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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Democrats struggle to find energy plan

Told you they would be using this accident.

Hey folks,

Back on June 23, 2010, I posted this. Amnesty, Taxes, Cap and Tax, Obama Agenda I said this.

I'm going to talk more on the Ruling in just a few minutes, but follow me on this. According to my friend, who shall we say is in the inside, told me that the Loons on the Left {My words} are going to do everything they can to ram through Cap and Tax. He said that they lost the whole Global Warming argument {Told you so} and that they were using this Deep Horizon Accident to push it {Cap and Tax}. Now this Judge has blocked them. My friend said this.

"Pete, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama and those on the Left, did now use this Ruling. Now they can say 'Look, Obama tried to do the right thing here. He tried to pause and step back. He is concerned about the safety of these Oil Rigs and those that work on them. But this Judge, most likely paid off, blocked the right thing from happening, so now we have no other choice than to impose stiffer regulations and fees to ensure that they are doing the right thing.' Of course, as he said with the Coal Industry, they can Drill, but they will go bankrupt. Know what I mean?" Interesting point. I guess we will have to wait and see. More on the Ruling in just a minute. But right now I want to talk about this.
Then we learned that Obama and crew didn't care what the Judge said. They do not care about Law, unless it is Laws that give them power, control, and of course, all that money. The Laws that THEY write, and then exempt themselves from. But the Rule of Law? This they do not like.

Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, came on on the day of the Judge's Ruling, that blocked Obama's Drilling Ban, said the Administration “will immediately appeal” the Ruling to a federal appeals court in New Orleans.

But then, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that within days he would just simply issue a new order imposing a Moratorium on Drilling that would contain additional information showing why it was necessary. Basically, he said "Screw you Judge. Obama wants this, and what Obama wants, he gets."

Meanwhile however, the Loons ARE doing EXACTLY what I told you they were going to do. According to the The Wall Street Journal - Democrats struggle to find energy plan By LAURA MECKLER

Congressional Democrats are still struggling to come up with a plan for energy legislation in response to the Gulf oil spill and are looking to a bipartisan meeting with President Barack Obama on Tuesday to produce some clarity about trade-offs the White House favors.
That is really all you need to know. There is a WEALTH of information just in this first Paragraph.

A- Like I told you before, and my friend confirmed, they lost the whole Global Warming Bunk argument. No one, other than a few ignorant people out there, really believes that this is real.

B- "Never let a good crisis go to waste." So since they can not use the failing GW argument. {Uh Global Warming, not blaming Bush. Which some are still trying to do by the way.} They will use THIS, the Deep Horizon Accident, to try to push their agenda. After all, who likes seeing Birds covered in Oil?

C- Read that last sentence again. "some clarity about trade-offs the White House favors." So what is the White House going to authorize the Loons to give away to get what they want? Getting ready for one of those back room, in the dark of night, meetings.

For its part, the White House wants to know what Republicans would be willing to support.

Senate aides say they want to bring legislation to the Senate floor next month. The broad goal: To create more incentives for consumers and businesses to cut their consumption of oil, coal and other fossil fuels. But after two meetings this month of the full Democratic caucus, no decisions have been made about what the bill should include or how to corral the needed votes for passage.
Don't you love how the Wall Street Journal is reporting this as no big deal. Business as usual. "how to corral the needed votes for passage." How to buy them off to get their Votes. Favors. Pork. ETC. Which is still illegal by the way. But it's business as usual in Washington, so who cares? Maybe THAT is part of the problem. Don't ya think? Then this Piece also tells you what I've been telling you. They must do this NOW!

Meanwhile, time is running short, as lawmakers look ahead to their August recess and the midterm elections.

Mr. Obama has summoned a bipartisan group of senators to a White House meeting on Tuesday to sort out a way forward.

One Senate aide working on energy issues said White House leadership is "a real missing ingredient here. I don't think we can succeed without them."
"We need Obama {Rahm Emanuel} pressure here. We NEED Chicago Thuggery. We need help here."

Many, but not all, Democrats are hoping for legislation that will put "a price on carbon"—another way of saying raise the cost of burning coal to generate electric power and using gasoline to power automobiles. A White House official said the president still wants a comprehensive energy bill that does that, but he said the White House understands that a measure to cap greenhouse-gas emissions across the economy cannot pass the Senate.
Which will RAISE YOUR ENERGY COSTS. Remember Obama told you so.

I think it was this same conversation with Obama that he said he would Bankrupt the Coal Industry. Back to the WSJ.

The president has declined to put forth an alternative ahead of Tuesday's meeting, where negotiators will sort through what might be possible, the official said.
He wants what he wants, and you better give it to him. But they know it really isn't all that possible.

Democrats agree that an economy-wide carbon cap won't be approved in the Senate. That system, known as "cap and trade," would require companies to buy permits to generate carbon dioxide. Republicans have branded it a "national energy tax," and a group of coal and Midwest state Senate Democrats also oppose it because of the economic impact on their states.

Senate aides and others involved in the discussions say there is interest in a compromise that would cap emissions of carbon dioxide from the electric power sector only—not the transportation and manufacturing sectors. The plan would raise the cost of burning coal to generate electricity, which could boost alternative technologies such as nuclear plants, wind turbines and solar panels.
Completely Bogus Dreams. Nothing is out there. Meanwhile YOU will go bankrupt, just to buy gas, What about some elderly, on fixed incomes, trying to heat their homes in the Winter? If they can not afford it, then? How many deaths do you think we may see? People using their stoves? Indoor use of Heaters? Freezing to death? If they can't pay?

One Democrat close to the White House said the administration would likely favor this approach as the best option that can win sufficient Senate support. White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has said it is one of the ideas that will be considered.

