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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Courts Wasting Time, "Global Warming" Debate.

Hey folks,

Good Thursday morning to you. Here we go again. It will be in all the news outlets today as usual, unless the President's meeting over rides it. OK, President meets with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and says, "We will not leave until the job is done. But we will work to speed the turnover" There you go.

Now the Supreme Court is divided on the issue of "Global Warming." I wouldn't be. There is no such thing. No scientific clear cut evidence AT ALL to support it. As a matter of fact, the Satellite and other evidence shows that the ice sheets are actually getting thicker, and that the Antarctic Dry Valleys, the continent's largest ice-free area, have cooled somewhat. The National Science Foundation says records show a decline in seasonally averaged surface air temperatures of 0.7 degrees centigrade per decade, but has no explanation for this fall.

With that and all the evidence to the exact opposite of "Global Warming", I understand why the Court is divided. Basically the case wasting the Court's time is whether the Environmental Protection Agency {EPA} is required by law to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from newly manufactured motor vehicles.

This basically sums up the disagreement,

"Isn't it intuitively reasonable to suppose that with some reduction of the greenhouse gases, there will be some reduction of the ensuing damage or the ensuing climate change which causes the damage?" asked Justice David Souter. "Isn't that fair?"

"There's something of a consensus on warming, but not a consensus on how much is attributable to human activity," countered Justice Antonin Scalia.

Translation of this case as a whole? CNN reports

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Supreme Court appeared sharply divided Wednesday over what role the federal government should play in regulating carbon dioxide emissions from new cars.

The major environmental case pits states against the Bush administration over damage claims blamed on global warming."

They are blaming BUSH! {Laughing, banging hand on desk} What did their hero Clinton do? I think we need to blame Clinton. Think about this for a second. If driving cars are going to kill us, and President Clinton got a law passed to "regulate" car manufactures, {Government in private business} we would have by now fourteen years of cleaner air. FOURTEEN!.

Then you have an honest question. Lets say for a second that this IS true. {Even the EPA says that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant} This is an honest question and argument.

"The issue is important because the states must prove such specific harm to individuals in the face of EPA inaction before they can establish legal "standing" to continue their lawsuit.

"Let's say we're looking [ahead] at five years or 10 years, what particularized harm does the record show that Massachusetts will, or faces an imminent threat of suffering?" Alito asked.

"Given the nature of the harms, even small reductions can be significant," Milkey replied.

Chief Justice John Roberts questioned the impact of any specific reductions by the United States alone, noting even if carbon dioxide emissions on new cars were regulated in the United States, broader global sources of pollution would remain.

"It assumes there isn't going to be a greater contribution of greenhouse gases from economic development in China and other places that's going to displace whatever marginal benefit you get here," Roberts said.

Milkey was hard pressed to estimate precisely how much reduction in greenhouse gases would occur if the EPA stepped in to reduce output from new cars."

Of course he was. There is no REAL proof.

"Currently about 6 percent of the world's output of carbon dioxide comes from U.S. vehicles. Scalia wondered what effect a reduction to 4 percent would represent.

Scalia also disagreed that carbon dioxide causes air pollution, since he said its destructive effects were as a "stratospheric pollutant" above the Earth's atmosphere.

"I think it has to endanger health by reason of polluting the air, and this does not endanger health by reason of polluting the air at all," said Scalia."

Folks I have told you before, "Global Warming" is a THEORY. For every scientist that says it is real, there are others that say it’s not. The same group running around saying it’s real, is the same group that was warning us about the new "Ice Age" a few years back. It’s all about money. Plain and simple. To have this in the Supreme Court is nothing more than a waste of the Court's time. Time that could be spent arguing the evils of the Easter Bunny, or whatever is next for those "concerned."

CNN-"Global warming debate hits Supreme Court"
AP-"Bush agrees to speedy turnover in Iraq"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The New York Times {Crimes} At It Yet Again.

Hey folks,

If you turned on ANY news outlet, read ANY number of Internet news outlets, you saw the same thing I did. The New York Crimes has done it again. There are so many different places you can find various versions of this story, I’ll just stick with ME and the actual people involved of committing yet MORE crimes. The New Your Crimes, I mean Times.

Remember back to Wednesday, May 17, 2006 I said

"I have an honest question. Why does ANYONE read this paper? OK, I know, I already know the answer. The Left read it because it is their paper. Custom written for them. The NYT furthers the liberal agenda like noone else. The Right read it because, let’s face it, it is an easy example of the liberal media."

I pointed out the fact that they violate their own ethics policies on a daily bases and even pointed out to you where their Ethics Policy Website was. I pointed out some of the many examples of the ways they do this.

Then, the NYT "breaks" the wire tapping story. This was proven to be false. Then they "break" the story of the top secret money tracking system, causing this most effective tool to be done away with. Did I mention we are at war. I know this is a hard concept for the NYT. Then it was Intelligence Committee report. They are the ones that leaked, I mean reported this, thinking it would rile up the LWL base and anti-war crowd, right before the elections.

Are they guilty of treason? I believe that if you truly analyze this situation out, you will see that this is more than just making stuff up, which they have been known to do, or printing inaccurate stories. This is purposely risking the security of this country, just to attack the Bush Administration. They are either purposely doing so, or too ignorant to help themselves.

Now the latest, NYT-"Bush Aide’s Memo Doubts Iraqi Leader"

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 — A classified memorandum by President Bush’s national security adviser expressed serious doubts about whether Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al Maliki had the capacity to control the sectarian violence in Iraq and recommended that the United States take new steps to strengthen the Iraqi leader’s position."

WAIT A SECOND! CLASSIFIED. This means folks, it is not for general consumption. It is NOT meant to be plastered all over the front page of a major newspaper. They try to justify this and I’m sure we will hear the LWL talking point pointing this possible fact out later on. More on that in a second.

"The Nov. 8 memo was prepared for Mr. Bush and his top deputies by Stephen J. Hadley, the national security adviser, and senior aides on the staff of the National Security Council after a trip by Mr. Hadley to Baghdad.

The memo suggests that if Mr. Maliki fails to carry out a series of specified steps, it may ultimately be necessary to press him to reconfigure his parliamentary bloc, a step the United States could support by providing "monetary support to moderate groups," and by sending thousands of additional American troops to Baghdad to make up for what the document suggests is a current shortage of Iraqi forces

The memo presents an unvarnished portrait of Mr. Maliki and notes that he relies for some of his political support on leaders of more extreme Shiite groups. The five-page document, classified secret, is based in part on a one-on-one meeting between Mr. Hadley and Mr. Maliki on Oct. 30.

"His intentions seem good when he talks with Americans, and sensitive reporting suggests he is trying to stand up to the Shia hierarchy and force positive change," the memo said of the Iraqi leader. "But the reality on the streets of Baghdad suggests Maliki is either ignorant of what is going on, misrepresenting his intentions, or that his capabilities are not yet sufficient to turn his good intentions into action."

Notice this is being released right before a scheduled meeting between President Bush and Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al Maliki? The New York Crimes even admits that this memo, or THEM releasing it to the general public, "will undoubtedly color the meeting between the two leaders on Thursday morning." Why else do you think THEY , the NY Crimes released it?

Now they are trying to say, "Hey they {The Bush Administration} gave it to them, therefore we were permitted to ‘report it.’" They write,

"An administration official made a copy of the document available to a New York Times reporter seeking information on the administration’s policy review. The Times read and transcribed the memo."Text of The Memo as they printed it.

"Two senior administration officials, who insisted on anonymity in exchange for talking about a classified memo, said it was unclear whether Mr. Maliki had seen the memo this morning, but suggested its contents would be no surprise to the Iraqi prime minister, who has been in regular consultation with Mr. Bush"

STOP! First there was one that released it to the NY Crimes, now it’s TWO?

"On Tuesday, a senior administration official discussed the memorandum in general terms after being told The New York Times was preparing an article on the subject. The official described the document as "essentially a trip report" and not a result of the administration’s review of its Iraq policy, which is still under way.

