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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

God Created the World in 7 days, You Just Have to Vote.

Hey folks,

Just 7 days to go. 7 days. One week. The power is yours. The control of the Government is up to you. Get informed, get ready, if you can in your area, do it now, GO VOTE.

So what is making the news today. Well, I found a few articles interesting. One I already told you about is starting to make big news. Remember I told you,

"This has been happening for a while. The "New Media" has put a major crimp into the whole monopoly of the Mass Media. The Guru has a somewhat limited reach now. Gone are the days where they can say or do anything they want. They tried in 2000, 2004, and are still trying now, to get a message out that they want you to believe without question. But the problem is that there is now news outlets, be it cable news, radio, blogs, etc. that actually tell you the truth, and back it with facts."

Now it is making news. It was in the Washington Post, AP reported it, now Editor and Publisher, America’s oldest journal covering the Newspaper agency, reported it this way,

"NEW YORK The Audit Bureau of Circulations FAS-FAX report for the six-month period ending September 2006 released this morning confirmed yet again that major metros are struggling to show growth. The losses are steep while the gains are meager.

This is the fourth consecutive semi-annual report to register a severe drop in daily circulation and -- perhaps more troubling to the industry -- Sunday copies. While the estimated decline 2.8% for daily circulation for all reporting papers may seem negligible, consider that in years past that decrease averaged around 1%. Sunday, considered the industry's bread-and-butter, showed even steeper losses, with a decline of about 3.4%.

Big cities like L.A., Miami, and Boston are feeling the effects of the Internet and the trimming of other-paid circulation. In New York, however, a 5.1% surge for the New York Post allowed it to leapfrog past its rival, the Daily News -- and The Washington Post -- into fifth place in daily circ."

You would think, would you not, that THIS election and all the things that are taking place, the papers would be doing great, right? But the truth of the matter is this, not only the war, but this election itself IS the reason there is such a decline. The constant daily barrage of attacks against President Bush, anything Republican, and the disclosure of the fact there are daily secret phone conversation between the Mass Media drones, and Soros and Dean, have done this. They have done it to themselves. THEY have shown the American people that they can no longer be trusted to deliver the un-bias truth of facts and let you decide. Check out the link at the bottom for a break down paper for paper. Pretty interesting.

It’s really simple. There is so much corruption on the Left, so many cases of the media ignoring it, so many cases of the media just flat out making stuff up, so many cases of the MMD politicking for the LWL that people are fed up.

Back to the upcoming elections. I have been saying this for years now. Nothing has changed. I keep telling you that the LWL have NO plan. President Bush put it this way,

"I want you to think about the Democrat plan for success. There isn't one. They are in agreement on one thing - they will leave before the job is done, and we will not let them. Five years after September the 11th, too many Democrats still do not get it," Bush said. "The best way to protect the homeland is to find the enemy and defeat them overseas."

Homeland Security and the YOUR and your children’s safety?

"In all these vital measures for fighting the war on terror, the Democrats in Washington follow a simple philosophy: Just say no," he said.

"So when the Democrats ask for your vote on November the 7th, what are you going to say?" Bush yelled. "Just say no!" the audience yelled back.

You see folks, this is just the thing that makes some love him, and some hate him. He speaks his mind regardless of what people think. In this case, he is one hundred percent right.

Then I have to mention this. I saw this article and it got me thinking of the foundation that the LWL is attempting to lay, {in case you are too stupid to vote for them, according to them} if they lose. Back on August 16, I told you this was taking place.

"Mark my works folks. If the election does not go their way in November, they will be citing this Ohio thing, and they will be crying that "yet another election was stolen" probably suing Diebold in the process. Of course, as always, they will blame Bush."

Well, now, it turns out that the Right MAY have a legitimate argument if THEY lose.

"The U.S. government is probing whether a takeover last year of a leading U.S. voting machine maker by a software company with links to Venezuela gave President Hugo Chavez's leftist government control over its operations, the New York Times reported Saturday.

The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States, a multi-agency panel that approves or rejects foreign takeovers, is conducting a formal inquiry into Smartmatic Corp. and its subsidiary Sequoia Voting Systems, which is based in Oakland, Calif, the Times reported in its online edition.

Smartmatic and the Venezuelan government officials have strongly denied that Chavez -- a longtime foe of the Bush administration -- has any role in Smartmatic, the Times said."

Well, isn’t that interesting. 7 days to go folks, Get informed, Get ready. Go Vote.


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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Democrat’s plans and Agenda?

Hey folks,

8 very short days to go until YOU decide who has power in the House and the Senate. 8 days to go to get yourself informed and make a decision that WILL effect YOU in every aspect of YOUR life. 8 very short days to go until "Judgement Day."

Now I have been telling you now for a while what the Democrat’s agenda is if they get in power. Well, I came across this article by the US News and World Report.

"If Democrats do take over, these veterans will most likely be back to shake things up by chairing powerful committees. Their ability to push through major legislation will be limited because their majority will probably be slim, and President Bush could wield the veto pen. But many Democrats intend to push an aggressive oversight agenda that would investigate the Bush administration's conduct on everything from the war in Iraq to Hurricane Katrina and homeland security. There would be no shortage of fireworks on Capitol Hill.

Republicans have been trying to rally their base by warning that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who would most likely become speaker of the House, is too liberal. They issue the same warning about possible Democratic committee chairs like Rangel, Conyers, and Barney Frank. Some doubt the tactic will work; Democratic lobbyist Thomas Hale Boggs Jr., for one, wonders if "anybody outside of Washington knows who Rangel and Conyers are." But Republicans are pressing ahead. If Democrats take the House, they say, expect a leftist agenda of more spending, higher taxes, and maybe even an attempt at impeaching President Bush. "It's just plain scary," insists House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, a Missouri Republican."


If Democrats do take charge, the more dramatic transformation of Congress would take place in the dozen or so oversight committees. After 12 years of being in the minority, Democrats would be able to hold hearings, subpoena witnesses, and launch investigations. Henry Waxman, who is positioned to become the chair of the powerful House Government Reform Committee, says he'd focus on "waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars," from the reconstruction of Iraq to homeland security and Katrina contracts. And Ike Skelton, the Missouri Democrat who would chair the House Armed Services Committee, and John Murtha, the leading Democrat on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, have called for oversight and investigations on Iraq reconstruction efforts akin to the Truman Commission that probed war profiteering during World War II. Dingell, who would probably chair the Energy and Commerce Committee, would most likely resume sending his infamous Dingell-grams, which requested detailed information from agencies on environmental and energy policies, among other things."

They see the power order as, according to this report,


Activist Democrats
{Aka LWL}will take over key committees if the House turns over.

Energy and Commerce John Dingell (Mich.)

Government Reform Henry Waxman (Calif.)

Judiciary John Conyers (Mich.)

Ways and Means Charles Rangel (N.Y.)

Energy and Commerce Barney Frank (Mass.)

Also according the US and World Report. Not ALL Democrats are picking out the drapes and wall paper patterns yet. Regardless of what they want you to believe publicly.

"An extremely positive midterm election prediction that the Democrats will pick up 30-plus seats -- and the majority -- is raising eyebrows among House and Senate minority aides, who believe Minority Whip Steny Hoyer's expectations are unrealistic. In fact, a House and Senate Democratic leadership official said that it's likely that the Senate will remain in Republican control and that taking back the House is just a fifty-fifty proposition."

This is something else I have been telling you. The numbers do not agree with this completely over confidant prediction by some on the Left and the Mass Media Drones. They KNOW YOU have the power. As I advised you yesterday, a lot of you have already voted. Even with all the lame attempts by the LWL and the MMD to suppress voter turn out, YOU are voting. According to this article in the Washington post, not only are you voting, you are doing so in record numbers.

"While Republican Bob Corker and Democratic Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. slug it out in the Tennessee Senate race, voters there are already going to the polls in record numbers. Early voting began in the state Oct. 18, and turnout is reported to be especially high in Ford's home town of Memphis."

If they have early voting in your area, I strongly suggest you take advantage of this. One, you will be done with it and not have to worry about standing in line in 8 days. Two, you can actually ignore all the garbage ads now leading up to the election.

I’ll leave you with this thought today. Do you have any doubt that there are some OUTSIDE this country attempting to get the LWL in power? They KNOW they are weak on security. They KNOW they have a free pass if they are in power. Who do you think they would rather deal with? If you DID have any doubt, think about this,

"BAGHDAD -- A court trying Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity could delay its verdict by a few days, the chief prosecutor said on Sunday, in a move that would shift the announcement until after U.S. midterm elections."