But the plan hasn't been publicly embraced by any of the key congressional players in the energy debate, or by the White House. Mr. Obama used a recent Oval Office address to call for action to cut U.S. fossil fuel consumption in response to the Gulf oil spill, but he and his aides still have not told lawmakers exactly what they want in a bill.

"In private, most agree that a power sector cap is the apex of the possible, but it is easier to maintain the all-or-nothing debate that has dominated the last decade than to climb into the middle and forge a passable compromise," said Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, a centrist think tank. His group is circulating a plan that would impose a utilities cap, along with other energy provisions.

Some utilities support the idea of a cap for the power sector, partly to forestall what could be more onerous regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency. Utilities that invested in coal alternatives—such as Texas wind energy farms—also could benefit if the bill creates new incentives for using wind-generated power.
So THEY get money, YOU pay more.

But a utilities-only cap wouldn't affect oil consumption, making it difficult to explain how the policy relates to the oil spill that is providing the political momentum for action this year. Some environmental groups have questioned the value of a narrow, power-sector carbon dioxide cap.

Passing a comprehensive energy bill would give the president another significant victory on his domestic agenda. Just this year, Congress has passed major laws affecting health care and student lending, and is on the brink of approving a financial regulatory overhaul.

Republicans say they won't support proposals to raise the cost of burning fossil fuels. Democrats "never miss an opportunity to seize on a crisis to turn to the far left to-do list," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said this week. Some Republican lawmakers have expressed support for proposals to boost the energy efficiency of buildings and cars, and take other steps that don't involve carbon limits or significant new energy levies.
They're not going away on their own folks. They will not stop until Obama get's what he wants. This is why it is up to YOU. Throw these insane Loons, that DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, out. We have to make sure that they know, NONE of this insanity is acceptable. The sad thing is, they know this. They are doing it anyway.

The Wall Street Journal - Democrats struggle to find energy plan

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Carlock Family Member Coming, Great Saturday,

Need more days like this.

Hey folks,

Well, it's official. I'm soon to be Daddy again. Laura is pregnant with Baby two. If it's a Girl, it will be Maya Anne. If Joshua is to have a Brother, uh, yeah, we have no idea. But whatever it is, as long as it's healthy, I'm happy.

I will admit that I'm a bit nervous. Just being truthful here. Josh had some medical conditions as you know, but is now a Healthy and soon to be 5 years old. Going to Kindergarten this year. Now the thought of worrying about health and the whole Diaper, three am feedings, and starting all over again? Yeah. More nerve racking than I thought it would be. I may be more nervous this time around than I was with Josh.

But Saturday was a GREAT day. We spent the afternoon at the Beach. {No tar balls} Afterwards we got Pizza for dinner. He is my boy. Between Me, him, and Mom, we ate THREE Pies. Yup. At 5 years old, Josh can hold his own with the Pizza thing.

Today is going to be a GREAT day as well. I will be leaving here in a few to get Josh his first furry little Pet, Squeaky, the Guinea Pig. He picked it out Yesterday, but he is at Nana's last night and will be until I pick him up to go get Squeaky. We have two Cats, Jumpy and Winks. But we have had them before him. So this will be his first real Pet of his own.

Anyway, Happy Sunday to you folks. This IS the OPNTalk Blog Big Sunday Edition and I AM Peter Carlock, your Provocateur of Thought himself. Coming right up today?

Taxpayers Funding Terrorists in Afghanistan
Another In The Dark Of Night Government Take Over
Another Useless Study Face to Face Better Than Email
DLA For Sunday 062710
IWA For Sunday 062710

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You know, I just thought of something. To any and all of my friends and family out there that just got upset with me sharing the great news here before I talked to them personally? Sorry. Don't be mad. I'm sure I will be talking to you soon. {Smile} I wanted to share the news with everyone. You will have both all the information and YOU will MEET the newest member of the Carlock Family when She / He, arrives. YOU are part of the inner circle. We love you and can't wait to share. As I couldn't wait to share here. {Smile}

Going to get my Coffee. One of my favorites that was introduced to me by my Sister from another Mother, Don Francisco's Hawaiian Hazelnut, Go get whatever gets you going in the AM and I'll be right back.

Taxpayers Funding Terrorists in Afghanistan

Healthcare, Financial Bailouts, Welfare, Terrorists. The Things YOU fund.

Hey folks,

Steny Hoyer just said this.

"We're lying to ourselves and our children if we say we can maintain our current levels of entitlement spending, defense spending and taxation without bankrupting our country,"
GO TELL YOUR BOSS Obama. YOU and your ilk ARE the ones spending us into oblivion.

YOU folks, YOU are paying for Obamacare, Financial Bailouts, Welfare, and soon to be for Cap and Tax. Now we learn that YOU, which includes me, are funding Terrorists. According to CNS - Taliban Extorting ‘Protection Payments’ From Taxpayer-Funded Private Security Contract Friday, June 25, 2010 By Edwin Mora

( - Some of the $2 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds spent on a Defense Department contract for the private security of “vital” U.S. military supplies in Afghanistan may be making its way to the Taliban as “protection payments for safe passage,” a House investigative report found.

The State Department confirmed that the Taliban continues to receive “protection money” when asked about the House report, which includes December 2009 testimony from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton told a Senate panel, “one of the major sources for the Taliban is the protection money” for safe passage of U.S. supply convoys.

“Taliban continues to extort protection money as a source of revenue just like via the opium trade,” Darby Holladay, a spokesman for the State Department, the government agency that oversees U.S. civilian forces in Afghanistan, told

While testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Dec. 3, 2009, Secretary Clinton said, “Much of the corruption [in Afghanistan] is fueled by money that has poured into that country over the last eight years.”