He said the purpose of the memo "was to provide a snapshot of the challenges facing Prime Minister Maliki and how we can best enhance his capabilities, mindful of the complex political and security environment in which he is operating."

So who did it? OK Let me ask you this. Someone goes in a robs a jewelry story, this would be a crime, correct? Now lets say they give the jewelry to you. YOU, are now guilty of receiving stolen merchandise. Correct? Now let’s say you make that jewelry available to everyone, for a price of course. Are you NOT guilty of a crime? Selling stolen merchandise? How much more important do you think that NATIONAL SECURITY, and our relationship with the new government of the country we are fight for, than a necklace?

Someone has to investigate the NYT. They have to bring charges where charges are needed. That includes any administration offical involved as well. If it means shutting down the paper completely for treason, then do it. If it means arresting those that continue to commit crimes, then do it. Give the NY Crimes another chance under different ownership or management if you want, but they MUST be stopped from committing further crimes. And it IS, just that simple.
First Murtha, Now Hastings.

Hey folks,

First Murtha, now Hastings. Speaker To Be Pelosi is not batting a thousand. One also would have to seriously start to question her choices. First she said, they would be the most ethical governing body ever, then she endorses Murtha? One of the most unethical people in government? After the brutal loss, she said,

"I stand very, very proudly behind my endorsement of Mr. Murtha," Pelosi said. "As I said in my letter to members on Sunday -- I believe the biggest ethical challenge facing our country is the war in Iraq."

"It must be stopped, and I thought that Mr. Murtha's elevation to a leadership position would serve that purpose," Pelosi said.

Basically she said, "Yes I know he’s corrupt, but he would help us to get out of Iraq and blame Bush for it, so I do not care." Then she turns around and taps Rep. Alcee Hastings for the chairmanship of the Intelligence Committee. This guy is was impeached and REMOVED from his judgeship, Pelosi voted for it as well. Now she wanted him as the head of intelligence? Well, not any more I guess.

"In a decision that could roil Democratic unity in the new House, Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi passed over Rep. Alcee Hastings Tuesday for the chairmanship of the Intelligence Committee.

Hastings, currently the No. 2 Democrat on the panel, had been aggressively making a case for the top position, supported by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Critics pointed out that he had been impeached when he was a federal judge and said naming him to such a sensitive post would be a mistake just as the Democrats take over House control pledging reforms."

You think? What is Speaker To Be Pelosi saying now?

"Pelosi said in a statement that while she ``would select someone else,'' Hastings ``has served our country well, and I have full confidence that he will continue to do so.''

Pelosi is still considering other candidates for the chairman's job, including Representative Silvestre Reyes of Texas, Norman Dicks of Washington, Rush Holt of New Jersey and Sanford Bishop of Georgia, according to a Democratic aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity."

So two strikes and no balls for Pelosi. I wonder what her next move will be. How does Hastings feel about it?

"I am obviously disappointed with this decision," Hastings, D-Fla., said in a statement thanking his supporters. "I will be seeking better and bigger opportunities in a Democratic Congress."

Then he ended his statement with, "Sorry, haters, God is not finished with me yet." Sorry Mr. Hastings, but I do not think God had anything to do with it. You did. But soliciting bribes.

While the Democrats continue to attempt to form their leadership, they continue to push for Iran’s help in Iraq. I just told you yesterday,

"Yes folks, "Little Hitler," just like the original, is on the rise. He is arming. He is threatening. Given the opportunity, he will carry it out. Just like the original. Instead of waiting until it was too late, like we did with the original, some here want to HELP him. Unbelievable."

Well, according to the AP,

"Bush has been coming under increasing pressure, both overseas and at home, to reach out more to other countries, particularly to Syria and Iran to help with a solution in Iraq.

Such a recommendation may be among those issued by the Iraq Study Group headed by former Secretary of State James A. Baker III and former Democratic Rep. Lee Hamilton. The group is expected to finish its work next month."

Now you have this bad news for the LWL, and the cut and run crowd.

"The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday unanimously renewed the mandate of the U.S.-led multinational force in Iraq through the end of 2007, granting a request from the Baghdad government."

STOP!! At request from the Baghdad Government? Unanimously renewed?

"U.S. Ambassador John Bolton welcomed the vote a day ahead of planned talks in Jordan between President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on how to bring violence under control and whether Iran and Syria could help.

The vote showed all countries in the region that the Security Council strongly backed "stability in Iraq and continued progress toward democracy," Bolton said. "We all share the same objective and I think that is something the neighboring countries need to take into account.""

Finally someone is starting to make sense. Stability and democracy. Not bad things. Now if they can get their leadership squared away, maybe the new Democrat party can stop looking for "Little Hitler’s" assistance and try working in a truly bipartisan way to improve the situation in Iraq.

Reuters-"UN council extends U.S.-led force in Iraq one year"
AP-"Pelosi passes Hastings for Intel chair"

AP-"Bush nixes suggestions Iraq in civil war" "Hastings Won't Lead House Intelligence Committee"
Me- "Pelosi’s First Failure or Signs of True Bipartisanship"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Democrats Want To Ask For HIS Help?

Hey folks,

"To conquer the high peaks, every day we need more rule of the Bassij mentality. Universities, research centres, schools, factories, offices, and everywhere else which strives to construct and make advancements need the presence of the mentality of the Bassij in order to realise their goals", Ahmadinejad said. His comments at a gathering of the paramilitary Bassij militia were aired on state television.

"Through the presence of the Bassij and the Bassij mentality, the Iranian nation is invincible".

Ahmadinejad called for the withdrawal of U.S.-led led troops from the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. "The nations of the region are aptly capable of preserving regional security. The presence of foreigners is the root of tensions and disputes in the region", he said.

"The occupying countries must leave the region. By God’s grace, the bullying powers are faltering, and their satanic domination is heading towards destruction", he said.

Ahmadinejad said that Israel was spiralling towards collapse. "We must all be vigilante. The countries of the region can come to each other’s aid to clear out the foreigners from the region".

"The time has come for the leaders of the U.S. and Britain to open their ears. For 60 years, they have committed crimes and they created the Zionist regime as a lever of pressure on the region’s states. … Today, they have reached an impasse in the region and the world. Today, their downfall … has begun. They no longer have a base among the nations. They must end their crimes and inhuman methods. They must leave the Palestinian, Iraqi and other nations alone".

Addressing U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the hard-line Iranian President said, "These days, many people are slaughtered in Iraq with your support. The blood of every person who is killed is on your hands. You must stand trial and be held accountable for your crimes in the near future".

"This is a divine invitation to pursue the path of the prophets and worship God. If your response is negative, the nations’ powerful hand of justice will soon topple you and force you to give up your reins of power".

"Iran is willing to help you get out of that swamp [in Iraq] on the condition that you end your bullying and aggression and correct your attitude. Return to your own nation and end the occupation", Ahmadinejad said.

"You have to stop bullying, threatening and insulting nations. … Today, you and your hegemony are about to collapse", he added."

No wonder the Democrats like "Little Hitler." They sound just like him. "We can’t win. Bush failed. We are facing destruction." Yes, let’s pull out and give Iraq to "Little Hitler." I’m not kidding folks. According to the AP,

"Directly seeking help from Iran and Syria with Iraq, as part of new, aggressive diplomacy throughout the region, is expected to be among the recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton group."

Remember what I told you on September 16 2006 "The United States is turning the Security Council into a platform for imposing its policies. ... We should reinforce NAM and it should play its role more efficiently," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the summit on Friday.

Think about this, according to Wikipedia, they are 117 members of NAM, Among those are some that absolutely hate America. Let’s say for a second that "Little Hitler" is able to become the head of it. Do you feel comfortable having the LWL running this country? Do you feel comfortable in turning over YOUR security to appears and those that simply cannot see reality?"

I have given you many examples of what "Little Hitler" is really saying. Just go to the search on this blog and type in "Little Hitler" and you can get them all. Like this little gem,

"The development of the world is quickly going towards the government of the pure Islam of (the Prophet) Mohammed," he added.