"A guilty verdict could reflect positively on Bush as a vindication of his policy to overthrow Saddam in 2003. The former Iraqi president is also on trial separately on charges of genocide against the country's ethnic Kurds in the late 1980s."

8 very short days to go folks. Get informed. Get ready. Go vote.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

IWA for Sunday October 29, 2006

Hey folks,

Really busy day today. But I have to give the award to Loretta Nall this week. You do have to give her credit for being creative though. This both makes me laugh, and kinda ticks me off at the same time. What am I talking about? This USA TODAY article,

"MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Loretta Nall, the Libertarian Party's write-in candidate for governor of Alabama, is campaigning on her cleavage and hoping that voters will eventually focus on her platform.

"It started out as a joke, but it blew up into something huge," said Nall, a 32-year-old with dyed blond hair.

Her campaign is offering T-shirts and marijuana stash boxes adorned with a photo of her with a plunging neckline and the words: "More of these boobs." Below that are pictures of other candidates for governor — including Republican incumbent Bob Riley and Democratic Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley — and the words: "And less of these boobs."

Yeah, you read correctly, she wants you to vote for her boobs.

"Her website has a cartoon of someone stuffing bills down the front of her low-cut top. And for $50 donation she apparently offers to show a cartoon of herself flashing her breasts."

This is for real folks. She really is running for Governor of Alabama. What is her platform? What does she stand for?

"Nall is calling for the withdrawal of the Alabama National Guard from Iraq, tax credits for sending children to private school and home schooling, opting out of the No Child Left Behind Act, legalizing marijuana, and not complying with the Patriot Act and the Real ID Act."

Now she stands absolutely no chance of winning this. She is not on the ballot, she hasn’t raised enough money to actually stand a chance. You do have to give her credit for the fact she actually HAS a plan. More than the LWL can say. But the sad fact is, she can talk about not wearing panties all she wants, she cannot win.

Entertaining? Yes. But I truly believe that she is doing more damage to the "Third Party" concept than she is helping. A lot of people are fed up with both the main parties. In a few years from right now, hey, you never know. If the right person comes along? But people like Ms. Nall, do nothing but belittle the "Third Party"concept. She is part of the reason that most Americans will not vote "Third Party" because they know it will be a wasted vote.

Congratulations Loretta, you are the Idiot of the Week.

T-9 and counting. Get informed, get ready, GO VOTE.
"Just My thoughts" for Sunday October 29, 2006

"I’ll Eat What I Want"

Hey folks,

Good Sunday morning. If you forgot to set your clocks back an hour, you are REALLY early. {Smile} I was going through the whole process of scanning countless news outlets, both MMD and locals, looking for a topic yesterday, when I found this one. You know, I cringe every time I read an article like this. I just do. Until someone makes up my mind, I will continue to eat and do, whatever I want. What am I talking about?

"Curry may keep elderly minds sharp"

A diet containing curry may help protect the aging brain, according a study of elderly Asians in which increased curry consumption was associated with better cognitive performance on standard tests.

Curcumin, found in the curry spice turmeric, possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It's known that long-term users of anti-inflammatory drugs have a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, although these agents can have harmful effects in the stomach, liver and kidney, limiting their use in the elderly.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, have been shown to protect neurons in lab experiments but have had limited success in alleviating cognitive decline in patients with mild-to-moderate dementia.

In their study, Dr. Tze-Pin Ng from National University of Singapore and colleagues compared scores on the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) for three categories of regular curry consumption in 1,010 nondemented Asians who were between 60 and 93 years old in 2003.

Most of the study subjects consumed curry at least occasionally (once every 6 months), 43 percent ate curry at least often or very often (between monthly and daily) while 16 percent said they never or rarely ate curry."

So why do I cringe? Simple folks, this is today. Tomorrow? Curry may be found to be BAD for you. Look at Red Wine. One day it is good, then bad, then good.

"The whole story linking red wine and health began in the early nineties when epidemiologists noted that the French had an unexplained low incidence of cardiac deaths. This was particularly puzzling when the diet of the typical Frenchman was examined. The French love to eat, and their diet was rich in fats which should have put them at greater risk than people in near by countries. Other risk factors such as the levels of smoking, exercise, stress all could not be used to explain the low cardiac death rate. This puzzling observation became known as the "French Paradox." With the diet that they were eating the French should have a higher incidence of heart problems, not lower."

Then Chocolate, good , then bad, then good. Coffee?

"Coffee might soon be considered a health drink following a study showing it is a surprisingly rich source of anti-cancer agents.

A study has found that coffee contributes more antioxidants - which have been linked with fighting heart disease and cancer - to the diet than cranberries, apples or tomatoes."

Well that’s great news for me. My coffee at my side this morning "Butterscotch Toffee." I understand and have seen the benefits of Curry. I love Curry. Been eating it since around 1982. I was talking to someone about this article I saw and they said, "Well, think about it. How often do you see an Indian {From India}, or an Island person in a long-term care facility, or with major heath issues. How often do you see overweight Filipinos or Asian folks? Their diets have a lot to do with it." I said, "You know you are right, but, if I said that though, I would most likely be deemed a racist." We both had a good laugh.

But my problem with all these "studies" comes from when these Scientists, Nutritionists, and so called "experts" start telling you things that have always been bad for you are now good for you. Like red meat,

"A new report recommends that all Australians eat 3-4 serves of lean red meat per week.

Federal Health Minister Dr Michael Wooldridge has launched the review focusing on the health benefits offered by red meat, and the risks of low iron intake for all Australians.

The Role of Red Meat in Healthy Australian Diets report—conducted by Australian nutrition experts on behalf of Meat and Livestock Australia—recommends that we eat 3-4 serves per week. This is consistent with the Department of Health nutrition guidelines contained in The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

The report found that red meat is a rich source of protein, iron, vitamin B12 and zinc; and is low in sodium, and is not a major source of cholesterol or fat.

Professor Geoffrey Cleghorn, associate professor in child health from the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, and a member of the committee which compiled the report, said the results are important for parents. ‘The message for parents is straightforward—iron is essential for kids and lean red meat is an important source of iron.’"

Then you have Nicotine. That’s right folks, what is in cigarettes, could now be GOOD for you. I’m not making this stuff up.

"It has been known since the early 1980's that nicotine - a natural product derived from the tobacco plant - plays an important role in the brain. Researchers think that nicotine acts by stimulating the chemicals which play a fundamental role in transmitting messages between nerves and across the brain - so-called neurochemicals. Says Professor Paul Sanberg of the University of South Florida's Medical School:

"We wanted to look at the interaction of two well-known neurotransmitter systems in the brain because I was studying movement disorders like Parkinson's Disease. If you block one of these transmitters - Dopamine - then you cause Parkinson-like symptoms - twitching and involuntary movements. But when we also gave a small amount of nicotine, we found there was an interesting response. The nicotine seemed to 'exaggerate' the effect of the drug which blocked Dopamine - and caused the animals to become completely immobile."

Nicotine to treat Parkinson’s Disease? I wonder if Michael J Fox will start advertising this?

Yes folks, until the "experts" come together and agree to make up MY mind, I think I will just go ahead and eat and do what I want. Actually, when I think about it, I drink coffee, a lot of coffee, I eat red meat, I love curry, and I smoke. I guess I should live forever according to the "experts."

Just my thoughts on the matter. OH and remember the NBC news story, There is no benefit to Soy? Just something to think about for my Vegetarian heath nutty friends out there . {Smile and wink} Don’t worry, next week it will be good for you again.


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Saturday, October 28, 2006

T-Minus 10, and Counting.

Hey folks,

That’s right, we are in the T-Minus Ten countdown. I started looking around to see more "October Surprises," to my surprise, it’s pretty quiet. I see WPTV25 here in South Florida is still talking about Foley. {Sigh} but for the most part. I see other news. I wasn’t so sure that there WAS other news out there.

So I started looking at polls and trying to see why so quiet. What did I find? I saw this graph in USA Today giving the Republicans retaining the complete control of the House and Senate. The graph shows,

Senate R 52 (-3) D 45 (+1) O 3 (+2) , House R227 (-1) D173 (-2) O 4 (+3), Gov. R 20 (-8) D 30 (+8) 0 (0). I looked at the Ramussen Reports, and find that they have the Republicans ahead or dead even in most area’s.

Then you have to take THIS in to consideration. Millions of Americans have ALREADY voted. Early voting is a major trend. Right here in South Florida you can go to certain designated Libraries and vote right now. If you have that ability in your area, you may want to take advantage of that. This way, you will not have to stand in line in ten days.

