - Global warming rage lets global hunger grow
OPNTalk - Good Intentions Unintended Consequences
Energy Tomorrow -
Don't Blend Politics and Science on E15

Friday, August 20, 2010

Arizona Is Not Alone

Obama better hire more Lawyers.

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to you. Remember, no Big Sunday Edition this week. Getting Josh ready for his BIG day on Monday. Spending some quality time with my Boy until his first day of School. But it IS Friday, time to go to the Emails.

As you know, Obama and his Regime sued Arizona. Now they are talking about Suing A Citizen, Sheriff "Joe" Arpaio. Well, Obama better hire some more Lawyers.

"I know, I know, the entire country is racists. Anyone that is not liberal or a fan of Obama at least. Right?"
I hear ya. I really do. But Arizona is not some isolated, out of touch, backwoods State. As this points out. They are NOT alone.

CNS News - Nearly Half of United States Considering Arizona-Style Immigration Legislation Thursday, August 19, 2010 By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

( – Twenty-two states are now in the process of drafting or seeking to pass legislation similar to Arizona’s law against illegal immigration. This is occurring despite the fact that the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit against the Arizona law and a federal judge has ruled against portions of that law – a ruling that is now being appealed.
Wait, NOW they are suing the Judge? I did not know that.

Next month, two Rhode Island state lawmakers, a Democrat and a Republican, will travel to Arizona to speak with Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, local sheriffs, and other officials about how to better craft their own bipartisan immigration bill for Rhode Island, which already has been enforcing some federal immigration laws.

Meanwhile, 11 Republican state lawmakers from Colorado traveled to Arizona this week to meet with officials there on how to craft legislation for the Mile High state.

In addition, Alabama House Republicans announced this week that they would seek to “push an illegal immigration bill similar to the recently approved Arizona law.” This law would “create a new criminal trespass statute that allows local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants for simply setting foot in Alabama,” said Alabama’s House Minority Leader Mike Hubbard.

In Florida, proposed legislation against illegal immigration has been retooled to address some concerns raised by a federal judge who blocked the proposed bill, though it would still allow Florida state police to enforce immigration law.

In all, there are 22 states considering copycat legislation from the Arizona law against illegal immigration, according to the Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), a group that advocates for stricter immigration enforcement.
So it is NOW Illegal to enforce the LAW. The FEDERAL Law. But it is not illegal to be here ILLEGALLY. Oh, and if you think that this is just a Republican issue, you could not be more wrong. 70 percent of all Americans favor Illegal Alien Enforcement.

Arizona’s law mirrors federal law. It requires local law enforcement officers during a lawful stop to determine the immigration status of an individual by asking the person to show identification that residents are already required to carry by law; and it authorizes law enforcement to securely transfer verified illegal aliens to federal custody.

The law prohibits racial profiling and gives state residents the right to sue local agencies for not complying with the state law.

In the lawsuit challenging the Arizona law, the Obama administration said the United States should not have a “patchwork” of 50 different immigration laws. In late July, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled against most of the major elements of the Arizona law, halting their implementation. That ruling is now in the appeals process.

“We do not expand on federal law,” Florida state Rep. William Snyder, the sponsor of the bill in his state, told “We do not change penalties. The goal is not to create a new immigration framework at the state level.”

Snyder, the chairman of the Florida House Criminal Justice Committee, said his staff attorneys have taken the decision by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton into consideration in re-crafting their bill for the next state legislative session.

Snyder said the office of state Attorney General Bill McCollum has reviewed the legislation, as have committee attorneys, and they believe it will withstand a potential legal challenge from the Obama administration.

McCollum, a GOP candidate for governor, supports the legislation. However, Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-Independent candidate for U.S. Senate, opposes the proposal

“We will continue to work with the language,” Snyder said.

In Rhode Island, a bill that was introduced late in the session last year, and thus never reached a vote, is expected to be reintroduced in the 2011 session. Its two lead co-sponsors hope to have a bipartisan bill that will withstand a legal challenge after they meet with Arizona officials.

