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Sunday, October 30, 2011

DLA For Sunday 103011

So NOT help out those that want you dead? Novel concept.

Hey folks,

So you have someone who has SAID, "I want you DEAD!" You have someone who is currently giving someone who IS attacking you, and wants you dead, MONEY, Weapons, and Intelligence, to aid them in their mission. You have someone who wants your Friend DEAD. So what do you do? Help them out. Yeah, just give them business, which gives them money, that they give to those trying to kill you.

Of course you don't. But WE do. As a Nation, we do. However, there is a Democrat in NY that gets it. According to Iran Focus / Reuters - NY bill seeks ban on companies investing in Iran

NEW YORK Oct 27 (Reuters) - Companies and individuals that invest in Iran's energy sector would be barred from doing business with New York state and its counties, cities and towns under a bill proposed by the state Assembly speaker.

States, local governments and private institutions should do "everything possible" to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to a draft copy of the bill proposed by Speaker Sheldon Silver, which cites Iran's "illicit nuclear activities" and work on "unconventional weapons."
Yes I'll TAKE IT! I know the guy is a Democrat. In this case, he is a SANE Democrat. I know nothing about this guy. But I do know that in this case, the guy is right on the money.

The proposed bill is modeled after a similar proposal in California. New York has in the past tackled international issues by threatening to sell stakes held by its pensions in public companies.

An investment in Iran's natural gas, oil or nuclear industries is defined broadly in the draft bill, as "a commitment or contribution of funds or property, a loan or other extension of credit and the entry into or renewal of a contract for goods and service."
Again, we do not need Iranian or any other's Oil or Natural Gas. If the Government would just get out of the way, we would be self sufficient. Just the Keystone Pipeline would supply 95 percent of all our Liquid Fuel needs. Natural Gas is exploding, pardon the pun, all over the Country. If we just got Government out of the way, we would need not worry about one DROP of our Energy Needs coming from the Middle East. Obama and Crew could allow and assist the Muslim Brotherhood completely take over the Middle East. All we would have to worry about is Nukes. Get the right people in power in 2012, work with our Allies, and we would not have to worry about that either. Just a side note here.

Individuals would be subject to the ban if they provide goods or services of at least $20 million or an individual "provides oil or liquefied natural gas tankers, or products used to construct or maintain pipelines used to transport oil or liquefied natural gas," according to the draft.

If enacted, New York's Office of General Services would have to review 50 companies that California has identified as possibly qualifying for such a curb.

The list includes heavyweight public and national firms: BHP Billiton , China National Petroleum Corp, Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Heavy Industries , Indian Oil Corporation , LUKOIL , Norsk Hydro ASA , Petroleos de Venezuela, Sinopec Corp and Total SA .
I hope this passes. I really do. I hope Speaker Sheldon Silver stands tough here. Congratulations Speaker Sheldon Silver, for having the ability to not only see the TRUTH, but the courage to stand up for it, you are the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for Sunday, October 30th, 2011. It is RARE for someone on your side to actually look at a situation, recognized what you are seeing, and stand up for what is right. Good Job. Now stand tough. You are going to have some negative feedback from some on your own side. You may even be pressured to back off. Don't do it. Stand up for what you believe in. For what you believe in is the right thing to do.

Iran Focus / Reuters - NY bill seeks ban on companies investing in Iran

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