Now of course you still have some of the Mass Media Drones towing the LWL party lines. "They have already won." "It’s a guarantee." "The Republicans are in trouble." Do not get me wrong, this is far from over. Ten days can be an eternity in politics. A lot can happen. Ether side could still win. It’s up to YOU. This is why I say, get informed as to who it is in your area that best represents your beliefs, get ready, GO VOTE.

Speaking of getting informed. As I pointed out to you before,

"Now the latest. The LWL, otherwise know as the Democratic leadership is protesting a SIGN. That’s right, they are threatening to sue if the polling places attempts to let voters know that a vote for Foley will be a vote for Negron. LOL, of course, that would defeat their attempts."

Also when this political pawn of a judge ruled in their favor, I said,

"So telling people that a vote for Foley is a Vote for Negron is illegal electioneering? Will cause "irreparable harm" to the voting process? Are you kidding me? I am way overtime here and have to go, but a quick search turned up nothing on this judge."

Well, according to the Congressional Quarterly, sanity prevails,

"A Florida appeals court on Friday issued a ruling that appears to resolve the dispute over whether state officials can inform voters that Republicans have chosen a replacement candidate for resigned Republican Rep. Mark Foley in the 16th District — even though Foley’s name remains on the Nov. 7 ballot, because he withdrew too late to have his name removed."

Democrats argued that this procedure would be unfair to their nominee, businessman Tim Mahoney, the well-funded underdog challenger to Foley who surged into serious contention after the scandal erupted. Arguing that the procedure would equate to promoting Negron’s candidacy at polling places, the Democrats sued to block it and won a lower court ruling."

So the signs are going up. They voters will be informed. This will most definitely also be grounds for they LWL to sue over if they lose.

Then I saw this, From The Christian Science Monitor,

"With newspapers across the country scrambling to respond to the loss of readers, ads, and revenue, the Los Angeles Times's re-invention project is a window into the struggle of an American newspaper industry that is colliding with the Internet and other news-delivery options.

"What is going on with the L.A. Times is going on in newspapers everywhere," says Tom Petner, a journalism professor at Temple University in Philadelphia.

He and others cite steady news of layoffs at papers across the US in recent months capped by announcements last week that 101 jobs will be eliminated at the San Jose Mercury News by December and the announcement of imminent layoffs at The Philadelphia Inquirer."

This has been happening for a while. The "New Media" has put a major crimp into the whole monopoly of the Mass Media. The Guru has a somewhat limited reach now. Gone are the days where they can say or do anything they want. They tried in 2000, 2004, and are still trying now, to get a message out that they want you to believe without question. But the problem is that there is now news outlets, be it cable news, radio, blogs, etc. that actually tell you the truth, and back it with facts.

"The title, [Manhattan Project] is telling because it sounds nuclear and urgent," says Mr. Petner. "Everyone is trying to figure out where their audience is going, what they are reading, where, and how to reach them."

Newspapers have faced a steady decline in subscriptions as people - particularly younger generations - shift their news habits to TV and the Internet.

Newspaper revenue has also fallen off as a result of fewer classified ads, some of which are now posted on websites. And department stores have consolidated or cut back on advertising. The Los Angeles Times has been hard hit by fewer movie ads in its pages.

The Times has also been pushed to pursue higher profit margins to boost the stock of its parent company, the Tribune Co., which lost nearly half its value since it bought the paper in 2000."

The rest of the article talks about why they speculate this is happening and that it is happening all over. I just, and have, already told you. Get caught lying, falsifying photos, misleading facts, and clearly politicking for only one side, people are going to stop trusting you. If noone is reading, Advertisers will stop paying to advertise to noone, and start going where the people are. It really is that simple.

T-Minus Ten and counting. Get Informed. Get ready. Go vote.


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Friday, October 27, 2006

Confused Yet? Part Two, Clarity

Hey folks,

Sorry to break away before. Simply ran out of time. But I have made extra time today, so here I am, back with you.

I was talking to someone the other day, and they asked me why I haven’t commented on "Cut and Run Conservatives" and the whole Michael J Fox thing. The answer is simple. Same reason I have stopped commenting on Foley. Let’s see, is he STILL in the news today? To my surprise, thankfully, no.


From the wire, possibly the next big distraction,

"WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Gay activist Mike Rogers will hold a press conference call today, Friday, Oct. 27, at noon Eastern time (9 a.m. Pacific) to challenge a major anti-gay figure in the Republican Party on his own sexuality and ask evangelical leader James Dobson to say why Dobson continues to support him given Dobson's anti-homosexual crusade.

Rogers, the nation's top gay activist blogger, will describe his videotaped ambush interview earlier this week with this top GOP leader. Rogers previewed his comments this morning on the Mancow talk radio show, syndicated to 25 markets."


"Rogers has been a leading voice in the fallout of the Mark Foley scandal. Last week, he reported that Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has not been honest with Idaho's "values voters" about encounters with at least three men who reported to Rogers having gay sex with Craig. A nationwide discussion ensued, including pieces by the Washington Post, CBS News, USA Today, CNN's "Reliable Sources" and "Real Time with Bill Maher." For 39 hours, "Larry Craig" was the top search term among all 57 million blogs on the Internet.

"I'm sure the mainstream media will again torture itself about whether it should cover questions of sexual orientation," Rogers said today. "At some point, they'll just have to get over the idea that gay people and gay intimacy are dirty or a pejorative. The issue here is not whether someone is gay or not, it's whether they are hypocritically deceiving the voters for political advantage."

If this story is picked up, which it most likely will be, you are getting a preview of the next big distraction. Sorry, but Rogers is nothing more than a political pawn, and it is most definitely about outing Sen. Larry Craig. It is yet another lame attempt at suppressing the Conservative voters. It is amazing to watch Gay activists attempt to use someone’s "possible" sexual orientation against them.

OK, "Cut and Run Conservatives." First, {sorry Rush} Rush Limbaugh did NOT come up with this phrase. It was a caller that called his show. He {Rush} ran with it and now the "Drive By Media," MMD, have credited Rush with that phrase. I haven’t commented on it, simply because I do not believe there are that many stupid people out there. It would be like flying on a plane and saying, "I’m going to teach the Pilot a lesson. I’m removing him from the cockpit and put in his place a three year old. That’ll teach him." Yup, and you will go down to a fiery death with everyone else. If you do not vote, you are voting for the winner. Like I said, I do not believe there are that many stupid people out there.

As far as the whole Michael J Fox thing goes. It is a political ad. It is not factual. Embryonic Stem Cells are NOT going to cure Parkinson’s Disease. As a matter of fact, they have caused brain tumors in the rats they were put in. I do know Parkinson’s VERY well. My Grandfather had it. He did not have the modern advances that are benefitting Mr. Fox today. He has a right to voice his opinion. Even if it is completely misleading and incorrect. This is strictly political. Yet another distraction.

So what are they, the MMD and the LWL distracting you from? ISSUES! You know, what elections should be about. Where does the LWL stand on the War? I touched on this in the first part. HOW will they change it? HOW will they protect this country from future attacks? HOW will they fix the {Laughing} "Horrible economy?" HOW will they make the country better? Why will they raise your taxes? Some average people that enjoy a two to three thousand dollar tax break now, will be paying that much more. ISSUES are what matters, not another distraction. When you continuously claim that someone is wrong and incompetent in all things, you need to offer an alternative. They can not do this. Why? Because they KNOW they will lose.

Forget all the distractions. Watch them, some are very entertaining, and good for a laugh, but remember the ISSUES. What is important to you. Get informed, and get ready. GO VOTE.
Confused Yet?

Hey folks,

I agree, and love his style. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said yesterday that critics should "just back off" on demands for deadlines in Iraq. He said,

"You're looking for some sort of a guillotine to come falling down if some date isn't met. That is not what this is about. They've been discussing the way forward through the rest of this year and next year. As they do that, they then discuss, 'Well, when might something happen?' And it isn't a date. And it isn't a penalty if it doesn't happen.

"You ought to just back off, take a look at it, relax, understand that it's complicated, it's difficult Honorable people are working on these things together. There isn't any daylight between them."

This is a brand new democratic government. They are trying to get going. I understand this. I believe that when you give facts, most Americans understand this as well. The problem comes from when the LWL demands a deadline. But when you ask THEM what they would do, they say things like, "We would handle it differently. Smarter. ETC." But they never tell you HOW.

Then yesterday, President Bush signed into law for the fence to be built on the Mexican boarder. Of course the MMD reports it this way,

"President Bush wanted an exchange of workers with Mexico to bring order to the border, but wound up signing a law Thursday that approves partitioning 700 miles of the United States from its southern neighbor.

