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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who's to Blame for Gas Prices?

A compilation of FACTS heard here over the years.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. I got two for ya. First up? BG sent this in. It was from Yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show. None of this is new. But he put it all together like no one else could. It was a great Segment. A compilation of FACTS heard here over the years. Here he is. Ladies and Gentalmen, Rush Limbaugh.


RUSH: Michael Janovsky at the New York Times, April 24th, 2006, about six years ago: "Democrats Eager to Exploit Anger Over Gas Prices." This is back in 2006. The Democrats were running for office in the midterm elections trying to talk us into a recession. This is after they had failed at trying to talk us into failure in Iraq. "Democrats running for Congress are moving quickly to use the most recent surge in oil and gasoline prices to bash Republicans over energy policy, and more broadly, the direction of the country. With oil prices hitting a high this week and prices at the pump topping $3 a gallon in many places..." We're now over $5 in California. In 2006, with "prices at the pump topping $3 a gallon in many places Amy Klobuchar, a Democratic Senate candidate in Minnesota, is making the issue the centerpiece of her campaign. Ms. Klobuchar says it 'is one of the first things people bring up' at her campaign stops. To varying degrees, Democrats around the country are following a similar script that touches on economic anxiety and populist resentment against oil companies."


"'It's a metaphor for an economy that keeps biting people despite overall good numbers,' said Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York..." What else do we have, Chuck-U? Oh, Chuck-U is in the news today, folks. Chuck-U tells Clinton to pressure Saudi Arabia to pump more oil. Senator Chuck-U Schumer "wants Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press..." She's got her own section in the program today for her own rampant hypocrisy. (We'll get to that in due course.) Chuck-U Schumer "wants Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press Saudi Arabia to boost output as rising prices are hitting consumer at the gasoline pump." Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Wait a minute. More oil? Chuck-U wants more oil? Is that what asking the Saudis to do, pump more oil? Is that right? Is that what that means? Senator Schumer tells Clinton to pressure Saudis to pump more oil? He wants more oil? Then how come this regime vetoes the Keystone pipeline and has a drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico and makes fun of/mocks the concept of producing more oil in the United States? So Senator Chuck-U Schumer is asking Senator Clinton to make us more dependent on foreign oil! That's what he's doing when he's asking her to pressure the Saudis, pump more oil. He wants us to be more dependent. He doesn't want to use our own oil. Obama doesn't want to use our own oil.

How come Chuck-U is not out there saying, "Everybody go buy a Volt?" How come Chuck-U's not saying, "Hey, everybody go buy a Prius, go buy a hybrid"? How come Chuck-U's not out there saying, "Get your tire gauge out and make sure the pressure is right and get a tune-up"? That's what Obama do. So the Democrats want more oil. They want the price to come down with more supply. Funny how that never works domestically. So 2006, New York Times: "Democrats Eager to Exploit Anger Over Gas Prices" -- at $3 a gallon. From Wynton Hall with the story: "Seven Gas Facts Obama Cannot Escape -- 1.

"In September 2008, Barack Obama’s 'Nobel-prize winning physicist' of an Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, told the Wall Street Journal: 'Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,'" which is much higher than what we pay. Obama has said he wants high prices. Why don't these guys come out and say, "This exactly what we want"? Steven Chu, the energy secretary, Nobel-prize winning physicist has advocated for higher prices. So has Obama. Now they're getting higher prices. You know why? They want higher prices so you'll have to go out and buy a Volt or a hybrid or get on a bus or get on a subway or take mass transit and become like a number.

A robot. An interchangeable part of the system, like a Chinese citizen taking orders and dictates from the state and their command-and-control economy. The truth is, they want higher prices. The problem is it's an election year. Can't advocate for higher gas prices in an election year. "2. In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama admitted that, like his future Energy Secretary Mr. Chu, he believed that high gas prices would be a good thing because they would force Americans to ween [sic] themselves off of oil, but that he would have 'prefered [sic] a gradual adjustment.'" We had the sound bite last week. We reminded you of it when gasoline hit four bucks and Obama said: It's okay; it's okay. I'm just a little upset how fast it got there. 3. On January 19, 2009, the day before Barack Obama [immaculated] gas prices were $1.84 a gallon. As of February 20, 2012 a gallon of gas cost $3.59," and now it's close to $5 a gallon. And don't forget, in 2006 it was $3 a gallon, and the Democrats are out exploiting it and trying to turn it into a big political issue. "4. As Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson points out, 'Offshore drilling permits are being issued at less than half the rate of the previous administration. The average number of leases issued on public lands is less than half than during President Clinton’s term.' 5. In 2008, Barack Obama seemed perfectly comfortable with soaring energy prices if they meant curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

"As Mr. Obama confessed: 'Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.'" In their hearts and minds, Obama and the left are LOVING gas prices go up. They just can't say so. But they love it. And that's why there's not a huge effort to bring them down. There's a huge effort to make you think they want to, but how many stories have you seen where Obama says, "Ah, there's really not a whole lot the president can do"? And Jay Carney says, "Well, there's not a whole lot the president can do." In 2006, don't forget, Chuck Schumer and John F. Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam) were mocking Bush for asking the Saudis to pump more oil! Arabs producing more oil makes prices go down, but somehow the US pumping more oil won't make any difference.

That's what they tell us. "Nah-nah-nah. That's the stupidest thing we ever heard of! That's a tired, worn-out cliché. 'Drill, drill, drill,' and for 30 years they've been saying that. That's what the Republicans always say. Just drill, drill. That's gonna take us two to three years!" Well, where would we be if 30 years ago we had just started drilling, drilling, drilling? Chuck-U Schumer in 2008: "Schumer to Bush: Stop 'Coddling' Big Oil, Saudis," and get on 'em and make 'em pump more. And Chuck-U wants Hillary to do the same thing now. Obama, he can lower the sea level but he can't lower the price of oil. "7. Try as he might, President Obama’s campaign will try to distance themselves from the fact that a central pillar of Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign was a pledge to reduce the 'pain at the pump' caused by high gas prices."

We can go back and we can get all of that audio that was a centerpiece of his campaign, a pillar, to reduce pain at the pump. But missing no opportunity to invoke class warfare, Obama said, "For the well-off in this country, high gas prices are mostly an annoyance, but to most Americans they're a huge problem, bordering on a crisis. Here in Indiana gas costs $3.60 a gallon," he said in 2008. Now it's 2012, we're over $5 a gallon, and there's not much we can do about it.

And from MSNBC: "8 Reasons Why Gas Will Hit $5 a Gallon This Year." I'll just read through them. Not gonna give you details. Number one, Strait of Hormuz. Number two, Iran. Number three, refiners raising prices. Number four, other geopolitical risks. Number five, the European Union may save itself. Number six, the US economic recovery means higher oil prices. Number seven, summertime. Number eight, supply risk. In all eight of these reasons, not one of them mention Obama or his energy policies. So we have every effort in the world being made to shield Obama from any relationship to high gasoline prices, despite what the Democrats did all during '05, '06, '07, and '08. We even have some Republicans now saying, "We really don't want to try to tie the president to this, market forces no president can control."

We said back in 2006 there's nothing Bush can do about it. The president does not have a magic wand. Releasing from the strategic reserves doesn't make a significant long-term difference in the price of oil. And people who said that back then want us to say something consistent now. "Well, come on, let's not jump on Obama for this. We all know honestly that presidents can't do anything about it." Bush was not choking the supply, however. Obama is. Obama is a factor in the price of gasoline. See, that's the difference, Obama is a factor in the price of oil. Obama wants higher oil prices, his energy secretary and he have both said so. They want higher oil price. This is not making it up. They want higher oil prices. It's less freedom. It's less mobility. It forces you into alternative buying decisions when it's time to get a new car. So Obama does have something to do with high oil prices.


Eric in Glenn Arbor, Michigan, you're next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Long-time listener from the early Clinton years.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: The reason why I'm calling is about the oil prices and what we're paying at the pump. Lots of news about it, and if we go to five, six-dollar-a-gallon oil, that's gonna sink the economy, and I think it's time to fight back, and I think we can fight back by several perspectives. One, we as a consumer can cut back slightly on our fuel usage. And, two, instead of just releasing 30 million barrels of oil from the strategic energy reserves, we need to do it in a strategic manner. For example, release seven million barrels of oil at, say, $89 a barrel. It's about 109 bucks a barrel today. Release it at below the market price and then make several subsequent releases without telling anybody --

RUSH: There's not enough oil there to make any difference. The real question is what is the rice of algae by the gallon because Obama has suggested pond scum as the next alternative fuel for oil. We cannot, by the way, and I appreciate the big-heartedness here in wanting to conserve, but there's gonna be forced conservation at five dollars a gallon. There was a four. People will drive less because they can't afford it. By the way, the economy's already sinking. But you get to five or six dollars a gallon, the choice to conserve will not be something you have to force on people, it'll be happening naturally. But even at that, conserving is not growth, and growth is what our economy needs. Growth and supply, growth in expansion, demand, all these things, that's what this country and this economy needs. We can't conserve our way to growth of anything.