That is his goal. World domination. Yet some want to leave a broken Iraq to HIM. I’m glad that the President sees it this way

"But Bush continued to express his administration's reluctance to talk with two nations it regards as pariah states working to destabilize the Middle East

Iran, the top U.S. rival in the region, has reached out to Iraq and Syria in recent days — an attempt viewed as a bid to assert its role as a powerbroker in Iraq.

Bush said Iraq is a sovereign nation, free to meet with its neighbors. "If that's what they think they ought to do, that's fine."

But he added that the U.S. will only deal with Iran when they suspend their program of enriching uranium, which could be used in a nuclear weapon arsenal.

"The Iranians and the Syrians should help — not destabilize — this young democracy," he said."

Do you not remember this little barely reported fact?

"New traces of plutonium and enriched uranium — potential material for atomic warheads — have been found in a nuclear waste facility in Iran, a revelation that came Tuesday as the Iranian president boasted his country's nuclear fuel program will soon be completed.

The International Atomic Energy Agency report detailing the discovery also faulted Tehran for not cooperating with the U.N. watchdog's attempts to investigate other suspicious aspects of Iran's nuclear program."

This is a guy who said that he would give up half his country to wipe Israel off the face of the map. This is a guy who calls our President Satan. He wants us dead. He wants world domination. He comes right out and says it. So KNOWING all these things, some in our government want to turn over a country, that could very well be added to his goal?

Yes folks, "Little Hitler," just like the original, is on the rise. He is arming. He is threatening. Given the opportunity, he will carry it out. Just like the original. Instead of waiting until it was too late, like we did with the original, some here want to HELP him. Unbelievable.

Iran Focus- "Iran sees demise of U.S., Britain"
AP- "Bush says violence in Iraq not civil war"
"IAEA finds traces of plutonium in Iran"

Monday, November 27, 2006

No Liberal Plans? Maybe the Moderates Are Winning

Hey folks,

Good Monday morning to you. Yeah, I know. Back to reality. I’m still feeling the effects of a great extended Holiday and all that Turkey. But must get back to life.

It seems that the infighting in the Democratic party may be "appearing" to slow down a bit. It seems that those that won on the Moderate ticket maybe getting through to the die hard LWL. Either that, or the LWL are starting to realize that their looney agenda really doesn’t fly with most Americans. I wonder how this will be received by those that drank the cool aid, and voted for them BECAUSE of all the things they were saying.

According to Reuters,

"Three Democratic congressmen who are about to take important leadership posts said on Sunday they plan to pass popular legislation blocked by Republicans but would refrain from pushing some of the most controversial elements on the liberal agenda.

The three, appearing on Fox News Sunday, are among the most liberal Democrats who will take over key committee chairmanships when Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives in January.

Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, who will take over the U.S. House of Representatives committee that covers banking and other financial institutions, mentioned raising the minimum wage, providing cheaper drug coverage for the elderly and providing more affordable housing and help with college tuition as the focus of Democratic legislation."

WAIT A SEC. What about "cut and run?" What about get the President? What about ending the "domestic" spy program?

"Our first efforts are going to be to do those things that I think the mainstream of America wants," Frank said. "Some things have become liberal because the right wingers who control the Republican party have abandoned them to us."

{Laughing} You mean that the mainstream Americans do NOT want a Liberal agenda?

"Asked about his opposition to the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward gay service men and women, Frank, one of the few openly gay members of the House, said he would fight discrimination but that issue was "not what we're going to begin with.""

Translation time folks. "So forget what I say while running for office. I’ll do whatever it takes to stay there now and get a Democratic President in, in 2008." At least Rep. John Dingell was honest.

"Democrats like winning elections," said Rep. John Dingell of Michigan, the incoming chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee and the longest serving member of the House.

"We want to win elections and we're going to do our best to do so," he said. "This doesn't mean to get into any extreme positions on any matter. We'll do what makes good sense."

Again. "Forget all the craziness you heard before. We will do whatever it takes to win. Even lie cheat and steal, and now that we are here, we will do anything to stay." Then Rangel chimed in and said,

"Rep. Charles Rangel of New York, who is about to become chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which handles tax matters, said, "We don't want really a fight with the president. What we want to do is to prove we can govern for the next two years.""

So what about the draft? He said it just isn’t possible. The President can just veto it so never mind.

Now while these Democrats were making their rounds, Republican Senator Chuck Hagel was actually sounding more like them then they were. He said,

"There will be no victory or defeat for the United States in Iraq," Sen. Chuck Hagel wrote in Sunday's edition of The Washington Post.

Instead, he said, President Bush should use the upcoming report from a bipartisan panel led by former Secretary of State James Baker to begin laying the groundwork for a "phased withdrawal" of U.S. troops.

"If the president fails to build a bipartisan foundation for an exit strategy, America will pay a high price for this blunder -- one that we will have difficulty recovering from in the years ahead," Hagel wrote.

"To squander this moment would be to squander future possibilities for the Middle East and the world. That is what is at stake over the next few months."

I agree more with "Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas told CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" that phased withdrawal "sounds like we just want to leave without any plan to actually secure Iraq and allow the political processes to have any chance of working."

"It's not going to happen in the face of this kind of lawlessness. We're not talking about an open-ended commitment," said Cornyn, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee. "We're talking about a temporary surge and get that basic security to allow the political institutions to work out their differences."

Cornyn said another 20,000 to 50,000 Americans should be sent to Iraq to help Iraqi leaders disarm sectarian militias."

But again, no matter who is saying it, I still say, if we are no longer in this to win it. Then we need to bring our troops home NOW. Forget about a "phased withdrawal." If we are going to cut and run, and leave them on their own, then let’s just get out.

So the LWL is curtailed, some Republicans are beginning to attempt to lean more to the Left, and nothing is really getting done. What does this mean? The 2008 elections are coming.

Reuters - "Democrats say no liberal plans in next Congress"
CNN-"Hagel: U.S. should pullout of 'mismanaged' Iraq"

Sunday, November 26, 2006

IWA For Sunday November 26, 2006

Hey folks,

OK, here’s the truth. I’ve said this numerous times in the past. I would love to be able to do this for a living. I would love to be paid to do what I love to do. Write articles, talk to you folks. I have even written books in the past that I’ve never got publish, just because I had no idea how to go about it. Now that I'm older and wiser, maybe I'll try it again. So when I saw this, it really got to me.

This guy was doing what he loved to do. He was a cartoonist for Miami’s leading Spanish newspaper, EL Nuervo Herald. All he had to do was draw cartoons and tell little stories to make people laugh, think, whatever. Yet he throws it all away.

According to this version of the story in the,

The Washington Post-"Cartoonist Held After Siege at Miami Paper"

"MIAMI, Nov. 24 -- Dressed in camouflage and brandishing what looked like a submachine gun, the cartoonist for this city's leading Spanish-language newspaper strode into the office of the top editor Friday morning and told startled staff, "I am the new executive editor, and that is my new office."

It was not a joke.

The demands of El Nuevo Herald cartoonist José Varela to see the editor, with whom he had unspecified grievances over ethics and what he told police were censorship issues, set off a tense 3 1/2 -hour standoff at the offices of the Spanish newspaper and the Miami Herald, which share a six-story building on the northern outskirts of downtown. Executive Editor Humberto Castelló was not in."

Sorry but there are better ways to deal with censorship.

"He said, 'Just bring me the editor,' " said Gus Perez, director of operations for the newspapers, who confronted Varela on the sixth floor. "He said, 'I have 30 rounds.' I said, 'I'm really asking you to point that at the floor,' and he did."

Now according to this article, this was a toy gun and noone was ever really in danger.

"He apparently was disgruntled by some ethics issues and the "way the newspaper was being run," Ordonez said. "He's an intelligent man, and he realized this was not appropriate behavior."

According to the Miami Herald, Varela spoke disjointedly. "You are speaking with the new director of the newspaper, and I'm here to unmask the true conflicts in the newspaper," the newspaper quoted Varela as saying. "They laugh at exiles here. There are problems with payment.""

After three and a half hours it was over. Noone was injured and Mr. Varela was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and was being held on $22,500 bond.