“It exactly mirrors the Arizona law,” Rhode Island state Rep. Peter Palumbo, a Democrat, told “We will tweak the bill.”

Palumbo will be going to Arizona with Rhode Island state Rep. Joseph Trillo, a Republican.

Their legislation would essentially codify an existing executive order signed in 2008 by Gov. Donald Carcieri, a Republican, mandating immigration checks on all new state workers and ordering state police to assist federal immigration officials.

This is Carcieri’s final year in office, so Palumbo said it is important to put the force of law behind what has already been Rhode Island policy. State troopers report illegal immigrants they encounter for speeding and other offenses to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office.

Because of the executive order in 2008, corruption was discovered in the Department of Motor Vehicles, with drivers licenses being sold to illegal aliens, Palumbo said.

In New Jersey, state Rep. Allison Little McHose, a Republican, introduced a series of proposals that focused primarily on requiring employers to verify the legality of workers, and preventing state benefits from going to illegal aliens.

“New Jersey continues to be a sanctuary state for illegals because they know they can come to the state and receive many free benefits, like medical care,” McHose said in a statement. “The benefits may be free for those receiving them, but not the rest of the public because these costs are borne by the taxpayers.”
Yeah, remember we talked about the COST of Illegals. The fact that most of these States with Billions in Budget Gaps could actually have SURPLUSES if they enforced the "Immigration" Laws.

Other states with proposals that mirror the Arizona law are Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

“We are very pleased to announce 22 states are now following Arizona’s lead to pass versions of a law that has the support of 60 percent to 81 percent of Americans according to polls,” said ALIPAC President William Gheen in a statement. “State and federal candidates are rushing to display their support for Arizona’s law and immigration enforcement. We will not stop until all American states are protected from this invasion as mandated by the Constitution of the United States.”
Like I said. Obama better hire some more Lawyers. They are going to be busy. Have a great Weekend folks, See you Tuesday.

CNS News - Nearly Half of United States Considering Arizona-Style Immigration Legislation

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wonder WHY People Think Obama Is Muslim?


Hey folks,

I love this piece by ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer. Poll: Growing number incorrectly call Obama Muslim. Why "incorrectly?" Says who? You know, as they say, ACTIONS speak louder than words. People are picking up on this.

WASHINGTON – Americans increasingly are convinced — incorrectly — that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a growing number are thoroughly confused about his religion.

Nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, said they think Obama is Muslim, up from the 11 percent who said so in March 2009, according to a poll released Thursday. The proportion who correctly say he is a Christian is down to just 34 percent.
First, Obama is no Christian. You can not be filled with as much HATE as he, be FOR Infanticide, {He Voted FOR it in Illinois as a Junior Senator.} and go around apologising for America's Greatness, {A Country FOUNDED on Judeo- Christian principles} and be a "Christian." Oh, he can call himself whatever he wants. I could call myself King of the World. Does it make it so? Also TRUE Christians are friends with the Jews. Something of which we know he is NOT.

The largest share of people, 43 percent, said they don't know his religion, an increase from the 34 percent who said that in early 2009.

The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, is based on interviews conducted before the controversy over whether Muslims should be permitted to construct a mosque near the World Trade Center site. Obama has said he believes Muslims have the right to build an Islamic center there, though he's also said he won't take a position on whether they should actually build it.

In a separate poll by Time magazine/ABT SRBI conducted Monday and Tuesday — after Obama's comments about the mosque — 24 percent said they think he is Muslim, 47 percent said they think he is Christian and 24 percent didn't know or didn't respond.