That was from the Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday. Be right back with Obama's NEW answer for Energy.

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New York Times: Democrats Eager to Exploit Anger Over Gas Prices - Michael Janovsky - 04.24.2006
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Reg, High Tech, Super, Pond Scum?

Pelosi was ahead of her time.

Hey folks,

OK, I have to issue an apology. Wait, did you catch this? Yup. Another "Green Energy Company," propped up by YOUR money, lays off 150 people, is failing, yet? That's right, they are paying themselves, the Executives, BIG bonuses and pay raises. Not kidding folks, According to Free Public - After Layoffs, Execs Get Big Raises at Taxpayer-Funded A123 (Makes batteries for Fisker) National Legal & Policy Center ^ | February 16, 2012 | Paul Chesser

A taxpayer-funded electric vehicle battery company, that is considered in great danger due to its dependency on troubled EV company Fisker Automotive, has awarded its top executives big salary increases despite a steep downward trajectory in its stock price.

Massachusetts-based A123 Systems -- which received $279.1 million in stimulus money from the Department of Energy, and up to $135 million in incentives from the State of Michigan -- boosted the base salaries of two vice presidents and its chief financial officer on February 8.

Chief Financial Officer David Prystash was bumped 27 percent to $380,000; VP of Energy Solutions Robert Johnson’s base salary increased 51 percent from his 2010 level to $400,000; and VP of Automotive Systems Jason Forcier saw his pay rise 32 percent from 2010, to $350,000. The news was first reported by the Boston Web site of, which obtained the information from an A123 SEC filing.
Now this report says 125 employees, but I saw another that said 150. Regardless, they took YOUR money and they are paying themselves HUGE salaries, and the company is failing. They are laying people off. When the money, YOUR money, is gone, they will go the way of Wind and Solar Companies. Bankrupt.

So lets have a conversation with the President. "Mr. Obama. Wind, Solar, now Battery Companies, that YOU gave Hundreds of Billions of Tax Payer Money to, are failing all over the place. There is NO MARKET. They are producing NOTHING. Can we pretty please, Drill, get more Natural Gas, allow the Pipeline? Can we now do what we should have been doing all along?"

President Obama "Uh, no. There is a new hope. Yes. A new answer. We will not Drill, get more Natural Gas, and I'll allow a little part of the Pipeline, it is an election year, to be built. But that is not the answer. No. we have a new hope. You should get excited about it."

"Yeah? OK. What is it?"

President Obama "Well, it's Pond Scum."

"Excuse me?"

President Obama. "Yeah, yeah. Pond Scum. You know Algae."

Here is an actual quote. This is a REAL quote from the President of the United States.

We're making new investments in the development of gasoline and diesel and jet fuel that's actually made from a plant-like substance, algae. You got a bunch of algae out here, right? If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, well, we'll be doing all right.
Uh? "If we can figure out how to" FLY, "well, we'll be doing all right." as well. We could just fly, like Superman, to Work, School, whatever. Not sure about the Store. How to carry all that stuff. But hey, if we learned to Fly, uh, no Farting though, that would be like driving, greenhouse gas as such, so fart free flying, and "we'll be doing all right." I know, I know. But he really said this. According to CSN News - Obama's Energy Plan -- Algae By Susan Jones February 24, 2012

( - "The American people aren't stupid," President Obama said on Thursday -- as he insisted that drilling for more oil on U.S. territory is "not a strategy to solve our energy challenge."

The president's solution? Algae, for one.

There are no quick fixes to the nation's energy problem, the president said, dismissing Republican calls for more drilling as a "bumper sticker."

"We’re making new investments in the development of gasoline and diesel and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance -- algae," the president said at a campaign stop in Florida. "You've got a bunch of algae out here, right? If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing all right."

Obama said the nation could replace up to 17 percent of the oil it imports for transportation with "this fuel that we can grow right here in the United States. And that means greater energy security. That means lower costs. It means more jobs. It means a stronger economy."
{Sigh} More OIL means greater NATIONAL Security. It means lower costs. It means more jobs. It means a stronger Economy. Just saying YES to the Keystone Pipeline means greater NATIONAL Security. It means lower costs. It means more jobs. It means a stronger Economy. Talking about Pond Scum? Means NOTHING. It will simply continue the DECREASE of National Security, HIGHER Costs, LESS Jobs, and damaging the Economy even further.

Even some of his supporters are out there saying, what the? This is completely ridiculous. It really is. Do NOTHING to actually FIX the Problem that Liberal Policies over the Years have CREATED, just issue Speeches and ask people to Dream. $5.00 to even $6.00 a gallon gas is coming folks. But fret not, while you are paying that, just think how wonderful it will be when we learn how to turn Pond Scum into Energy,,,,,OH WAIT!!!! I forgot about my apology. No I have to apologize.

Look folks, I was wrong. Yup. For years I thought Nancy Pelosi was loosing it. That she was getting a bit kooky. That perhaps it was time for her to retire. But I was wrong. One example I used of this was what she said back in 2006. Yup. She was not being kooky. She was not even talking about Politics. No sir. I was just too ignorant to understand she was WAY ahead of her time. When she said, she wanted to "drain the swamp," she was talking about GREEN ENERGY... Now I get it. Sorry MS Pelosi. {Smile}

Free Public - After Layoffs, Execs Get Big Raises at Taxpayer-Funded A123
CSN News - Obama's Energy Plan -- Algae

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Out of Town, No Big Sunday Edition 22612

Helping Family.

Hey folks,

Happy Saturday to ya. Yup. I said Saturday. It 5:25 AM right now and I'm getting ready to leave town. I got a call from a Family member who told me that her and her Daughter have to move. They are moving from one Town to another a distance away. Neither are THIS Town. Since it is only her and her Daughter, they need help.

SO? Me and another family member will be hitting the road at 8:30 AM to head to the "rescue." Well, not really. Just helping them move. Moving, the thing I hate more than going to the Dentist. Seriously. I hate moving me. Moving someone else is even MORE dislikable.

But fret not. I will return soon. Until then, please fee free to enjoy the VAST Archives of Infotainment right here, at the OPNTalk Blog. Have a GREAT Weekend folks, See you soon.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chirica Revisited, Pelosi Say Catholic Church WANTS Government Intrusion

"Don't you wonder why people that have no clue about Religion love to tell us what Religion is all about. But then again this does fit into what you have warned us about. "Chirica." This could be a step in that direction."

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to ya. Time to check in from the Emails. Chirica? For those of you who do not know,,, OPNTalk - IWA For Sunday 20109 The then Speaker of the House Pelosi, was talking to George Stephanopoulos on ABC's THIS WEEK. Here is the way it happened.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus?

PELOSI: Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So no apologies for that?

PELOSI: No apologies. No. We have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.
Yup. Pelsoi's plans are those of one of the biggest Human Rights violators on the planet. China. She wants the "Chirica" China / America Population Control Program here in our country. One Child per Family. But she is not alone. OPNTalk - Hillary Backing Pelosi's "Chirica" Plan. This is where she talks about giving birth is bad, and Women are too important to be Mothers. This is also where she says we are responsible for WORLD Population Control.

So now the Former Speaker of the House, Pelosi, is saying that the Catholic Church WANTS Governments to enforce Contraceptives. I kid you not. According to this Link - CNSNews -
Pelosi: Catholic Church 'Has Not Enforced' Its Teaching on Contraception By Eric Scheiner

( - During an event at Texas A&M University on Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed the Catholic Church has not enforced its teaching on contraception and that the church now wants the federal government to enforce that teaching for it.
{Laughing} I know I know. But she SAID it.

“Ninety-eight percent of women in childbearing age that are Catholic use contraception. So, in practice the church has not enforced this and now they want the federal government and private insurance to enforce it. It just isn’t consistent to me,” Pelosi said.

The statement came after Pelosi was questioned about the conflict between the Catholic Church and the Obama administration over a regulation, set to take effect on Aug. 1, that will require all health-care plans in the United States to cover sterilizations, artificial contraceptives and abortifacients, and thus would force Catholic institutions and individuals, in complying with the Obmacare mandate to buy health insurance, to act against their consciences and the teachings of their faith.

“Whatever my personal beliefs or my personal upbringing are on this subject everyone has their own responsibility in terms of the size and the rest of their family. So, I think this should be removed from the debate, it’s inflammatory--misrepresentations are made,” Pelosi added.