She also said, “When we are so dependent upon long supply lines, as in Afghanistan, where everything has to be imported, it is much more difficult than it was in Iraq…”

“One of the major sources of funding for the Taliban is the protection money,” she later added.
So YOU are paying the terrorists. Whatever happened to seeking out and destroying the Enemy? Seriously folks, they will destroy us the first opportunity they get, and WE are FUNDING them to do so.

Holladay told, “We have seen the House report and are reviewing it.”

The congressional report, which was put together by the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on national security and foreign affairs, echoed Secretary Clinton’s comments about the Taliban receiving “protection money” from U.S. funds spent on Afghanistan.

The report focused on the $2.16-billion Host Nation Trucking (HNT) DOD contract that provides "over 70 percent of the total goods and material distributed to U.S. troops in the field, roughly 6,000 to 8,000 truck missions per month."

"The principal private security subcontractors on the HNT contract are warlords, strongmen, commanders, and militia leaders who compete with the Afghan central government for power and authority," the House subcommittee report said.

“Protection payments for safe passage are a significant potential source of funding for the Taliban,” the report stated as one of its main findings.

"Within the HNT contractor community, many believe that the highway warlords who provide security in turn make protection payments to insurgents to coordinate safe passage," the report explained.

“The Taliban regularly extort rents from a variety of licit and illicit industries, and it is plausible that the Taliban would try to extort protection payments from the coalition supply chain that runs through territory in which they freely operate,” the report added.
Why are they "freely operating" ANYWHERE? This is just insane.

Furthermore, the report said, “Trucking convoys have become favorite targets of the Taliban and other insurgents, who frequently stop convoys to demand money, set the trucks on fire, and kill or kidnap the drivers.”

The House panel that issued the report held a hearing on June 22 entitled “Investigation of Protection Payments for Safe Passage along the Afghan Supply Chain” in which members of Congress questioned DOD officials about the report’s findings.

After testifying at the hearing, Lt. Gen. William Phillips, the principal military deputy to the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics, and technology, told that the DOD takes the report's “allegations” about taxpayer money possibly funding Taliban insurgents “very seriously,” adding, “We have already taken action.”

He continued, “There is an ongoing investigation, so I think we should let the ongoing investigation also continue, because they’ll gather the facts and the evidence for us to take the appropriate actions.”

The House report noted, “When HNT contractors self-reported to the military that they were being extorted by warlords for protection payments for safe passage and that these payments were ‘funding the insurgency,’ they largely met with indifference and inaction.”

Nevertheless, during the committee, the DOD panel that was testifying emphasized that DOD takes the “allegations” in the House report “very seriously.”

The DOD witness panel besides Lt. Gen. Phillips included Gary Motsek, assistant deputy under secretary of defense for the office of program support, and Brig. Gen. John Nicholson, director of the Pakistan-Afghanistan coordination cell for the DOD Joint Staff.

In regards to the DOD officials’ reaction during the hearing to the report findings about taxpayer money being used as “protection payments” for warlords and even the Taliban, Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), ranking member of the panel holding the hearing, told that the DOD has not been “sufficiently concerned with this issue.”

Rep. Flake added, “This investigation has been going on for six months now, and they seem only vaguely aware of it, and only last week did we get any response to the investigation at all. I think a lot more can be done.”

Regarding the DOD officials’ testimony, Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.), chairman of the subcommittee that issued the report, told, “I think I’m satisfied now that the attention has been focused on a very important issue.”
What the hell does that mean? He is satisfied that people found out about it and are talking about it? Is it still going on? Yes. But he is satisfied?

The report highlighted the need to use private contractors to deliver goods and materials to U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

According to the report, “the task of feeding, fueling, and arming American troops at over 200 forward operating bases and combat outposts sprinkled across a difficult and hostile terrain with only minimal road infrastructure is nothing short of Herculean.”

However, the report also recommended that the DOD “assume direct responsibility for supply chain security providers,” and that that the DOD “analyze effect of coalition contracting on Afghan corruption.”

The $2.16 billion trucking contract was “split among eight Afghan, American, and Middle Eastern companies,” according to the report.

“The [trucking] contract allows the United States to dedicate a greater proportion of its troops to other counterinsurgency priorities instead of logistics,” explained the report.
Another underhanded misuse of YOUR money by Liberal Loons? Paying off, supporting, the Enemy? I'm sorry folks, I know that some of you will not like this statement, but it is true. If someone attacks me, my home, my family, I will do any and everything to ensure that this never happens again. That means destroy their means to ever do it again, and or and up to KILLING them. If someone tells me, "I hate you. I hate your Family. I am building a bomb to blow up your house, I will destroy you." I will not give them the chance. I will take them out before they even think about carrying out their plan. I sure as hell would not be given them the money to do it.

CNS - Taliban Extorting ‘Protection Payments’ From Taxpayer-Funded Private Security Contract

Another In The Dark Of Night Government Take Over

While you slept.

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday again. How was your Thursday night? Did you watch your favorite show? Maybe a Movie? What'cha have for dinner? Was it good? Off to sleep you went, resting your head, slipping off to sweet Dreams.

Meanwhile, the LWL was taking over MORE of YOUR Freedoms. That's right. Now before you get a loan, you will have to be approved by BOTH the Lender, and Obama. Well, an Independent, Obama APPOINTED, Person that answers to NO ONE. {Sigh}

The final Vote was no surprise either. The numbers are 20 to 11 to approve the Conference Committee's Report. On the Senate side, it was 7 to 5. The Votes fell along Party Lines, earning no support from Republicans on the two panels. NONE. Now they hope to have this Monstrosity, which now gives the government broad new powers to seize and wind down large, they DEEM failing, Financial Firms. They will also be overseeing the $600 Trillion Derivatives Market. Yes that's TRILLION. They hope to get it to Obama to sign into Law on? Can you guess? Yup. The day we set aside to celebrate our Independence and Freedom. That is NOT a coincidence.

