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Friday, June 30, 2006

Immigration Matters. Look at the Dutch,

Hey folks,

I’m sure we will be talking more about the NYTs in upcoming days. This is something that I will be following. But I saw and interesting article this morning. Proof that immigration really does matter. Watch and see if the LWL does not follow this example.

You can read the whole article Dutch Government Collapse

You know we have had the immigration debate going on for some time now. It has, as I predicted, been pretty much put on the back burner until after the elections in 130 days. But BOTH sides need to realize that this is an important issue.

They are saying that the trigger of the government collapse and takeover of their Left, was Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk's threat to revoke the Dutch citizenship of Ayaan Hirsi Ali after the popular politician admitted to lying about her name, age and refugee status on her arrival in the Netherlands in 1992. Imagine a politician lying? Glad we do not have that here.{Smile}

This is the third collapse of a government since 2002 came amid rising public concerns over immigration and security. Sound familiar?

If you have time check out the article. I found it to be interesting. The people there have spoken. As they have here. There are a lot of similarities with the Dutch situation and our own. We too are offended and annoyed at the Government over the immigration issue. Here we have a President that wants amnesty for 12 million illegals, and pretty much an open boarder, for Mexicans anyway. The hard Right wants mass deportation and felonies. The hard Left want open boarders, amnesty and rewards for those here. But the difference in us and the Dutch is the MASS number of Independents. Those "middle of the roaders" that are intelligent enough to say, "there must be some kind of compromise. Security first, then we will talk."

Now do not get me wrong. I’m not calling for nor would it ever happen here, although there are some LWL that would LOVE it to happen here, that our government will collapse. But if there is any doubt at all, if this was an important issue, take a look at what does happen elsewhere. We are not alone.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Fall Of The New York Times?

Hey folks,

It is continuing to look worse and worse for the New York Times. All day yesterday, people after people added their names into the whole "Treason" charge of the paper. For those of you who may not have heard, lol, or those dedicated and completely BLIND folks that follow the NYT like the Religious Right follow the Bible, here’s the deal.

The New York Times leaked information about a top secret banking operation, which was aimed at tracking and stopping terrorist financing and money transfers. This WAS a top secret program that netted MANY arrests and convictions, and prevented and unknown number of attacks. No money, no attacks. But the NYT decided it was no longer needed and declassified the program.

President Bush implored the Times, Washington Post, and other news outlets, not to run their story, but the editors of the NYT decided to disregard the President’s request. Of course I am wondering if it were Clinton, would the NYT held the story? I bet they would have. The Washington Post and others ran with it only AFTER the NYT "broke it. You know as well as I why. Their extreme hatred of President Bush and the fact they are nothing but a tool for the LWL.

Now more and more people are calling for their fall. Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., is just the latest to add his voice to those charging that the New York Times committed treason. He said,

"That the press wouldn’t have better sense than to leak critical information on terrorists so that they know what we’re doing – that scares the devil out of me. In my opinion, that is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, therefore it is an act of treason. What you write in a war and what is legal to do for the federal government, or state government, whoever it is, is very important in winning the war on terror."

He is calling for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to empanel a grand jury to decide if the Times’ publisher, editors and writers who were involved in the story should be indicted for treason. This according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Homeland Security Chairman, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., is urging the Bush administration to seek criminal charges against the NYT for its reporting on the secret financial-monitoring program. After all, it was the NYT who demanded this type of program back in 2001. Now it destroys it?

On May 17th , 2006 I posted a whole article on the NYT. I pointed out how they are violating their own ethics polices. I even told you where to find them. NYTethics I posed the question, "Why does anyone read this paper anymore?"

I love this one,

And second, no one may do anything that damages our news staffs' reputation for strict neutrality in reporting on politics and government; in particular, no one may wear campaign buttons or display any other form of political partisanship while on the job.

No, but destroy the security of millions of Americans must be OK. Right?

This is just another example of how they continue to be a vehicle of the LWL. It is clear that their agenda is to attack Bush, further the LWL agenda, and for us to FAIL in the war. This, they think anyway, would guarantee the Left taking over.

Are they guilty of treason? I believe that if you truly analyze this situation out, you will see that this is more than just making stuff up, which they have been known to do, or printing inaccurate stories. This is purposely risking the security of this country, just to attack the Bush Administration. They were either purposely doing so, or too ignorant to help themselvves.

Either way, it could very well be seen as treason.

Constitutional Amendments

Hey folks,

There has been a big move as of late by the GOP to amend the Constitution for various reasons. Why is this? Just this month alone the Right Wing Radicals have tried to amend the Constitution to prohibit Gay marriage, and now, to outlaw flag burning. Both failed in the Senate.

The 66-34 tally on the flag amendment yesterday was one vote less than the two-thirds, or 67 votes, required to send it to the states for ratification. The House cleared the two-thirds threshold last year, 286-130.

Sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch R-Utah, the amendment read,

"The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States."

There was more in this than just flag burning. An alternative put forward by assistant Democratic leader Dick Durbin of Illinois, would have made it against the law to damage the flag on federal land or with the intent of breaching the peace or intimidation. It also would have prohibited unapproved demonstrations at military funerals. The Senate also rejected this also.

It was interesting to see some of those that voted for it. Like Democrat Evan Bayh of Indiana and Republicans George Allen of Virginia, Sam Brownback of Kansas, Frist, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, and John McCain of Arizona. Some who voted no were Joseph Biden of Delaware, Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, Russell Feingold of Wisconsin, John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Well it is an election year. Can you see this being a head to head John McCain face to face with Hillary, "I voted vote it, you voted against it." Then you have John Kerry? How did you vote? "I don’t know." Depending on the latest polling data.

Now I understand the "American Values Agenda". I can even say I agree with a lot of it. House Republicans intend to hold several votes this summer and fall, to try to stem the tide of the moral decline in this country They will be touching on abortion, guns, religion and other priority issues for social conservatives. This of course is also, in part, an attempt to improve the party's prospects in the midterm elections. But messing with the Constitution is dangerous, and not the way to do it. You cannot force "values" on people. You cannot legislate morality.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here’s Something For the Left,

Hey folks,

Here’s something for the left to rally behind today. A Bush administration official is expected to make an appearance today before the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Arlen Specter, R-Pa., to argue that a law is not binding when a president issues a separate statement saying he reserves the right to revise, interpret or disregard it on national security and constitutional grounds.

Bush has been doing this a lot lately. I do not like this at all. I feel that it could indeed lead to an abuse of power. HOWEVER,, it is a fact as White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said yesterday,

"Signing statements have long been issued by presidents, dating back to Andrew Jackson all the way through President Clinton,"

Of course, not that he said anything about it any other time than now, when it is simply another attack that they can lay against President Bush, Arlen Specter, R-Pa. is all excited. He demands a hearing on this LONG standing practice that he calls an example of the administration's abuse of power.

He said, "It's a challenge to the plain language of the Constitution. I'm interested to hear from the administration just what research they've done to lead them to the conclusion that they can cherry-pick."

You may want to talk to the Supreme Court as well as, far as the challenge to the "plain language" of the Constitution. While you are at it, you better call Clinton, and all the other Presidents that have done this in the past.

Now do not be mis-lead. Of course Specter's hearing is about more than the statements. He hates the President. He wants him impeached. He wants to be the Left back into power. He has been compiling a list of White House practices that he feels, and openly says could amount to abuse of executive power, from warrant less domestic wiretapping program to sending officials to hearings who refuse to answer lawmakers' questions. Of course during a time of war.

Like I said I do not really like this practice. But it is NOT Bush’s idea. It is a long standing practice and nothing new. But it is being spun to just be another attack on the Big Bad Bush Administration.

What has been done for years without objection, and without any news, is now in the spotlight because it is BUSH. This is just another example of the LWL hating and wanting to destroy the President.

To hell with America, the War, or anything else. "Get Bush." {Sigh} Oh, and they cannot stop this practice either, so why waste the time?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Old Saddam,

Hey folks,

"These puppets in the Iraqi government that the Americans brought to power are helpless. They can't protect themselves or the Iraqi people. The Americans will certainly come to me, to Saddam Hussein's legitimate leadership and to the Iraqi Baath Party, to rescue them from their huge quandary." So sayth Saddam.

Did we really need any more proof that this guy is nuts?

Good Monday morning to you. This is going to be the big news of the day. It’ll be interesting to see how it will play out in the Mass Media. Saddam Hussein ACTUALLY believes the United States will have to seek his help to stop the insurgency and violence in Iraq and open the way for U.S. forces to withdraw, his chief lawyer said Sunday.

According to Khalil al-Dulaimi who told the AP that,

"He's their last resort. They're going to knock at his door eventually." He said that Saddam is "the only person who can stop the resistance against the U.S. troops."

According to the AP, "There is no indication U.S. officials have considered seeking his help."

Are you kidding? Of course not. But this is one of the points I’m waiting to see if the MMD pick up and run with today. Don’t laugh, it is EXTREMELY possible that they will. You may even get some of the LWL crowd in there as well. According to al-Dulaimi ,

"The ongoing trial and verdict, which are already decided by Washington, are expected to result in the death penalty. The death penalty is political blackmail to pressure President Saddam to help the American forces out of their predicament in Iraq and to rescue it from the mess it created there."

