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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aspirin: Not Just for Headaches Anymore

We all know about the Aspirin and Heart Connection. But Cancer?

Hey folks,

In Today's Health and Science Segment, I want to talk about Aspirin. Back in the Day, you got a Head Ache, you took Aspirin. Nowadays, when you get a Head Ache you have an array of choices. ALL claiming to be faster, stronger, and more long lasting than Aspirin. Some you need a Script for, some not. Some will make you Loopy, TRUST ME. Some will numb you. But MOST have MAJOR Side Effects.

If you have been around here for a Bit, you will remember when I had the Swine Flu. Or at least that is what they thought. I have NEVER been THAT sick for THAT long in my life. REALLY. I was Butt Naked for TEN DAYS Straight. Josh went to Grandmas. Laura had to keep working. So most of the time I was alone. The Doctors gave me this Liquid Controlled Substance Stuff. Not going to name it here. But I took it ONE time. ONCE was enough for me. My Wife, Niece, and Son Joshua, went to Miami for a Photo Shoot for a Foreign Magazine thing. I took this stuff and went to lay down. I kept hearing stuff. I would hear Texts. The Phone Ring. Nothing. No one there. Then I heard someone walking around the House. I went out to see who it was, No one. Not a single Soul. Once that wore off, I flushed it. That was more than enough for me.

At the time, I also had a handful of Pills to take multiple time a day. I ended up taking the Antibiotic, and ASPRIN for the Aches and Pains. I turned out just fine. No more hearing Sh,,uh, stuff.

So we know about Aspirin. Back in the day, it came in a Power form. It worked QUICK. Now in Pill form, they have learned that it has MANY Benefits, and very little draw backs. It also costs next to NOTHING. A while back, we learned that Aspirin could help those having a Heart Attack. Scientists and Doctors have discovered that an Aspirin Regimen is VERY Beneficial in so many ways.

Aspirin is used to relieve mild to moderate pain; reduce fever, redness, and swelling; and to help prevent blood from clotting. It is used to relieve discomfort caused by numerous medical problems, including headache, infections, and arthritis. It is also used to reduce the risk of a second heart attack or stroke. Larger doses of aspirin are used to treat gout.
So Aspirin GOOD. Side Effects?

Although side effects from aspirin are not common, they can occur. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

•upset stomach
•stomach pain

If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:

•ringing in the ears
•loss of hearing
•bloody or black stools
•difficulty breathing
•mental confusion
•skin rash
However, ALL of these are EXTREMELY Rare and most of the time, MOST people will not have any Problems. HOWEVER. With ANY Medication, PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Now I know, I know, some Doctors are in bed with Big Drug, and some OVER PRESCRIBE expensive and unnecessary Medications. So a Second Opinion may be desirable. But if you start taking Aspirin, and you experience any of these, see a Doctor right away.

Today, there is even MORE good news for you about Aspirin. We all know about the Aspirin and Heart Connection. But Cancer? Yup. Cancer. According to - Aspirin slashes cancer rate for those with hereditary risk Afp/Relaxnews / October 28, 2011

PARIS-AFP) - Long-term, daily doses of aspirin led to a fall of some 60 percent in cases of colorectal cancer among people with an inherited risk of this disease, the journal The Lancet reported on Friday.
That's right. Cheap, easily assessable, ASPIRIN.

The trial -- considered to be broad in sample and long in duration -- confirms evidence elsewhere that aspirin has a protective effect against cancer of the colon and rectum, it said.

The study enrolled patients with Lynch Syndrome, a fault in genes charged with cellular repair that leads to colorectal and other cancers.

Lynch Syndrome occurs in around one in 1,000 people and accounts for about one in 30 cases of bowel cancer, The Lancet said.

A total of 861 patients were randomly designated to take either two aspirins daily, for a dose of 600 mg, or a harmless dummy pill, known as a placebo, for at least two years. They were then regularly given colon exams.

When the data from this study were first examined in 2007, there was no difference in colorectal cancer incidence between the groups.

But things changed when the researchers checked again a few years later.