In addition, 61 percent opposed building the Muslim center near the Trade Center site and 26 percent said they favor it.
So lets look at his relationship with the Muslim World. He meets with those that Hate us, and APOLOGISES to them. He invites Little Hitler, who should be Nuclear Armed any day now, to a Hot Dog BBQ. {Idiot} He talks about sending Muslim Lead Countries OUR tax dollars to educate their Females. {Which they would not do anyway. They would take the money though} He disses our Allies and friends. He compares Israel's enemies, some of which are OURS as well, to American Blacks during slavery. Not kidding. Then, DURING A WAR, he says to our Enemy, "Yeah, go ahead, build a Victory symbol near Ground Zero. We have no problem with that." Not only that, he HIRES the the Ground Zero Imam, YOU are paying for, to go on a taxpayer funded trip to tout America in the Middle East. Oh don't worry though, he has been told "No personal business while you are there." {Sigh}

That's right folks, YOU, will pick up the $16,000 tab for Rauf's travel expenses, plus a $200 dollars a day speaking fee on the trip. He will be beginning today in Bahrain and continuing through Sept. 2 to Qatar and Abu Dhabi. This is the SAME Imam who will not denounce Hamas. This guy is NOT our friend. He is NOT someone I want MY stolen Tax money going to. You?

So whenever you hear that people wonder if Obama is a Muslim, all you have to do is look at his ACTIONS. Look at what he DOES. Look at what he doesn't do. Then you can CLEARLY see WHY people think this way.

AP - Poll: Growing number incorrectly call Obama Muslim
NY Daily News - No fund-raising for Ground Zero mosque on U.S. dime, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Hey folks,

Happy Hump Day. Yes I was listening, and YES, I heard it. On Tuesday last week, a caller called in to the Dr. Laura Show seeking advice on how to deal with her Husband's apparent lack of concern over what she felt were Racially insensitive comments by his family.

She stated that she is a Black Woman, married to a White Male, and when the family gets together, some of his family uses language that she finds offensive and that she resents her Husband now because he doesn't stand up and say something.

Well, Dr. Laura asked her to give an example, due to the fact that perhaps she may just be hyper sensitive. Then Dr. Laura attempted to illustrate her point. She said that we have come a long way in this country, look at the fact that we now have a Black President. However, there is a double standard. Some thought, which is true, that electing a Black President, that it would somehow lead to less Racial Discrimination BS. The opposite is true. People can not criticize Obama without being called a Racist. True. She then said that some people, Voted for Obama simply because he IS half Black. That is also true.

Think about this. Anyone else would have been laughed out of the running. No experience WHATSOEVER. No school records, Health records, hell, no Birth certificate. Yet, because he is "Black" he sailed through. People wanted to be part of history, ETC. She is right.

But then she attempted to illustrate her point even more. Talking about an EXTREME aspect of this, she said that the "N" word doesn't even mean anything anymore. That you hear it all the time. Black people call each other this all the time. That you can't turn on Music Television without hearing "N", "N", "N" Only she actually SAID the whole Word. "Nigger."

When the Caller showed shock and dismay that Dr. Laura, "A White Woman on the Radio" could actually say that, Dr. Laura, most likely NOT the smartest thing to do, repeated it, THREE MORE times.

Lets see.

Andre Nickatina - Smoke Dope And Rap

"You got a grab bag hit the zags and roll her up
Cuz a nigga like me, cant fake it when im high
Get the visine for the tight red eyes"

Akon Lyrics
Album: Trouble Lyrics
Title: Gangsta Lyrics

"If you are a gangster and you confessing you kill a nigger on record"

Black Eyed Peas - Immabe

"Imma be the upgraded new negro
Imma be the average brother with soul

Y'all niggas wanna talk shit, but
Why don't you put it on the blog, nigga?
Rockin' like this my job, nigga"
Just a few examples. Again, Dr. Laura is RIGHT. Wait, if a White person sings a song in public with the word "Nigger" in it, does that make them a Racist? They are simply repeating already written lyrics. Right?

You know as well as I, if you go out into the real world, you hear this all the time. Comedians, Movies, Music, just plain ordinary people. Hell, I have a few good friends that use it all the time. I remember just telling a Joke to a good friend of mine, who is a Black guy, who looked at me and said "Nigga please." Last I checked, I'm still not Black. We joked and laughed. We kid around all the time. Neither of us are offended by silly words.

Yet, Dr. Laura? She took herself off the Radio for the last hour and played a tape. Either someone told her, or she realized, that she crossed some kind of imaginary line. Those KOOKS that sit in their basements every day listening to her, Rush, Hannity, Savage, ETC, just hoping to get a sound bite, a little nugget, something, ANYTHING, that they can take out of context and attack them with, most likely heard it too. They did.