The big bad Bush Administration is at it again. Taking the rights of Saddam, who is "innocent until proven guilty" away. They just want him dead. Bush wants him dead because of what his Father Bush Sr and Saddam went through. Etc. Can’t you just hear it?

I really do not think that there is any that are nuts ENOUGH to believe that seeking Saddams help is a pliable option, but you never know. I mean, if you try to rationalize it out, what’s the harm? Grant him a stay from the death penalty. He’ll be in jail for the rest of his life and unable to hurt anyone. Have him help speed up the process of cut and run,,,, I mean bringing our troops home. Why not ask for his help?

But you know folks, there are still those folks out there that truly believe that we should have never gone there to begin with. So if we should have never been there, then Saddam would STILL be in power. So if we are going to make it right, we should restore him.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

IWA for Sunday June 25th 2006,

Hey folks,

Well I didn’t have to look far to find the IWA this week. I’ve had it since Tuesday. This perhaps may be the most controversial IWA I have ever given out. But there is no other contender this week. I know that some of you may take offense to this, but it is just clear that this winner DESERVES it.

The IWA goes to,,,,, Ken MacKenzie, the Uncle of Army Pfc. Kristian Menchaca 23, of Houston, one of the two soldiers who disappeared after a firefight in Iraq, found dead with possible signs of torture, not far from where he and the other soldier, Thomas Lowell Tucker, 25, of Madras, Ore, were last seen.

I understand losing a loved one. I understand when you lose someone you love, you may not be thinking straight, and end up saying stupid things. But I have some questions about Mr. MacKenzie.

First realize this. This is not Kristian Menchaca’s Mother, nor Father. This is an Uncle that we do not know the relationship. We do not know if they were close. Or if, which appears more likely, this is someone seeking a spotlight, and possibly a lawsuit from the Government. He sounds an awful lot like a card carrying Bushwhacker, but I do not know this for fact. Nor do I know the role he played in Menchaca's life while Menchaca was alive. But I do know this, this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today Show", when asked,

"A group linked to al-Qaeda on its website has claimed that they actually took Kristian and another soldier. What's your reaction to that?"

MacKenzie said,

"My reaction is the United States government should have immediately notified these Shura Council mujahadeen that the United States government was offering a $100-million reward and offering to exchange the 2,500 mujahadeen detainees that Prime Minister al-Maliki of Iraq plans to release several weeks from now. I think the U.S. government was too slow to react to this, they should have had a plan in place. Because the U.S. government did not have a plan in place, my nephew has paid for it with his life."

Now this statement is so bizarre, that even MMD paid employee Matt Lauer had to interrupt, He said,

"Let me just interrupt for a second. Obviously the U.S. has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. We do have reports that up to 8,000 troops, U.S. and Iraqis, are out searching for your nephew and also reward money is being offered in Baghdad or in the area for any information leading to the finding of your nephew. Are you suggesting that you think the U.S. government should pay a ransom?"

The response of MacKenzie? He said,

"Yes. The ransom is available from Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath party funds seized by the U.S. government. More than $100 billion in cash and gold, that the U.S. government apparently had plans to return to the government of Iraq. I would think that that money, part of it, could be used to pay ransom. That would not be coming out of U.S. taxpayer pockets, by the way. It could be paid out of the bank account where it now reposes. I think that that money should have been earmarked for this type of a hostage situation."

Lauer continued to clearify, {I truly think that Matt could not believe what he was hearing} he asked,

"Mr. MacKenzie, obviously you are dealing with this as a personal and a family tragedy. I can certainly understand that, but wouldn't that then make it very profitable for terrorists in Iraq and other parts of the world to kidnap westerners because they could reap huge amounts of money from it?"

MacKenzie said,

"Yes, but they are doing that anyway. I don't know if that would escalate or encourage them to kidnap more westerners and more U.S. soldiers. But I rather doubt it. My concern is the humanitarian concern."

Ok, again, I understand the possibly that this is a grieving family member. But these are outrageous statements to make. Even if my Son Joshua was killed in combat, as much as this would kill me inside, I know for a fact that I would NEVER suggest that paying a stupid amount of money for ANY hostage civilian, or military personal, will, A- get them back alive, B- prevent any other abductions, or C- do anything else but ENCOURAGE more.

Although I can appreciate your loss, and wish you peace in your time of need, I have to say that you Mr. MacKenzie, making these statements, ARE idiotic. Therefore Sir, you ARE the Idiot of the week.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

AL Gore Repeats, I’m Not Running.

Hey folks,

Happy Saturday to you. Do you remember all the way back on June 5th, I posted "Good for Hillary, Bad for the Left." I, your voice of simplicity in this complicated world, your voice of logic and intelligence in the insanity that surrounds us, your gateway to the truth, reported to you that Al Gore said,

"I have no plans to be a candidate for president again. I don't expect to ever be a candidate for president again, I can't imagine any circumstances in which I would become a candidate again. I've found other ways to serve. I'm enjoying them," Al Gore told "This Week"and ABC program,,,, He added,,

"I honestly believe that the highest and best use of my skills and experience is to try to change the minds of people in the US and elsewhere in the world about this planetary emergency that we simply have to confront,"

On June 15th, I told told you, "They want and are betting on Al Gore, even though he said no. Let’s face it, he is making more money now then ever, and more money then he ever would as President. He has a sweet deal. He doesn’t want the ride to end. {And he knows he will not win}"

Now people were saying that I was way off base. They were saying, make that still are saying, "Of course he is running." and "This is what the book deals, and movie deal is all about, to raise money to run." Even all the big TV spots, all the morning shows, news outlets, all the mass media drones, everyone as of late are still holding out hope that he is running. They continue to state this as fact.

Well my friends, he will have a REALLY hard time now. Because if he runs NOW, he will be proven a liar just by running. I know, I know, the mass media drones, and the LWL, will excuse it, saying, "Everyone has a right to change their mind." "He just wasn’t sure when he made that statement."

So I guess he is still not sure. During his hometown book signing Friday, When asked about 08, Al Gore said,

"I'm not planning on it, but thanks for encouraging me,"

Now you know that the Left is going nuts folks. The mass media drones are continuing to say he is running. Even Rush and Sean are indicating that they feel he is. The simple fact is, some on the Left, and the MMD do not want Hillary. I cannot imagine the pressure that poor Mr. Gore is feeling from those "on his side".

As a side note by the way, remember what the Left and the MMD do NOT want you to remember? Do you remember that the "new" Al Gore, the environmental crusader, grew up in the lap of luxury on money from Big Oil, and tobacco? Just a humorous thought to me.

No, Al Gore says, again and again, "I’m not running." I guess we will see.
God Speed Mr Spelling.

Hey folks,

The great and creative mind that brought us entertainment like "Charlie's Angels" {One of my Favorite shows of all time}, "Love Boat," "Fantasy Island," {Another favorite} "Burke's Law," "The Mod Squad," "Starsky and Hutch,"{Yup, Loved that one too} "T.J. Hooker," "Matt Houston," "Hart to Hart" and "Hotel", "Melrose Place", "Dynasty", "7th Heaven" and "Summerland", has been silenced, but never forgotten.

Aaron Spelling died Friday, June 23rd, at his Los Angeles mansion after suffering a stroke on June 18, according to publicist Kevin Sasaki. He was 83.

To say theat he "left an indelible stamp on American pop culture" is an understatement. He was a man that truly understood the need of entertainment. Even if the critics didn’t agree. I find it amazing that he never won the critical acclaim he sought. Is there anyone else that could boast his success?

I love the fact that he was more concerned about the fans than he was the critics. He once said,

"The knocks by the critics bother you. But you have a choice of proving yourself to 300 critics or 30 million fans. I think you're also categorized by the critics. If you do something good they almost don't want to like it."

Yes Mr Spelling, even if your critics will not, be assured that you fans will miss you greatly. God speed Mr. Spelling. May his family have peace.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Off Day Friday June 23rd 06

Hey folks,

I will not be in Friday the 23rd, tomorrow. Have some personal stuff to take care of, but I will be back Saturday.

Happy Friday to all, and remember, no matter what happens today, it’s STILL Friday..
To Start The Day With A Laugh

Hey folks,

I though this was pretty funny. Seems I’m not the one giving out special awards. It is funny to me, and possibly you too , to hear that a movie that noone is watching is winning an award. That’s right, since it’s release, Al Gore’s documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", has grossed a mere $6,567,780, according This is nothing in "Movieland".

This means that nobody is going to see it. Nobody is going to buy the book, which he is releasing also. Nobody cares about this movie. I usually check out those radicle releases from these people, and even I do not want to se it. But I probably will rent it when it comes to video and DVD, if for no other reason than a laugh.