This guy is just plain nuts. He lost his mind. All his job was, was to draw and make people laugh, and he goes in and does this? With a plastic gun? I understand problems in the work place. TRUST me when I tell you that. But this is not the way to solve them.

Congratulations Mr. Varela, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. Maybe you should have just stuck to cartoons.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Could He Be The Media’s New Posted Boy?

Hey folks,

I was going through the news of the day so far and found nearly the same as yesterday. Not much. But then I came across this story in the Washington Post. At first I thought this guy is most deserving of the IWA tomorrow, but I found someone that beats him. So I starting thinking a little more about this guy.

Could this guy be the next poster child for the MMD? One, he is anti-war. Two, he’s a soldier, therefore this makes him above reproach. The good old, "If you have never served you cannot talk about it." argument. Three, he is "doing the right thing." He is exercising his First Amendment Right.

Sorry folks, but as far as I’m concerned this is nothing more than a coward and an idiot attempting to make a name for himself.

Washington post- AWOL Soldier Says Army Ignoring Him

"NEW ORLEANS -- A soldier who is again absent without leave said his lawyer has repeatedly tried to speak with the Army about his status but the military is ignoring the subject.

Pvt. Kyle Snyder, 23, a former combat engineer, went AWOL from his Army unit after failing to report to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., on Nov. 1 _ a day after turning himself in after an 18-month AWOL stint. He had fled to Canada in April 2005 while on leave to avoid a second tour in Iraq.

"Legally, I'm AWOL again," Snyder said Friday. "My lawyer has tried to contact Fort Leonard Wood like 75 times _ it's documented, 75 times _ and tried to get in touch with the military. They've avoided this entire subject."

I hope they DO go after this guy. I hope he does receive a court martial. He chose to sign up. He was not drafted, he was not forced to. He chose to. Now because he doesn’t want to do the job he CHOSE, he runs away, not once, but twice. So what is his reason?

"Snyder has said he was put on patrol when sent to Iraq in 2004, which he said he was not trained to do, and that he began to turn against the war when he saw an innocent Iraqi man killed by American gunfire."

So is he saying the American troops killed the man in cold blood? Or was this a cross fire, "collateral damage?" He doesn’t say. Did it even happen?

"Snyder turned himself in on Oct. 31, after his lawyer said he had reached a deal to have Snyder processed back into the Army at Fort Knox in Kentucky and be discharged without a court-martial. However, he went AWOL again a day later. Attorney James Fennerty said the Army wanted to send Snyder back to his original unit at Fort Leonard Wood, where commanders would determine his future."

So let me get this straight. He makes a stupid mistake. Hires a lawyer and cuts a deal to go back without repercussions. Get discharged without court martial. Instead of going through with his end of the deal, he runs away again?

The press may portray this guy for doing what he feels is right. He may get his 15 minutes. But the truth is simply, he is a coward. He should have never signed up in the first place. He does not represent those brave men and women that are there fighting the fight. He should also be made to pay back any pay he received.

"Snyder said the military doesn't chase down people who are absent without leave. "I'm not a rapist, not a murderer, not a child molester. I'm not doing anything negative," he said. "I'm doing what I feel I have to do as a human being.""

No you are just an idiotic coward, that is not worthy of the press you may receive from your cowardly act. People like you make me sick. You joined thinking that you would reap the benefits from our government. Maybe you even thought somehow you would be seen as a hero. But the truth is, when it came right down to the brass tax of you doing your job, you ran away.

The press does indeed love this sort of thing. He may very well be held up as a person with strong convictions, that is doing this to somehow send a message of how bad war is. But the truth is most will see him for who and what he really is. A liar, a coward, and a waste of time. He should get what he deserves. A LONG stint in jail.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Kids and Safety This Holiday Season

Hey folks,

I know you are probably tired of this type of thing by now. I know you probably already know all about it. It has been drilled into you for many years. I always thought I "knew it" also. Never really thought about it. But now that I have a Son, I find myself paying closer attention to this sort of thing.

According to WPBF-TV 25 "Fla. Research Group Releases Toy Safety Report"

"There’s trouble in Toyland again this year."

Now I understand and am ALWAYS observant as to what Joshua has in his hand and what maybe heading to his mouth. I understand that small pieces are choking hazzards. I understand that it is MY responsibility to make sure whatever I give him is safe for him. But I did find that I did not realize some of the hazzards out there. According to this story,

"While we can report substantial progress after more than two decades of advocacy on behalf of America's littlest consumers, U.S. PIRG's researchers still found trouble in toyland," said U.S. PIRG Research Director Alison Cassady, the author of the report.

According to the most recent data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 73,000 children under the age of 5 were treated in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries in 2005, the PIRG press release said. Last year alone, 20 children died from toy-related injuries.

"Even one toy-related death is too many, because these deaths are preventable," said Cassady."


"Choking Hazards: In 1979, the CPSC banned the sale of toys for children under 3 if they contain small parts. The 1994 Child Safety Protection Act required an explicit choke hazard warning on toys with small parts for children between 3 and 6."


"Magnetic Toys: Toymakers have started using powerful magnets in building toys and magnetic jewelry. If a child swallows more than one magnet, they can attract each other in the body and cause a bowel obstruction or life-threatening perforation, the group said. A boy died last Thanksgiving and many others have had lifesaving surgery after swallowing magnets from MEGA Brands' Magnetix toys.

"Swallowing a magnet is not like swallowing a penny. Powerful magnets can wreak havoc inside the body," Cassady said."

This I did not know. This is what peaked my interest. I understand the whole choking thing, but I did not know about the Magnetic thing.

"Lead in Jewelry: Children exposed to lead can suffer delayed mental and physical development or even death. In February, a 4-year-old died of lead poisoning after he swallowed a bracelet charm that contained 99 percent lead, the group reported. U.S. PIRG researchers said that they went to just a few stores and easily found four items of children's jewelry that contain high levels of lead, ranging from 1.8 percent lead to 34 percent lead by weight.

"We've known for decades that lead poses serious health risks to children, so it is unacceptable that consumers can still find lead-laden children's jewelry on store shelves," researchers said in a press release."

I agree this is unacceptable. We HAVE known this for years. How could these companies STILL be permitted to make these toys?

"Strangulation Hazards: CPSC has decided to take another look at the dangers posed by water yo-yo balls after a 5-year-old Bellevue, Wash., boy almost suffocated last month when the toy's stretchy cord wrapped tightly around his neck several times. CPSC has recorded about 400 injuries to the eyes, face and neck since the water yo-yo ball came on the market three years ago.

"CPSC should not wait until a child dies to protect children from the dangers posed by playing with this toy," said Cassady.

U.S. PIRG asked CPSC to follow the state of Illinois's lead and ban the water yo-yo immediately."

A water Yo Yo Ball? Check these out,

Full List: Dangerous Toys (pdf)
Full Report: 21st Annual Trouble In Toyland

"Shoppers should examine all toys carefully for hidden dangers before they make a purchase this holiday season," Cassady finished."

I agree. I will be. I hope you will too.
"Just My Thoughts" Friday Noverber 24, 2006
Imagination Vs Technology

Hey folks,

Let’s start out by saying that yesterday was Thanksgiving. I had a great time. I really did. I hope you did as well. I came in looking for something to discuss, and there really is not much out there today. Yet anyway. So I did what I must do from time to time, start looking other places. Opinion sections, locals, even other blogs to see what people are talking about to see if it meets the high standards you have come to expect here at the OPN. {Smile}

Now I could be like most , and simply take the day off. But I’m not like the rest. So After seeing this article from USA Today, I decided to do a Special Friday Edition of "Just My Thoughts."

USA Today-"Nature programs' goal: No child left inside"

"There's a lot of movement all over the country, and it's increasing," says Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, a 2005 book that has increased interest in the topic. He says studies show that enjoying nature reduces kids' loneliness, depression and attention problems.

In January, the U.S. Forest Service is launching a pilot program, More Kids In the Woods, that will fund local efforts to get children outdoors. It is the service's first full-scale program targeting kids, says Jim Bedwell, national director of recreation and heritage resources.