30 years Dr. Laura has been on the Radio. She has helped COUNTLESS people over the years. The Kooks do not like her, because she is against what they stand for. She is Pro-Life, FOR Stay at home Moms, FOR Women treating their Husbands with RESPECT and Love, FOR Family, and she is a STRONG Women that does not subscribe to the Liberal, boot-laced Feminazi causes.

For the few ignorant people out there, and those that simply wish to use this to attempt to silence her, there are MILLIONS that are standing by her. I'm one of them. Why? Because she IS right. As a matter of fact, all this hoopla? This illustrates her point, better than she could have ever articulated. The Word is all over the place, common and used daily. Yet a "White Woman on the Radio" who was calling NO ONE a "N" but repeating what is out there, is a Racists and should be thrown off the Radio? Please. Give us a break and just go away. Dr. Laura has helped more Minorities than YOU have. You just do not like her, because you KNOW, Dr. Laura IS right.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama Lying About Green Jobs

This guy LIES about EVERYTHING.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to you. And to all of you, THANK YOU. {Smile} Since it is Tuesday, time to check in at the Energy Front.

"Why do you call it the 'Energy Front?' Makes it sound like you think we are at war over energy of something."
We ARE. We are at War over Energy. We have a President, and a Congress that couldn't care less if you end up paying $4.00 or more for Gas. They WANT you to be paying $4.00 plus a gallon for Gas. They do not care if the Little Old Lady from Pasadena, who is on a fixed income, having to sell her dead Husband's car, just to pay her Home Energy Bill. Obama even told us this. He TOLD us he was all for high Gas Prices. He TOLD us that our Energy Prices would "Necessarily Skyrocket." under his "Cap and Tax" Bill. Why? Motivation to go "Green."

Now because of YOU, the Senate shelved Cap and Tax, for now. But it is far from dead. The Looney Left are upset about it, but the rest of us can breath a sigh of relief for now. Those with an IQ greater than say 10, understand that there is NOTHING to switch to. There is NO Alternatives out there.

So Obama Motors, or Government Motors, which ever you chose to call it, comes out with the Volt. The $41,000 Hybrid and touts that it can go 40 Miles to the charge. {Sigh} It's a NOVELTY. That's all it is. A $41,000 NOVELTY! It is so well to do Libs can be driving down the road, flip a switch, hummmmmm, "Look, no gas! I'm helping to save the Planet. This feels great." "That's nice Honey, now flip it back so we can get to Mother's for dinner." "OK."

I go far more than 40 miles a day. Most people I know go more than 40 miles a day. Those Stats you hear about? They also figure in all the people in the Cities, most of whom, do not even own a car. They are skewed to show most people do not travel more than 20 Miles a day. Just not true, especially outside of major Cities.

"Yeah, but didn't you hear of the Nissan Leaf that can travel 100 miles on a single charge?" Yeah, it starts at $32,780. However, with this NOVELTY, there is NO switch. You run out of power, your screwed. There is no power stations, No way to recharge. You go too far, no Tow Truck is going to show up to jump you.

But none of the FACTS are stopping people like Obama, who is KILLING, purposely, the Oil Industry, with the COMPLETELY BOGUS Moratorium, from lying about "Green Jobs."

The President was in Menomonee Falls, Wisc. at ZBB Energy, which manufactures renewable energy batteries and fuel cells. He anticipates that the U.S. could soon be manufacturing 40 percent of the world’s supply of hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, while that number was less than 5 percent just a few years ago.
COULD? Well, what about the Volt. The Government Motors Volt. Oh yeah. Batteries for that is made in Korea. Other parts to it are made elsewhere as well.

“For years we’ve heard about manufacturing jobs disappearing overseas,” the President said during his speech. “Well companies like this are showing us how manufacturing can come back right here to the United States of America, right back here to Wisconsin.”
Like I said.