But even though nobody cares about this movie, it is winning an award. Got to love the tight nit Liberal Looneys. "Hey since noone wants to see this, we will make Al feel better, we will help him out. We will give this movie an award, then watch the sales take off." {Sigh}

The rare recognition from the Humanitas Prize, which honors screen writers that helps "liberate, enrich and unify society", um ok, will give Al and his failed attempt to draw attention to global warming, the organization's first Special Award in over 10 years, president Frank Desiderio announced yesterday. The last one went to Bill Moyers and Judith Davidson Moyers in 1995 for their documentary "What Can We Do About Violence."

Frank Desiderio said in a statement, "It's a very important film. We want to shine a light on it."

Translation, he is one of us. He is failing. We need to help him, help movie sales, and help him to feel better about the fact this movie is failing. We cannot have one of our own’s feelings hurt. This will help him.

Of course Al Gore and the documentary's director, Davis Guggenheim, are "thrilled" with the recognition, Davis Guggenheim said that Humanitas "supports the achievements and sacrifices of filmmakers trying to change the world."

"Change the world" Mr. Guggenheim? For this to happen, someone would need to believe in the vision of the writer. Be willing to follow what the writer says. Oh yeah, they would need to SEE the movie.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The MMD Guru Has Spoken, "Shhhh"

Hey folks,

This is interesting. This is also not exactly good news for the Left. The Queen is slipping. That’s right folks, Hillary,,sorry,,Senator Clinton, is losing.

No. I did not stop mid sentence. She is simple losing. She is losing support and respect from her own party, and now it appears that she is losing approval of New Yorkers.

According to a Siena College Research Institute survey, the results were released Monday, shows that her approval rating from New Yorkers has fallen to a new low. This is not good. Now don’t get me wrong, she still has pretty good numbers, but this is showing a tread negative to what the Left want you to think.

The poll shows only 54 percent of respondents of 623 registered voters said they viewed Clinton favorably, down from 58 percent last month and from 61 percent back in February 2005. While Senator Clinton’s "unfavorable" rating of 38 percent was also just 1 percentage point off its all-time high of 39 percent, reached in March.

The reason was speculated by Siena spokesman Steve Greenberg. He said,

"It may be disaffection over the Iraq war," which Clinton backed, "along with stepped-up attacks by Republicans,"

This and the facts that I have been pointing out Mr. Greenberg. The fact that Hillary presses on with her "Everything to everybody" game plan, trying hard to be a chamaeleon. But the whole Clinteleon thing is not working. She is not blending in, looking like what we are all looking for, she is too transparent. Too obvious and seems too be oblivious to this fact.

This along with the year flip flop on Alternative Fuels for votes. Her going against her party, being booed for supporting President Bush in the War, and no timetable. Simply, too much left over baggage and hard feelings from the whole "Clinton years." It is taking it’s toll.

Now I know that there will be some that say, it the Republicans, no better yet, President Bush’s fault. He has the Mass Media attack her???? No my friends, it is NOT the Mass Media Drones. It is the "New Media". People that point out FACTS, and TRUTH to you, and let you decide to believe it or not.

Why is it you most likely haven’t heard this news about her approval rating dropping? It is simple. The MMD Guru has spoken, he said "Shhhhh"
North Korea Heating Up,

Hey folks,

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice making statements. President Bush talking with Russian President Putin who made the call to us. Statements being made by top U.S. diplomats like,

"I can assure everyone that it would be taken with utmost seriousness."

The United States, Japan, Australia, South Korea and other countries have urged North Korea to abandon any missile firing. North Korea fuels the missile. Plans the launch. Their reason? North Korea says it needs nuclear weapons and a delivery system to counter what it contends are U.S. intentions to invade or topple the government. Of course this is not true.

Secretary Rice said,

"It would be a very serious matter and, indeed, a provocative act should North Korea decide to launch that missile," That it "would once again show North Korea is determined to deepen its isolation, determined not to take a path that is a path of compromise and a path of peace, but rather instead to once again saber-rattle."

There are talks and our missiles are ready, to blow this "test flight" out of the sky if they do launch. Remember back to the Reagan era, the "Star Wars" program? You know, the one that got laughed at? Well, we are continuing to work on that right now. We also have some missiles ready to go if a missile was to head here.

North Korea would be wise to abandon this test flight of their 116-foot-long missile has a firing range of 9,300 miles that could reach as far as the U.S. West Coast. Unfortunately, I do not believe they have any intentions on doing that.

With all this going on, and a possible launch within the next 48 hours, President Bush is going on a 15th trip to Europe. President Bush, in a speech last night, boasted the ties between the United States and Europe, praising joint efforts to end Syrian involvement in Lebanon, to establish peace between Israelis and Palestinians, fight poverty, AIDS and genocide in Africa, battle terrorism, and establish democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also said that he was heading to Vienna, Austria, for a one-day annual U.S.-European Union summit on Wednesday with a wish list as well. He called on Europe to eliminate agricultural subsidies so that talks for a global free-trade pact can go forward and to make good on pledges of help for Iraq's reconstruction.

He was saying the normal things you would expect to hear, like,

"America and Europe must work together to advance freedom and democracy,"

"A free and sovereign Iraq requires the strong support of Europe," he said. "And some of the most important support for Iraqis is coming from European democracies with recent memories of tyranny: Poland and Hungary and Romania and Bulgaria and the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia."

Now some would and will consider this interesting that President Bush is leaving the country as North Korea prepares to test this missile. Wait and see folks. I'm sure someone in the Mass Media Drones or Liberal blogs will point this out. But know this, EVERYONE, from us to many others, are watching North Korea with a microscope. Other than continuing to go ahead with the test, I do not believe they can do much more. But the timing is interesting non-the-less.

Let’s hope we can all work together to bring this situation under control..


Monday, June 19, 2006

North Korea, Missile Test

Hey folks,

As I have been warning you on for the past 5 years, North Korea moves ever so close to testing a missile that has the potential of reaching the USA. That’s right folks, Pyongyang appeared to have finished fueling for a test flight that could possibly reach as far as Alaska.

According to South Korean broadcaster YTN cited officials in Seoul as saying a launch of the North's Taepodong-2 missile could be imminent. The daily Dong-A Ilbo quoted a South Korean government official as saying,

"We think North Korea has poured liquid fuel into the missile propellant built in the missile launching pad. It is at the finishing stage before launching,"

Now the speculation of the test being conducted this weekend appears to be incorrect, however they are fueled and ready to go. Weather may be a possibile factor.

Now this is not really new. They already tested a missile back in 98. Since then, they have appeared to have been cooperating. As far as test flights that is. But for those that do not see this as a problem, or you just chose not to listen to me, listen to Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who said,

"Even now, we hope that they will not do this. But if they ignore our views and launch a missile, then the Japanese government, consulting with the United States, would have to respond harshly."

How does the US feel? We really do not know. All we have is U.S. ambassador to Japan Thomas Schieffer who told Japanese reporters in Tokyo that no "definitive judgment" had been made on that point. He said if they did launch, he thought sanctions would have to be considered, but added that he could not specify what steps would be taken. He called this "is a very serious matter." He said,

"It's a very dangerous situation and it would be one that we would react to very negatively."

Not all that reassuring.

The "experts" say that they believe North Korea, offended that world attention has shifted to concerns about Iran's nuclear ambitions and angered at a U.S. crackdown that has frozen hard currency income from alleged illegal activities such as counterfeiting, will carry out the test.

In other words they are pissed at us, and want to harm us. I hope that the President takes a serious look at resolving this volatile situation. I hope he using as much diplomacy as possible and not go straight for the threat of military force. North Korea has been and is getting even more dangerous. Yet just now, is the world starting to take notice..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

IWA For June 18th, 2006

Hey folks,

It’s Sunday, time for the IWA.

This week the IWA goes to a person that is the reason some are hesitant to give to charities, trust fund-raisers, and in general, dis-like people asking them for money. This person’s greed has an effect on those with real needs. I’m GLAD she is going to jail for the next two years. Not only is what she did illegal, but just plain wrong as well.

The IWA goes to, Heather Faria, 27, of Bristol county Massachusetts. Ms. Faria was working as a high school special education teacher, when she told friends, family and colleagues that she could not afford cancer treatment and still have money left over for food.

She say that the treatments were so expensive, she was barely able to survive daily living. This is not hard for anyone to believe and accept for fact. Everyone knows that if you have something wrong with you, be it cancer, or anything that causes you to end up seeking medical treatment, you run into high costs. Like $40.00 for an aspirin, etc.

Well her friends, family, and colleagues DID believe it. They went all out, even held a fund-raiser for her medical treatments. Picture this folks, you’ve seen the jars in the stores, fliers, bake sales, the Fireman Boot, etc. It is always around, because there is ALWAYS someone in need.

The problem in the case of Ms. Faria, is that it is not true. Her friends, family and colleagues raised $37,000 in donations, which she promptly spent on a vacation, a wide-screen television and jewelry, according to the Bristol District Attorney's office.

The New Bedford Superior Court found her guilty in April. She will be spending the next two years in jail. They also sentenced her to eight years of probation after she pleaded guilty to five counts of larceny and one count of gross fraud. According to Lisa Leonard, spokeswoman for Bristol District Attorney Paul Walsh.