The administration once talked of "orderly migration" — workers entering the United States and returning to Mexico or other countries when their jobs were finished. But political realities have replaced phrases like that with "border security" and plans for fences, surveillance cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles and watch towers.

Bush still wants a guest-worker program. But the toughest resistance to that idea has come from his own Republican Party — and has intensified as the midterm elections have drawn near."

Now if you read this, it sound like he was forced to sign it. He actually WAS. By YOU. That’s right folks, you, and the house Republicans made so much noise, and complained so loudly, that the President had to act. If it were not for YOU and the House Republicans, we could be looking at mass amnesty right now. Keep that in mind by the way.

As far as the NJ? The Rasmussen Reports says,

"The New Jersey Supreme Court made news yesterday when it handed down a significant ruling in the ongoing debate over same-sex marriage. While the court's 4-3 decision moved New Jersey closer to the handful of states that legalize same-sex unions, a recent Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 54% of New Jersey voters believe marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman only."


"While the majority of Garden State voters support the traditional definition of marriage, the state also has a relatively high percentage of those who see marriage as the union of any two people (42%). Massachusetts tops that list (51%) followed by Vermont (49%); Rhode Island and Hawaii (45%); and New York (44%)."

Then you have THIS one from the AFP,

"An Al-Qaeda terror suspect captured by the United States, who gave evidence of links between Iraq and the terror network, confessed after being tortured, a journalist told the BBC.

Iban al Shakh al Libby told intelligence agents that he was close to Al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri and "understood an awful lot about the inner workings of Al-Qaeda," former FBI agent Jack Clonan told the broadcaster.

Libby was tortured in an Egyptian prison, according to Stephen Grey, the author of the newly-released book "Ghost Plane" who investigated the secret US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) prisons that housed terror suspects around the world.

US President George W. Bush confirmed the existence of the network of CIA holding facilities overseas during a September 6 speech defending controversial US interrogation practices."

11 days to go. "Just released book" THIS story about torture, doubtful link because of torture, Bush coverup. This one story has ALL the elements. All the LWL talking points. You do not even need ME to break this one down for you. Just ask yourself the honest questions you get when you read the story. Like, "If Iban al Shakh al Libby told intelligence agents that he was close to Al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri and "understood an awful lot about the inner workings of Al-Qaeda," would that not make him a terrorist? Forget the suspected part.

"What he claimed most significantly was a connection between ... Al-Qaeda and the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein. This intelligence report made it all the way to the top, and was used by (former US secretary of state) Colin Powell as a key piece of justification ... for invading Iraq," he told the broadcaster."

WAIT!! Read that again. Sounds official right? This is a REPORTER talking to a BROADCASTER with no evidence as to what he is saying is correct. But they want you to believe this. Actually folks, they do not really care if you do or not. It is merely yet another distraction. More on that later.

I’m out of time right now. Consider this part one. I’ll be back later for part two. I have to answer some questions. Do not worry, in the end it will all make sense. This is why I am your voice of simplicity in a complicated world. Your voice of logic and reason in the insanity that surrounds us. Your gateway to the truth.

See you a little bit later for part two. 11 days and counting. Get informed. Get ready. Go vote.

AP- "Bush signs U.S.-Mexico border fence bill"

Rasmussen Report "Poll: 54% of New Jersey voters support traditional marriage"
AFP- "Confession that formed base of Iraq war was acquired under torture: journalist"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Follow Up on The IWA For Sunday October 22, 2006

Hey folks,

On Sunday October 22, I gave the Idiot of the Week Award to Michael Patrick McPhail. He is the guy that was arrested for having sex with his families 4 year old Pitbull. His wife caught him and called the authorities and had him arrested.

Well I came in to see what I may have missed in the news and found that Laura Enneianhad written me the following,

"name: Laura Enneian


I am writing this email because of animal cruelty that happened in Washington , and because of what was done to this dog, which wasn't her fault, she may now be put to death. I am reaching out to anyone that has any ideas or suggestions for me to help this dog.

I am from Florida , and recently heard of a man from Spanaway , WA , that had been arrested because he had sex with his 4-year-old female pit bull terrier.

I contacted the Pierce County Human Society at: (253-383-2733), where she is being held, and the woman told me that the wife of the man that reported it does not want her. They also told me that they don't adopt out pit bulls, and that she would probably be euthanized. **She then told me to call the Pierce County Animal Control at: 253-798-7387.

I called them, and they told me that they would give my name and number to the officer that was investigating the case.

I am contacting you because I am hoping that a group will fight for this poor little dog. She did nothing wrong, and because of this beast, she may be put to death.

Please, please help her. My cell phone is 954-261-1346. I will do anything in my power to help.

This poor little girl is going to be PUT TO SLEEP!!! The wife put her into a shelter where they do not allow rescues for Pits!! She did nothing wrong!!!! She was RAPED by her monster/ow ne r!!! Now She is going to be killed because she was a victim ? ? ? ? Please please PLEASE help her!!!!!


12:03 AM"

Now I agree to have this animal put to sleep for no other reason than that it was abused, is beyond wrong on so many levels. But I’m not sure what we can do about it. She stated that they do not adopt out Pitbulls, and the owner, the wife, doesn’t want it anymore. I’m not so sure I blame her for that. But I’m not sure of the solution for the dog.

I tried to call the cell number and just got an answering service. I left a message last night and am waiting to hear back. I know there are a lot of OPNers out there who, like me, are animal lovers, If so, and you can think of a way to help out, please call the Humane society, the Police department, or anyone else you feel may be able to help out. Laura is right, time is ticking for this poor abused animal.
Real Advancement, or Political Move. If So, By WHO?

Hey folks,

12 days and counting. I stopped by really quick last night to see what I missed, I found this. According to Reuters-"NJ court grants gay couples equal marriage rights"

"Saying times have changed, New Jersey's highest court on Wednesday guaranteed gay couples the same rights as married heterosexuals but left it to state lawmakers to decide if such unions can be called marriage.

"Times and attitudes have changed," the New Jersey Supreme Court said in a nuance 90-page ruling that was neither a clear victory nor a defeat for gay marriage, which is currently legal in the United States only in Massachusetts.

"Despite the rich diversity of this state, the tolerance and goodness of its people, and the many recent advances made by gays and lesbians toward achieving social acceptance and equality under the law, the court cannot find that the right to same-sex marriage is a fundamental right under our constitution," the ruling said.

OK 13 days before the election and NJ decides to grant equal rights and protection to Gay couples? Then the article goes on to say both sides win.

"Matt Coles, director of the Lesbian and Gay Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union, said, "It may not be a complete win, but it is a very substantial win."

"This is an enormous step forward -- what the ruling means is that under the state laws of New Jersey same-sex couple have to be treated just the same as heterosexual married couples," he said. "It is up to the legislature to decide what it is called, but the rights and protections must be the same."

He said that within six months, New Jersey will either be like Massachusetts with full marriage for gays or like Connecticut, California, and Vermont, which have civil unions."


"Michael Behrens, an attorney for the Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage and an opponent of gay marriage, called the ruling a partial victory but which also boosted gay rights.

"Same-sex couples do not have the right to marry," he told reporters at the Trenton court. "However, the legislature must develop a statutory scheme granting homosexual couples the right to the benefits of marriage."

Another opponent of gay marriage applauded the decision and predicted New Jersey legislators would not change state law to allow homosexuals to marry.

"We feel that the legislature is going to vote in favor of defining marriage as an act between a man and a woman," said Michele Combs, director of communications for the conservative lobby group Christian Coalition."

I also found this little tidbit interesting,

"Same-sex marriage has faced legal and political roadblocks in much of the United States and has been a hot-button issue since 2003 when Massachusetts' highest court ruled it was unconstitutional to ban gay marriage, paving the way for America's first same-sex marriages in May 2004.

In the 2004 election, many states had ballot initiatives against gay marriage -- a factor which was credited with boosting the vote for President George W. Bush."

That’s right, it DID help GW win again. So I read this article three times. I started thinking to myself, one, the timing. Two, the fact when it seemed more and more states were moving toward allowing Gay Marriage, it DID help get President Bush re-elected. Three, It could also be an attempt, a lame one if so, to say, see, we here at NJ and other states are ready to give rights a privileges to homosexuals, equal to those of "regular people" getting married. However, this will be stopped by the Bush administration and those evil Republicans if they are elected to stay in power. Then you have the whole, this really did NOTHING. They made a statement, now it’s up to legislators. It will most likely be in the courts for sometime. So?