If Government Motors, can not use American Made Batteries and Parts for THEIR Cars, then what makes you think anyone else is going to. Not to mention NO ONE WANTS THESE OVER PRICED NOVELTIES. That is why the Government will subsidize up to $7,500 bucks, just to try to get you to buy them.

Meanwhile, THOUSANDS of Jobs are being PURPOSELY destroyed by this Regime. Energy Costs WILL SKYROCKET. And they continue to tell you that this is for your own good. Oh, that plant that he was speaking at? They received $1.3 Million from Obama. Well, from YOU. If they had not? They would not be there for Obama to talk at. The FREE Market would have closed them down. The Free Market would have said, we're not ready to go "Green" yet. There is nothing to switch to. When someone does come along, and they will, with the next best thing since Oil, the Free Market will make them Rich beyond their wildest dreams, and change the face of Reality forever. Something Government can, and will, NEVER do.

Earth 911 - Obama Pushes Green Energy Made in America
by Trey Granger

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Longshot US Senate candidate from SC indicted

Preview for Sunday 081510

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to you. Glad you stopped by. I AM of course, your Provocateur of thought himself, Peter Carlock, and this IS the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Welcome.

There will be no Big Sunday Edition next week. I should be here all week, but Monday will be Josh's Kindergarten Screening Test thing. Friday is the Open House where you go meet the Teachers, tour the School, ETC. Then Monday 082310 is the First Day of School. The first day EVER that Josh gets on the Bus. So I will be spending a lot of time with Josh next Weekend to make his last Weekend of Freedom fun and get him ready for the next 13 years of his life. {Smile}

But I AM here today. remember you can follow on Twitter - peteropntalk, Facebook - Peter Carlock, Tom Sullivan Radio Listener's Club, and of course, as always, you can Email me at

Comming right up?

Just Another Sign Obama Cares More For The Enemy, Than America
What You Can Do If You Become Allergic To Your Pets
DLA For Sunday 081510
IWA For Sunday 081510

All that in just a second. Did you catch this? Another one bites the dust. According to AP - Longshot US Senate candidate from SC indicted By MEG KINNARD, Associated Press Writer Meg Kinnard, Associated Press Writer – Fri Aug 13, 2:39 pm ET

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Longshot Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene was indicted Friday on two charges, including a felony charge of showing pornography to a teenage student in a South Carolina college computer lab.

Greene surprised the party establishment with his primary victory in June. His arrest in November was first reported by The Associated Press the day after he won the nomination.

Authorities said he approached a student in a University of South Carolina computer lab, showed her obscene photos online, then talked about going to her dorm room.

A Richland County grand jury indicted Greene, 32, for disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity — a felony — as well as a misdemeanor charge of communicating obscene materials to a person without consent.

If convicted, Greene could face up to three years for the misdemeanor or up to five years for the felony.
Yeah, I know. It is those on the Right that are evil and of course, Hate filled, Racist, Bigoted, Chauvinistic, Homophobes. Forget Clinton, Rangel, Waters, Jefferson, Green, Geithner, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, or ANYONE on the Left. It's those on the Right that are the culture of corruption and need to be controlled. {Smile}

I can't wait til November folks. I really can't. Going to fill my cup. Be right back.

Just Another Sign Obama Cares More For The Enemy, Than America

Can I Pray in a Public School?

The First Amendment.

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom FROM Religion. Yet, I can NOT freely exercise my FREEDOM OF Religion any and everywhere. If I own Public Land, I can NOT post the Ten Commandments, it may offend someone. I can NOT build a church ANY WHERE I choose. Zoning and other arbitrary laws can be used as tools to inhibit me. Yet, the First Amendment also does not deal with the building of a building. Just the PRACTICE of Religion. Which we all know is infringed upon, depending WHAT Religion it is, DAILY in this country.

So Radical Islam, which I find myself questioning the concept, wants to build a Victory Symbol right near Ground Zero. In a Sane World, Most Presidents would come right out and say HELL NO. Most US Officials, ESPECIALLY those in charge of OKing this, would say HELL NO. The Citizens and the Families of those lost in 911 are saying Hell No. Yet the President is PRAISING those who wish to build it.