I have no idea why Ms. Faria would think for a second that she could get away with this. If you DID have cancer Ms. Faria , and raised money for treatment, you would need a place to be treated. Well, she was exposed after the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where she said she was receiving treatment, said Faria was not a patient.

Congratulations Ms. Faria, you are getting what you deserve, and you ARE the Idiot of the Week.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Hey folks,

Happy Saturday to all. I could talk today about a number of things. But it’s the weekend and that means the lighter side of the OPN. Mostly Sunday I know, but I have an honest question. Do these farmers get charged with Aiding? I can see at least one of them getting sued by the ACLU, but are they to be praised or arrested? I guess that depends on who you talk to.

I also love the way some are reporting this. Like the AP. But we do not need to look for anything coming from congress any time soon. As I told you before hand..

Seems that in Texas, there are some farmers that are tired of fixing their fences. Why do they need to? Because the illegals are cutting holes in them to come into the country. Oh? So not only are some coming here illegally, but now we find out that they are destroying privet property? This is called Criminal Mischief. I suppose you can also say they are breaking and entering. But then again, some want to absolve them from identity theft and everything else, so what’s a little B and E.

Well some farmers, like Scott Pattinson, who owns one of a group of ranches known as La Copa, is so tired of fixing his fences, that he has come up with a solution. He put ladders up for them to use. He said,

"It's an attempt to get them to use the ladders instead of tearing the fences,"

He is not alone. Paul Johnson protects his 2,700-acre ranch with about 10 miles of high wire fence, and joined his neighbors in placing ladders along the way. Not all of the illegals trust this though, and still go through his fence. He said,

"They're afraid that they're monitored by the Border Patrol."

At least Johnson is coming to his senses though, after the story is breaking,

"I think what it does is give a signal that we are wanting them to cross there, don't mind the crossing, and that kind of magnifies the problem,"

You think Mr. Johnson? Not to mention, you and Mr. Pattinson ARE aiding these people to break the law. There are some that have solved the property damage a little differently, WITHOUT helping them across. You have to love this guy. Mr. Michael Vickers never liked the ladder idea and instead has electrified his fence with 220 volts of electricity.

I know, I know, this is a law suit waiting to happen. The ACLU will show up at HIS ranch if an Illegal get’s hurt and it can be documented. The LWL will be protesting Mr. Vickers’s ranch saying he has no right to protect his property. Although not saying those exact words of course.

Then you have the Mass Media Drones. They paint you this vivid picture of these poor immigrates, and use this to continue on this "poor them" theme. Here is just one example. From the AP today,

Some immigrants walk for hours or days to skirt the checkpoints in temperatures hovering around 100 degrees. Their feet have worn visible paths through a forest of cactus and mesquite otherwise thick enough to conceal them from Border Patrol helicopters overhead and agents only a few hundred yards away.

Yes poor them. They CHOSE to do this folks. They chose to sneak in and all that goes with it. Hey, why not? We have a President that wants to give them amnesty. Call it what you will. All they have to do is get here, and we’ll take it from there..

Oh no Peter, you cannot say that. They have to have been here for 5 years, bla, bla, bla,. If they can create, or better yet receive, false documentation, is it really hard to believe that they will be able to "prove" they have been here?

Anyway, if we are going after the employers for hiring illegals, then should we also not be going after those that AID them getting here in the first place?

Friday, June 16, 2006

More Proof the Fringe Is Out of Touch,

Hey folks,

First of all, sorry for being so late. To all the OPNers that wake up, get their coffee, and join me here daily, I truly apologize. Got up late, Had to go. But I’m here now, What a day this was.

All the build up. All the promises. Then, the vote. Failed did the LWL. Failed BIG time they did. This is even more proof that the Far Left Fringe is so far out of touch, that their own party will not back them.

The timetable debate is over. At least officially. They voted for a documented timetable to withdraw troops by years end. This with all those on the Left and some on the Right, continuously hammering the President to "Bring them home." The Left asked for a debate and vote. The Right GAVE them what they asked for. It FAILED the Left BIG time.

The vote in the Senate? 93-6. The six were Democrats. Then today, the house voted 256-153, with 42 Democrats braking ranks to vote it down. This is a BAD day for the Left Fringe. Great day for the Right.

House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, echoed the President saying,

"Achieving victory is our only option. We must not shy away."

Of course House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi was towing the "Party" line saying,

"'Stay the course' is not a strategy, it's a slogan," then she called the war "a grotesque mistake."

Now you KNOW that the LWL and the MMD (Mass Media Drones} are going to continue to call this an engineered debate and vote, 144 days before midterm elections that will decide who runs Congress. Yet even though they "feel" this way, 42 Democrats voted Nay. That has to be one of the biggest divides on the Left in years. With 144 days to go, they better get together.

As I have pointed out to you in the past, they have some BIG problems. Oh, some STILL believe that they already have it won. But as you can see, forget just this day, but this has been a bad month for them.

Lets see,
1- al-Zarqawi’s death.
2- more raids, more top of the enemies dead or captured.
3- That "Letter" You know, the one they are trying to prove is fake. The one al-Zarqawi says WE are winning and him and the terrorists are losing.
4- Some on the Left asking Hillary NOT to run. Hoping on Al Gore, who said, "I’m not running."
5- Many who are starting to be embarrassed by and do not want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Even if they do win.
6- Clear cases of corruption being ,,uh,,alleged. Nancy Pelosi calling for one of their own, who happens to be Black, to resign from office, upsetting the Black Caucus.
7- California
8- Now this vote that puts them on record.

Not exactly in this order folks, just as they came off the top of my head. But needless to say, not a good month.

So why did these 42 Democrats brake ranks? The answer is so simple that it really needs not to be verbalized. But to those that need to hear it, even if they do not want to accept it, 144 days to election time. Many, if not all, of these are up for re-election. Then of course you have what I told Ron about yesterday, not all those on the Left are Looney. They understand that this Far out agenda is NOT going to win any elections. Maybe there is hope at the end of the day.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

No Time Table,

Hey folks,

"I have to just say it. I do not think it is a smart strategy either for the president to continue with his open-ended commitment, which I think does not put enough pressure on the new Iraqi government, nor do I think it is smart strategy to set a date certain. I do not agree that, that is in the best interest of our troops or our country." Senator Hillary Clinton at the "Take Back America" conference at the Washington Hilton.

As you may have guessed, the LWL and Liberals in general HATED this. A loud roar of boo’s rang out. She, Senator Clinton, was the target of protesters, who chanted "Bring the troops home" and "Stop the war." Welcome to the Dark side Senator Clinton.

So what was this all about. Has she lost her mind? Has she found it? Has she came over to the Right side? What is going on with her? More and more religion. NOW all for alternative fuels. Then you have this? Her not only agreeing with President Bush, but siding with him?

This is a simple answer, but true. It’s an election year and she is dreaming of a White House. She knows what I’ve been saying for years is true. There is not enough LWLs or even RWRs, you know, extremists on either side to win any election. She cannot win just pandering to the far Left. So she is trying to change her image. A more religious, friendly, compassionate Hillary.

Here is the problem though. One that as hard as she tries, she really cannot over come. It’s not true. Her past history, her own words, her votes, tells you this is not the truth. Most average Americans know that EVERY politician tells you what they think you want to hear. Then if they DO get elected they either,

A- Forget
B- Apologize and tell you why it cannot be done.
C, Blame someone else. "I told you what I wanted to do. But the problem is the House, Senate, will not allow it to happen. It’s not my fault. I still believe, as you do, that this is a good thing, but they are preventing it from happening."

The difference in all other politicians and Hillary is, she is coming into the game with to much baggage. President Clinton, for those with short term memory problems, that would be Bill, her husband, did far more harm than good for those on the Left. When most are asked, what positives did President Clinton do for the country, you are met with moments of pause and contemplation. But if you asked simply, "What did President Clinton do while in office?" they will say things like, tying up airports for haircuts, have affairs, allow terrorist to attack us and do nothing, oh yeah, he got impeached for lying under oath. Look at it this way, why do you think the Right started taking over the House and Senate in 94. And why do you think the Left started losing elections after that?

The Left is banking on this same concept. If enough people dislike the President, they will win the House and Senate, then in turn the White House in 08. But it is NOT working folks.

Hillary is facing an up hill battle just in her own party. Some in her party KNOWS that she is bad for them. They do not want her to run. They want and are betting on Al Gore, even though he said no. Let’s face it, he is making more money now then ever, and more money then he ever would as President. He has a sweet deal. He doesn’t want the ride to end. {And he knows he will not win}

Hillary presses on with her "Everything to everybody" game plan, trying hard to be a chamaeleon. But the whole Clinteleon thing is not working. She is not blending in, looking like what we are all looking for, she is too transparent. Too obvious and seems too be oblivious to this fact.

Make all the excuses you want, being booed by your base party, is NEVER and good thing.
What Ever Happened to North Korea?

Hey folks,

I know some of you may not know this, but way back when, in the beginning or the War being taken to Iraq, I said I think we need to be concentrated on North Korea. Instead of going after a guy with a sling shot in a desert, we should be going after the one that HAS WMDs, and said in not uncertain terms he would love to use them against us.