So you see folks, I’m not quite sure what the point was to this news article. I feel it MUST be a political move, but for who? 12 days to go. Get informed. Get ready. Go vote.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Off day Today, October 25, 2006

Hey folks,

I will be out of the office, today October 25, 2006. I have some things that need my attention. I should be back tomorrow providing that I get everything done today that I need to do. Remember, 13 days left.

By this point you should KNOW who it is running in your area. You should know, who it is that best represents your beliefs, and who it is you are planning on voting for. Do not allow the MMD tell you who you should vote for. They, nor the LWL, not the Republicans should make that decision for you. YOU have the power.

13 short days left. Get ready, Go Vote.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Long Will They Lie?

Hey folks,

14 days to go. I just read this AFP {France version of the AP} article and I had to double check the date. It really was written on Monday 23, 2006. Here is why I had to double check. The article is entitled, "Values-minded US parties miss mark with voters" , is talking about family values.

"Republican and Democratic candidates in upcoming US congressional elections are campaigning hard on family values but may be missing their target as the economy and Iraq war have voters on edge.

Republicans saw "family values" -- such as banning late-term abortion and defending "traditional" marriage between men and women -- as one of their keys to victory in 2004.

But with the November 7 vote approaching, the family values issue took a distant sixth place in October polls by USA Today/Gallup and CNN, behind concerns such as the Iraq war, the war on terror and the economy."

OK. They are going to talk about the fact that the election is about issues. Man was I wrong. They say that the Republicans can no long "own family values" because of FOLEY... Foley is STILL in the news? Then here is when I had to look again at the date,

"People are fundamentally struggling, because they're having to pay higher property taxes, they're paying more in tuition, they're paying more for gasoline, and so the family values translate very much into what's making it harder for them to raise their own families," said Democratic National Committee spokesman Luis Miranda."

What? Higher property tax? Paying more for gas? It goes on to say basically how the Republicans have blown it, there need to be a change, Blah, blah, blah. It’s just another incorrect Bush attack. It is all his fault after all.

How is the economy? Well their sister outlet, the AP says,

"Wall Street extended its October rally Monday as investors grew more confident about upcoming earnings reports and as a decline in oil bolstered hopes for higher consumer spending. The Dow Jones industrials crossed 12,100 for the first time and reached a new record high close.

Dow component Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which pleased investors by announcing plans to cut capital spending to improve profits, helped the blue chips to their new high. The Dow's record came just three trading days after its first move past 12,000."

WAIT!!! The evil Wal-Mart helped do this?

"The price of oil, which fell to lows for the year Friday from its mid-July highs, is making investors more bullish on sectors like retail, which will benefit if consumers have more spending money. Doubts that OPEC members would follow Saudi Arabia's lead to curb output pushed a barrel of light sweet crude lower by 52 cents to $58.81 on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

"The picture being painted is pretty easy to suggest that the pressure on the economy from higher oil prices is easing," said Richard E. Cripps, chief market strategist at Stifel Nicolaus.

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, said it will be more selective about where it will open stores, though it still plans 600 new locations next year. The retailer, which has been pushed by Wall Street to be more prudent in its expansion, was the Dow's biggest advancing stock.

The company said in a meeting with investors that it plans to bring costs in line with a slowdown in its sales and earnings growth. The move is expected to boost return on investment, and sent shares up $1.91, or 3.9 percent, to $51.28."

Yes folks, the economy is terrible. Bush and those evil Republicans messed it all up. Look at the deficient. You mean the one that has been cut in halve THREE YEARS EARLY because of Bush’s tax cuts? We are fighting a war you know.

Truth is simple. The LWL attack lines have been done away with. Their ammo has run out. People are SICK of hearing Foley, economy is terrible, we are losing the war, time for a change, {With NOTHING to compare to.} and the constant, and organized attacks but news agencies that claim to be un-biased. Yet fail to hold the Democrats accountable for nothing.

I really have to wonder. I mean this. They, the Mass Media Drones, and the LWL have thrown EVERYTHING into getting in power. Let’s just say for a second, maybe they were wrong? Maybe the American people are smarter than they think, and they lose. What are they going to do then? After the lawsuits, recounts, accusations of the election being stolen yet again, faulty voting machines, not enough voting machines, blocked access to polling stations, whatever, what are they going to do? How will the vast majority ever trust the MMD to be un-bias agin?

Now Nancy Pelosi can "pledge" "No impeachment" all she wants. We all know that they have subpoenas ready to go. They already have a plan for impeachment. They have even written books on it. This IS their main goal. She can talk about God and her family being very pro-life. {No kidding folks} But we all know that she is VERY pro-choice. Even voted against the law that protects under-aged girls from being forced to go across state lines and have an abortion without Parental Notification. She can talk about how modest she is but,,,well, here,,

Eleanor Cliff asked "How do you get more of who you are across?"

Pelosi says,

"Somebody said to me recently that modesty is a private virtue and a public vice. You have to self-promote at some point, and that’s probably the hardest part of this job for me. But if we win, I think it won’t be so hard. The spotlight will be there. I’ve just got to do the job I do with the respect I have from my colleagues—they know how impressive I am."

How impressive I am? Spotlight? You get the point. She can already taste the power. But what if she loses? Yet, the MMD and the LWL continue their course. I feel they should be careful though, they may have already, passed the point of no return.

Merely 14 days to go. Get ready. Go vote.

Other Sources:
AP-"Dow hits new high on earnings optimism"
Newsweek / MSNBC

Monday, October 23, 2006

More Bad News For Hillary.

Hey folks,

Yet another Monday morning. Try to make it a happy one. I will be doing the same. The big news making it’s way around the morning shows yesterday and in the main stream media, is the possibility of the first Black President. Some on the Left, and even some of the MMD fo not like this. You can see this if you read between the lines. CNN article Obama considers presidential run put’s it this way,

"Sen. Barack Obama said Sunday that he may run for president in 2008, despite previous assertions that he would complete his current six-year senatorial term, which ends in 2011."

Does that really sound like an encodement? Then the article goes on to say,

"In January, Obama told NBC that he would not run for president or vice president in 2008.

Asked Sunday about his earlier stance,"

Sounds to me like they just cannot believe he may decide to run after all. They are afraid that he could not win if he does, and will only hurt their main and first choice. Here is what Senator Obama said,

"I would say I am still at the point where I have not made a decision to pursue higher office, but it is true that I have thought about it over the last several months," the 45-year-old Democratic senator from Illinois told NBC's "Meet the Press."

"I don't want to be coy about this, given the responses that I've been getting over the last several months," he said. "I have thought about the possibility, but I have not thought about it with the seriousness and depth that I think is required."

WAIT A SECOND!!!! Does this mean he is running? Did he SAY he was running? NO. He said that he was thinking about it. But even that thought is bad for Hillary, and the LWL’s plans, and his major announcement that he was OFFICIALLY running, released BEFORE the midterm elections, would seriously mess up the Mass Media Drones, and news Guru’s plans. 15 days to go, and the MMD and the LWL continue their planed and coordinated attacks on anything Republican, and pass on anything Democrat. They continue to ignore CLEAR violations of the law by the LWL, yet print even inaccurate and untrue information on anything Bush. Nancy Pelosi continues to hide. Reid and Murtha seem to be as well now. They are letting the media attempt to get them into office. They do not want you to know their TRUE voting records and stances on the ISSUES. They know they will lose if you do.

The doom and gloom of the Republican party continues to be written about by the MMD. But the polls really do not show this. As a matter of fact, in the area’s where it counts the most, the Republicans are either even or pulling ahead. Just ignore those facts. They want you to believe it’s over so you just stay home.

Back to Sen. Obama. Here is what a Conservative columnist said about him,

"The next Democratic nominee should either be Barack Obama or should have the stature that would come from defeating Barack Obama," David Brooks, a conservative op-ed columnist for The New York Times, wrote in his Thursday column, entitled, "Run, Barack, Run."

I love this one,

"Frank Rich, a liberal op-ed columnist for the same newspaper, wrote in his Sunday piece that much of the Democrats' long-term success will depend on whether "Obama steps up and changes the party before the party of terminal timidity and equivocation changes him."

Yes or they attempt to destroy him as they attempted to destroy Lieberman. This one should be interesting to watch.

15 days to go. 15 more days of this planed, organized, and completely sickening display of bias reporting, by the Main Stream Media Drones. Get ready, go vote.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Perception Vs Reality
"Just My Thoughts" October 22, 2006

Hey folks,

16 days to go until "Judgement Day." Just a reminder. But let’s take a break from Politics for a few minutes.