2000 plus pages, which YOU never got a chance to read, and I would be willing to bet, they never read it either, that they do not even KNOW how it will work. Yet, they KNOW that this is what they wanted to do. I'm not kidding. They have NO IDEA how this is going to work.
"It's a great moment. I'm proud to have been here," said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done."
Just utterly amazing. Seriously. They are taking over control of the ENTIRE Financial Market, they are putting themselves in charge of the $600 Trillion Derivatives Market, yet? "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works." Brilliant!

Folks, they are LYING to you. {Sigh} This is NOT going to hold ANYONE accountable. This is going to give the Government unprecedented power to seize and destroy ANY Financial Institution that they CHOOSE to.

Even if they do not know, nor do YOU, how the Dodd-Frank Bill will really work until they implement it, {which gives them all the room they need to add and change AFTER the fact} they are happy about this. Are you?

Oh, and by the way, then there is this.

They agreed to exempt the nation's 18,000 auto dealers from oversight by a new consumer financial protection watchdog, a striking legislative victory for one of the nation's most influential lobbying groups and a blow to consumer advocates and Democratic leaders who had long opposed such a loophole. "It is time for people like myself to concede that the votes are not there to give the consumer regulator any role in this," Frank said.
So the UNIONS win again? Anyway, more on this to come in the coming days I'm sure. Yet something else that the adults will have to fix, once you throw the children out.

The Washington Post - House, Senate leaders finalize details of sweeping financial overhaul By Brady Dennis Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, June 25, 2010; 12:26 PM

Another Useless Study Face to Face Better Than Email

Why did someone have to spend money on this?

Hey folks,

In today's Health and Science Segment, we will look at another useless Study. According to Time - Study: Face-to-Face Meetings Breed More Trust Than E-Mail Does By BELINDA LUSCOMBE Belinda Luscombe – Wed Jun 23, 3:10 pm ET

In an age of perpetual digital connectedness, why do people seem so disconnected? In a Duke University study, researchers found that from 1985 to 2004, the percentage of people who said there was no one with whom they discussed important matters tripled, to 25%; the same study found that overall, Americans had one-third fewer friends and confidants than they did two decades ago.

Another recent study, by researchers at the University of Michigan, found that college students today have significantly less empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another - than students of generations past did. The reason, psychologists speculate, may have something to do with our increasing reliance on digital communication and other forms of new media.
Spending too much time Online can also lead to or at least contribute to Obesity.

It's possible that instead of fostering real friendships off-line, e-mail and social networking may take the place of them - and the distance inherent in screen-only interactions may breed feelings of isolation or a tendency to care less about other people. After all, if you don't feel like dealing with a friend's problem online, all you have to do is log off.

The problem is, as empathy wanes, so does trust. And without trust, you can't have a cohesive society. Consider the findings of a new study co-authored by Kevin Rockmann of George Mason University and Gregory Northcraft, a professor of executive leadership at the University of Illinois who specializes in workplace collaboration.

Northcraft says high-tech communications like e-mail and (to a lesser extent) videoconferencing - which are sometimes known as "lean communication" because they have fewer cues like eye contact and posture for people to rely on - strip away the personal interaction needed to breed trust. In a business setting - as in all other social relationships outside the workplace - trust is a necessary condition for effective cooperation within a group. "Technology has made us much more efficient but much less effective," said Northcraft in a statement. "Something is being gained, but something is being lost. The something gained is time, and the something lost is the quality of relationships. And quality of relationships matters."
Body language is big when meeting someone and attempting to form a relationship. It is most of the time in the subconscious that we start to trust, or not, another. We all send signals, unknowingly at most times, to the person we are talking to.

Not to mention the whole anonymity involved Online. That 13 or 14 year old girl, might actually be a 30 year old Male. That 65 year old Male, may be a 14 year old boy. A rich businessman may just be a kid playing around, or worse. Face to face? Kind of hard to be something you are clearly not.

In Rockmann and Northcraft's study, 200 students were divided into teams and asked to manage two complicated projects: one having to do with nuclear disarmament; the other, price fixing. Some groups communicated via e-mail, some via videoconference and others face to face. In the end, those who met in person showed the most trust and most effective cooperation; those using e-mail were the least able to work together and get the job done. (Let's hope they weren't the ones working on disarmament.)
{Laughing} How much did this thing cost?

Northcraft thinks this is because real-life meetings, during which participants can see how engaged their colleagues are, breed more trust. Over e-mail, meanwhile, confirmation of hard work gets lost, which tends to encourage mutual slacking off. "If I don't think you are taking a task seriously, then I won't either," Northcraft says. "And e-mail doesn't allow us to verify that you are taking it seriously."

So even if a colleague is working hard, his e-mail correspondent doesn't know it and is thus less likely to work hard himself. In the study, the groups who met by videoconference did better than the e-mailers, who tended to shirk their responsibilities - suggesting that visual cues are key for trust.

"We all know how inefficient meetings are, and we all know the limitations of e-mail," says Northcraft. "You have to have both." So despite the capacity for mobile communicating, he advises businesses to make sure employees get together often enough to "recharge" their relationships and develop enough trust to last during periods of lean communication.

The same is true of relationships with family and friends, Northcraft says. It's not enough to stay in touch by text or e-mail or Facebook. Now and then, alas, you have to pick up the phone or make a personal visit to Mom and Dad.