Well, according to an article by AFP, Senator Lisa Murkowski seems to feel the same way. She said,

"The United States must focus its efforts toward North Korea first and foremost on the nuclear issue,"and "While the issues of currency counterfeiting, weapons proliferation, and human rights are all very important, the reality is that without an agreement on the primary source of irritation, there will be no progress on the other issues either.

We need to solve the nuclear issue first, and then concentrate on getting North Korea to act on other areas of concern,"

So what am I saying? It’s been five years now. If they had the capability and the will, as we KNOW they do, how many WMDs do they have now? While we have been fighting the war in Iraq, while the Left has been busy doing everything in their power to attack Bush, while Bush is preparing to go into Iran, North Korea just keeps chugging along.

All was quiet after the talks with the us, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and of course North Korea, for about two months. The reason for the break? President Bush imposed financial sanctions on Pyongyang for alleged US dollar counterfeiting and money laundering activities. North Korea has said it will negotiate any more until the sanctions are lifted.

As I said before, we DO live in dangerous times. We may very well be looking elsewhere when North Korea decides to make their move. While we are busy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and all of our infighting, it maybe too late.

We do indeed live in dangerous times. Let’s forget the "preemptive strikes", cowboy attitude, and the "our way or else" thing, and try TALKING.

Now do not get me wrong. I understand we are being threatened. I understand that we need to protect ourselves. I understand that Iraq is a good thing. I have no problem in the use of force if we HAVE to. I’m just saying, let’s try everything we can, NOT to have to.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Evidence. Parents Do Not Let Your Kids Read These Books.

Hey folks,

Again, I just brought up the moral decline in this country. I pointed out the direct connection between this moral decline and the rise in crime. I know, some of my Liberal friends HATE it whenever I talk about this topic. But it IS the truth.

Well, "Dick and Jane" have a whole new meaning now. To make matters worse, these two new books are being offered by the American Medical Association. That’s right, the AMA is offering these books that they want you to give willingly to your young child, and have them read this garbage.

In two new books "Girl's Guide to Becoming a Teen" and "Boy's Guide to Becoming a Teen," the AMA tells kids that masturbation is healthy, that penis size doesn't matter, that gay sex is normal and oral sex is really sex. Yes, you no longer have to share this information with your kids, they will do it for you.

I love what the AMA says,

"This comprehensive, reliable guide to a topic both parents and teachers sometimes have difficulty discussing with children, is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format with fun two-color layout and illustrations,"

Porn for kiddies? Fun two color layout and illustrations?? Before you know it folks, even though they say, they have no plans to market the books to school systems at this time, but yet say, both parents and TEACHERS, just wait. If enough of you do not spend the $12.95 at the book stores or off their website, OR if some bleeding heart Left Wing Looney decides that this is a good thing for you and your family, it WILL be in the schools.

According to the AMA's president, J. Edward Hill, M.D.

"These books are tremendous resources for preteens and parents of preteens who are looking for reliable medical information to help their children through puberty."

I have a better one Doc. It’s called Parents. I have to say, if this was not written for and marketed for kids 12 and under, this would be laughable. Here is some of what you will see in the books. Chapters like "Welcome to Puberty," "Your Reproductive System - Inside and Out," "Erections, Wet Dreams and Masturbation" and "What About Sex,". Now I know, it’s the AMA. So of course they include in these books also discussions about health, hygiene, dieting, feelings, and relationships. Ok, I have to ask, what does the AMA have to do with teaching kids sex, feelings, and relationships? Nothing.

You have to remember the AMA, specifically Hill himself, opposed the administration's abstinence only education policy. This is not much of a stretch being that sex, I guess, could fall under "medical", but this is also the same AMA that has become an advocate of gun control, claiming that such efforts could reduce gun related injuries.

Anyone with even an infinitesimal amount of intelligence can see that the AMA, and it’s President, have become nothing more than a vehicle of the LWL {that’s Left Wing Looneys for those that do not understand abbreviations}. These books are meant to in doctorate our youth into accepting things that should be up to the Parents to teach.

You, as an adult, do have to find some of the stuff in these books humorous. Like when it tells little boys that they should not "masturbate so much that you don't have time for other things, like spending time with your friends, or enjoying your hobbies." I’m not making this stuff up folks.

Sorry Mr. Hill, to me this sounds like porn for kiddies in guise of Aesculapian education. Complete with "fun two color layout and illustrations". This is merely a tool to further the LWL and "anything goes" agenda.

For any of you who are parents, trust me on this one, keep them away from these books. Selling sex to 11 or 12 year olds is just plain idiotic, and does not help the moral decline. When your kid or kids are ready, you will know, and YOU should talk to them about it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Contributed To?

Hey folks,

For those of you that have known me for a while, know that a couple of years back, I wrote a series of articles entitled The Moral Decline of America. In these articles, I talked about the effect that the "Anything Goes" and Political Correctness garbage was adding to this. Just look at our public school systems. We went from talking and chewing gum, to rape and murder. Look at society as a whole and you see clothing magazines selling cloths using naked teenage models. Our TV and Movies continue to push the envelope as to what is and is not acceptable. Then in recent years, you have had an all out War against God, and anything Christian.

As I said then and AM saying now, it really IS just this simple. If you take God, and morals out, something else will take their place. The complicity of just allowing the "Anything Goes" crowd, and the PC crowd to do whatever they want has, make no mistake about it, contributed to the situation we have today.

Today the FBI statistics are in and guess what, the crime rate in America is on the rise and is currently at the biggest one year rise since 1991. According to the stats, in Philadelphia, homicides jumped from 330 in 2004 to 377 in 2005, a 14 percent increase, according to the FBI. Murders climbed from 272 to 334 in Houston, a 23 percent rise, and from 131 to 144 in Las Vegas, a 10 percent increase. Murders rose from 59 to 104 in Birmingham, Ala., up 76 percent; from 59 to 85 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, N.C., a 44 percent spike; from 89 to 126 in Kansas City, Mo., a 42 percent rise; from 87 to 122 in Milwaukee, a 40 percent jump; and from 79 to 109 in Cleveland, up 38 percent.

To much surprise, New York is on a decrease. I cannot figure that one out. It just has the biggest Police force in the country. Let’s see more Police patrolling, less crime? Is that how it works?

I love the fact that for whatever reason, there are some who refuse to see this and are already making excuses. Not even good ones at that. Must be a Liberal.

The Director of the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics, Jeffrey Sedgwick, wants us to be optimistic about this. He warns that it just may be that we have driven the crime rate so low, that this is "natural". In other works folks, the rise in crime is normal because he said "I'm not sure it's reasonable to expect you can always drive the crime rate down,".

He also cautioned that it is not yet clear whether the FBI numbers reflect a real increase, or the ordinary year-to-year variations that statisticians call "static noise."

LOL are you kidding? Yes all is right with the country. Do not worry about it. All is fine. We do not need morals, or anything God. By the way, you hear about the new Football movie that got a PG because there were too many references to God in it?

This is completely laughable folks. "We must have "Separation of Church and State"." There is NO SUCH THING. But as I warned, you remove morals and God from public life, you are left with anything else. When you say "anything goes, as long as you do not hurt anyone", then anything goes. When you attack anything moral, you get immoral. When you remove all blame from individuals, like this new "Disorder" called "IED", then you are not responsible for your actions. You may have IED or Intermittent Explosive Disorder, if,

On several occasions the patient has lost control of aggressive impulses, leading to serious assault or property destruction.

The aggression is markedly out of proportion to the seriousness of any social or psychological stressors.

No other mental disorder or personality disorder better explains the symptoms.

These symptoms are not directly caused by a general medical condition or substance use, including medications and drugs of abuse.

So now, if you lose your temper, it’s not your fault, you have IED. Go home, take some drugs, you will be fine.

Yes, the crime rate is increasing, morals continue decreasing, yet according to some, there is no problem. Go home today, and hug your kids. They are facing a hell of a future.

Monday, June 12, 2006

As I Said

Hey folks,

Some days I HATE being right. As I told all of you on the west coast, get ready. I know, I know, all the forecasters were saying this was not going to amount to much. I understand that noone wants to think about another hurricane coming a shore any time soon. So everyone hears, "This will not be a big deal. Think of it this way, we need the rain." they immediately relax and take a nonchalant attitude.

This is the whole reason I posted "Get Ready". You can not EVER be 100% sure when it comes to weather. Like I said just this morning, "Now I know that there are some that suggest that the news media, leading up to this hurricane season, was just trying to scare people. This is stupid as far as I’m concerned." I encouraged people to at least see this as practice. Go get your three day supplies, BATTERIES, and enough of them, radio, flashlights, cooking gas, etc. GET READY.

Turns out, this "Non-issue" is NOW nearly a Cat. One Hurricane. According to the AP,

If Alberto came ashore as a hurricane, it would be the earliest hurricane in 40 years to hit the United States, according to the National Hurricane Center. The earliest on record is Alma, which in 1966 struck the Florida Panhandle on June 9 — the ninth day of the hurricane season.