It has happened to me. That’s right folks. I have met an "OPNer." This meeting took me back to my years of being a Manager for a major Hotel Brand for ten years. Here is what I mean. The person I met, just by happenstance, said to me, "Your Peter. Right? From the OPN Blog?" I, surprised said "Yes." They said "Glad to meet you. I thought I recognized you from the picture." {I knew there was a reason I fought so hard to not put one up there. Smile} I said "Please to meet you." Then it went like this, from the best I can remember.

OPNer "You have a great looking boy" {Talking about Joshua, }
Me, "Thank you"
OPNer "I check out and read your blog often. I find myself agreeing with a lot of what you say, but I have to ask you something."
Me "Yes?"
OPNer "Don’t you piss a lot of people off. You sound very intelligent but there is a Rush quality about you. You sound a little arrogant at times and even a little condescending from time to time. I understand that you probably live in a big house and not have to worry about every day stuff like paying bills, or going to work every day of the week,,,,," {I interrupted}
Me, "Wait, wait, wait, what did you just say? I live in a big house and not worry about paying bills and going to work?"
OPNer "Yeah. I do not hate you be cause you are ‘well off’, but sometimes you seem to be disconnected from ordinary people."
Me "Ordinary people? Hold on a second. You’ve REALLY got is all wrong.

The following is basically how I explained it, and will here for some of you that may have the same misunderstanding as to who I am, as this OPNer did. I am NOT "well off" I DO work way too much. I work Monday through Friday, sometimes Saturday, to pay bills. I then turn around and come here to be with you all, nearly 7 days a week. I MOST DEFINITELY know what it is like to pay bills, to struggle to pay medical expenses. I do not live in a mansion, or have a chauffeur driven car. I buy my own groceries, well OK, my Wife buys the groceries. She spends $50.00 and comes out with 4 or 5 bags. I spend $100.00 and come out with 2.

What we have here is a perception of who I am. Not the reality of who I am. {Never thought this would happen to me} But I am MORE than familiar with this phenomenon. I am even guilty of it myself.

I worked for a major Hotel Brand for 10 years. 8 or so, of those years I was the Manager. I was always the one that checked in the MVPs. The "Special Guests". The Brand of Hotel I worked for had a policy that none of these MVPs were to be bothered or hounded for autographs etc. Since I never get "Star Struck" I always insisted on checking them in. {Only once did I get Star Struck, but I think I handled it well Smile. More on that later} I have met Actors, Musicians, Politicians, Pro Wrestlers, etc.

One day I, talking about a contrast between perception and reality, saw a reservation for "King Kong Bundy." For you old time wrestling fans, you know who this is. For those who may not like wrestling, he is a guy that can actually claim to be one of very few that ever BEAT Hulk Hogan. I saw that match. Madison Square Garden, back in the day. King Kong Buddy is a large man. Something like 500 pounds about as wide as a mack truck. He would grunt on his way to the ring, go in, and destroy whoever it was facing him on that night.

Well the time comes, in he walks. {Through both front doors of the hotel} Walks up to the desk. WAIT A SEC!!! Is he wearing a shirt and tie????? He says, "Hello Sir. I would like to get a room. I believe I have a reservation Sir. As you can see, I would really appreciate one with a big bed. I kinda need a big bed. I thank you Sir."

OK I had to stop him. I actually said. "Stop. Just stop talking. You are really starting to freak me out." With this he started a belly laugh and asked what I meant. I told him I was a fan, and with that he laughed more. He said, "Would it be better for you Sir if I came in and grunted and said ‘Give me a room or I’ll rip your head off, you pencil neck geek.’?" I said, "Yeah, it might." With this he laughed again, went to his brief case a got out a picture of THAT MATCH. He was standing on Hogan’s chest. He signed it and gave it to me. {I have it to this day.} We actually got along pretty good the rest of his stay, and even shared some more laughs.

This type of thing happens all the time. I saw him performing as King Kong Bundy. I met him as he truly is. The only time I have ever felt "Star Struck" was another time I met someone I thought would be one way, and turned out to be opposite. Donald Sutherland. The Man just looks evil. Plays good "Bad" guys in the movies. Acts a certain way. But when I met him? He saw me as his equal. He even said "I make movies, you work for a Hotel. Whatever." I got the honor to spend about 40 minutes with him discussing movies, and daily news, and politics, etc. HIS choice.

Yes folks, some of the MVPs I met were EXACTLY as they appear, but MOST are not even close. Some you think would be cool, turned out to be complete idiots. Some you think would come in arrogant and demanding, were the most down to earth people you would ever want to meet.

This OPNer got a perception of me and the type of person I am from what they see here. Some of my friends that have actually known me for a while {Years} tell me sometimes I do sound different, especially discussing politics, here than I actually am. Even had one tell me "would they be surprised if they met you in person. They might actually like you." LOL

My brief meeting was a pleasant one with the OPNer. I had to go because I have very little time to spend with you "small people" out there. {Smile} But it was pleasant. An actual thrill for me. The next time you think you know someone who is a public figure, just remember, you really do not know them. Until you actually meet them, you may have no clue.

Just something to think about. Perception Vs. Reality.

Oh did I mention? 16 days to go. Get Ready, Go Vote.
IWA for Sunday October 22, 2006

Hey folks

I’m sorry but this one? I have never understood the reason for this. The desire, attraction, sickness, whatever it is. I just do not get it.

"A man accused of having sex with the family dog has been charged under the state's new animal cruelty law, which makes bestiality a felony, a prosecutor said."

OK, was he sitting there watching TV and the dog passed by and he thought to himself, "I got to get me some of dat."??? Maybe he is just a REAL animal lover. Peta has nothing on him. He REALLY wants to connect with animals. Dogs, at least, apparently.

"Michael Patrick McPhail, 26, of nearby Spanaway, pleaded not guilty Thursday to one count of first-degree animal cruelty in Pierce County Superior Court.

Assistant Pierce County Prosecutor Karen Watson said McPhail was the first person in Pierce County to be charged with the new bestiality offense."

According to theAP-"Man accused of having relations with dog"

"McPhail's wife told investigators that she found her husband on their back porch Wednesday night having intercourse with their 4-year-old female pit bull terrier, the Pierce County sheriff's office report said. The dog was squealing and crying, according to charging papers.

The woman took photos with her cell phone and called the sheriff's office."

She took pictures with her cell phone??? You KNOW that there are some people out there that would pay big for those photos. They will most likely be found later on the internet. Somewhere.

I’m sorry. I really do not get it. As I have said many times in the past. I am an animal lover. I like animals more than I like most people. They live their life, content with what they have. Happy to be loved. Mean noone no harm. People on the other hand, have agendas, a majority are greedy, always wanting more. Love to be loved, and sometimes cheat on those that love them most. You get the point. But I can HONESTLY say, I have NEVER gotten a sexual urge by looking at a dog, cat, carabao, big purple money, or anything else non-human.

Let’s look at the other reason that this guy wins. She was HOME!! His wife was home. If you are going to cheat on your spouse, you at least go somewhere where they are not going to catch you. Oh yeah, you also might want to make it a human.

Congratulations Mr. McPhail, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. It doesn’t say, but, huh, did you at least practice safe sex?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Full Court Press, of The Press Continues.

Hey folks,

The "Just My Thoughts" Segment will have to wait until tomorrow. Just 17 days to go until "Judgement Day." And the full court press, by the Press continues. I came into the office to see what was in the MMD today, and what new "Republican Scandal" might be being reported. Even I was amazed at what I found. There are WAY too many links to add here, of negative, anti-Republican stories and MMD articles. It would take up a whole page of just links. So I will link those I talk about the most.

I told you yesterday that we are getting closer to finding the MMD {Mass Media Drone} Guru. I believe the top contender has to be Soros himself. Remember this from yesterday? "can barely contain itself on its secret morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros, during which it was agreed just this morning that, yes, we can keep the meta-narrative ('The Democrats are going to beat Bush and run Congress!!') going for another 19 days, without interruption." Well it’s continuing without interruption. Any doubt? New York Times has 21 articles that are anti-Republican on the front of their web site today alone. 21!

Then you have former President, {The worse President in history} Carter now blaming Bush for North Korea. I had to laugh at this. He said,

"Obviously most of the blame is on North Korea but it is U.S. policies that have brought us to this status," he told Reuters while riding between campaign stops for his son Jack who is running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada.

Carter, president from 1977 to 1981, negotiated a deal during a visit to North Korea in 1994 over the reclusive communist state's nuclear program when fellow Democrat Bill Clinton was president.