All 181 Catholic bishops in the United States oppose and have publicly denounced the regulation issued by the Obama administration, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have called it "an unprecedented attack on religious freedom."
"Everyone has their own responsibility in terms of the size and the rest of their family." One Child. According to this Twit, it will save us all money, especially if Poor and Stupid People only have one kid. Less people on the Government Payroll. It is even good for the Environment too. So since the Catholic Church can't come out and say it, they want others to do it for them. They understand. They AGREE. But because of this stupid, outdated, Dogma, they HAVE to allow Government and Insurance Companies in to give their Females Free Contraceptives. {Sigh} This IS who these people are folks. It just IS.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Barsky Show

Just for clarification.

Hey folks,

Please understand that this is an attempt to explain what I was talking about on Facebook. Please understand that I am NOT calling for a Protest, Boycott, or anything of that sort. I'm simply explaining what happened and HOPING that you do not judge the Rest of the Station nor the other Shows based on being Offended by this ONE Show and this ONE Guy.

You all know I believe in Free Speech. You all know I believe in Freedom OF Religion. You all know that I believe in God. You have a RIGHT to believe or not. You have a RIGHT to saying anything you want. I not only get that, I agree with it. But if what you say offends someone, then you have to deal with that person not being friends, or pleasant toward you. You have the RIGHT to say anything, as long as you are willing to deal with the Consequences.

I love comedy. I have no problem if someone jokes about God, the Bible, the Devil, White People, Black People, Women, whatever. If it is in a joking manner, part of a bit, or whatever, I'm usually OK with it. If it is over the top, I can brush it off and move on.

However, when you go on a Radio Show and you start by calling someone who was speaking at a RELIGIOUS School about the Devil and HIS Views on Faith, and proceed to call him a Kook, Nut, and Crazy, you may be pushing it a bit. But then if you go on for like two of three segments, talking about "This is Crazy Talk." and "He should keep this kind of thing in Crazy Land." you then go from entertaining to offending.

Now it's no longer a Joke. Now it's no longer a bit. NOW it is what you really believe and what you really mean. Which again, is OK. However, it becomes offensive to others that fit in that category. People of Faith. People that DO believe in God, the Devil, and the Bible. People that GO to the "Crazy Land" as Paul Barsky called it, also known as CHURCH.

So on Tuesday night I was told by someone, who was listening at my recommendation when this happened , that they were HIGHLY Offended. They asked WHY I would recommend someone like this. I apologized and thought it may be a good Idea to apologize to ANYONE out there that also became offended by listening to a Show I promoted. So I did. I am.

Folks, again, please do not get me wrong. I am NOT calling for you to Boycott the Show. If he keeps going like this, he will not last long all by himself. I LIKE the Show. He can be a funny guy. I like the others on the Show. I was the first ever, well, I got disconnected, so I was the SECOND caller ever on the Show. However, I will no longer be listening to the Show for the same reasons some of you will not be. Listen if you want to. Don't if you do not want to. But again, PLEASE, do not judge the OTHER Shows on Big Talk 850 based on this ONE. Thank you and again, if you were offended by listening to the Show at my prompting, I apologize.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Santorum, Religion, The Devil, and America

If you go to Church, or a Religious School, you may hear about Religion.

Hey folks,

If you walk into a Church and you hear THIS,,,

"The Father of Lies has his sights on what you would think the Father of Lies, Satan, would have his sights on: a good, decent, powerful, influential country -- the United States of America. If you were Satan, who would you attack in this day and age? There is no one else to go after other than the United States, and that's been the case for now almost 200 years, once America's preeminence was sown by our great Founding Fathers.

The next was the church. Now, you say, "Well, wait. The Catholic Church?" No. We all know that this country was founded on a Judeo-Christian ethic, but the Judeo-Christian ethic was a Protestant Judeo-Christian ethic. Sure, the Catholics had some influence, but this was a Protestant country, and the Protestant ethic. Mainstream, mainline Protestantism. And of course we look at the shape of mainline Protestantism in this country, and it is a shambles."
changes are, you would not be surprised. Correct? If you go into some other Churches, you may hear things like this

"It's not God Bless America, it's God Damn America. It's in the Bible."
Remember that? You hear people talking about God, the Devil, and everything Faith when you go to Church. That's why you go. If you go to a Religious School, they TEACH Faith, God, the Devil, ETC. That's why you go. I do not understand what is so heard to understand. If you go to Church, or a Religious School, you may hear about Religion. Imagine that. If you are asked to be a Guest Speaker there, YOU may talk about things that only those that UNDERSTAND Religion, can understand. That's why you are there.

So back in 2008, while NOT running for President, Rick Santorum, visited Ave Maria University. A RELIGIOUS School. He said "The Devil is attacking America, and the Mainline Protestants are basically more concerned with agendas than they are dealing with matters of Faith." More on this in a second.

So of course, the Mainstream Media is all over this. Ignorant Liberals and those that listen to the Media, are calling him names, and saying he is not fit for President. Just because he DARED mention the Devil. In a Religious School and 4 years ago when he was not even running for President. I even had to turn off a New Radio Host yesterday. I will not be listening anymore. He started his Show complaining about not getting calls, and then he went into this rant about how Santorum is a nut, and he needs to keep this talk in his "Crazy Land" {Meaning Church, meaning anyone that believes in God, the Devil, or the Bible is Crazy} And he kept going. Nut, Crazy, Kook, ETC. Sorry, you should have stuck to being non-political, and NOT attack anyone of Faith for their Views. I actually found myself getting offended. THAT is very hard to do. He did it. Therefore I will no longer be listening.

But the Media gave Obama a pass with all the "Crazy Stuff" that his Rev. said over Twenty years. But Santorum? Not fit for President? Our friends over at Red State, have a GREAT Piece today talking about this. It's at RS - A Primer for the Media and I Agree With Rick Santorum Posted by Erick Erickson (Diary)Tuesday, February 21st at 11:01PM EST

The Drudge Report put up a story about Rick Santorum’s speech to Ave Maria University in which Santorum said Satan was attacking the United States. The speech was giving in 2008, but is largely consistent with statements he has given in the past few weeks.

I agree with Rick Santorum. I also think that this is a Romney leaked piece. Given the close ties between Matt Drudge and the Romney camp, that’s an easy guess. I also think it will hurt Santorum who apparently has Gingrichitis, a disease the frontrunners all seem to get where they mouth off on any topic under the sun once they are the front runner.

Focus on this topic does not help Santorum and is largely irrelevant to being President. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to defend Santorum given how clueless some of those attacking him seem to be on the specific points he made and also given the cluelessness of a lot of reporters trying to put his remarks in context or explain them.

In 2008, Rick Santorum wasn’t running for President. His statement is well within the mainstream of orthodox Christian theology. And that’s the point here for a lot of reporters who seem stunned by Santorum’s statements.

I’m not Catholic and disagree with some of the teachings of that church, but both orthodox Protestant and Catholic views are consistent with the idea of Satan (who is very real) at war and trying to both tempt and corrupt people.

The humorous thing is there are many on the left who are trying to claim Santorum’s view is nutty, wacked out, or bizarre. There’s actually a stronger case for saying Satan is trying to corrupt the United States than that Barack Obama is a Marxist. Pick your poison.

But one of the statements Rick Santorum made that the media has terribly portrayed and clearly does not understand is Santorum saying, “We look at the shape of mainline Protestantism in this country and it is in shambles, it is gone from the world of Christianity as I see it.”

He is absolutely correct in this statement. When mainline Protestant denominations are in the news these days, it is more likely to be over their debates on the ordination of gays than on anything they have done to actually advance Christ’s kingdom. The problem is that a lot of reporters and even a lot of conservatives do not understand what “mainline Protestants” are.

It is not hard.

A mainline protestant is not a “mainstream” protestant. The two are not interchangeable. The former is more of an academic term.

The base way to understand what a mainline protestant is would be to understand that the term largely means those protestant denominations that existed during the colonial era of the American colonies and as they have evolved from that point.

Many suggest the term comes from the Pennsylvania Main Line railroad that ran through Philadelphia neighborhoods at the turn of the twentieth century, which were organized around communities of interest making up those original colonial faithes.

Specifically, Mainline Protestant denominations are Episcopalians, the United Methodists, the Presbyterians (USA), the American and Northern Baptists, the United Church of Christ, the Congregationalists, the Disciples of Christ, and the Lutherans.