Alberto started as a tropical depression on Saturday, and forecasters over the weekend were confident it would not become a hurricane. But the storm's winds accelerated with startling speed from 50 mph to 70 mph in just three hours Monday morning. The minimum for a hurricane is 74 mph.

"We were surprised, but we've been surprised before," said Richard Pasch of the hurricane center. "The center in disorganized storms can re-form and jump."

We were surprised? Are these not the "Experts"?

This "non-event" is now being taking VERY seriously. Jeb Bush has signed a declaration of emergency allowing him to call up the National Guard and put laws against price gouging into effect. More than 20,000 people along Florida's Gulf Coast were ordered to clear out of town. Even President Bush is getting involved. He said,

"We're talking about powerful forces of nature," He encouraged, as I did, "People need to take this very seriously."

Now I understand that this is no Katrina. But it is more than just some much needed rain. Max Mayfield, Director of the National Hurricane Center, warns,

"We don't want to overdo it. It's not a Katrina or a Wilma, but storm surge and flooding could still cause loss of life,"

As I said this morning, to all my friends on the west coast, PLEASE get ready. Get out of town if you are asked to. Take shelter. Make sure you have supplies. Even say a prayer or two. Whatever you do, do NOT take this with a nonchalant attitude. It still has time and is still strengthening.

Best case scenario, we get that much needed rain, and you have supplies for the next one. Worse case, you do not prepare, and get caught off guard. This could get you dead. Dead is not good. Getting Ready IS.
Like It or Not, Here We Go Again,

Hey folks,

It’s the 12th day of hurricane season here in sunny Florida, and the first named storm of the season is heading right toward us. For my friends on the west coast, get ready.

Turns out that this "really non-issue" mass of clouds has turned into Tropical Storm Alberto that has maximum sustained wind near 50 mph. They are still saying that it is not likely to grow into a hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said. Alberto was centered about 275 miles south-southwest of Apalachicola. It was moving north-northeast at about 8 mph and could make landfall Tuesday night.

According to Ron Goodman, a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center,

"Right before landfall they expect a little stronger: 55 gusts to 65. It won't be quite hurricane strength," He added "Things can change, but right now it's not expected to be a hurricane."

After the past three years, this should be great news for Floridians. But as I said, it is only day 12.

Now I know that there are some that suggest that the news media, leading up to this hurricane season, was just trying to scare people. This is stupid as far as I’m concerned. I hope people get scared enough to get out IF another BIG ONE comes. Remember what happened just in the last two years? Hurricane preparedness and yes, even a healthy fear of what they can do, can save your life. Last year's hurricane season was the most destructive on record. Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi and was blamed for more than 1,570 deaths among Louisiana residents alone. This one will not be even close to that strength, but be ready for anything. It is just that simple.

As of right now a tropical storm warning was issued for most of Florida's west coast, from Englewood to Indian Pass, meaning tropical storm conditions were expected there within the next 24 hours. A tropical storm watch remains in effect from south of Englewood to Bonita Beach.

I for one know, that if another BIG ONE comes in my direction again, I will be taking shelter and saying a prayer or two. It really does work. To my friends on the west coast, heads up, get ready, be ready, three day supplies, batteries, flash lights, batteries, radio, batteries etc. The radio and flashlight does no good if the batteries run out. Come on, we should all be experts by now. Consider this Tropical Storm, Alberto, to be practice..

Sunday, June 11, 2006

IWA for Sunday June 11th, 2006

Hey folks,

My 14 year old niece just graduated from middle school this year. I will be rewarding her with a nice dinner and movie. This is kind of a tradition. Every time she got good grades in school, or has a great accomplishment in her life, I usually rewarded her with a nice dinner out somewhere. Maybe a trip to the mall for a modest shopping trip. Things like this. Apparently, I was not doing enough.

It seems that in some areas, parents are doing a little bit more for their kids. I bet their kids are pretty popular amongst their friends as well.

Turns out that the reward for the 11 and 12 year old boys in the Carlson family for their good behavior was permission and supply to get high. Yup, that’s right, their parents rewarded them with marijuana. I wonder what the "good behavior"consisted of..

The police arrested Toni Lynn Carlson, 31, and Aaron Virgil Carlson, 23, of Chandler Arizona, on suspicion of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia, possessing marijuana for sale, contributing to the delinquency of minors and endangerment. Also under investigation is the possibility the Carlsons supplied drugs to other children.

During the interview process, the reward program was discovered. I would hope that the interview process continues. I hope their computer is taken and dissected, and their home throughly searched. ANY parents that are suppling their kids with, and possibly even their friends with marijuana, needs to be looked into a great deal farther.

11 and 12 year olds folks, haven’t they ever heard of "Chucky Cheese"?

Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Carlson, you are the joint winners of the IWA.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Here We Go,,,Again,,Freedoms Stripping Away

Hey folks,

Here we go again. The Big Bad Bush Administration is coming to get you.. Your freedoms are being stripped away. Do not make any mistake about it. This is another example of President Bush stripping away your rights. Impeach Bush....... Right?

It seems that those pesky terrorists just are not playing fair. They know that the government is "illegally" tapping privet citizen’s phones. The mass media drones told them so. So why do they not continue to use the standard phone systems so we can catch them? But no, they have to go high tech. That’s not fair. Now Bush is going to start monitoring the Internet, and broadband. Now I’m going to be afraid of what "Big Brother" might see on my computer...It’s all the,,no wait,, there are NO terrorists,,yeah that’s it,,Bush is just making this up. He blew up the World Trade Center. He "created" terrorists. He did all this just to see what I’m doing...Impeach Bush...

You see folks, it turns out that a federal appeals court sided with the Bush administration Friday on an electronic surveillance issue, making it easier to tap into Internet phone calls and broadband transmissions. In a 2-1 in favor of the FCC, the courts said that equipment using the new technologies must be able to accommodate police wiretaps under the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, known as CALEA..

Here’s part of the story I love. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy was the primary sponsor of CALEA in 1994. You know, when he LIKED the President. But NOW in 2006, he said that this ruling stretches the law to cover the internet. Have you ever heard of increasing technologies Senator? Times change and so must security.

What is so funny about this is that Senator Leahy wants so BADLY to say that this is evil and wrong. That this is stripping you of your rights. But he can’t. Why, he was the sponsor. He in essence helped to create it. So he has to find some way to say Bush is evil and wrong, using HIS creation.

Oh wait a second,, it has already begun. According to the AP,,

Jim Dempsey, policy director of the Center for Democracy & Technology, a private group, said the decision "threatens the privacy rights of innocent Americans as well as the ability of technology companies to innovate freely."

Mr Dempsey, "ability of technology companies to innovate freely."? This statement makes no sense. Have you not heard Sir, that if you put something out on the Internet, it becomes public? That’s not it. It’s the magic words that are being used here. The magic words that always create an explosive response for the fringe looneys. "Sided with Bush".

Notice how noone is bringing this up? According to Charles R. Smith’s article printed Jan. 18th 2006, at,

In 1993 Al Gore was charged by then President Bill Clinton to run the "Clipper" project. Clipper was a special chip designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) to be built into all phones, computers and fax machines. Not only would Clipper provide scrambled security, it also contained a special "exploitable feature" enabling the NSA to monitor all phone calls without a court order.

In 1993, VP Al Gore went to work with a top secret group of Clinton advisers, called the IWG or Interagency Working Group, and delivered a report on the Clipper project.

"Simply stated, the nexus of the long term problem is how can the government sustain its technical ability to accomplish electronic surveillance in an advanced telecommunications environment," states the TOP SECRET report prepared by Gore's Interagency Working Group.

Notice how back then, no one seemed to care. But NOW that it’s Bush, it is evil. Can you say hypocrites boys and girls?

Yes this story is slowly breaking. Just wait til Monday when all the normal talking heads, and the mass media drones get a hold of it. Forget al-Zarqawi, Bush is listening to your internet calls. Impeach Bush.
Still Continuing,

Hey folks,

The still continuing "big story’ and will be for days to come, is the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Do you all see the headlines yesterday? They are starting to be more critical and outrageous, as I told you they would be. For all my "Critics", you know the sheep that follow wherever the mass media drones lead them, just keep reading. They are going to intensify even more.

I was talking to a guy by the name of Bill yesterday. I give him an A for honesty. He actually was honest enough to come right out and say he does not believe in this war, and he does not support those troops that want to be there. Can you believe it? I bet you that if the enemy came tearing down his door, he would be the first in line to bow down and kiss their ass. He truly feels that it’s ok to feel this way. He doesn’t care about the Iraqis, Hates Bush, and most definitely, does not care about his freedom. Oh, he wants you to think he does, but he really doesn’t. One reason may just be, he is so blinded by the Liberal lunatic fringe, his hatred for Bush, and "self importance" {A liberal trait}, that he cannot see how wrong he is.

Keep watching folks, it is going to get interesting. I will of course point out from time to time, the truly idiotic examples...

I WILL be back on later for a new article.. Simply one of those weeks..