"The Bush administration changed that policy," he continued. "They put in the trash can the agreement with North Korea, and as a result of that -- and threatened North Korea with military attack -- and as a result of those threats and the discarding of the previous agreement, North Korea announced that they were withdrawing from the Non-Proliferation Treaty."

"It's like night and day. It was daytime when Clinton was in office that totally prohibited and prevented any sort of plutonium enrichment," he said. "All that was dramatically changed under George Bush and now we have the North Koreans having exploded a plutonium bomb."

LOL. OK Wheeeeee. This guy is completely nuts folks. Or he is towing the LWL line. First, he said that Bush trashed the "agreement" between Clinton and North Korea. What was it? Oh yeah, Clinton GAVE north Korea the NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY and the fuel, and North Korea gave their "word" that they would not use it for bombs. They lied, or as Madeleine Albright said "Well, they tricked us." This is Bush’s fault? "It was daytime when Clinton was in office that totally prohibited and prevented any sort of plutonium enrichment," Clinton GAVE IT to them. How is giving someone something preventing them from obtaining it or using it?

Then you have the other "Big Stories" "Bush: I won't change strategy in Iraq" and as Reuters puts it, "Bush resists major course change in Iraq." AP says,

"With Republicans anxious about the potential loss of Congress — and with conditions seemingly deteriorating in Iraq — Bush addressed the question of whether he would alter his policies."

Yes folks, the republicans will not vote. The Left will win in a landslide. It’ all Bush’s fault. He will not change "HIS" direction in Iraq. I have a question in a second. Bush actually said,

"We are constantly adjusting our tactics so that we achieve the objective, and right now it's tough, it's tough. Our goal has not changed. Our goal is a country that can defend, sustain and govern itself, a country that which will serve as an ally in this war. Our tactics are adjusting."

But according to;

"I don't believe we can continue based on an open-ended, unconditional presence. I don't think there's any question about that, that there will be a change"" Maine Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe was quoted as saying in The Washington Post.

"We've lost the hearts and minds of the people and we've become caught in a civil war," said Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. John Murtha

OK you are right. Bush is wrong the War is going bad. {It’s not} and we need a change. Here’s the question. What change? What is YOUR plan? You feel that the President is so wrong in Iraq. What is your plan? Cut and run? If not, then WHAT? But you know, they have done this the whole lead up to the elections. They, the LWL, and MMD, constantly, on a daily bases, conduct this PLANNED attack on the Republicans, citing how bad {Even in the face of the truth of what they are saying is exactly opposite of reality} the Republicans are. How much they have messed up the country. How much we need a change. But fail to offer ANYTHING that even resembles an alternative. A change.

Then you have the story of Tan D. Nguyen, a Republican candidate in California,

"For two days, a Republican congressional candidate had promised to explain how a threatening letter was sent by his campaign without his knowledge to thousands of Hispanic immigrant voters. As about 200 people gathered Friday in front of his campaign headquarters seeking answers, Tan D. Nguyen was a no-show at his own news conference. Instead, 10 uniformed California Department of Justice police officers arrived with a search warrant and pounded on the glass of Nguyen's storefront headquarters."

If it turns out to be true that he organized the distribution of these, then I agree, he is done. But what about all the scandals of Democrats? What about THEIR wrong doings? Whatever happened to reporting FACTS. Investigations into ALL candidates? The Guru said "You write what we tell you." that’s what happened.

17 days to go. YOU decide. Do not let the MMD decide who is in office. YOU have the power.

AP- "Bush: I won't change strategy in Iraq"
AP- "U.S. jails man once tortured by Taliban"
AP- "Calif. candidate's office, home raided"
Reuters- "Bush resists major course change in Iraq"
Reuters- “Carter says Bush partly to blame for N.Korea test”

Friday, October 20, 2006

Getting Closer To Unmasking The Mass Media Guru.

Hey folks,

That’s right. Just 18 days away from the elections, are we are ever so close to unmasking the Mass Media Guru. I have mentioned him for a while. Actually, on June 9, of this year I said,

"As I’ve said before, I’m sure that there is a mass media drones guru behind the curtain, giving out the word or phrase of the day. Actually, I like that, mass media drones {MMDs} Today the magic word is multiple 500 pound bombs. The guru wants them to use this as much as possible to put the image of a massive, over needed, use of force against a house. Then he wants them to conjure up the imagine that there is some kind of cover up. Then on top of that, make sure that you throw in there, innocent people dying."

I have given many examples. Like their use of "Towel snapping", "Collective Punishment." "Katrina", and my all time favorite, if there was any doubt, it was done away with "Political Jujitsu." September 8,

"Oh and the Guru word of the day seems to be "jujitsu", for those that might have missed that. Over and over again, in various outlets, "jujitsu" seems to be the definition of the President’s announcement. But no, they do not work together."

Now Rush Limbaugh has never believed this. He has always said,

"Now, I have said in the past, long ago, in discussing media bias, that I don't think that the old media and the drive-bys got together and had their conference calls in the morning to decide what news was going to be and how it was going to be reported, what wasn't going to be news and all that, I said because they don't have to. They basically think the same, they see things the same, and I think if they do get together it's in the bar after work over adult beverages where such unified phrases as gravitas and other things happen to spread throughout the Drive-By Media."

But I have been right this whole time. Rush pointed out to me, and everyone else in his listening audience yesterday, ABC’s "The Note." Guess what it says?

"The Old Media -- giddy with excitement over the prospect of the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Mehlman machine losing, filled with guilt over complicity in an Iraq war it wants ended, flush with anticipation over two years of anti-Bush leaks from a gavel-wielding Henry Waxman, and substantially more interested in revelations about congressional pages than in trying to tell voters the truth about whether or not the economy is strong and getting stronger -- can barely contain itself on its secret morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros, during which it was agreed just this morning that, yes, we can keep the meta-narrative ('The Democrats are going to beat Bush and run Congress!!') going for another 19 days, without interruption."

WAIT A SECOND!!! "secret morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros" The media is having morning conference calls with Howard Dean and George Soros? Then it says, "during which it was agreed just this morning that, yes, we can keep the meta-narrative ('The Democrats are going to beat Bush and run Congress!!') going for another 19 days, without interruption." The media ADMITS that they get their walking orders from Howard Dean, and or George Soros? They ADMIT that they have an agenda to get the LWL in power?

If I had to bet, at least between these two, I would bet that, the little man behind the big black and white curtain is none other than George Soros. Could HE really be the MMD Guru? It makes sense.

Even Rush had to admit it yesterday. He said,

"But now, having read this from ABC's the Note, I'm obviously wrong. These people are obviously having conference calls with Democrat fund-raisers, policy makers, and the chairman of the Democrat National Committee to discuss the Democrat narrative and how the Drive-By Media can continue to carry it for 19 days uninterrupted. So I guess they are getting together. That's what this implies. Maybe I should better say, "That's how I infer this." The old media giddy with excitement over two years of anti-Bush leaks from a gavel-wielding Henry Waxman?"

Yes Rush. The MMD or as you would say, the "Drive By Media" do have a guru. His name might just be Soros. This is why Democrats and the LWL get away with ANY and EVERYTHING, while a Republican, with so much as of a hint on improprieties, front page news for an extended period of time. Foley is still in the news today.

18 days to go folks. Get Ready. Go Vote.



ABC-The Note: Mature and Incurably Green

Thursday, October 19, 2006

19 Days To Go

Hey folks,

I truly have NO idea where to start. This whole article could fall under the "Are you kidding me?" section. Seriously. Let’s get right to it.

19 days to go, and there are many people that feel that the Left is going to take over. Some are even Republicans. They are saying that they will lose the House, some say no, the Senate, some say both. Some are saying they will keep them but it will be close, others say 50 seats. {50 seats? Are you kidding me?} America is not stupid.

We have this whole annoying thing called a war. Our safety and security is threatened daily. Now it turns out that our Football stadiums are being threatened with "dirty Bombs." Fortunately,

"The Department of Homeland Security warned officials on Wednesday in seven U.S. cities about a dirty-bomb threat to National Football League stadiums but does not believe the threat is credible, officials said.

The threat, posted on Monday on an Internet site, said bombs containing radioactive material known as "dirty" bombs had been smuggled into the United States and would be used to attack professional football stadiums this Sunday, the department said.

"We are looking at this with strong skepticism. We have judged that there is not a credible threat here. There is no evidence or intelligence that there is a credible threat of such attacks," said Homeland Security spokesman Jarrod Agen."