By this time, there had been 34 cases of colorectal cancer in the placebo group but 19 in the aspirin group -- a reduction in incidence of 44 percent.

The doctors then looked further at those patients (60 percent of the total) who had been taking the aspirin or the placebo beyond the two-year minimum.

In this sub-group, the figures were even more impressive.

There were 23 cancers in the placebo group, but only 10 in the aspirin group, amounting to a fall of 63 percent. The difference began to be seen after five years.

In the light of this discovery, further research has been launched to see what is the best dosage and duration of aspirin treatment.

"In the meantime, clinicians should consider aspirin prescription for all individuals judged to be at high risk of colorectal cancer, but taking appropriate measures to minimise adverse effects," says the paper, headed by John Burn, a professor of clinical genetics at Newcastle University, northeastern England.

Last year, a study also published in The Lancet, found that rates of cancer of the colon, prostate, lung, brain and throat were all reduced by daily aspirin use. For the colon, the risk over 20 years declined by 40 percent.

Many doctors recommend regular use of aspirin to lower the risk of heart attack, clot-related strokes and other blood flow problems. A downside of extended daily use is the risk of stomach problems.
Which we just discussed. Not a big threat. So now Aspirin could be a BIG Positive Player in the Fight against Cancer? GREAT! I think I'm going look into this myself.

I wasn't going to mention this. But I am. My Favorite Morning Show, The Conversation with Rich Stevens and Dave McBride were discussing this, this past Thursday, Friday? Friday Morning. {Where I got the interest in talking about Aspirin today} Rich was saying that he thinks that there is already a Cure for Cancer out there, but it is being suppressed because Cancer is a BILLION Dollar, if not TRILLION Dollar, Business. That is just a Fact. WAY back on Sunday, July 01, 2007, I was talking about a Possible Cure For HIV. OPNTalk - H.S. Potential cure for HIV I was answering a Question that News Dude Dave actually ASKED just this past Friday. Basically WORD for WORD.

“That is completely ridiculous Pete. No one wants to keep Cancer and HIV around. They are trying to find cures for them. You cannot say it’s about money. They cured those diseases of the past. Why would they not do it today?”

Excellent question. Think about it. You already know the answer. Those diseases of the past were CONTAGIOUS. A lot of them through the air. Cancer? HIV is contagious, but not on as broad a scale. In a lot of cases, HIV, it contracted by ones ACTIONS. Get the point?
Then, Remember back on Sunday, November 29, 2009 I posted this. OPNTalk - New Method Discovered To Kill Cancer I said this.

Of course it can. Why is this not making Mainstream News? Why are there not FAILED Government Programs that are being shut down and the financing of these FAILED programs being diverted to THIS Program immediately. Why other than the fact, most, most likely, have never heard of this, are there not PRIVATE Investors lining up to fund this?

Think of the savings in Healthcare. No more long term care. No more, in the long run, no more or REDUCED need for Chemo. No more long term Medication need? A person, in the future, maybe able to go in after diagnosis, have this disc implanted, and their own bodies can heal themselves. Think of the Billions Saved in,,,Oh. Perhaps I just answered my own question.
So I'm with Rich on this one. And the MANY of you out there that wonder the same thing. Something as simple and cheap as Aspirin, may be a MAJOR Player in the fight against Cancer? A few Cents vs, a couple of Hundred Dollars per Pill? This is GREAT NEWS!!!! Seriously. Like I said, being in a high risk category myself for BOTH Heart Disease and Cancer, I'm going to seriously look into this further.

Aspirin Regimen - Aspirin Regimen
Aspirin slashes cancer rate for those with hereditary risk
OPNTalk - H.S. Potential cure for HIV
OPNTalk - New Method Discovered To Kill Cancer

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Brian said...

I have believed that there is A cure for A lot of things (cancer, HIV,) and others for some time now.
Remember what God said it his word "The Love of money is the root of all evil" Money is not evil but the love of money is, that said the big drug company's they stand to loose millions or more so yes I believe there is A cure out there Just look up vitamin B-17. God Speed to you Brian Stephens