Friday, June 09, 2006

Same Day,

Hey folks,

REAL short on time this morning, but to just point out some of the things I was talking about, The following is what I posted on a discussion board to some that thought I was way off base here. I do not have time right now to check all the normal MMDs to see what they are saying today. But I will later..

And everyone else that thinks I’m completely wrong on this, think again. Using just the examples of the front pages that Fubars pointed out, you can see them opening the door for later attacks. I think raladno has it right.

Give them time to regroup.

I’m sure that if you look past the "Front Page" and actually read the articles, you will see that I’m correct. But for the card carrying "Bushwhackers", let me point it out to you.

As I’ve said before, I’m sure that there is a mass media drones guru behind the curtain, giving out the word or phrase of the day. Actually, I like that, mass media drones {MMDs} Today the magic word is multiple 500 pound bombs. The guru wants them to use this as much as possible to put the image of a massive, over needed, use of force against a house. Then he wants them to conjure up the imagine that there is some kind of cover up. Then on top of that, make sure that you throw in there, innocent people dying.

NYT, Yet elements of the military's timeline describing the bombing raid conflicted with at least one eyewitness account and appeared to underplay the role of American-led special operations forces.

Then they talk about this mystery house...

USATODAY, Six other people were in the house, including a woman and a child

CBS Market Watch, "While this story would have been tremendously bearish about a year ago, the situation in Iraq has now become so chaotic, that it transcends the death of one man, influential as al-Zarqawi was," said Edward Meir, an analyst at Man Financial, of the decline in oil.

They are not stupid. Of course they have to give the elusion of seeing the death of this man as a good thing, but they have opened doors to go through later. They will, trust me folks. The Left Wing Looneys are trying to regroup. They woke up this morning and saw the news. There probably was a lot of cursing all over the country. Why? This means that the President did something right. This means that we are WINNING in Iraq. A thought they do not even want to think. Some have started already. Some are waiting.

All our fault. Who cares, blah, blah, blah,, All Bush’s fault... These are those that the MMDs cater to folks. Those so blinded by hatred of President Bush, they will buy anything negative about him, true or not, and will NEVER accept nor give him credit for anything he does right.

Just watch, you’ll see.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Major Victory,

Hey folks,

A major victory for us in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaida's leader in Iraq who led a bloody campaign of suicide bombings and kidnapings, has been killed in an air strike. According to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, al-Zarqawi was killed along with seven aides Wednesday evening in a remote area 30 miles northeast of Baghdad in the volatile province of Diyala, just east of the provincial capital of Baqouba.

Because of this, more good news for those who follow the ever increasing gas prices, oil fell 1.7 percent to below $70 for the first time in two weeks on Thursday after the death of the al Qaeda's leader.

According to the AP,

Loud applause broke out as al-Maliki, flanked by U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and U.S. Gen. George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, told reporters at a news conference that "al-Zarqawi was eliminated."

In London, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said al-Zarqawi's death "was very good news because a blow against al-Qaida in Iraq was a blow against al-Qaida everywhere."

The announcement came six days after the Jordanian-born terror leader issued an audiotape on the Internet, railing against Shiites in Iraq and saying militias were raping women and killing Sunnis and the community must fight back.

Maj. Frank Garcia, public affairs officer for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, said,

"We killed him, and it's always great when you can remove someone that has caused this much harm," adding "We're one step closer to providing stability to the region."

The Iraqi government is thrilled. They cannot stop saying enough. This is a great moral booster for our troops as well.

You know, I can’t wait to see how this is going to play out in the mass mainstream media. This SHOULD be good and positive news across the board. But I doubt it. Either they will give it a little blip and move onto something else negative against the President, say it didn’t happen at all, or cannot be "confirmed", blame the President for "more innocent" lives lost during the raid, or create another diversion like showing a home on fire or the dead body of someone OTHER than al-Zarqawi, to take away this great and important victory. Let’s see what happens today. Shall we?
We Won!!! Well, not Really

Hey folks,

Glad to be back in the chair. I’ll admit, when I got up yesterday morning and saw this news, I ALMOST couldn’t help myself. I almost signed on. But I didn’t. So sorry a day late with this, but it proves my point.

Republican Brian Bilbray narrowly won a tough battle with Democrat Francine Busby in a special election north of San Diego to replace Randy Cunningham. Of course Republicans celebrated a crucial U.S. House of Representatives win. The Democrats? We won!!!???? What?

That’s right folks, they say that the narrow victory for the Right, was a "moral victory" for them. They say that this is a sign of things to come.. Does this mean that it is a sign that they will LOOSE in November? They LOST folks. Was it close? Yes. Was it a moral victory? I do not know. But I do know that "moral victories" do not make a policy change.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said, .

"I don't know how they can sustain that effort throughout the country". She added "While this did not produce a victory for us, it was good news in terms of the closeness of the race."

What Did I just say about playing games?

"just in reason times, Kennedy crashing his car under the influence, and gets a ride home by Police. Rep. Cythnia McKinney, D-Ga. Getting away with hitting a Capital Police Officer, Congressman William Jefferson with $90.000 in his freezer, and now good old Harry?"

Also you have Hillary flip flopping over Ethanol, clearly pandering for votes. Then they try to say that the Republicans are a "Culture of Corruption. The average American is not buying or drinking the cool aid they are trying to sell them.

California IS a sign of things to come. Because they will not listen. Will not stop playing games. If you ask any Liberal what is your plan if you do take over the House or Senate, if they are HONEST, I know that’s a stretch, but if they are, they will say impeach Bush. The Average American does not see this as a priority. What they want to hear is what will they do to win the war? What will they do to continue the increasingly positive economy? What will they do to make this country better? Trying to settle a score, or "vengeance impeachment" is not it.

I agree with Tony Snow,

"I think a lot of critics were hoping this would be a kind of a bellwether so they could say the Republican Party and the president are in peril and their hopes were clearly frustrated."

Frustrated and not realistic. They still feel that the drapes they picked out will be hung up in the offices of power. They will not be, unless they come up with a different game plan. The one that they have been continuously using, has not, is not, and will never work. California is just the beginning.

Oh by the way, all those "Stars" that came out to lend their support? Well, you get the point.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Off day,

Hey folks,

Sorry I will not be in the office tomorrow, June 7th. Unless of course my obsession gets the better of me. Or a immense news story breaks that I HAVE to share my, always correct, analyses with you. {Smile}

Barring all that, I will be back in the office Thursday. See you all then.

Oh, by the way, looks like we survived 060606...

Following the Iran Situation,

Hey folks,

As you know, we having been talking about the Iran situation. I have been urging President Bush to continue to seek a peaceful resolution. I was hoping that the package of incentives created by us and other world powers would be a step in the right direction. This all but completely took the possibility of aa imminent military strike off the table. Well, as long as President Bush keeps his word.

It’s in their hands now, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana met with Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani at the Supreme National Security Council building in central Tehran, and gave Iranian officials a package of incentives that are to persuade Iran to curb its nuclear program.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said ,

"If there is the political will to solve Iran's nuclear issue without any attempt to politicize it, I think we can come to a comprehensive agreement,"

The details of this package are remaining sealed, and terra incognita, to the public. Journalists were barred from the building at the time of the transfer. Why so secret? I do not know, but I wonder if the secrecy will play into future actions at a later time.

Now this is a step, but not the whole enchilada. You have just last week, threats by Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to disrupt the world's oil supply if Tehran is punished over its nuclear program, which immediately saw the price of oil rise.

The good news, if you can call it that, is that oil prices dipped today amid signs that crude supplies remain adequate for now, but analysts said concerns about possible disruptions in global oil flows will keep prices at current levels.

According to Victor Shum, energy analyst with Purvin & Gertz in Singapore,

"Until we see signs of real change in demand, pricing will generally stay in the low-70s range," He said "It will take a rather big supply disruption, either actual or perceived, to push prices to $75."

Well that’s because the immediate rise was a knee jerk reaction to Iran’s threat. The TRUTH is, Iran gets most of their OWN oil imported. Disrupt their oil supplies, I guarantee you, they would be quick to negotiate.

All this may be a step in the right direction. As long as they keep their end, and we keep ours. If not, this is all for not, and could turn VERY bad, VERY fast.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Good for Hillary, Bad for the Left

Hey folks,

Good Monday morning to you. I guess the biggest news over the weekend, that a lot of the mainstream mass media is trying to forget, is this statement,

"I have no plans to be a candidate for president again. I don't expect to ever be a candidate for president again, I can't imagine any circumstances in which I would become a candidate again. I've found other ways to serve. I'm enjoying them," Al Gore told "This Week"and ABC program,,,, He added,,

"I honestly believe that the highest and best use of my skills and experience is to try to change the minds of people in the US and elsewhere in the world about this planetary emergency that we simply have to confront,"

This leaves, as of now, the other leading contenders for the Democrat nomination including Senators Hillary Clinton of New York, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and John Kerry of Massachusetts, a better chance.

But is this a good thing? Great for Hillary, but this is bad for the Left. Well, you know this is actually GOOD for them, but they do not see it as such. Here is the problem, there are many in the Democratic party that do NOT want Hillary to run in 08. One, they do not feel she will win, and two, they want Bill Clinton working for the UN. So who was the Left Wing Fringe leaning on? Yup, you guessed it, Al.