For employees, the bad news is that your daily deluge of e-mail isn't going away, and neither are those endless meetings. But the good news is that hard data on the benefits of face time may be enough to persuade HR to fund your trip to a regional office. Summer might be a good time to build some trust with those colleagues up in Maine.
I repeat, how much did this cost? Quick. Someone send me an Email. {Smile}

Time - Study: Face-to-Face Meetings Breed More Trust Than E-Mail Does

DLA For Sunday 062710

From an unlikely source, hails Truth and Logic.

Hey folks,

That's right. Today's winner of the Display of Logic Award is someone that actually Benefited from the Dodd-Frank Bill. Someone that was exempt from it. But it was his one statement that won him the Award. Here is his Statement on the Exemption of the Auto Industry.

Auto Dealers Excluded from Wall Street Bill

Brownback/Campbell Language Adopted Over Stiff Opposition

WASHINGTON, June 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- House and Senate conference committee negotiators voted in the early Friday morning hours to exclude Main Street auto dealers from sweeping legislation to overhaul the nation's financial system. The long-fought victory for auto dealers and consumers preserves dealer-assisted financing as an affordable option for car buyers.

"Today's vote by the conference committee is truly a win for consumers," said Ed Tonkin, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and a dealer in Portland, Ore. "Dealer-assisted financing will continue to provide more convenience, more competition and more choices for car buyers."

"This is also a testament to the hard work of all of the auto dealers and dealership employees around the country who made sure that the merits of the issue were heard. Their grassroots efforts truly made today's victory possible," Tonkin added.

Within a week, the bill will return to the House and Senate for a final vote prior to reaching President Obama's desk for his signature. Today's favorable vote comes after stiff opposition to the exemption by the White House, Pentagon, the Department of Treasury and other groups. Nevertheless, the president has indicated that he will sign the legislation.

"The goal all along was to keep a new, untested government agency from creating burdensome and unnecessary rules that would make it harder and more expensive for car buyers to access auto credit," Tonkin said.

In late 2009, House Financial Services Committee member John Campbell, R-Calif., generated strong bipartisan support for an amendment to exclude dealer-assisted financing from an unwieldy new agency with almost unlimited authority to fundamentally alter the vehicle financing process.

After the Campbell amendment passed the House, Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., took up the cause in the Senate. Grassroots efforts by dealers and dealership employees garnered a 60-30 vote urging Senate conferees to accept the House language to exclude dealerships from the proposed agency. As a concession to secure the dealer exclusion, the Federal Trade Commission, which already oversees dealer-assisted financing, was granted expedited rule-writing authority over unfair or deceptive practices.

"The nation's 18,000 dealers applaud the persistent efforts of Rep. Campbell, Sen. Brownback and the bipartisan support from both senators and representatives who recognized the need for a balanced approach to protecting consumers while allowing continued access to affordable auto credit," said David Regan, NADA vice president of legislative affairs.

About NADA: The National Automobile Dealers Association, founded in 1917, represents nearly 17,000 new-car and -truck dealers with about 37,500 franchises, both domestic and international. For more information, visit and

Source: National Automobile Dealers Association
Did you catch it? He just told the truth. He said this.
"The goal all along was to keep a new, untested government agency from creating burdensome and unnecessary rules that would make it harder and more expensive for car buyers to access auto credit," Tonkin said.
Too bad this untested government agency will create burdensome and unnecessary rules that will make it harder and more expensive for everyone to just do normal everyday Banking. Too bad this untested government agency will create burdensome and unnecessary rules that will make it harder and more expensive for Financial Institutions to do business. Too bad this untested government agency will create burdensome and unnecessary rules that will make it EASIER for Government to come in and shut down competition of their friends.

Congratulations Mr. Tonkin, you are the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for today, Sunday, June 27, 2010. Thank you for, but you better be careful of, telling the truth about these Loons. Good job at getting the exemption.

IWA For Sunday 062710

Just do it.

Hey folks,

Time to wrap things up with the Idiot of the Week. This is one of those "is there any doubt" moments. Lets see. You are about to do something monumental. You have plans. You prepare to put those plans into action. You read them carefully, uh, no. Never mind that. You figure out how the plans you want to do will come to pass,,Uh, never mind that. You try various techniques and modes to see what will work best,,No never mind that. Oh just do it. We'll figure it all out later.

Chris Dodd on the massive 2000 page Financial Reform Bill? The Dodd-Frank Bill?

"It's a great moment. I'm proud to have been here," said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done."
Yeah, forget the details, just do it. Do it NOW! Before we get thrown out by the People who Voted us in. Do it NOW, before the time comes that we have no power any more. Forget the fact we are Bankrupting the Country, yet we are going to be in charge of the country's complete finances. We already got Healthcare. That was one sixth of the Economy. Now we will be in charge of $600 TRILLION of it. Just do it. Do it NOW!

Congratulation Dodd. Do I really need to say WHY you are the Idiot of the Week? I thought not. Just remember this one little thing. All this power and control you and the Loons are amassing, will soon be in the hands of the Republicans. When this happens, may they be wiser than you, which wouldn't be too difficult, and may they repeal it all. This IS still America. True Americans will NOT just accept you and your ilk trying to destroy her. Sorry, but if you like Socialism and Communism so much, I have a few places to recommend you go.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Super-Sized Caskets: A New American Tragedy

An unexpected side effect of Obesity?

Hey folks,

Happy Friday to you. Time to go to the Emails. Now as some of you know, my Wife Laura is a Vegan. This means no meat, no dairy, uh, for her. {Smile} I'm still an all American Male who LOVES his meats and dairy. At the same time, I have eaten quite a few meals that she has made me and found I actually REALLY like a lot of them. Some you can keep. I really HATE Tofu, unless it is fried with some kind of dipping sauce, like Tempura Tofu, or something like that.