Also happening:

•A Junior Ranger program, in which kids earn badges by completing activities at national parks, is opening Friday at Fort Clatsop in Oregon. Nearly 300 national parks have programs for kids 5 and older.

•The National Wildlife Federation is launching "The Green Hour" website in March to give parents fun suggestions for outdoor activities with their children.

•The National Audubon Society, which has opened 30 nature centers in the past decade, will launch a new one this spring in Savannah, N.Y., and has plans for a dozen more in the next few years. Most serve elementary school kids.

•Wonderful Outdoor World, a group that gets public and private funds for programs for disadvantaged urban children, plans to expand its outdoor camping trips beyond its current six metropolitan areas next year.

Connecticut launched a No Child Left Inside program in March with a scavenger hunt in eight state parks that attracted hundreds of families. Texas began a public-awareness push, dubbed Life's Better Outside, last year. Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a bill in March to study how outdoor education affects academic success and personal responsibility.

Nature "touches something very primal in people," Louv says. Adults are quick to reminisce about their childhood treehouses or forts, he says.

Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne agrees and has been giving speeches on the topic.

"I can still describe to you the rocks, the buttercups and the smell of the pines" of the small forest near his childhood home in Spokane, Wash., he says."

I think this is great. You know when I was a kid I would play outdoors forever. My friend and I would get up, have cereal, or something, and go out to play. We had something better than the play Station 3. We had our imagination.

This is something I really want to teach Joshua {Oh as a side note, YES, I posted a link to his photo bucket. If you did or do not like that, do not click the link} I want him to learn the power and fun or imagination. Where a stick can become a "light saber" or a kendo stick, or a gun. {I know not politically correct. Sorry to the Moms out there} My friend and I had a very active imagination. Sometimes I took the lead and others he did. We would play until my Grandmother called us in for dinner. We slept well.

Those were some of the best time in my life. Pink Floyd has a song "The Division Bell" that has a line in it that says, "Far away form a place of magnets and miracles." I love that line, because that does sum up childhood. Where anything is possible. I catch glimpses of this already in my Son.

No folks, we did not need toys that did everything for you. We did not "need" the Atari, or 150 channels. {With nothing on} We were too busy. Do not get me wrong, we loved them when they began, but we did not NEED them. We were too busy playing outside. I remember hiking and building little damns. I remember finding this one rock formation. I have no idea where it came from nor why it was there, but it made a great fort.

Now I understand that this is a way different time. I understand that some of the things we use to do as kids, would most likely NOT be safe to do today. I understand the they great outdoors is becoming scarce as well. But we wonder why some of our kids are unmotivated, and possibly even part of the reason they are overweight? Maybe at least part of this reason is the fact that they sit inside all the time and watch stupid reality shows, and play video games all day long.

I like this story by Wendy Koch. I like that organizations are coming up with these things. I like the whole concept. Oh, and by the way, the stick costs, NOTHING. Think about this the next time your kid says, "I’m bored and there is nothing on." Maybe tell them to go outside and play.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey folks,

I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. I know that we will all eat too much and be sleepy later. Just remember those things that you have to be thankful for. Here is some of mine.

First and foremost, I am thankful to God. For without him, I would not be here. I am thankful for Jesus’s death that I may live.

The most important thing to me on earth, and the reason I’m most thankful is my Son Joshua. Everyday I watch him grow, learn, and love. His is an unconditional love and judgement free of anyone. If you are bad to him, he doesn’t like you. If you are nice to him, he likes you. He doesn’t care what you are, where you come from, what you look like, how much you have or do not have. Just WHO you are.

I learn things everyday, by observing life and the world through his eyes. It is amazing from time to time. I love the fact that he has a simplistic way of seeing things. Hungry, eat. Tired, sleep. Want to play, play. He is not torn apart by worry about this or that. He lives and loves.

Then I have to say that I’m thankful for my Wife and family. They are what has, and continue to be, mold me, keep me in check, and shown me the unconditional love that I am now able to pass on.

I’m thankful for my friends. All those that are always there, {When you want them to be or not.} {Smile} All those I consider to be more like family members than anything else. I love the fact that I have people that depend on me and that I have an opportunity to help them, as they have and do help me.

I’m thankful to live in this country. Where we DO have the freedoms noone else in the world have. Where we can be what we want to be. Do what we want to do. Even if it’s not the most popular thing. We have a right to free speech. Many of us know all about the freedom to disagree with the government and not worry about being put in prison, tortured, or killed.

I’m EXTREMELY thankful for those that have given us that right and those that ensure we keep it. The men and women of the US Military.
I’m thankful for being able to be here. With you. On a nearly daily bases. I’m thankful that I’ve been told that I have helped some of you Some of you have helped me and touched me in ways I could never even think about trying to say. Just Thank you.

So this Thanksgiving, take a moment. Remove yourself from the crowds in your home, and just simply, reflect. Think about all those things that you are thankful for. Think about where you would be without them. If there is someone you are thankful for, just simply TELL them. That, in and of itself, may make a difference in their lives that could not possibly understand.

Again folks, I wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. May all be well with you. See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rangel Re-enforces Kerry. Soldiers Are Stupid.

Hey folks,

I do not have much time today. I have to get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow and a few other things I need to take care of. I wasn’t going to come in today at all until I heard Rangel. I HAD to comment on this.

Do you remember this joke? Stop me if you have heard it before,

"You know, education, if you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you -- you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq." John Kerry.

OH yeah, that was a botched joke. This is why it wasn’t funny. He would never say that about the troops. He even Apologized for his words being mis-interrupted. As far as I know, he has yet to apologize for his other gem,

"I am convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown," Kerry wrote. "We must not repeat the travesty of the inequities present during Vietnam. I also fear having a professional army that views the perpetuation of war crimes as simply 'doing its job.’"

The MMD just passed right over this. Even came right out and said that they hoped this would just go away. Everyone jumped on the band wagon and said he didn’t mean it. It was a botched joke, etc.

Now, here comes Charles Rangel. He is calling for the reinstatement of the Draft. Remember I told you yesterday he said,

"You bet your life. Underscore serious. There's no question in my mind that this president and this administration would never have invaded Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members of Congress and administration thought their kids from their communities will be placed in harm's way. I will be introducing that bill as soon as we start the new session."

I pointed out that he did this before in 2004, then voted AGAINST his own bill. So what lies behind this? Why would he be doing this? Is this really a statement against all wars as he was saying, while making his rounds to do damage control? You see folks he was going all over the place trying to clarify his intent. On Fox News with Neil Cavuto, he said,

"I am making a statement against all wars that cannot gin up enough confidence that people would say, "My country's in danger and I want to serve; my kids want to serve." If it doesn't reach that level, then you bet your life I don't think that you should just recruit where people have little alternatives in their lifestyle."

But is there an underlining reason that he is trying NOT to say? YES. Just listen to what he has been saying about the military.

"I'm just saying that, being one that had faced these alternatives, that why is a kid who is going to Harvard or Yale or has alternatives not included in the sacrifice for our country? Why would you recruit people who have less options, for one year, for two years, for three years, to go there four and five -- their chances of living, each time they go back, are limited."

Then on the "Situation Room," he said,

"Anyone that will tell you that the affluent are enlisting are just not telling the truth. So, whether this becomes a bill or not, the debate will prove that they are enlisting and recruiting in areas of the highest unemployment. And that is whether it's the inner cities or whether it's the rural areas. And, so, that's a fact. And if you take a look at the war dead and the wounded you will see they neither come from well-known cities or towns you never heard of in the South and the West and those are the facts. And so whoever challenges those are 100 percent wrong.

We have never heard the president of the United States or the commander-in-chief make any argument in appealing to the people to enlist because it's the patriotic thing to do. Instead of that, they offer $40,000 bonus, $70,000 education, and $4 billion in ads -- and so I'm saying if you have to go to war, don't just let the poor that come from these communities of high employment be in harm's way."

None of this is true folks. But if you REALLY look at what he is saying, you can see that he thinks that those in the ALL VOLUNTEER Military are un-educated, poor, Black and Brown people. Is this NOT what he is saying? Is this NOT what Kerry was saying?