Al Gore’s statements will tear an even wider division in the Left. Now those that wanted Hillary out, have to get behind someone else. Like Kerry? How do you think that this will sit with Hillary to begin with? Not good for "relationships".

But here is why this could be GOOD for the Democrats. Maybe, just maybe, they will finally say, enough with those that have so much baggage. Those that have name recognition, but in a very bad way. We need a new face, with a plan, to take us in a new direction.. You know, someone that may actually get us a win.. Or maybe they will just continue to play games and loose..

Sunday, June 04, 2006

IWA June 4th, 2006

Hey folks,

It’s Sunday, time for the IWA. Actually this week, it does not go far from what we have been talking about. Politicians, and the games they play.

And the award goes to??? Former Immigration Minister Joe Volpe of Canada. It seems that he was pretty smart in finding a way to circumvent the Elections Act, which says companies cannot donate to leadership campaigns and limits individual contributions to C$5,400. Which is about $4,900 US.

How did he do this? It appears that a pair of 11-year-old twins and their 14-year-old brother had each donated C$5,400 to his leadership campaign. The Parents of these children also donated the same amount.

I can only hope that Joshua has $4,900 when he is 11 that he would like to donate back to the family to help with this outrages cost of raising him.{smile}.

But the problem is, these parents and kids, are related to the chairman of generic drug maker Apotex Inc.

Here’s why he receives the IWA. His spokesperson Corey Hobbs, said,

"All the donations were in complete compliance with the law but the perception was not good and that's why they were returned,"

As you could expect, he is getting quite a bit of attention for this. I LOVE this phrase folks, according to New Democrat legislator Pat Martin.

"The Liberal Party is like an egg-sucking dog ... they dig under the fence to get at that money and they just can't be cured. With an egg-sucking dog, all you can do is put them down,"

This one is pretty good to, by Ottawa Sun columnist Greg Weston,

"Apparently all across the land, teenagers with a few hundred grand to burn are asking themselves: 'Do I buy a new sports car or support a long-shot for the Liberal leadership? Ferrari or Volpe?'"

Well at least we know we do not corner the market on stupid politicians. Congratulations Mr. Volpe, you ARE the Idiot of The Week.
October 5th , 2006

Hey folks,

First, I apologize for not being here yesterday and most of today. As one of my old familiar sayings goes, life interrupts. But I’m here now, and of course, will be tomorrow for the lighter side of the OPN.

There are a lot of people saying that the world will end on 06/06/06. But if we make it past this ominous date, I’m looking forward to October 5th, 2006. This is a date that I found in a website that a friend of mine turn me on to today. I’ll post the link in a few minutes for you to check out for yourselves. Being true OPNers, you know how to discern the truth from political rhetoric and out right lies.

It seems that this website posts the same old, same old, standard anti-war and Bushwhackers’s rhetoric. You know, illegal war, lies, condoning torture, running the country under Christianity, blah, blah, blah. As I told my friend Marc, I’m use to hearing this same old, same old, garbage. I do take exception to one though. The latest one.

Take a look at the front page of the papers just last Thursday: the crumpled, faceless bodies of civilian men, women, and children methodically massacred in their homes in Haditha, Iraq. Note how this was covered up, repeatedly, at many levels of the military. Recall Abu-Ghraib. Recall Bagram. And ask yourself the cost to humanity every single day this war continues.

First, noone knows the facts in this case. For you, them, or anyone else to find the troops involved in this case guilty unless they are proven innocent, are too ignorant to understand how the legal system works. If these troops are PROVEN guilty, they should and will be held accountable. If they are innocent, then you, them, and anyone else that have spewed this rhetoric, calling them murderers, calling this a massacre, or anything else, for the sole purpose of political gain, owe them MORE than an apology.

Until ALL the facts come out and the troops are found guilty, this is just more anti-war, anti Bush rhetoric crap. The troops and their families deserve the benefit of the doubt. You think you could walk a foot in their shoes? Not knowing if the little kid walking up to you is going to blow you apart? Would you be able to make a judgement in a split second? If you or any other Liberal feel you can make better in the field decisions, be my guest, go to the field.

Why is October 5th so important? According to the website this is the day that they will Change the course of history. This regime does not represent us and we will drive it out! How? By taking the day off or work and school and gathering together to protest. If you want to read their whole plan, go to Worldcantwait

Does this sound familiar? I don’t know, I seem to remember another radical group skipping work and school and protesting. By the way, when was the last time you heard anything about them? Sorry, but I really do not think that this will amount to much of anything either. Should be interesting to watch though.

Also interesting that they CONTINUE to prove my points on this. Instead of trying to get elected by the people to make the changes they NEED to make, being so absolutely and completely BLIND from their hatred of President Bush and this administration, they choose to STILL try to get him and them out. {sigh}

Thank you Marc for turning me on to this site. I encourage you all to go check this site out. Some of you for a laugh, some of you for inspiration, and those that are looking for an excuse to take a day off of work and school.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

It Appears All is Well In Vienna,

Hey Folks,

It is just now starting to be reported that the meeting in Vienna of foreign ministers from the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China , all permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, as well as Germany and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, was successful in creating a "far-reaching agreement".

According to British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett,

"We believe (the proposals) offer Iran the chance to reach a negotiated agreement based on cooperation," He added "We have agreed a set of far-reaching proposals as a basis for discussions with Iran,"

"We are prepared to resume negotiations should Iran resume suspension of all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities as required by the IAEA, and we would also suspend action in the Security Council,"

"We have also agreed that if Iran decides not to engage in negotiation, further steps would have to be taken in the Security Council. We urge Iran to take the positive path and to consider seriously our substantive proposals which would bring significant benefits."

Now just yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, said a military option remained as a last resort if talks or sanctions proved futile. We know what President Bush thinks of this also.

He said,

"The next step is for our coalition partners to go to the Security Council."

So why the all of a sudden turn around? It’s simple, the Bush administration is trying to get firm Russian support. This is why they have accepted language in a proposed Security Council resolution to support the offer that would rule out an immediate threat of military strikes.

President Bush is trying the nice guy thing. He even apologized, a week or so ago, for his "strong language."Now going with these proposals, could he be show a true willingness to try to bring about a peaceful resolution to this very volatile situation? I would like to think so. But remember what I said, "You remember leading up to Iraq, it seemed more of a "show". An appearance of seeking cooperation by president Bush KNOWING full well he was going in anyway." This is one of very few times I HOPE I’m wrong.

There are some very positive signs here. According to State Department spokesman Tom Casey, President Bush has spoken to Russian and Chinese leaders and that the conversations have been positive. He told reporters that the United States was willing to "go the extra mile". {By taking the immediate threat of Military force off the table}. But that the United States still sees Iran’s program to enrich uranium as non-negotiable. But so do they.

So I see this as a POSSIBLE step forward, and I would love to see this end in peace, and NOT WW3. I would love it if President Bush is sincere about this. But I have my doubts. Only time will tell.
I’m keeping ,,,Uh,,I mean I’m Not,

Hey folks,

Here we go again, Would somebody, ANYBODY please help the Left to get organized? Seriously. I think that there is someone lurking in the shadows that is TRYING to help them. The problem is, they really have a hard time doing it. By the time they get involved, the Left already does the damage.

Here is the problem. THEY, (the Left) coin phrases and say the we are in a "Culture of Corruption". They try to point out all the things the Right is accused of doing. Then, you get example after example of their own "sloppiness". But that is OK. Let’s see, just in reason times, Kennedy crashing his car under the influence, and gets a ride home by Police. Rep. Cythnia McKinney, D-Ga. Getting away with hitting a Capital Police Officer, Congressman William Jefferson with $90.000 in his freezer, and now good old Harry?

Even House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says William Jefferson should give up his seat on the Ways and Means Committee "in the interest of upholding the high ethical standard of the House Democratic Caucus." He said No.

Now Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who DID receive free boxing tickets from a Nevada agency trying to influence him on federal boxing legislation, is trying to change his mind. Just Tuesday he vowed to keep taking such gifts. He said he "Deserves them". He then "mis-stated" the ethics rules attempting to justify this.

But today is a new day folks, the Senate leader will NOT be keeping the tickets and has also decided not to take free boxing seats in the future even though he still believes it was ethical to do so in 2004 and 2005.

Hey at least they are being honest here, spokesman Jim Manley said,

"In light of questions that have been raised about the practice, Senator Reid will not accept these kinds of credentials in the future in order to avoid even the faintest appearance of impropriety,"

A little too late there Mr, Manly. I love the fact "in light of questions",, He got caught..

There is this debate going on right not that most average Americans are "Liberal", "on the "Right", on the "Left", etc. I have told you, and the TRUE OPNers KNOW that the truth is most Americans are Independents. They are Independent thinkers, and Independent voters. We want those we elect to represent us. We want those that want to be elected to talk to, not AT, but to, us. Playing these games will not win you elections. They just make those playing look stupid.

"Culture of Corruption"? Yes. Sad thing though is that it is called politics.