Now I have no problem with Veganism, Vegetarianism, No Beefism, or those of you who just want to eat Ring Dings. I do not care what YOU put into YOUR body. It is all a choice. Some of us make better choices than others. I also know that we DO have an Obesity problem in this country.

Now please do not get me wrong here. I am NOT attacking McDonald's, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, or any other of your favorite Fast Food spots. I'm not advocating taking up Vegetarianism as a weight control issue. I'm making no judgement on what YOU eat. We already have the Food Police out there. But when my Wife sent me this, it was both Logical, and sad to me, at the same time.

Link: - Super-Sized Caskets: A New American Tragedy

Now I have seen some of our little kids out there, that are truly Obese. I remember seeing this little boy get off the school bus, he HAD to weight in at somewhere around 250, and he looked to be about 12. Sad isn't it? What do we expect if the Parents, via lack of knowledge on how to cook, laziness, or due to financial concerns, bring their kids to fast food spots everyday for their daily meals? Remember that movie Supersize Me?

Now again, PLEASE do not misunderstand me. I'm also not big on "Appropriate Weight" charts and guidelines. Look at the Wrestlers out there. 250, to 300 plus pounds? Some of them would be considered Obese on all these Charts and Regulations, yet, there is not an once of fat, so to speak, on them. John Cena, Batista, ETC. Look them up. They are FAR from Obese. But all you have to do is go to your local Mall, and look around. We DO have a problem in this country.

The good news is though, all this All Natural, Healthier Lifestyle, Education and trends, DO seem to be making some headway. Shows like "The Biggest Loser, and now "Losing It With Jillian", seems to be helping. According to Newswise - U.S. Adult Obesity Still High, But Recent Data Suggest Rates May Have Stabilized

Newswise — The prevalence of adults in the U.S. who are obese is still high, with about one-third of adults obese in 2007-2008, although new data suggest that the rate of increase for obesity in the U.S. in recent decades may be slowing, according to a study appearing in the January 20 issue of JAMA. The study is being published early online because of its public health importance.
Now do not get me wrong, we have a long way to go. I already gave you the Best Diet in the World. Works for EVERYONE, EVERY TIME, and does not cost you a dime. It actually will SAVE you money in the long run. It's called the ELMM Diet. Eat Less, Move More. If we all did this, maybe we could cut down on the Super-Sized Caskets.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Judge Blocks Obama's Drilling Ban

The Judge DOES live in the Real World, IS intelligent.

Hey folks,

Just yesterday I told you that it was now going to be in the hands of a Federal Judge. I said this.

We all already know why Obama put the six month moratorium. It really is crystal clear why. You do not ground all Airplanes when one crashes. You do not stop making cars and say, we need to find another way to get around, after someone dies in one. There is no reason to BAN Drilling for six months. NONE. Well, other than his agenda.
I ended Yesterday with this.

May this Judge have a modicum of intelligence to him and may HE live in the real world, where we all know, we NEED Oil. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, the Environuts love the ban. I know, the MMD love to report the CEO of BP is out on his yacht, the same time Obama was, uh, playing golf, watching Baseball, and uh, OH Yeah, sending a bill to BP. Yeah he's on top of things. {Sigh} I hear that Obama may actually be considering accepting some help. But he hasn't really decided yet. "FORE!!!!!"
Turns out that the Judge, Judge Martin Feldman, DOES live in reality, and DOES understand that this was insane. According to Bloomberg - Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman yesterday granted a preliminary injunction, halting the moratorium. He also “immediately prohibited” the U.S. from enforcing the ban. Government lawyers told Feldman the ban was based on findings in a U.S. report following the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig off the Louisiana coast in April.

“The court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium,” Feldman said in his 22-page decision. “The blanket moratorium, with no parameters, seems to assume that because one rig failed and although no one yet fully knows why, all companies and rigs drilling new wells over 500 feet also universally present an imminent danger.”
Of course Obama and Crew will appeal. How dare this little Judge block what Obama wants to do. Who does he think he is? Well, thankfully, he is an intelligent Judge who understands that this insanity, will do nothing but lose 150,000 plus Jobs, and Skyrocket energy costs, for no REAL benefit to anyone. He understands that this is like banning all air travel because one Plane goes down. Thankfully, U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman possesses the ability to use reason and logic. He actually said this.

"The blanket moratorium, with no parameters, seems to assume that because one rig failed and although no one yet fully knows why, all companies and rigs drilling new wells over 500 feet also universally present an imminent danger."
Now our friends can get back to work. API {The American Petroleum Institute} issued the following Statement on the Judge's Ruling.

“We welcome Judge Feldman’s decision to lift the moratorium on deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The administration acted appropriately in its immediate steps to inspect every rig in the Gulf following the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Those inspections were necessary to assure Americans that offshore operations were safe and subject to appropriate oversight.

“In addition, the oil and natural gas industry took immediate steps to review practices and equipment to ensure safety and environmental protection, through the formation of two industry-wide task forces. The task forces provided important insights to the Department of Interior during its earliest examination of Gulf operations.

“Those task forces, and two recently created ones, are actively working to find ways to improve the safety of offshore operations, subsea well control and oil spill response. They should prove invaluable to the independent commission established by the president to investigate the Deepwater Horizon incident. Their work, and the work of the commission, will help ensure that deepwater oil and natural gas exploration and production is the safest and cleanest in the world.