While evangelical churches are more mainstream in America, they are not considered main line. Many evangelical churches branched off from the main line. The Southern Baptists, the nation’s largest protestant denomination, branched off from the Northern and American Baptist Churches. The Presbyterian Church in America, Evangelical Presbyterians, and Reformed Presbyterians broke away from the main Presbyterian Church, which is today the PCUSA. Anglicans have come back into the country in response to the ordination of gays within the Episcopalian Church.

I await the United Methodist Church splintering over that issue and the social gospel too. The Methodists are one of the last major mainline denominations not to have a serious split. But it is on the verge of happening.

There is a long history here and I am no religion scholar, but there are a couple of points to understand.

The mainline churches are more concerned these days with the social gospel, the role of gays in the church, etc. These churches are in decline. Their numbers are falling as they have replaced the actual Gospel with a modern sense of spiritualism that ultimately does not feed the flock.

Evangelical churches over all are growing. The charismatic churches are really seeing strong growth. These churches are much more concerned with fundamentalism, which is, like “mainline”, a specific term. Fundamentalist churches believe in the fundamentals of the faith, which were toward the turn of the twentieth century narrowed to five points including the inerrancy of the Bible, the death and resurrection of Christ, and the need for salvation. When people talk about “fundamentalists” these days, they usually mean hard line Christians who are no fun. Actually, a “fundamentalist” is someone who subscribes to five specific points within Protestantism: (1) the inerrancy of the Bible; (2) the virgin birth of Christ; (3) the atonement of sins through Christ’s death; (4) the bodily resurrection of Christ; and (5) the reality of Christ’s miracles.

So, when Santorum says mainline Protestantism in this country is in shambles, he is referring to specific churches, not all Protestants and specifically not evangelicals. He is referring specifically to those specific denominations more interested these days in the social gospel and the ordination of gay ministers than in salvation through grace. And both the decline of those churches’ populations and their ceding the field on actual matters of the Gospel are proof that Santorum is right. These churches have less and less to do with orthodox Christianity and it is no surprise that it is from the ranks of these churches that the media typically draws on ministers to rebut long held orthodox Christian views and the mainstream churches of America, which are more and more evangelical.
I don't think this will hurt him at all. The Media will of course jump all over it, but People of FAITH will understand EXACTLY what he means. They may even agree with him. There is only one thing in this whole thing that could be harmful to Rick Santorum. That is if he backs down. If he backpedals, or denounces what he said in any way. Rick, just say "I said it. I mean it. Look where I said it." Leave it alone. Do not show us that you can be Bullied by the Media and the Liberals. Stand strong Rick, stand strong.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why We NEED To Increase Our Own

If we had started, non of this would matter.

Hey folks,

It get frustrating when discussing this. It really does. It WILL effect every Man, Woman, and Child in this Country and it WILL effect the price on everything. I really do not understand how some just do not seem to get it.

If we had, start to do what then President Bush said, finding ways to increase OUR Energy Production, and using more of our own, we would not care right now, from and Energy Standpoint, about any of the current events going on in the World. We would have increased our Supply, in which, we would have decreased Demand, bringing DOWN Energy Prices. This would have decreased Prices on EVERYTHING. It would have boosted the Economy, Created Hundreds of Thousands of new Jobs. It would have INCREASED Revenue to every form of Government from Local to Federal. It would have INCREASED our National Security.

However, we did the exact opposite. Which of course means, we GET the exact opposite reaction. The Price of Energy has Skyrocketed. We have LOST Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs. We have decrease Revenue to Government, we have DECREASED our National Security. We MUST care what is going on in the World today. It will effect EVERY American.

We now have an Administration that is playing Politics with the lives of EVERY American. Those the most effected are those with fixed incomes, and those who make less. No matter what you make, the Price on EVERYTHING is going up. If you do not have the means to increase you financial out put, you WILL have to make tough choices on what to cut out, just to fill your tank, heat you home, and buy FOOD.

A simple solution, even after the Moratorium, de facto Moratorium, attacks by this Administration on Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, a Pipeline was offered. A Pipeline that could supply 92 percent of all our liquid fuel needs from right here and our friends in the North Canada was denied by this Administration. They just said No.

Now take a look at the World. According to Reuters - Iran stops oil sales to British and French firms

(Reuters) - Iran has stopped selling crude to British and French companies, the oil ministry said on Sunday, in a retaliatory measure against fresh EU sanctions on the Islamic state's lifeblood, oil.

"Exporting crude to British and French companies has been stopped ... we will sell our oil to new customers," spokesman Alireza Nikzad was quoted as saying by the Ministry of Petroleum website.

The European Union in January decided to stop importing crude from Iran from July 1 over its disputed nuclear program, which the West says is aimed at building bombs. Iran denies this.

Iran's oil minister said on February 4 that the Islamic state would cut its oil exports to "some" European countries.

The European Commission said last week that the bloc would not be short of oil if Iran stopped crude exports, as they have enough in stock to meet their needs for around 120 days.
And what happens AFTER the 120 days? Then you have THIS. According to CNBC News - Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output, Export: Industry Report Published: Sunday, 19 Feb 2012 | 7:32 AM ET By: Yousef Gamal El-Din CNBC Anchor

The world’s top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, appears to have cut both its oil production and export in December, according to the latest update by the Joint Organizations Data Initiative (JODI), an official source of oil production, consumption and export data.

The OPEC heavyweight saw production decline by 237,000 barrels per day (bpd) from three-decade highs of 10.047 million bpd in November, the JODI data showed on Sunday.

The draw-down was sharper for the actual amount exported, declining by 440,000 bpd, or 5.6 percent, to come in at 7.364 million bpd, the data also showed. The level would still be similar to exports after a steep ramp-up last June.

In its monthly report on February 10, the IEA put Saudi Arabia’s production number for December slightly lower at 9.55 million bpd, a disparity of 260,000 bpd versus the JODI data.

Iran appeared not to have filed data in time for the latest release, providing no additional clues about how many export barrels were already lost in December, as some reports have suggested.

JODI, an initiative coordinated by the International Energy Forum (IEF), depends on participating member states for data collection. The IEA estimated Iran’s oil supply in December to have been 3.45 million bpd, marking a drop of 100,000 bpd.

For the third month in a row, no details were available for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Libya, the immediate reasons for which are unclear.

Together with other Gulf oil exporters, the UAE has been in focus as a possible source of alternative supply for at least some of Iran’s crude. Widening sanctions have seen several Asian clients of Iran’s oil, including top importer China, send high-level delegations to the region in the last few weeks.

Iraq, another frequently-cited supplier to make up for part of the Iranian oil shortfall following European Union sanctions, reported no major changes to its supply and export regime. Authorities there are pursuing an ambitious production expansion plan with the aim of reaching 12 million bpd by 2016.
So Iran playing games, and the Saudis are cutting their Oil Production. What does this all mean? $5.00 a gallon gas. If not more. It means decrease, ON PURPOSE, of Supply, which means, and INCREASE in Demand, which of course means and INCREASE on Price. Once again, an INCREASE in the Price of Oil, MEANS and INCREASE in the Price of EVERYTHING.

This is not difficult to understand folks. It really isn't. WE NEED TO START USING OUR OWN!!!! We need to stop playing Politics with the very LIVES of every American. We need to STOP relying on Foreign Governments that HATE us for our very Basic Needs. We need the Keystone Pipeline. We need to Drill more. We need to Refine more. We need more Natural Gas. We have the answer right here. It's not too late. YET. We need new leadership in this, and all areas. It IS just that simple.

Reuters - Iran stops oil sales to British and French firms
CNBC News - Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output, Export: Industry Report

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking To School Equals Child Abuse? Preview..

Preview for Sunday 021912

Hey folks,

Today is one of those days. I'm actually in a pretty good mood. But there are some serious stuff that we need to talk about. There is also some fun stuff. So Happy Sunday to ya. You know who this is, you know WHAT this is. And as always, if you want to be a part of the OPNTalk Blog, by sending in Links, comments, or just say hi, the Email is

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World War Three?
Radio Station?
It's Coming Folks, $4 Plus a Gallon
Chick Nuggets Healthier Than Turkey or Salami on Wheat
IWA For Sunday 021912
IWA 2 for Sunday 021912

So what to do if your little Kiddie can't behave on the School Bus? Give him a ride to School? Let him stay home? Seriously? What to do. As the old saying goes, "When I was your age, we walked to School. In Snow Storms. Up hill, both ways." So a Mom who's Son got kicked off the Bus FIVE times. Yes that is 5 times, decided, he should walk to School. Now she faces Child Abuse Charges, $1000 fine, and possibly even a year in Jail. Of course, CPS had no problem jumping in here. No evidence. No proof of abuse. Just an absurd complaint from a busy body stranger, over zealous Cop, and of course, CPS just being CPS.