Then you have this comment from him, "So, whether this becomes a bill or not, the debate will prove that they are enlisting and recruiting in areas of the highest unemployment. And that is whether it's the inner cities or whether it's the rural areas. And, so, that's a fact. And if you take a look at the war dead and the wounded you will see they neither come from well-known cities or towns you never heard of in the South and the West and those are the facts. And so whoever challenges those are 100 percent wrong."

He doesn’t REALLY want the Draft. He doesn’t care. He wants YOU to believe that the Military is Racist. He wants you to think that those in the Military are uneducated Black and Brown people. That IS EXACTLY what Kerry said, and meant.

Speaker To Be Nancy Pelosi has her hands full, I’ll tell you that. No doubt about it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rangel Wants Draft. , Oh and OJ Cancelled.

Hey folks,

"I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project," said Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. chairman. "We are sorry for any pain that this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson."

Um, glad we cleared that one up. I wonder if he got an advance? Does he have to give it back? Actually I really couldn’t care less. I am glad to see that Rupert Murdoch finally got it.

Now to the Draft. So Rangel wants the Draft? He is joking. Right? He cannot be serious. Right? Actually he said,

"You bet your life. Underscore serious. There's no question in my mind that this president and this administration would never have invaded Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members of Congress and administration thought their kids from their communities will be placed in harm's way. I will be introducing that bill as soon as we start the new session."

He also said,

"If we're going to challenge Iran and challenge North Korea and then, as some people have asked, to send more troops to Iraq, we can't do that without a draft," CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday.

{Sigh} You know what folks. I’m sitting here in "The Chair," Coffee on my right side. Thinking to myself. {I really don’t feel like being here right now} Seriously. Why? It’s just way too easy right now. I have been telling you people for a LONG time now, that these people are nuts. They are Looney. Hence, Left Wing Looneys, the LWL.

They are NOT even in office yet, and they have already started to flip flop on nearly EVERYTHING they said. Repeal of all of Bush’s tax cuts. They are starting to back away from this now. Impeach Bush, investigations on EVERYTHING. They are backing away from this now. Cut and run in Iraq. I even said, fine. If we are no longer in this to win, then do not wait another day. Bring them home now. NOW? Well, we can’t. We may even need to send MORE.

Now Charlie the Wrangler is trying to wrangle up support for the Draft? Do you NOT remember 2004? He posed this bill then. Back then, it would create a national-service draft under which all 18- to 26-year-olds would serve in the military or perform two years of national service as determined by the President. Rangel has been advocating a draft for several years. This is not really a new thing.

So what happened in 2004? {Laughing} He voted AGAINST it. Yes, you heard me corr,,, make that, read correctly. He voted against his own bill. Well, here, from "The Hill" By Michael Gerber, October 6, 2004

"Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) did something a little unusual yesterday. First he protested when Republican leadership scheduled his own bill for a vote.

Then he sent out a letter encouraging his Democratic colleagues to vote against it.

Rangel’s bill, which the leadership had placed on the suspension calendar, would create a national-service draft under which all 18- to 26-year-olds would serve in the military or perform two years of national service as determined by the president. Rangel has been advocating a draft for several years, but he argued yesterday that the bill was too important for the suspension calendar, "which is reserved for non-controversial items," he said in a statement.

Bills on the suspension calendar cannot be amended on the floor and require two-thirds of the House to clear the chamber.

Rangel accused Republicans of using his bill to assuage fears that President Bush had plans to reinstate the draft, stating, "The Republican leadership decision to place the draft legislation on the suspension Calendar is a political maneuver to kill rumors of the President’s intention to reinstate the draft after the November election."

He went on to urge Democrats running for reelection to vote no.

"I am voting no, because my bill deserves serious consideration," his statement continued"

{Laughing again} What happened is he said he wanted the Draft. The Republicans at the time said, OK, lets put it to a yes or no vote. No last minute changes. No adding or subtracting. Just the Draft, yes or no. He said no. It seems they wanted to know how serious he was. They found out, he wasn't. Now he says, that he is "Underscore serious", and that he will "be introducing that bill as soon as we start the new session." Well, I do not think so my dear Senator. Those the Wrangler is trying to wrangle are running away from him.

According to the Reuters,

"Leading Democrats who soon will control the legislative agenda in the U.S. Congress rejected on Monday a colleague's call for reinstatement of the U.S. military draft.

"I don't think we need it," Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan told reporters. He is set to chair the Senate Armed Services Committee when Democrats take over both houses of Congress from Republicans in January."


"The top two Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives also voiced their opposition to a plan being pushed by Rep. Charles Rangel (news, bio, voting record), a New York Democrat, for drafting soldiers into the army for the first time since 1973.

"We did not include that" in legislative plans for early next year, said Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, who will be House majority leader when the new Congress convenes in January.

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California noted her opposition to the draft in remarks to reporters. She said Rangel was trying to underscore that the U.S. war effort should be a "shared sacrifice" and his legislation was "a way to make that point."

Speaker To Be Pelosi came right out and said that the Draft will not be part of that agenda when Democrats take over the House in January.

So the LWL is backing away from yet ANOTHER member. The infighting in the Democratic party is amazing to watch. Now surprising, but interesting to watch none-the-less. Either Speaker To Be Pelosi is truly trying to be bipartisan, or at least give that appearance. The Moderates are starting to flex their new found power, and the Die Hard LWL is hanging on with a death grip. If I were in charge of the Republicans in either the House or Senate, I would be telling them, sit back, do nothing, just watch. Get ready though, for 2008.

Oh by the way, as a side note. Notice the attacks are revving up against Rudy already? {Smile} I’m telling you folks, it’s NOT because he is a far fringe, Religious Right Radical Republican, but because he IS a Moderate. Just a thought.

AP- OJ "Simpson book, TV special canceled"
Reuters - "Key Democrats oppose renewing military draft"
AP- "House Democrat wants draft reinstated"
The Hill- "Rangel votes against own draft measure" October 6 2004
AP- "Pelosi: Relieving middle class tops list"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Democrats Fighting Over Ethics Reform. Too Funny

Hey folks,

I saw this article in the New York Times yesterday, but I was way too busy to comment. But after reading it again?

According to the NYT

NYT-"Democrats Split on How Far to Go With Ethics Law"

"WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 — After railing for months against Congressional corruption under Republican rule, Democrats on Capitol Hill are divided on how far their proposed ethics overhaul should go.

Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate, mindful that voters in the midterm election cited corruption as a major concern, say they are moving quickly to finalize a package of changes for consideration as soon as the new Congress convenes in January.

Their initial proposals, laid out earlier this year, would prohibit members from accepting meals, gifts or travel from lobbyists, require lobbyists to disclose all contacts with lawmakers and bar former lawmakers-turned-lobbyists from entering the floor of the chambers or Congressional gymnasiums.

None of the measures would overhaul campaign financing or create an independent ethics watchdog to enforce the rules. Nor would they significantly restrict earmarks, the pet projects lawmakers can anonymously insert into spending bills, which have figured in several recent corruption scandals and attracted criticism from members in both parties. The proposals would require disclosure of the sponsors of some earmarks, but not all."

This is too funny folks. Truly. No "watch dog." No campaign financing reform. Soros will be happy. No restrictions on earmarks. What happened to "Ethics Reform?"

"Some Democrats say their election is a mandate for more sweeping changes, and many newly elected candidates — citing scandals involving several Republican lawmakers last year — made Congressional ethics a major issue during the campaign. After winning the House on election night, Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, promised "the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history."

Senator Barack Obama, an Illinois Democrat tapped by party leaders last year to spearhead ethics proposals, said he was pushing for changes with more teeth. "The dynamic is different now," Mr. Obama said Friday. "We control both chambers now, so it is difficult for us to have an excuse for not doing anything."

Right you are Senator. Right you are.

"He is pushing to create an independent Congressional ethics commission and advocates broader campaign-finance changes as well. "We need to make sure that those of us who are elected are not dependent on a narrow spectrum of individuals to finance our campaigns," he said."