“The moratorium was an initial reaction to concerns about the safety of offshore oil and natural gas operations. However, an extended moratorium would have a tremendous impact on the nation’s energy security – and cause significant harm to the region of the country that was already suffering from the spill – without raising safety or improving industry procedures.

“With this ruling, our industry and its people can get back to work to provide Americans with the energy they need, and do it safely and without harming the environment.”
So for right now, Sanity wins. Let's hope that the Appeals Court will be both as intelligent, and bold, as this Judge was. We can not Ban all drilling because on ONE accident in all the Decades we have been drilling. That is just insanity.

Amnesty, Taxes, Cap and Tax, Obama Agenda

Yesterday Roundup

Hey folks,

My head is spinning. What a day yesterday was. Seriously. From everything I read, heard, saw, and the people I talked to, I do not even know where to begin. This Administration is out of control. Plain and simple.

Let's just look at some of the things that came out yesterday. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said we can't win In Afghanistan, and that Obama and Crew will HAVE to raise taxes to counter this out of control deficit that THEY caused. General McChrystal apologizes for telling the truth and then resigns. We learn that the Judge in the case against Obama's Drilling Ban is intelligent, more on that in a few minutes, and that Obama may actually USE this Ruling to attempt to further is agenda.

I'm going to talk more on the Ruling in just a few minutes, but follow me on this. According to my friend, who shall we say is in the inside, told me that the Loons on the Left {My words} are going to do everything they can to ram through Cap and Tax. He said that they lost the whole Global Warming argument {Told you so} and that they we using this Deep Horizon Accident to push it {Cap and Tax}. Now this Judge has blocked them. My friend said this.

"Pete, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama and those on the Left, did now use this Ruling. Now they can say 'Look, Obama tried to do the right thing here. He tried to pause and step back. He is concerned about the safety of these Oil Rigs and those that work on them. But this Judge, most likely paid off, blocked the right thing from happening, so now we have no other choice than to impose stiffer regulations and fees to ensure that they are doing the right thing.' Of course, as he said with the Coal Industry, they can Drill, but they will go bankrupt. Know what I mean?" Interesting point. I guess we will have to wait and see. More on the Ruling in just a minute. But right now I want to talk about this.

Over the Weekend, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl said this.

Now of course Obama and Crew DENY that he said this. But the Senator is sticking with his version of what he claims Obama said. Which DOES make sense. Now according to ABC News Political Punch - Sources: Justice Department to File Lawsuit Against Arizona Immigration Law, Likely Next Week By - Jake Tapper

Obama administration sources tell ABC News that Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for its immigration law, likely next week.
Hillary DID say that they were planning on doing this. This Arizona Law hinders their agenda. As I have been telling you.

Look, I do now have to tell you that the Left WANT Amnesty. Especially now. They need the votes. They KNOW that they are governing against the Will of the People. They KNOW that they are about to be thrown out of power if they do nothing. So NOW they, Obama, want to get Amnesty done as soon as possible.

Every time they try, YOU kill it. Now Obama seems tired of trying. Now he wants to, with a stroke of a pen, grant blanket Amnesty to all Illegals. that's right folks, No due process. No Votes. No input from you. Just Amnesty. According to Numbers USA - Senators Challenge Pres. Obama on Rumors of Executive Order Amnesty

Several Senators have learned of a possible plan by the Obama Administration that would provide a mass Amnesty for the nation's 11-18 million illegal aliens. Led by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), eight Senators addressed a letter to the President asking for answers to questions about a plan that would allow DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to provide an amnesty if they can't secure enough votes for a bill in the Senate.

The letter that was sent to Pres. Obama earlier today asks the President for clarification on the use of deferred action or parole for illegal aliens. The executive actions are typically used in special cases and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but if 60 votes can't be secured in the Senate to pass a mass Amnesty, the Administration may use the discretionary actions as an alternative
ABC News Political Punch - Sources: Justice Department to File Lawsuit Against Arizona Immigration Law, Likely Next Week.
Here is the Letter.

Dear President Obama:

We understand that there’s a push for your Administration to develop a plan to unilaterally extend either deferred action or parole to millions of illegal aliens in the United States. We understand that the Administration may include aliens who have willfully overstayed their visas or filed for benefits knowing that they will not be eligible for a status for years to come. We understand that deferred action and parole are discretionary actions reserved for individual cases that present unusual, emergent or humanitarian circumstances. Deferred action and parole were not intended to be used to confer a status or offer protection to large groups of illegal aliens, even if the agency claims that they look at each case on a “case-by-case” basis.

While we agree our immigration laws need to be fixed, we are deeply concerned about the potential expansion of deferred action or parole for a large illegal alien population. While deferred action and parole are Executive Branch authorities, they should not be used to circumvent Congress’ constitutional authority to legislate immigration policy, particularly as it relates to the illegal population in the United States.

The Administration would be wise to abandon any plans for deferred action or parole for the illegal population. Such a move would further erode the American public’s confidence in the federal government and its commitment to securing the borders and enforcing the laws already on the books.

We would appreciate receiving a commitment that the Administration has no plans to use either authority to change the current position of a large group of illegal aliens already in the United States, and ask that you respond to us about this matter as soon as possible.
Check out the PDF File HERE.

This is completely unbelievable. Well, OK, NOT unbelievable. I believe it. And you should as well. This is how desperate they have become. Now since they know you are nearly ALL against this, and that many States are now looking into following the Arizona Law, Obama will simply wave his hand, and then there will be no Illegals in this country. Nothing to enforce. It will be like Obama saying this "Hey, look you people. The White man might hate you because you have Brown Skin, uh they hate me. But I do not hate you. Uh, look, uh, here is Citizenship. Yeah. I do not know who you are, or uh, where you came from, or uh, if you are a criminal or not, but I, uh, do not care. You are now all Citizens. Remember those evil Republicans hate you. But I don't. Look what I did for you. So uh, Vote for me and the rest of those of us on the Left. As long as we are in power, you are , uh, safe. Vote for me."