Of course there will be increased security in those areas. But this is a real possibility. You know WHY we haven’t been hit since 911? President Bush and the Republican run House and Senate. We were hit 10 times before that. These are the people that want to take over. They WILL do away with the safety and security of this country. They WILL end programs that keep us safe. We WILL be hit again if they take over. It will be so easy.

Don’t believe me? President Bush and the Republican Administration went to the useless UN about North Korea. The joke known as the UN imposed Sanctions the we went along with. Oh, we had to agree that NO MILITARY action would be taken to enforce the Sanctions. So what is N. Korea’s response? They just told China they are getting ready to test three more. Yeah, that worked. What then? More useless and unenforceable Sanctions? {Are you kidding me?}

Then you have Bill Clinton. This one really get’s me. Here is what he said, uncut and un-interrupted.

"Most of us long for politics where we have genuine arguments, vigorous disagreements but we don't claim to have the whole truth and we don't demonize our opponents and we work for what's best for the American people.

This is a contact sport, politics. You can't complain about being attacked. It's like Yao Ming complaining about being fouled playing basketball.

It's not that we want a bland, mushy, meaningless politics. We like our debate. ... We understand that campaigns will be heated and only one side can win. But we want it to be connected somehow to real lives and real people, to aspirations of ordinary Americans to the future of our children and our grandchildren.

It's not about who represents the religious truth and who is basically running for office on his or her way to hell.

The ideological, right-wing element of the Republican Party has been building strength, partly in reaction to things that happened 40 years ago — Barry Goldwater's defeat, the excess of the '60s Ronald Regan’s election. But this is the first time on a consistent basis, the most conservative, the most ideological wing of the Republican Party has had both the executive and legislative branches with a very distinct governing philosophy and very distinct political philosophy.

They favor unilateralism whenever possible and cooperation when it is inevitable.

The problem with ideology is, if you've got an ideology, you've already got your mind made up. You know all the answers and that makes evidence irrelevant and arguments a waste of time. You tend to govern by assertion and attacks."

OK. Now looks look at what he said. {You have no idea how hard it was for me not to comment about each point. But I wanted you to get the full effect.}

"we don't claim to have the whole truth and we don't demonize our opponents and we work for what's best for the American people."

What do you think the LWL and the Mass Media HAVE been doing? Everyday, a new attack on a Republican. Endless calls for investigations. But Democrats? They COMPLETELY IGNORE. Democrats ACTUALLY having REAL sex with Pages? Nothing. Foley internet disturbing IMs? Front page news for weeks. Democrat William Jefferson accepting bribes on tape, and $90,000 in his freezer. They attack those who found it. Pelosi did ask him to step down, he said, No. End of story. No more investigation. Republican Allen accused that he may have used the "N" word in the 70s, that noone actually heard, front page news. Democrat Webb actually driving around neighborhoods using the "N" word and POINTING GUNS at people to scare them??? Nothing. No investigation. Reid????? Bribes, payoffs, illegal land deals, illegally using campaign funds to give Christmas bonuses? Nothing. No investigation. Not even one day front page news.

But EVERYDAY a Republican is being attacked. True allegations, fake allegations, fabrications, true, untrue, it doesn’t matter. "we don't demonize our opponents"? OK

"But we want it to be connected somehow to real lives and real people, to aspirations of ordinary Americans to the future of our children and our grandchildren."

Keeping this country safe and nuke free is a good start. Making sure that they have a great economy when they grow up is a great start. Make sure that they do not have to bow down to someone else such as the UN or other world power is a great start.

"The ideological, right-wing element of the Republican Party has been building strength,"

Yes, because people are starting to realize that the Democratic party have been completely taken over by looneys. You people are nuts.

"But this is the first time on a consistent basis, the most conservative, the most ideological wing of the Republican Party has had both the executive and legislative branches with a very distinct governing philosophy and very distinct political philosophy."

And MOST American’s agree with it. The War is a problem with both the Left and some on the Right. The Ports deals were a problem. Immigration is still a problem. Oh yeah, the LWL do not like the fence idea. They will do away with that also. But where it counts? The people understand that it is the Republicans that have this country’s best interests in mind. Not just this uncontrollable hunger for power at any cost and the get Bush mentality. They also know that other than that, your side has NO plan.

"The problem with ideology is, if you've got an ideology, you've already got your mind made up. You know all the answers and that makes evidence irrelevant and arguments a waste of time. You tend to govern by assertion and attacks."

Can you believe this folks? It is the LWL that is trying to gain power through assertion and attacks. Complete with help from the MMD {Mass Media Drones, for those who need a little extra help in understanding} They have decided that Bush must go. Nothing else matters. Not this war, not this country, not YOU. They have already made up their mind that Bush is wrong, and it is Bush’s fault. Even things that haven’t happened yet.

Bill Clinton lecturing, well ANYONE, {I wonder how much he got paid?} is a Are you kidding me? All by itself. I agree with Tracey Schmitt, a spokeswoman for RNC

"It's not surprising to hear these attacks from a man widely recognized for repeatedly playing the blame game to cover his own mistakes."

19 days to go folks. These are the people that have already picked out the drapes. They are going to win. Because one, you are not voting Republican because you want to teach them a lesson, or you will just not vote at all out of disgust for these Republicans. These are the same people that will lie, cheat and steal their way into power.

Here is another example. A judge {I bet it’s an LWL judge} has just ruled today,
local election supervisors should not provide voters with notices informing them that former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley is no longer in the race, even though his name is on the ballot.

"The issues here involve elections, the ballot and the sanctity of the voting booth," Leon County Circuit Judge Janet Ferris wrote. "There can be little debate that interference with that process, especially in a manner not contemplated by the legislature, would cause irreparable harm."

The Florida Democratic Party sued the elections supervisors in the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Tallahassee, arguing that the signs amounted to illegal electioneering."

So telling people that a vote for Foley is a Vote for Negron is illegal electioneering? Will cause "irreparable harm" to the voting process? Are you kidding me? I am way overtime here and have to go, but a quick search turned up nothing on this judge.

Just another example of what you can expect to get if these people get in.

Reuters-"U.S. says threat to NFL stadiums not credible"

AP-"Clinton urges Dems to question criticism"

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bush Signs Law, LWL Goes Nuts.

Hey folks,

Yes. It’s official now. Bush signed a law yesterday that will allow those in charge of protecting our country, to keep doing their JOB. He said,

"With the bill I'm about to sign, the men our intelligence officials believe orchestrated the murder of nearly 3,000 innocent people will face justice. It is a rare occasion when a president can sign a bill he knows will save American lives. I have that privilege this morning."

But of course, those on the side of seeking our failure in Iraq, HATE this. They are going nuts. First you have the ACLU, {That would be a joke, idiotic tool of the LWL, organization. AKA American Civil Liberties Union} said,

"This law is one of the worst civil liberties measures ever enacted in American history."

OK here is a question, WHAT CIVIL LIBERTIES? Those that want us dead just because we breath have NONE. They are NOT citizens, therefore our "Rights" to NOT apply to them. Now that the President signed into law the RIGHT for those who protect us, to continue to do their job, this IS legal, as long as they follow the law. Then you have Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold saying,

"I am deeply disappointed that Congress enacted this law. We will look back on this day as a stain on our nation's history."

No Senator Fiengold, we will look back on all the things that the LWL have done to undermined this President, risk national security, attempting to kill programs that ARE protecting this country, all in a time of war as a traitorous stain on our history. Not to mention their deep desire to kill tax programs that have cut the deficit in half three years ahead of schedule.

Then he said,

"It allows the government to seize individuals on American soil and detain them indefinitely with no opportunity to challenge their detention in court," Feingold said. "And the new law would permit an individual to be convicted on the basis of coerced testimony and even allow someone convicted under these rules to be put to death."

What in the Blue hell are you talking about? This law DOES NOT allow American citizens to be yanked from the street and,,,, WAIT! He didn’t say citizen, he said "individuals." But he wants YOU to be afraid that this could happen to you. But WHAT "coerced testimony?" There hasn’t even been a trial yet.

Then Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy said,

"The Republican-led Congress missed another opportunity to write a good law because this administration was mostly interested in trying to score political points in the run-up to the elections and avoiding accountability for its unlawful actions."

AVOID ACCOUNTABILITY FOR UNLAWFUL ACTIONS?????? Does Democratic Rep. William Jefferson, Democratic Rep. Harry Reid, Clinton, {Either} sound familiar? They actually broke the law. Protecting this country is NOT illegal.

20 days to go. 20 days

Reuters-"Bush signs law authorizing harsh interrogation"
AP-"Bush signs bill on terror prosecution"
CNN-"Affidavit: $90,000 found in congressman's freezer"