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Sunday, October 09, 2011

NO Comparison to Tea Party

Preview for Sunday 100911

Hey folks,

Check out these Headlines. No Unified Message... , Bloomberg: 'Occupy Wall Street' Hurting NYC Economy..., Park Not Cleaned In 3 Weeks..., Protester defecates on police car... , Air and Space Museum closes after guards clash with protesters..., Just to name a few. People are being arrested. Property Damage being done. You ask some of these Idiots "Why are you here?" You get the Deer in the Headlight stare. Some of them are being Buses around by Billionaires and Liberal Organizations and some are even being PAID to PROTEST. {Sigh} Sad really.

Tea Party Protests are Clean, Orderly. They do not block anything. They pick up when they leave. They, most of them, HAVE JOBS. Most of them, pay their own way. They are not PAID to be there. They supply their own needs. They do not beg those that they are Protesting to GIVE them FREE stuff. They HAVE a Clear and concise message. There is NO Comparison to Tea Party. These Kooks are Paid Protesters and Brain Dead Sheeple. Did you catch the Video of the Chant? These are the people that join the Cults out there.

Anyway, Happy SUNDAY!!!! Welcome to the OPNTalk Big Sunday Edition. I am of course your Provocateur of Thought Peter Carlock. Glad you stopped by today. Coming right up?

So Teaching Someone the Truth Is BAD?
Caregiver Village For the Caregivers of America
DLA for Sunday 100911
IWA for Sunday 100911

All that coming right up. You REALLY have to get to know the Caregiver Village. Also, as always, if YOU want to be a part of the OPNTalk Blog, or just say Hi, the Email is

Oh yeah, YES! I am "Pete from Stuart." If you listen to "The Conversation with Rich Stevens" A Local Morning Show on 850 WFTL, you may have heard him refer to "Pete from Stuart" a few times on Friday. You most likely will from now on. While he is on the Show, I sometimes Text him and from time to time he will comment on it On Air. Well, BG asked if that was me. Yup! Yeah it was pretty funny. It is a GREAT Show. If you do not live in Florida, most of you don't, you can check it out on the Site. They also do live Internet Stream.

Going to fill my cup, be right back.

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