I could not agree with this Writer more. According to Yahoo News - Mom Who Made Son Walk to School Is Child Abuser -- Seriously? By Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Fri, Feb 17, 2012

COMMENTARY Well, Stanley, here's another fine mess.

Valerie Borders, an Arkansas mom, made her 10-year-old son Nequavion walk to school after being suspended (for the fifth time) from riding the school bus. Was she congratulated? Nope. As per ABC News, Mom was charged with child endangerment and faces one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Let's unwrap the child abuse charges. KAIT says walk to school was longish (4.5 miles). A compassionate, public-spirited (or nosy, bored) bank security guard spotted the lad trudging to school and called the police. The tween boy implored the officer, "Please sir, don't take me home or my mother will beat me." So very Dickensian.

It was also coldish, 30 degrees, though in my home state of Michigan, that's a balmy spring breeze. Kids walk daily through cold and snow in our area. Stores also sell inclement weather apparel in kids' sizes, (Nequavion was wearing such a garment). Anyway, the concern wasn't weather as much as stranger danger or injury, said officer Lyle Waterworth. He encourages other helpful citizens to call the police when they see kids walking alone.

Segue. I find no fault with the police officer for checking this out. As a mandatory reporter, he has to; it's the law. He may have suspected that Nequavion's "beating" reference was just a deflector shield to save the boy's naughty hide, (which Nequavion told KAIT it basically was). Police officers can't take that chance, however. I do fault them for filing charges, once mom explained that her son had been kicked off the bus repeatedly and was being punished.

I give Borders props -- I'm not sure, as a mom, I'd have enough moxie to enforce a march to school. As a teacher, I applaud her for following up with consequences. I once disciplined a student for kicking kids (and explained to mom why). Later, I saw that child at the grocery store enjoying an ice cream cone. Mom's explained, "he had such a hard day."

Admittedly, Nequavion's walk was long, but that's what made it consequentially perfect. As he said, it was mom's way of teaching him to appreciate the bus (kudos, Nequavion, for recognizing that). If she had chauffeured him to school, what would that have taught him? I can see the wheels turning. "Get in trouble--ride in comfy car. Be good--ride crowded, uncomfortable school bus."

Mom needs a commendation, not jail.
Yup. but then again, if I really messed up when I was a kid, Grandma would "correct" me with a switch to the behind. She would be sitting in Jail right now most likely. Have we really come to a place where the Government, CPS, can come in and rip a healthy Family apart because the feel they know better than the Parent? That would be yes.

You know, this stupidity needs to stop. Government needs to shrink and get out of our Private Lives. Let Parents BE Parents. Of course, if there IS Abuse, REAL not imagined nor created, but REAL Abuse, we have Police and Laws to take care of it. CPS is out of control, they answer to no one. They NEED to be regulated. If not disbanded. Parents need to be Parents. We need America and Freedom BACK!!

World War Three?

I keep warning you, but now, the World is starting to sound the Drum Beats of War.

Hey folks,

You've no doubt heard of the Arab Spring? We all know what that means. The Muslim Brotherhood is on the march. They are taking over all the Middle East. Who IS the Muslim Brotherhood? Islamofascists. Who do they answer to? Iran. We have HELPED them take over entire Countries. Out of Ignorance or on purpose, not sure which is worse, this Administration has assisted them in their quest.

Now we have the Syrian situation. You know what is going on there. Right?

China, along with Russia, recently supported Damascus by vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have condemned Assad's regime. During his visit Saturday to Syria, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun urged dialogue and called on all parties to stop the violence.
Now we learn this today.

Two Iranian warships docked Saturday at a Syrian port, the Iranian broadcaster Press TV reported.

The vessels - a destroyer and a supply ship - are to provide maritime training to Syria's navy under an agreement between the two countries, according to the report.
China and Russia have also blocked the U.S. in it's attempts to be ever more forceful in dealing with Iran's Nuclear Quest. Speaking of Russia, did you catch this?

MOSCOW — A nasty spate of anti-Americanism set off by Vladimir V. Putin has grown into waves of attacks aimed at the new American ambassador and Russian opposition leaders, raising questions about the future of U.S.-Russian relations.

The attacks started just before the December parliamentary elections and have intensified as the March 4 presidential vote approaches. Although widely viewed as aimed primarily at a domestic audience, they have grown shriller and more aggressive, provoking debate about whether Russia is deliberately giving a cold shoulder to President Obama’s effort to promote more productive relations.

A main target of the attacks is Michael McFaul, the new ambassador, a longtime democracy advocate and Russia expert who as a top aide to Obama has been an architect of what the White House calls a “reset’’ with Moscow.

The anti-American campaign bears trademark Soviet and KGB thinking, reflecting the mindset of many of the high-level officials appointed by Putin as well as their efforts to protect their power and privileges from the gathering opposition.
I have been telling you for YEARS now, that Putin WANTS Mother Russia back. He WANTS a new "Cold War" with the U.S. He has never lost control of Russia and WILL again be their President.

So we have Iran, ACHIEVING their Nuclear Quest and creating a BOMB that they WILL use to Wipe Israel off the Map. We have Iran on the march all over the middle East, complete with THIS Administration HELPING them. You have Russia going backwards toward the Dark Days of the USSR. You have Russia and China taking the side of Iran. Don't forget about North Korea. And you have a Nuclear Iran that has already said they will defeat Israel and the "Great Satin." {America}

Meanwhile, Israel will have to defend itself, SOON. It will have to attempt to stop Iran before they are DESTROYED. If we do nothing, the original Holocaust will look like a walk in the Park. If Iran attacks Israel with Nuclear Weapons, then attacks US, It will be too late. China and Russia WILL get involved and World War Three WILL make the other Two look like Pea Shooting Contests. Dark Days are coming. REALLY Dark Days.

We need a Leadership that understands World Events and what is going on. We need a Leadership with the guts to do whatever they need to do to prevent this. Iran is the key to all of this. Will Russia and China get involved? Perhaps. But if we do nothing?

I do not think Russia nor China are interested in deploying Nukes themselves. They will talk tough, they will maybe get involved today if we allow and back Israel in doing what Israel MUST do. But if Iran DOES use Nukes, then we will have to. If we do? Then Russia and China, even North Korea, might join in. We are facing some tough choices here folks. Choices that need to be made soon. The drums have started. Time is running out. Doing nothing is no longer an option.

The AP - Prosecutor, judge killed in northwest Syria - Iranian warships dock at Syrian port after crossing Suez Canal
The Washington Post - In Russia, Putin allies sharpen anti-American attacks ahead of elections

Radio Station?

"Thanks for considering the link. As a side note, I noticed you have stopped promoting your quote unquote favorite radio station. I mean, I was really starting to think you worked for them. I do not live in Florida so whats the point. It was getting a little annoying." Signed R---- L----.

Hey folks,

Have I told you about my Favorite Radio Station? It's Big Talk 850 WFTL. Live, Local, and Fun. The best form of Infotainment on the Radio today. You see, it starts out at 6 am with the Morning News with Dave McBride. Followed by the BEST Morning Radio Talk Show on the Air today, The Conversation with Rich Stevens and News Dude Dave Mcbride from 9am - 12pm.

Then at Noon, there is really no need to change the dial. No folks, because at Noon Joyce Kaufman comes on from Noon to 3pm. For over 20 years, this feisty Jewish and Puerto Rican Lady is not shy about telling you what she thinks. She LOVES this Country, and is hell bent on saving it. Like me, she is an Independent thinking Conservative. She tows no Party Line, unless it is one that makes commonsense. I'm telling ya folks, give her a Week, you will be hooked.

Then at 3pm, the New Guy comes on. The Barsky Show. Join Barsky and Company as they discuss a variety of topics, as well as the biggest stories of the day. It's three hours of Irreverent, Provocative, sometimes Hilarious but always Entertaining Radio for South Floridians. And anyone else that may tune in.

Yes, like I said, a GREAT form of Infotainment. No need to do anything but lock the Radio, OR, if you do not live here in Sunny South Florida, like RL, go to the Website and click "Listen Live" from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday. No need to jump around. Never a dull moment. Check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Oh by the way, if you check out the List of Personalities, you know one you will not see? Me. No RL, I do not work for them. I'm just passionate about what I feel is the best Radio Station out there today. Simple as that. Just as a side note myself, all the times shown here are Eastern Standard. But that's OK too. You can always down load Pod Casts, take them with you on your Mobile Device, whatever. {Smile}

Be right back

It's Coming Folks, $4 Plus a Gallon

Sad thing is, it never had to.

Hey folks,

Really? You do not need me to add anything to this. It's by the AP - Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year By CHRIS KAHN AP Energy Writer

At $3.53 a gallon, prices are already up 25 cents since Jan. 1. And experts say they could reach a record $4.25 a gallon by late April.