He and other Liberal Loons point to the First Amendment. They attempt to separate "Radical Islam" from Islam itself. Lets look a little closer at both. First, the Constitution. Freedom OF Religion.

Like I said before, I can not build a Church wherever I like. Hell, the Greek Orthodox Church that WAS there, and DESTROYED on 9/11 was and IS STILL denied permission to build there. Yet this symbol of Victory by Muslims IS?

The Meaning of “Cordoba” for this Mosque is actually the name of a City of Spain that was ceased and converted to Islam. It IS a symbol of Victory.

So lets look at the difference in "Peaceful Islam" and "Radical Islam." Is there? I'm starting to have my doubts. Many in this country are starting to have their own doubts. This? This will intensify this doubt.

There are a bunch of Kooks in Topeka, Kansas. It's a "Christian Church" called Westboro Baptist Church lead by Fred Phelps. I and many other Christians, from many different Denominations have not only spoke out AGAINST this Kook, but many of us have gone out and protested face to face AGAINST him.

The KKK, in many areas, claim to be Christian. Yet, myself and many others will stand in their way if they attempt to go lynch someone. We will be the first to tell you that neither of these groups are actually Christian. They are Kooks.

Now we have a LONG history, 9/11 just being the latest and greatest, of attacks by Muslims. All the way back to Pirate days before we had a Navy, all the way up to today. Who attacks us? Muslims. We may have been at War with them since 9/11, and YES, we are in a War with MUSLIMS, but they have been at War with us for a LONG time.

So where are all those "Peaceful Muslims?" Where is the condemnation. Where are the Protests? If I were a member of a group, I don't know, say the Polish American Club, a group of that club decided to bomb a German owned building to attempt to gain retribution for WW11 Atrocities, and I say nothing. I do not try to stop them. I do not tell anyone. After they do it, and 300 people die, I say nothing. I am "Peaceful" I am not part of this "Radical" Group. I am good. No. The blood of those 300 are on my hands as well. I would be considered an accessory to the crime of MURDER.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
So where are the good men? Where are the Peaceful Muslims? Where is our President?

“I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there. I was commenting very specifically on the right people have that dates back to our founding. That's what our country is about. And I think it's very important as difficult as some of these issues are that we stay focused on who we are as a people and what our values are all about."
I agree. We are a Christian / Judeo Nation. We are all about Religious Freedom. So tell me why, Mr. President, that you are all for this, yet a Greek Orthodox Church that WAS there, and DESTROYED on 9/11, was and IS STILL denied permission to RE - build there? Where is THEIR Freedom?

Do not be fooled folks. Obama IS a friend of Islam. He always has been. He is not friend of America, the Constitution, nor any of our Allies. Those that wish to kill and destroy us? He's all about them. The evidence and the CONSTANT "reaching out" to these Terrorists PROVE it. It simply proves that Obama cares more for our Enemies, than he does America itself. But we already knew this. Some of us anyway.

Politico - Mosque controversy swirls around Obama

What You Can Do If You Become Allergic To Your Pets

This is more common than you think.

Hey folks,

In today's Health and Science Segment, I want to talk about Allergies. Specifically, Pets. This can become a real problem if say you have a Pet that you have had for years. You love that Pet like a member of your family. Then, all of a sudden, someone comes into your life, Child, Roommate, Parent, whatever, and they are adversely effected but your beloved friend. Of worse yet, YOU become allergic to it.

What can you do? Well, according to Paw Nation - Allergic to Pets? Here's What You Can Do

You love animals but sadly, your eyes, nose, and lungs don't. (Or maybe it is your roommate who has trouble with your beloved animals.) An estimated one in 10 Americans may be allergic to pets, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI). So what can you or your allergic roommates do to live with furry, slobbery animals while keeping symptoms such as sneezing, a dripping nose, itchy eyes, coughing, and difficulty breathing at bay? We have 10 tips to help you deal with your allergies without having to give up the joy of having a dog or cat.