I love this,

"Sweeping change, however, may be a tough sell within the party. Representative John P. Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, was embarrassed by disclosures last week that he had dismissed the leadership proposals with a vulgarity at a private meeting. But Mr. Murtha is hardly the only Democrat who objects to broad changes."

Yes, he called Ethic reforms "Crap."

"Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who will oversee any proposal as the incoming chairwoman of the Rules Committee, for example, said she was opposed to an independent Congressional ethics watchdog. "If the law is clear and precise, members will follow it," she said in an interview. "As to whether we need to create a new federal bureaucracy to enforce the rules, I would hope not."


Look folks, this is a clear example of what I’m talking about. The Moderates ran on and got voted in on Ethic reforms. But the Leaders, The LWL, want nothing to do with it. They want the good old fashion APPEARANCE, but no real reform.

The article goes on to say the same thing. This one wants, that one doesn’t. Some say there is no need at all, it was all the Republicans fault. Not theirs. They would NEVER do any such thing. Here is another example,

"Spurred by the election results, several Democrats in addition to Mr. Obama are pushing bigger changes. Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, is preparing a proposal for some form of public financing or free broadcast time for Congressional candidates to reduce their dependence on campaign donors. Common Cause says that 21 newly elected Democrats, more than half the class, and 69 incumbents have signed a pledge endorsing the idea.

That idea, however, has never gained much traction in Congress, in part because lawmakers balk at the notion of helping challengers who want their jobs. "You use taxpayer dollars to finance people who may not only be fringe candidates but — I was going to use the term ‘nut’— may be mentally incompetent," Ms. Feinstein said."

It’s Looneys Ms. Feinstein. Looneys. Your right, I’m not all that happy that some of MY tax dollars went to get YOU in office. But hey, if this would allow some maybe lesser known and possibly better candidates get their message out, I’m all for it. If it means that there is a reduction on dependence of campaign donors, why would anyone possibly be against it? {Smile}

This is what I mean when I say that the New Moderate Democrats have a tenacious fight on their hands if they want to make a difference. They have to battle and more importantly BEAT, their own leaders, before they can even think about working with the Republicans. I will repeat again, what happens IN the Democratic party during the next two years, will determine the next President of the United States of America.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

IWA For Sunday November 19 2006

Hey folks,

Its’s me again. Have you recovered from the news I’m a Conservative yet? {Smile} Truth is, I have always been a Conservative with Independent views. I vote for the one I feel is best for the job. This will not change.

But it is Sunday, time for the IWA. This one is for the complete lack of intelligence, and completely sexist views of a High School Principle. According to this story from the AP,

"NOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- An Anderson County teenager has filed a lawsuit over her temporary dismissal from a weightlifting class by a principal who feared male students might try to rape her."

Yes you read that correctly. Principal Bob McCracken feels that boys will RAPE a girl if given the opportunity. He actually said,

"McCracken said in a deposition that he was afraid Phillips might be sexually assaulted in the class.

"Having a female with 35 or so male students in an isolated area from the school, it sets a very liable situation in my opinion," McCracken said in the deposition."

Now I think it’s great that Ambrea Phillips wants to be in the weight lifting class. I think it’s great that in this day and age, with so many of our kids being over weight, that a few really want to do this instead of playing video games. I think also that in this day and age, for a Principle to make a sexist statement like this, SHOULD be fired.

Now of course, three days after she was removed from the class, he "Changed his mind" and put her back in. Translation time folks, someone said to him, YOU CANNOT DO THAT!!! Now there is a lawsuit.

"Phillips' attorney, Roger L. Ridenour, said stress from the incident caused the student to become physically ill. He said the handling of the situation by then-principal Bob McCracken is part of a pattern of mishandled sex issues at the high school."

According to this article the lawyer for the school even had to eventually admit that the Principle was wrong,

U.S. Magistrate Judge Clifford Shirley asked Knight if the principal was wrong in removing Phillips from the class.

"She is up there with a bunch of football players, a 24- to 25-year-old coach, the only girl - there is a safety issue there. It was a hard call for the principal to make," Knight answered.

When the judge again asked Knight if McCracken made the right decision, the attorney said he hadn't found another court case that would have given McCracken good guidance on what to do.
The judge said he would rule later on whether the lawsuit can continue.

Now you all know how I feel about stupid lawsuits. But this one? I hope she wins the Million. I also hope that this Principle is dismissed or at least receives some sort of sensitivity training. To ASSUME that if a girl is alone with boys, and even the COACH, that they will rape her, is simply idiotic. So because of this, congratulations Mr. McCracken, you ARE the Idiot of the Week.

"Just My Thoughts" November 19, 2006

Am I a Republican, Conservative, Or What?

Hey folks,

I’ve attempted to answer this question SERVAL times in the past. My answer is ALWAYS, I’m an Independent. I’m an Independent voter, and thinker. But people still continuously ask me to "come clean" and "be honest." So I decided to really look deep inside and tell you the truth.

Remember a while back, on October 10, 2006 to be exact, someone sent me the following. I will now go through it and tell you where I stand.

In today’s America, ask a growing number of high school and college students; their teachers and professors; the self-anointed media elite and/or hard working men and women of all ethnicities, the question, "What is a Republican?", and you’ll be told "… a rich, greedy, egotistical individual, motivated only by money and the desire to accumulate more and more of it, at the expense of the environment … the working poor ….and all whom they exploit…"

I am a Republican … I am none of those things… and I don’t know any Republicans who are.

WHAT I AM … first and foremost, is a loving husband of some 52 plus years, the father of four and an American who’s proud of his country… and his country’s heritage.

I am a Loving Husband of 2 years, and a proud Father of one Son. I AM proud of this country’s heritage.

WHAT I AM … is the grandson of immigrants who risked everything, including their lives and those of their children, to escape tyranny in search of freedom.


WHAT I AM … is a man who grew up during the Depression and witnessed, first hand, the effects of the Stock Market crash and the soup lines that followed. I watched as both my parents and grand parents, who had very little themselves, share what food they had with a half dozen other families, who had even less.

Doesn’t apply to me.

WHAT I AM … is someone who worked his way through college by holding down three and four jobs at a time and then used that education to build a better life.

No college.

WHAT I AM … is a husband who, at age 24, started his own business for the "privilege" of working 60, 70 and 80 hours a week, risking everything I had, including my health, in search of a better life for myself and my loved ones.

Doesn’t apply.

WHAT I AM … is a businessman whose blood, sweat and tears…. and plenty of them…, made it possible for me to provide a secure living, not only for my family and myself, but also for literally hundreds of my employees throughout the years. Employees, who in turn, were able to buy their own homes, raise their own families and give back to their communities and their country.

Nope. Although I work hard to supply for my family.

WHAT I AM … is a man who believes in God; a God who has blessed this country… and all for which it stands.


WHAT I AM … is someone who knows, if you doubt miracles exist in today’s world, you need only to look into the face of those who received them … and the eyes of those who give them.


WHAT I AM … is an American who’s proud that his President embraces a belief in God; proud of a President who understands, as "politically incorrect" as it may be, there is evil in this world and for the security and safety of all freedom loving people everywhere, it must be confronted… and it must be defeated.

Without a doubt.

WHAT I AM … is an American who takes comfort in the knowledge that our President refuses to allow decisions concerning the very safety and security of this nation, to be governed by the political whims of foreign governments.


WHAT I AM … is tired of hearing from leading Democrats who see only negativity in America; racism in her people; class warfare in her society and "political incorrectness" in her character.

Very Much so!

WHAT I AM … is a former democrat who now understands that it is the soldier and not the reporter that guarantees us our freedoms of press, speech and dissent.

Not a former Democrat, by I do understand THAT!

WHAT I AM … is a man who believes in the sanctity of life. A man who is repulsed by the pandering of the political left for votes, at the expense of the unborn.

Most Definitely!

WHAT I AM … is a husband and father who believes in the sanctity of marriage and the preservation of the family unit.


WHAT I AM … is a movie go-er who is repulsed by those insecure, socially inept, elementary thinking, ego-inflated "entertainers" who have appointed themselves "experts" in the fields of national security and geo-politics and then use their forum to attack this nation, its leaders and its actions…. much to the delight and encouragement of our enemies.