"You're going to see a lot more staycations this year," says Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research. "When the price gets anywhere near $4, you really see people react."

Already, W. Howard Coudle, a retired machinist from Crestwood, Mo., has seen his monthly gasoline bill rise to $80 from about $60 in December. The closest service station is selling regular for $3.39 per gallon, the highest he's ever seen.

"I guess we're going to have to drive less, consolidate all our errands into one trip," Coudle says. "It's just oppressive."

The surge in gas prices follows an increase in the price of oil.

Oil around the world is priced differently. Brent crude from the North Sea is a proxy for the foreign oil that's imported by U.S. refineries and turned into gasoline and other fuels. Its price has risen 11 percent so far this year, to around $119 a barrel, because of tensions with Iran, a cold snap in Europe and rising demand from developing nations. West Texas Intermediate, used to price oil produced in the U.S., is up 4 percent to around $103 a barrel. That's 19 percent higher than a year earlier.

Higher gas prices could hurt consumer spending and curtail the recent improvement in the U.S. economy.

A 25-cent jump in gasoline prices, if sustained over a year, would cost the economy about $35 billion. That's only 0.2 percent of the total U.S. economy, but economists say it's a meaningful amount, especially at a time when growth is only so-so. The economy grew 2.8 percent in the fourth quarter, a rate considered modest following a recession.

Gas prices are already an issue in the presidential campaign. Republican candidate Newt Gingrich spoke several times this week about opening up more federal land to oil and gas drilling as a path toward U.S. energy independence - and lower pump prices.

"Our goals should be to get gasoline to $2.50 or less so that working families can actually get to work and retired families can travel," Gingrich said at a campaign event in Los Angeles Thursday.

High oil and gas prices now set the stage for even sharper increases at the pump because gas typically rises in March and April.

Every spring, refiners suspend operations to switch the type of gasoline they make. Supplies of wintertime gas are sold off before March, when refineries need to start making a new formula of gasoline that's required in the summer.

That can mean less supply for service stations, resulting in higher gas prices. And summertime gasoline is more expensive to make. The government mandates that it contain less butane and other cheap organic compounds because they contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, a primary constituent in smog. That means more oil, a costlier component, is needed to produce each gallon.

The Oil Price Information Service predicts that gasoline could peak at $4.25 a gallon by the end of April. That would top the record of $4.11 in July 2008.

The national average for gasoline began the year at $3.28 a gallon. The average price for February so far is $3.49 a gallon. That's up from $3.17 a gallon last February, a record at the time. Back in 2007, before the recession hit, the average for February was $2.25 a gallon.

Prices are higher on the East and West Coasts, where gasoline has risen above $3.70 in Connecticut, New York, Washington D.C. and California. This isn't unusual - states on the coasts charge some of the nation's highest gas taxes.

High gas prices put a strain on many people's budgets.

Americans spent 8.4 percent of their household income on gasoline last year when gas averaged an all-time high of $3.51 a gallon. That's double the percentage a decade ago. They could pay even more this year, even though demand is the lowest in 11 years as people drive fewer miles in more efficient cars, says Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at OPIS.

Gary Goodman commutes into Manhattan from Edgewater, N.J., because gas, tolls and parking make the cost of driving prohibitive.

Goodman, an accountant, commutes by bus. He uses his car mostly for trips to the grocery store or for occasional nights out. He says he has no choice but to eat the higher gas costs.

"I already drive as little as possible," he says.

Paul Dales, a senior economist at Capital Economics says it would take a bigger shift in the global economy - say, a deep recession in Europe or a slowdown in Asia's manufacturing - for pump prices to drop noticeably. Either event would slow oil demand, depressing prices.

But experts expect demand to keep rising. World oil demand is expected to increase by another 1.5 percent to 89.25 million barrels a day in 2012, according to the Energy Information Administration.

In the short term, tensions with Iran are feeding fears that oil supplies could be blocked.

The U.S. and Europe are tightening economic sanctions against Iran over what the West believes is Iran's attempt to build a nuclear bomb. World leaders fear Israel may be planning a strike against Iran, the world's third largest oil exporter.

In response, Iran has threatened to withhold its own oil deliveries and to block the Strait of Hormuz, a waterway along its coastline through which one-fifth of the world's oil flows.

On Friday, an international banking clearinghouse crucial to Iran's oil sales said it is prepared to discontinue services to Iranian financial institutions being targeted by the EU and U.S. sanctions. That could ratchet up the pressure on Iran, but also send oil prices soaring.

The price of Brent crude fell 53 cents on Friday to $119.58. WTI gained 93 cents to $103.24.


Reporter Beth Fouhy in Atlanta contributed to this report.
If we only did what we said we were going to do during Bush. If only Obama didn't start an all out War against Energy. If only Obama said Yes to the Keystone Pipeline. None of this would be about to happen. Yet, here we are. As a DIRECT RESULT of Obama and his Liberal Agenda. Period. Get ready folks. It IS coming.

Chick Nuggets Healthier Than Turkey or Salami on Wheat

So says the Food Police.

Hey folks,

What is in a Chicken Nugget? Do you know? You may not want to look it up. Here is a tip for ya. It ain't healthy. Remember that story we just did about the Chicken Nugget Diet? Trust me folks, if you like Chicken Nuggets, or you are eating Breakfast, wait until you are really ready to know before you check it out. What's in Chicken Nuggets?

Now lets talk Turkey. White meat, carved, or in this case most likely sliced, on Wheat Bread, with Cheese. A Banana. Juice. Which do you think may be healthier? Nope. Not according to Federal Guidelines. I guess.

You've heard the story by now.

“The girl’s turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice did not meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, according to the interpretation of the agent who was inspecting all lunch boxes in her More at Four classroom that day.”
So the Agent order her to get Chicken Nuggets. Breaded and processed garbage. At a COST to the Parent by the way.

This is just a misunderstanding folks. No big deal. Do not worry about it. The media got it all wrong. Really? According to The Blaze - Exclusive: 2nd N.C. Mother Says Daughter’s School Lunch Replaced for Not Being Healthy Enough Posted on February 17, 2012 at 12:31pm by Madeleine Morgenstern

North Carolina officials have said there was a misunderstanding when a preschooler’s homemade lunch was sent home for not meeting certain nutritional requirements, but now a second mother from the same school has come forward exclusively to The Blaze to say the same thing happened to her daughter.

Diane Zambrano says her 4-year-old daughter, Jazlyn, is in the same West Hoke Elementary School class as the little girl whose lunch gained national attention earlier this week. When Zambrano picked Jazlyn up from school late last month, she was told by Jazlyn’s teacher that the lunch she had packed that day did not meet the necessary guidelines and that Jazlyn had been sent to the cafeteria.

The lunch Zambrano packed for her daughter? A cheese and salami sandwich on a wheat bun with apple juice. The lunch she got in the cafeteria? Chicken nuggets, a sweet potato, bread and milk.
{Sigh} You know, if this ever happens with Josh or Eli, the OPNTalk Blog may have to take a bit of a hiatus. I will be looking for someone to bail me out of Jail most likely. Can you imagine this. You want your Kiddies to eat healthier. You take the time and the money to buy stuff to make for your Kid's Lunch. They come home with a Bill for $1.50 for Chicken Nuggets because the School did not like what you sent? They would have to pry me off the Ceiling.

“She never eats breakfast or lunch at the school,” Zambrano said of her daughter during an interview with The Blaze. “We always wake up early and make her lunch.”

It happens “every so often”

That day, Zambrano said she picked Jazlyn up from school and asked if she ate her lunch.

“She’s not picky about food but you have to be on top of her,” she explained.

When Jazlyn said she didn’t eat what her mother had made her, Zambrano went to her teacher and demanded to know what happened. She said the teacher told her an official had come through that day to inspect students’ lunches and that those who were lacking certain food groups were sent to the cafeteria. After she received her cafeteria food, the teacher told Zambrano, Jazlyn was told to put her homemade lunch back in her lunchbox and set it on the floor.

Zambrano said the teacher told her it was not the first time student lunches have been inspected, and that officials come “every so often.”

Part of a regular program?

The policing of children’s food at West Hoke has been portrayed as an isolated incident, but a curious memo Jazlyn brought home to her mother seems to point to something more.

The memo Jazlyn brought from the school outlines the necessary nutritional requirements students’ homemade lunches must contain: two servings of fruit or vegetables, one serving of dairy, one serving of grain and one serving of meat or meat substitute. Included with the memo was a separate sheet, this one a bill for the cafeteria food Jazlyn was served.