1. Avoid the main pet allergy triggers. Humans are most sensitive to proteins found in the animal's saliva, dander and urine, so petting and snuggling with your pet can really set off your allergies. Depending on the severity of your condition, that may mean cuddle time to a minimum and making sure you wash your hands thoroughly when you're done.

2. Keep Fido or Fluffy away from the bedroom. Because pet dander can float in the air, collect in clothing and furniture fabric and stick to the walls long after a pet has vacated the room, Ricardo Tan, M.D. of California Allery & Asthma Medical Group recommends keeping them out of the rooms allergy sufferers spend the most amount of time in, especially the bedroom. According to the AAFA's website, humans spend from one-third to one-half of our time in this part of the house, so keep the door closed at all times. To further protect your place of rest, the American Academy of Family Physicians website suggests using allergen-resistant bedding.

3. Clear the air. Installing an air cleaner with HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air) can help your breathing by removing allergens from the air, says Dr. Tan. Other options include using an air cleaner that has an "electrostatic filter which will remove particles the size of animal allergens from the air," according to the AAFA's website. Remember that even if you have been careful to keep pets in certain parts of the house, central air conditioning and heating vents can spread pet allergens from the rooms your pet can access to the ones it shouldn't. Consider covering the vents in pet-restricted rooms with a "dense filtering material like cheesecloth" to keep the new allergens from being blowing into the room and make sure to keep litter boxes out of the reach of vents that circulate air to the rest of the home.

4. Clean your house often. Because air filters can't remove pet allergens from the surface of walls, carpets and furniture, you'll have to do your household chores regularly. Dr. Tan recommends vacuuming twice a week. If the sufferer is doing the cleaning, he or she may want to wear a dust mask to vacuum since cleaning stirs up allergens, according to the AAFA's website.

5. Clean your pet occasionally. "Wash your pets every three to four weeks" to help reduce their allergy proteins, says Dr. Tan. More often than that, however, and you'll dry out the protective oil in their skin and cause dry skin, he warns.

6. Go carpet-free. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology and the AAFA both recommend this as one of the best strategies for allergy sufferers. If you can't stand entirely bare floors, consider getting rugs that can be washed in hot water to stop the spread of offending pet dander, offers the AAFA.

7. Leave the real dirty work to someone else. The ACAAI advises sensitive cat owners to have someone else change the litter and allergy organizations across the board recommend that you get someone else to groom your pet.

8. Give medications a try. If you've kept a clean house and pet, and still you're experiencing reactions, you have a variety of medications to chose from, says Dr. Tan, including antihistamines, nasal sprays and decongestants, and appropriate asthma medications. Sometimes over-the-counter remedies are all it takes to keep the more annoying symptoms in check. It is important to consider that allergy sufferers with pets will probably have to take medications for life. "You can weigh the benefits of having the pet, which of course are enormous, against having to take medication for it," says Dr. Tan. The good news, according to Tan, is that, "Most allergy medications are relatively safe."

9. Get serious about treatment and find an allergist. "If your symptoms are increasing in terms of worsening nasal or eye irritation, or if you experience any shortness of breath around the animals," it's time to call a doctor, says Dr. Tan. The allergist can asses the severity of your symptoms and give more detailed advice about your situation.

10. Consider trying immunotherapy. This is a series of allergy shots that expose the patient to the dog or cat allergen to help them build a lifelong resistance to pet dander, saliva and urine and is the only reliable way to desensitize yourself to the allergens, says Dr. Tan. "As the dose increases, the patient becomes desensitized to whatever animal protein is in the shot," Dr. Tan explains. "These shots will be administered once a week in the beginning and once a month as time goes on. At the very least this procedure should be done for two years."
When my Niece was little. Seemed that she was Allergic to everything. She had a series of shots, and did some things similar to what is laid out here. It helped a lot. Now 18, she loves her Kitty, don't mind Horses, and seems to have little to no issues. Pollen? Well, that's a different story. But she now lives in Pet Harmony. So it DOES work.

Be right back.

Paw Nation - Allergic to Pets? Here's What You Can Do