LOL, I have even SAID this.

WHAT I AM … is an American who understands the difference between "censorship" and "choice". Evidently, these individuals do not, because when these same "celebrities" receive public ridicule for their offensive actions, the first thing they yell is "Censorship!". What they seem incapable of understanding is… the right of free speech and dissent is shared equally by those offended… as well as those who offend. I support and will continue to support those films and performers whom I choose to … and refuse to support those I don’t. It is my right as an American … a right I will continue to enthusiastically exercise.

AND this.

WHAT I AM … is a voter, tired of politicians, who, every time their voting records are subjected to public scrutiny, try to divert attention from their political and legislative failures by accusing their opponents of "attack ads" and "negative campaigning"…. and the news media who allow them to get away with it.

I think we ALL are.

WHAT I AM … is a Catholic who loves his God and his Faith… and who’s been taught to respect all religions whose teachings are based in love, peace and charity. As such, I am embarrassed and ashamed of those individuals, in both private and public life, whose decisions and actions are devoid of any sense of character or morals; individuals who are only driven by what’s best for them … rather than what’s right … often times at the expense of many …. including our national security.

Christian not Catholic. But I agree 100 percent.

WHAT I AM … is a realist who understands that the terrorist attack that murdered hundreds of innocent Russian children could have occurred here, in our heartland. That’s why I sincerely believe America needs now, more than ever, a President who sees with a clear and focused vision and who speaks with a voice when heard by both friend and foe alike, is understood, respected and believed.

100 percent true.

WHAT I AM … is eternally grateful to Ronald Reagan for having the bravery to speak out against Communism and the courage of his convictions in leading the fight to defeat it; and George W. Bush for the vision, courage, conviction and leadership he has shown in America’s war on terrorism amidst both the constant and vicious, personal and political attacks both he and his family are made to endure.


WHAT I AM … is a human being, full of numerous faults and failures, but a man nonetheless, who, though not always successful, has continually strived to do "what’s right" instead of "what’s easy". A man who is challenging the religious leaders of all faiths, to not only preach to their congregations the fundamentals of "what’s right" and "what’s wrong", but to also then hold them accountable for their actions in both the public and private sectors.

Without a doubt! I have written entire articles on this.

WHAT I AM … is disgusted with the Courts who, on one hand, call the murder of a pregnant woman a "double homicide" but then refer to the abortion of her baby as, "pro-choice".


WHAT I AM … is someone deeply troubled by a political party which embraces a candidate whose primary "leadership" qualities center around his protesting of the Vietnam war and his labeling the honorable men and women who fought in it, (50,000 of whom gave their lives in that action), as rapists, and war criminals. That same political party then stepped forward this year to block the appearance of a true Vietnam war hero, retired Admiral and former United States Senator, Jeremiah Denton, (a man who spent seven years and seven torturous months in a North Vietnam prison), from speaking before an open session of the California legislature as part of that state’s 4th of July celebration. The reason Democrats gave for refusing to allow this American hero to speak before their state legislature was because of the "conservative" nature of his views. As an American, that troubles me deeply ….as well it should you.

Again, Without a doubt!

WHAT I AM … is a man who feels the need to spend, $104, 655.60,(tax paid) of his own money, to purchase this advertisement, in order to set the story straight. Some may say this money would have been better spent feeding the world’s poor. At the risk of sounding self-serving, as an American and as a Republican, for the last six decades of my life, I have done exactly that… and more. Following the examples of my parents and grand parents, I have used my earnings to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, provide housing for the elderly and medical care for the sick….. and continue to do so… and I’m not alone in that work.

Doesn’t apply.

WHAT I AM … is someone who is paying for this announcement, at my sole expense, in hopes of opening the eyes of those led blindly by ill-informed elements of our great nation, who, through either ignorance, or malicious intent, repeatedly attack and belittle those of us who belong to a political party that holds true to the belief, "… the rights of the governed, exceed the power of the government". For those interested, I am speaking only as a tax-paying individual who is in no way associated with The Republican National Committee, nor with any of its directors, or delegates.


WHAT I AM … is a man who understands, "the American way of life" is a message of self-empowerment for all.


WHAT I AM … is an American who is grateful that our nation gives each of us the opportunity of self-determination and the right to benefit from the fruits of self achievement.


WHAT I AM … is an American who wants to preserve that way of life for all who seek it.

At any cost!

WHAT I AM … is blessed to be an American…. and proud to be Republican.

OK, here it is. ARE YOU READY? I said ARE YOU READY?? I AM a "Regan Conservative" who IS blessed to be an American. There you go. I am a Conservative. HOWEVER, I have not, nor will I EVER simply tow a party line. I am still and will always remain an Independent thinker. I will NEVER scribe to either of the far fringes. If you can prove I did, I will recant this statement. This will not happen be cause I am ALWAYS true to my beliefs.

So there you go. I’m a Conservative who is a Proud American and feel we must do anything we need to do to protect this way of life. But this is what I have been saying all along. Nothing has change. I have simply agreed to wear the Lable "Conservative" proudly and stay true to myself.
Behind The OPN Screen, Nov. 19, 2006
Hey folks,

Time for another Behind the OPN Screen. Just sharing information and answering some questions. I have a lot to get to with the "return" of the "Just My Thoughts" and "IWA" segments today so I’ll get right to the questions. Again, these are questions I have gotten in various ways, that I share to help others understand that may have the same.

You can ALWAYS feel free to contact me and ask anything you want. You can do so be either Email, on the site itself, and if you know the number, you can even call me. I attempt to always be open and honest here. I will NEVER share private information, {Your name, Email, ETC.} unless I have your full permission to do so.


"I notice you put a nifty edit thing on the comments. Handy when someone does not agree with you huh?"

LOL. I knew people were going to take it this way. But the truth of the matter is that it is there for ONE reason and ONE reason alone, Spam. I had one company that continuously posted spam here posing as comments. I contacted them and told them to stop, they posted 5 more on the same article. So I put this in place to prevent that.

"I love the pictures. Where do you get them from?"

All over the place. Thanks. Since I started using the pictures, I see the articles as bare without them. I will continue to use them in the future.

"I notice from time to time, you receive comments from "real" people. I mean those that you are talking about. Like the Idiot thing. Can people read you elsewhere, or are you just here."

Good question. First I am exclusively here. Most of the time. {Smile} I do contribute to News Times Live and E The People . But those that comment here are because of the content here. Yes you are correct, the IWA is one of the most popular segments here at the OPN.

"Who is Sam? Is he a paid employee of the OPN or a friend or family member or what? What about Betty and Bethany?"

I thought I answered this already. But I checked the archives and did not see it. First ANYONE can and do post in the comment section. Bethany is a good friend and we have a relationship. Betty doesn’t like me enough to have a relationship with me. {Smile} and Sam? Sam is a friend. He is a brilliant writer at ETP and I have talked with him on various topics in the past both there and here. I have NEVER met him. I would consider him and friend of both me and the OPN.

The second part of the question, or really the first, I have answered SEVERAL times. NOONE gets paid here. I make not a penny here. I do it because I love it.

"Why do you always have to do the whole ‘I told you’ thing? That can be really annoying. Do you have to brag?"

LOL. It’s not bragging if it’s true, and I can back it up. Why do I do it? To let you know that the information you get here, is truthful, accurate, and for the most part, you hear it here first. I have a pretty good track record of being right. I’m just letting you know when it happens. I also find it funny from time to time when I say something here, and then it is out there, almost word for word. Not that anyone actually reads this.{Smile}

"OK Enough already. Why do you not just come out and say, ‘I’m a Conservative Republican" and be done with it? Why do you insist on lying, saying, ‘I’m an Independent.’ Why not just be honest?"

THAT is the million dollar question this time around. I will actually answer this in the "Just My Thoughts" segment, coming right up.

OK, that’s it this time around. Remember you can feel free to ask me anything you want. I will attempt to answer all of them in time. If you are just a Weekend OPNer, then I wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving and good luck with the "Black Friday" thing for those that do that.