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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can You Smell The Fear

Smells like someone needs their Diapers changed

Hey folks,

So Obama running around demanding that the Congress pass his "Jobs" {Tax Increase} Bill. Not one single Democrat has brought it to the Floor of the House, and Harry Reid is the ONLY one in the Senate to put his name to it. Yet, Obama and the Liberal Media, constantly and continuously, blame Republicans for not allowing it up for a Vote.

Well, it went up for a Vote in the Senate yesterday. What happened? It FAILED. The DEMOCRATS killed it. The Vote was 50 to 48. This was short of the 60 votes it needed to advance in the 100 Member Senate. Which means it is DEAD in the Senate. It was never going to the House. Which is backwards actually. This type of Bill HAS to originate in the House. But that is a mute point. Two Democrats ALSO voted against this Tax Bill. Which is all it was.

However, this is not the big story here. No. Obama KNEW it would never Pass. It was purely a Political Stunt in a VAIN attempt to Blame Republicans and attempt to show Republicans as Heartless Politicians that do not want you to work. Which is asinine to begin with, and yet, even though it was the Dems that KILLED this thing, they will still blame Republicans. But the BIG story here is Obama himself. He is NO LONGER trying to hide who he is. Neither are the Liberal Loons. I have been warning you about this since before 2006. Here on this Blog SINCE 2006.

There are still people in this Country, that in the FACE of Reality, and all this Regime has done, said, and is trying to do, that think it could NEVER happen here. Even though it is Obama and Crew's LIBERAL Policies, that created:

Insurmountable Debt.
Record High Unemployment.
Record High Foreclosures.
A mess in Banking and Credit.
Sky High Energy costs {ON PURPOSE}
MORE Dependency on Foreign Governments.
Less American Security.
DIRECT Federal Interference {unconstitutional} with States
Complete disregard for the Rule of Law.

People still think; "This is America. We will NEVER have a Dictatorship here. We are the greatness and Free Country. We would never allow someone to acquire that much Power." Folks, I told you not only could it happen here, I told you HOW. I told you what Obama is. What he stands for. What he believes. I told you who the New Liberals, the Socialist are. What THEY stand for. What THEY believe. Now they have even stopped trying to hide it.

Why? They are in complete panic mode now. We have Liberal Loons calling for us to just do away with Elections. Remember her? Governor Bev Perdue of NC said we should just suspend Elections. This of course would mean Obama is Pres for life and the Senate is Liberal Loon controlled for life. She knows that Obama and the Liberals are TOAST. The more people pay attention, the more people run away from the Left. Remember The Bubble Factor? Well, there are a LOT of people out here who's Bubbles are popping all over the place.

So NOW, knowing that his "Jobs" Bill was DOA, Obama tried to reassure his Loon Base, and where this money was REALLY going, by saying THIS.

The American Jobs Act that I'm putting forward obviously contains many ideas like infrastructure investment that should be pretty straightforward, and our hope is -- is that we are able to get those passed in the next couple of months. But we're not gonna wait for Congress. So my instruction to Jeff and Gene and Valerie and all the advisers who are sitting around the table is: Scour this report, identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization and just get it done. Anything that's within our authority to do as an administration we start doing' immediately, and we don't wait for Congress.
So Obama just said, SCEW Congress. Screw the Constitution. We will get the money to you one way or another. He was talking to the IBEW, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Unions. You know, where most of the money went to with the $800 Billion "Stimulus."

I can almost hear the conversation prior to this Vote. Harry Reid bring the Dems in to a closed door meeting and says, "You better Vote for this Bill. It will never Pass. So do not worry about it. Just Pass it here and let the Republicans kill it." Then some of the Democrats in attendance say, "Uh, no. Sorry. I will not commit political suicide for a lost cause. Obama is a lost cause." Just like the conversation AFTER Dictator Wannabe Obama said he would simply pass a lot of this via Executive Order, he most likely told the Unions"Keep them Protests going."

Oh did you catch that? They are recruiting Protesters by offering them $350 to $650 a week. That's right, some of these Protesters are being paid more than YOU get working 9 to 5. They are getting paid $350 to $650 bucks to smoke, drink, have sex, and defecate on Police Cars. That's right. Maybe my Wife Laura should look into this. She just lost her Job a month ago. Hey, it's money. Right?

This is who these people are folks. Screw the Constitution. Screw the Rule of law. Screw the American People. Can you smell the fear? Smells like someone needs their Diapers changed. I know this Country does. And 2012 is coming. America itself is at stake. We NEED to defeat these Lunatics, and take the Country BACK. With Obama now just coming right out and saying he is tired of waiting on Congress to Pass his INSANE Liberal Agendas, and will attempt to do it alone, and Liberal Loons calling for a suspension of Elections, it goes to show you just how important 2012 really IS.

Rush Limbaugh Radio - Dictator Obama Orders His Staff to Create Jobs Without Congress

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