The memo, dated Jan. 27 with the subject line “RE: Healthy Lunches,” was signed by school principal Jackie Samuels and said, while “we welcome students to bring lunches from home … it must be a nutritious, balanced meal with the above requirements. Students, who do not bring a healthy lunch, will be offered the missing portions which may result in a fee from the cafeteria.”

Zambrano, who’s volunteered at the school in the past, said she was never told about any such nutritional requirements before her daughter’s lunch was replaced.

“That‘s not really the school’s responsibility,” she said, adding she’s extremely health-conscious and doesn’t feed her daughter junk food or let her drink soda — or even eat the tater tots or other fried foods often served in the cafeteria.

“They give the choice of pizza and hot donuts…none of that is healthy,” Zambrano said.

According to the program requirements for North Carolina’s pre-kindergarten program, schools “must provide breakfast and/or snacks and lunch meeting USDA requirements during the regular school day.”

The partial or full cost of meals, the requirements state, “may be charged when families do not qualify for free/reduced price meals. 
When children bring their own food for meals and snacks to the center, if the food does not meet the specified nutritional requirements, the center must provide additional food necessary to meet those requirements.”

The school’s reaction

Reached Friday morning, a representative from the Hoke County School Superintendent‘s office denied knowing anything about what happened with Jazlyn’s lunch and said they had no record of a complaint. Reached again, a different representative said they had “no information at this time” about the situation. A West Hoke Elementary official similarly denied any knowledge and referred all questions to the school district.

Principal Samuels previously told the Carolina Journal he “didn’t know anything about” parents being charged for cafeteria meals after the first preschooler’s mother — who has not been identified — came forward.

Bob Barnes, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, told the McClatchy News Service Thursday that the first preschooler to make headlines just misunderstood her teacher when she thought she was told to ditch her homemade lunch for one from the cafeteria: the cafeteria items were only meant to supplement the food groups missing from the homemade lunch.

“We are not the lunch bag police,” Barnes told McClatchy. “We would never put a child in any type of embarrassing situation. But we are responsible to see that every child gets a nutritious meal.”
No you are NOT responsible to override the Parents choice of meal. Yes. I get if you are making the Lunches, you must follow guidelines. Still, calling Chicken Nuggets Nutritious is a bit of a stretch, but I get that. However, if a Parent CHOOSES to send in a Lunch, you are NOT to interfere with that Parent Child Relationship. You have NO Authority to do so.

Barnes confirmed there was an agent from Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Child Development and Early Education at the school Jan. 30 who examined six student lunches and determined one did not make the nutritional cut — presumably the first little girl whose story made news.

Zambrano said she‘s not positive which day Jazlyn’s lunch was inspected, whether it was Jan. 27 — the date the memo was issued — or Jan. 30. Either way, one of two conclusions seem plausible: more than one student’s lunch was changed, or an official inspected student lunches on more than one occasion — which Zambrano said Jazlyn’s teacher told her had been the case.

In a statement to The Blaze, the Division of Child Development and Early Education said it is investigating what happened but flatly denied any of its employees or contractors “instructed any child to replace or remove any meal items.” The division issued a similar statement to McClatchy even after Barnes said it was one of their agents who examined the lunches.

“It is not DHHS’ policy to inspect, go through or question any child about food items brought from home. The facts we have gathered confirm that no DHHS employee or contractor did this,” the statement said.

Edited by Jonathon M. Seidl.
So I guess in Today's Health and Science Segment we learn that Chicken Nuggets are HEALTHIER than White meat Turkey on Wheat. I guess we learn that, just like with everything else, the Government thinks it knows better than US. As for "The facts we have gathered confirm that no DHHS employee or contractor did this,” there appears to be several Kids and Parents that would disagree.

This is a no brainer folks. Chicken Nuggets are NOT the most Healthy choice for Lunch, Dinner, whatever. Parents the which to keep their kids away from Breaded Processed Garbage have a RIGHT to do so. What say you? Do the search. Check out Chicken Nuggets. You decide.

The Blaze - Exclusive: 2nd N.C. Mother Says Daughter’s School Lunch Replaced for Not Being Healthy Enough

IWA For Sunday 021912

Trumped the originally elected IWA Winner this week.

Hey folks,

I was all set to Award the Winner of the Idiot of the Week Award. Yeah, she said it back at the beginning of the month, but I just heard it, Debbie Squires, the Associate Director of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, said that the State {Government} knows better for your Children than YOU do. Yup. She actually said that the Government knows better than Parents. Goes alone with the Theme today of Government intrusion. More on her in just a second. Because THIS person beats her. Yup. She, although a MAJOR Idiot, does not get the Award.

So your Mom gives Birth to you. Raises you. Cares for you. Your Mom lives to the ripe old age of 98. You? Throw her a Party? Give her name to the Local Media for recognition? What? No. you EVICT her because you want to get your Greedy hands on $300 Grand by selling the Home she has lived in since raising YOU. See why this Scum trumped the originally elected IWA Winner this week. According to Yahoo News -Man tries to evict 98-year-old mom from Conn. home By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN | Associated Press

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Peter Kantorowski wanted his 98-year-old mother to move into a nursing home or live with him. She wouldn't go; she didn't want to leave her home of nearly 60 years.

Finally, Kantorowski went to court — and served his mother with an eviction notice shortly before her 98th birthday in December.
I'm sorry, this guy is Scum. He is without a doubt, an Idiot. Even in the running for Idiot of the Year.

Mary Kantorowski says she won't leave the small yellow house she's been in since 1953, raising her two sons and cooking for the church she attended daily. The house her late husband wanted her to stay in until she died; the house she says is her "everything."

"I don't know why he wants me to leave," she said Friday.
Because he is a GREEDY, Self Important, Ingrate. I know you did your best to raise him. I know you may not want to hear this. But he just is. Anyone that would actually go to Court to ACTUALLY Evict their own Mother from her own House, IS, a GREEDY, Self Important, Ingrate.

The epic mother-son feud is headed to court next month.

Peter Kantorowski, 71, became the owner of the Fairfield home several years ago when his mother transferred ownership to him but retained the right to live there, in what's known as a quit claim, Mary Kantorowski's attorney said.

The retired taxidermist said he's concerned about her well-being, that she's seemed disoriented and has been living in poor condition.
Complete BUNK.. But it seems to be the thing most say when attempting to lock their "Old People" Parents, Relatives, ETC, away in Nursing Homes. TRUST me. I spend three years employed in a Nursing Home. I have heard and seen it all during that time.

"I'm not throwing her on the street," he told WTNH-TV in New Haven. "At her age, at 98, I'm sure that she should be with people of her peers. She should have her meals on time."

Peter Kantorowski and his attorney didn't return telephone messages left by The Associated Press on Friday.

Mary Kantorowski's attorney, Richard Bortolot Jr., said she can take of herself, still does some of her own cooking and is seen regularly in her home by doctors and nurses. A judge ruled she was competent and appointed Bortolot to represent her in the eviction.

Her younger son, Jack Kantorowski, says his mother is in relatively good health. He's on his mother's side of the family feud.

"If there is a money problem or anything else, he should have said something a long time ago instead of just trying to get rid of his own mother," Jack Kantorowski said.

Peter Kantorowski, who lives about 20 minutes away in Trumbull, hasn't seen his mother for eight months, her attorney said.
Eight months folks. That is not a Son who is concerned about his Mother's well being. If he was, he would check in on her. Nope. All he wants is the House. Or rather, the money he hopes to get by Selling the House.

"I'm appalled a son would do this," Bortolot said.

Jack Kantorowski said his father worked multiple jobs to buy the house and built additions over the years.

"He was always trying to protect my mom; she'd always have a place to live," he said. "If something happens to me, there was always going to be a home for her to stay for the rest of her life."

Peter Kantorowski filed a complaint against his mother in December after she refused to follow an eviction notice filed Nov. 30 to vacate the premises by Dec. 7. A trial is set to begin March 2 in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Bortolot says a probate court stopped Peter Kantorowski from trying to sell the house, valued at $330,000, after the eviction papers were served.

Asked where she might live next, Mary Kantorowski's voice catches.

"I don't feel very good about it," she says. "I want to stay right here in my own home."
I guess in HIS World, Money trumps love. Congratulations you GREEDY, Self Important, Ingrate. You ARE the Idiot of the Week. I would say I hope this story goes Viral and you are Shamed into leaving your Mother alone, but something tells me, you have no Shame. Oh of course we all know WHY you want your Mom living with you. You would be in charge of whatever money she gets. Right? I hope your entire family gets together and allows your Mom to do what she should, and that would be give you the Spanking of your Life. Seriously? I hope you are disowned and cast away. May you get your Hearts desire, Money. See how long that lasts.

For the first time, be right back..

IWA 2 for Sunday 021912

Why not give TWO Idiot Awards out this week?

