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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Majority Agree With The Flea Party?

"I was wondering what you really thought of this. Seems that there is a Poll out there that says more people support this movement than they do the Tea Party. What say you Peter?"

Hey folks,

I say it is completely Bogus. The Left, which includes the Media are scared to death of the Tea Party. 2010 woke them up. Now, going into the 2012 Elections, they KNOW that Obama is toast. The Senate is going to change hands, and the People are not happy with Politics as usual.

You want to know about a true desire for change? The Tea Party is it. This group of low life PAID Protesters and Sheeple that are part of the Occupy Wall Street Crowd are nothing but a Joke. This is NOT a real, grassroots Movement. This is an Orchestrated ATTACK on Capitalism, and the America we know and love. Some of these Morons are being paid more than some of you make in a week to be Protesting what they do not even understand. Then on top of that, they want FREE STUFF from those they are Protesting.

The big News now out of this bunch is that they are upset that Bloomberg in NYC wants to clean up after their mess. They are upset that he is tired of them turning the Park into a Pig Sty. Oh, and they want the City {Tax Payers} to pay for Dumpsters and Porta Potties.

This is the Liberal answer to the Tea Party. But the Tea Party they are NOT nor will they ever be. They are a Joke. When the money goes away, so will they. It really is that simple.

As for this Poll? It makes no sense whatsoever. Seriously. More people in this country believe that we should have MORE Taxes? They think we should just forgive ALL debt? They believe that there should be no Corporations and we need MORE Government? Uh, NO. The truth is, the MAJORITY of this Country want the exact OPPOSITE of what these Protesters are calling for. They WANT less Taxes, Smaller Government, more FREEDOM. The majority of this Country are not the Flea Party. {Thank you Ann Coulter} They share their views with the TEA PARTY.

As for the Tea Party dying or being insignificant? I guess we'll see in 2012. 4 more years of Obama and Crew will KILL this Country. We can not let that happen.

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