Hey folks,

That's right, number Two. Normally, we wrap things up with the IWA. I was all set to Award it to this Idiot, when I saw the News about our actual Winner. But then again? Why not give TWO Idiot Awards out this week?

This is sad, Pathetic, and in a way, sick even. However, this is NORMAL today. This is what and how Liberals THINK. Government is the "Is All, End All." Government IS the Alpha and Omega. It is only Government that knows what is best. It is only Government that can run your lives. It is only Government that can be in charge.

Why do you think most Liberals are Atheists? They can not even Imagine someone or something bigger than them. Smarter than them. Someone or something in Charge OTHER than them. You see, if there is no God, then there is no Devil. No Heaven nor Hell. No absolutes. No consequences for actions. There is no need for anyone to seek a higher power than Government.

So they actually believe this. They actually believe they are the Smartest people in the room. Truth is, most are the stupidest, most ignorant, and illogical people in the room. But they actually believe they know best. In some cases, they will even come right out and tell you this. Like the way our Idiot did.

"You know, educators go through education for a reason. They are the people who know best about how to serve children. That's not necessarily true of an individual resident. I'm not saying they don't want the best for their children, but they may not know what actually is best from an education standpoint."
Yup. According to our Idiot, in a School System where a large percentage of our kids can't read the Diplomas they receive, Educators know better than Parents on how to serve their Kids. She said this in Lansing, Michigan, during a State Capital House Education Committee Hearing. Even some of the people present couldn't believe it. Another Michigan Representative showed astonishment at this arrogant statement. He said.

"Wow, parents don't know what's best for their child?"
To which our Idiot responded

"I said they may want what's best for their child. They may not know."
Translation, if they do not agree with us, they are stupid hicks, and we are in a better position to help their poorly disadvantaged kids.

That's right folks. Debbie Squires, the Associate Director of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, says that Government knows better than Parents. That whatever the "System" dictates, is right and those that may disagree are ignorant hicks.

So just remember this Parents. When you send your kiddies back to School, don't even think about asking them what they learned. You are not smart enough to understand it anyway. If you disagree with something, it's because you simply don't know what is best for your kiddies. The State run, Federally Funded School System does. Just like the Federal Government knows what is best for you, the Schools know what is best for your Children. So know your Role, shut your mouth, and go with the Program. OK. Ya hear me?

Have a great rest of day folks. See you Tuesday..


The Rush Limbaugh Show - Educator: Parents Don't Know Best February 15, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Is It Real? 10 Ways To Spot A Web Scam

If it's too good to be true, it most likely is.

Hey folks,

Happy FRIDAY to ya. Time to check in with the Emails. You know, I'm Honored today. I really am. I see that Princess Zenith from Uganda took the time to search through the Hundreds of Millions of Emails out there, just to find ME. And, she wants to give me $2 Million bucks. See, Her Dad, the King, died and she wants ME to have $2 Million Dollars to help her out. All I have to do is give her my Bank Account, Routing number, and Password. Then she will transfer the Money into my account.... Oh wait. What's this? I just hit the UK Lotto for $100 Million. Well, I'll collect that, then I'll help the Princess. {Sigh}

You laugh, but you know why YOU are reading the Same Emails? Because people are STILL, this day, February 17, 2012, falling for these things. They are still sending them all their info. The Emails keep coming because people keep falling for it.

So I got this Email from, uh, no. She didn't give me permission to use her name, so we'll call her KK. KK sent this in. Here it is.. 10 Ways to Tell if a Web Contest is a Scam On February 13, 2012, in deals, by admin

The possibility of winning big keeps people signing up for online contests, despite the fact that many prove to be scams. Before you click that link and add your personal information to that form, here are some tips for spotting a scam contest.

1.Payment Required to Claim Prizes – Winners of legitimate contests or sweepstakes will never be required to pay a fee to receive their winnings. Service fees, processing charges or shipping and handling fees are all signs that a contest is fraudulent.

2.Check Out the Email Address – Contests sponsored by large companies or well-known organizations will send notification emails from an official email address. Emails that originate from a free service like Gmail or Yahoo! should be considered a red flag.

3.Typos and Grammatical Mistakes – An email rife with spelling problems and typos is a sure sign of fraud. Sponsors of legit contests are trying to promote their brand; they would never allow such unprofessional correspondence to be sent out.

4.Non-Disclosure Agreements – Contests and sweepstakes are, at their heart, promotional tools. They exist to raise brand awareness, so if you’re urged to keep your winnings a secret for “security reasons,” you should be suspicious.

5.High Pressure to Act Quickly – Scammers will urge “winners” to act quickly, in hopes that they won’t take the time to do a web search or find information that will prove them fraudulent. Even time-sensitive prizes will allow winners enough time to do some research.

6.You’ve “Won” a Contest You Didn’t Enter – Entering a passel of contests can sometimes create confusion, but you should always keep track of which contests you’ve entered. One of the first warning signs of a scam contest is a win notification for something you never entered.

7.Receiving a Large Check in the Mail With Notification – Fake checks can be so convincing that even bank tellers are fooled, but contest sponsors will not send a large check by mail along with your winner’s notification. Before a check is cut and mailed, especially for amounts more than $600 USD, sponsors will require an affidavit.

8.You’re Instructed to Wire Funds – Wire services like Western Union are almost as difficult to track as cash; as a result, many scammers will request that “processing fees” be paid this way. Even if there is an entry fee for a legitimate contest, they won’t require money to be sent via wire service.

9.Sender of Win Notification Doesn’t Use Your Name – The people running scam contests send out thousands of emails, knowing that most will be ignored. Instead of personalizing each email, generic greetings like “Dear Sir” are favored.

10.Clumsily Worded Notification Emails – Because the majority of fraudulent contests originate overseas, those sending the emails are likely to speak English as a second language. Even if all of the words are spelled correctly, they may be used improperly or phrased awkwardly. Notifications from legitimate contests will be written clearly, usually at a college level.

Falling victim to a contest scam is potentially devastating. The best case scenario is that your email inbox will be flooded with spam; the worst is money lost to fraudulent fees and even identity theft. Running a quick Google search with the name of the contest is another quick way of checking for legitimacy; scams will often return results for consumer alert sites and fraud watch services.
Also remember that old saying. If it's too good to be true, it most likely is. Great article. Thanks KK. Have a GREAT Weekend folks. See you Sunday..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time To Retire Some in Congress.

What would happen to you if YOU started sounding like these people?

Hey folks,

You know, It's just time. Seriously. We need to take a SERIOUS look at term limits in every branch of Government. We all ready know, well, we thought, Nancy Pelosi is loosing it. With some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth, like Unemployment is a "Job Creator." Here are just a few..

"But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."

"Every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs."

"Bipartisanship is a two-way street. A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes.”

"We have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market profits taxes could go a long ways to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as "Americans."

"I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels."
Others like Harry Reid?

"My staff tells me not to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway, in the summer because of the heat and high humidity, you could literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol. It may be descriptive but it's true."
Forget about people like VP Biden. That's just Joe. Then you have Maxine Waters.

"And guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be all about socialize -- uh, uh, would be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies."
Anyone that disagrees with her, investigates her or her Husband's seemingly Illegal activities, she calls Racist. But now we have this. Imagine your at work. You and your Department want to do something that may be against the Companies own Policies, even though you and your group want to do it. Another Department wants to make sure that what IS against Policy is voided and want to be part of what is not. You go to your Boss, you state your case. You Boss decides. Right?

Now Imagine if you storm into your Boss's Office and start yelling that those in the other Department are "DEMONS!!!!! Demons!!! I never want to see them nor hear ANYTHING from them again..DEMONS!!" {Laughing} How long you think you will still have a Job? Without at least a Psych Eval. Well, Maxine Waters DID just this. She was in California telling them that she was the next Chairperson of the Financial Services Committee. in the Process, she called Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor “Demons” and said that they ,,

“would rather do whatever they can to destroy this president, rather than for the good of this country.”
She went on to say,,

“Don’t ever let me see again in life those Republicans in our hall on our screens talking about anything.”
You can see the Video HERE.

What would happen to you if YOU started sounding like these people?Why is it that they can be in these Positions for Life? Why? What possible sense does this make? "Buy Pete, we have Elections." Well, as long as you can rig Elections or get enough Ignorant people to Vote for you, you still have a Job for Life. If you are in the Supreme Court, you DO have a Job for Life. Imagine if you have a Job, that you KNOW no matter what you do, what your performance, you will still be there, what happens? You stop caring. You start doing whatever you want.

I think it's time folks. Some of these people have "served" for Decades. It's really time we start seriously looking a Limits. For the good of the Country. What say you?