Folks, November HAS to change a whole bunch of things. Now Obama is even talking about pushing the Public Option through NOW. Forget 2014. He wants it NOW. Why? Votes. Forget that this will add another few hundred Billion Dollars. Forget that it will not work. Forget that all these Illegals will ALSO cost a great deal MORE money. Not to mention we really do NOT know how many are criminals on top of everything else. Just a stroke of a pen.

Things can be repealed in November. Cap and tax, if they jam it through. Obamacare. A lot of the Tax increases. The War effort could actually become an EFFORT. But Amnesty? Sorry, I'm not sure how THAT can be repealed. I'm not sure that it can be stopped now. These Loons are on a mission to remake this country. Obama said that this was his intent the whole time. They will not be stopped. They are on a Political Suicide mission. They do not CARE about you. Or what YOU think or say. What are YOU going to do about it? Vote them out? Fine, but before they go, they WILL do whatever it takes, Legal or not, mostly not, to achieve their objectives.

I truly think that they think you will Vote the Republicans in. They will attempt to repeal a bunch of this stuff, and then you will throw THEM out, given the power back to the Loons. Or, they think that they will lose the House, or the Senate, not both, which will give them the ability to BLOCK any attempts to repeal this insanity. It's up to you to let them know, YOU will not rest, until THEY are stopped.

Be right back.

ABC News Political Punch - Sources: Justice Department to File Lawsuit Against Arizona Immigration Law, Likely Next Week
Numbers USA - Senators Challenge Pres. Obama on Rumors of Executive Order Amnesty

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

May the Judge Be Wise

I agree with Steven Newman

Hey folks,

We all already know why Obama put the six month moratorium. It really is crystal clear why. You do not ground all Airplanes when one crashes. You do not stop making cars and say, we need to find another way to get around, after someone dies in one. There is no reason to BAN Drilling for six months. NONE. Well, other than his agenda.

According to the AP - Gulf rig owner criticizes Obama's drilling halt By Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press Writer – 21 mins ago

NEW ORLEANS – The owner of the drilling rig involved in the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico criticized the U.S. government's six-month ban on deepwater drilling in the area Tuesday.

On the sidelines of an oil conference in London, Transocean Ltd. president Steven Newman said there were things President Barack Obama's administration "could implement today that would allow the industry to go back to work tomorrow without an arbitrary six-month time limit."
Of course there is. But HE is not willing to do it. He WANTS Drilling halted. He wants no Drilling at all. He wants $4.00 plus Gas. He WANTS your energy bill to "Skyrocket." He said so.

Now it is in the hands of a Judge.

The criticism came a day after a federal judge in New Orleans began to mull lifting the moratorium, which the Obama administration imposed after the disaster began, and the administrator of a $20 billion fund to compensate oil spill victims pledged to speed payment of claims.

Judge Martin Feldman said he will decide by Wednesday whether to overturn the ban.

During Monday's two-hour hearing, plaintiffs' attorney Carl Rosenblum said the six-month suspension of drilling work could prove more economically devastating than the spill itself.

"This is an unprecedented industrywide shutdown. Never before has the government done this," Rosenblum said.
Never before have we had an ignorant Radical in the White House. Think about all these people that will lose EVERYTHING. Jobs, homes, EVERYTHING. For what? Obama's agenda.

Folks, YOU need to stop the insanity. November is coming. Get the Radicals OUT. Let's elect Adults that have some modicum of intelligence to them. Living in Reality would be nice also.

May this Judge have a modicum of intelligence to him and may HE live in the real world, where we all know, we NEED Oil. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, the Environuts love the ban. I know, the MMD love to report the CEO of BP is out on his yacht, the same time Obama was, uh, playing golf, watching Baseball, and uh, OH Yeah, sending a bill to BP. Yeah he's on top of things. {Sigh} I hear that Obama may actually be considering accepting some help. But he hasn't really decided yet. "FORE!!!!!"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Low For Obama, A Logical Educator

Only 25 percent of you Strongly Approve of Obama.

Hey folks,

That's right, things are not going well for Obama.
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 25% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-six percent (46%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21 (see trends).
Things are so bad right now, even the Liberal Media are starting to question Obama's Leadership. This Oil Spill is pitting one group of LWL against another. The Environuts are getting angry with Obama because he doesn't seem to be all that concerned with bringing it to an end anytime soon.

Then you have the EXTREME Loons on the Left that do not feel he is Looney enough. Not working fast enough to bring about a Socialistic Society. Then there are those that WANT more Socialism, yet are not insane totally. They think He has gone too far already. Then you have the Republicans and Conservatives that do not like ANYTHING he is doing. Then you have EVERYONE with an once of intelligence that are upset with his out of control, never ending spending.

Basically, the only people that still Strongly Approve are those making $20,000 or less per year. Those that are getting a free ride. This is why some feel Obama is doing all this intentionally. The numbers just do not win elections right now. So? The more people losing their homes, the more people losing their jobs, the more people there are that must rely on Government for their daily lives. More Votes. Get the point?

OK, so coming right up today.

School Authority Trumps Parents?
Lefties Mad Adult Took Charge
Consumer Alert: Food Recall
DLA For Sunday 062010
IWA For Sunday 062010

Before we get to all that, I want to talk about Mark Feldhausen, Associate Superintendent for Educational Services, Millard Public Schools. This guy was going to be the Winner of the Display of Logic Award this week, but there were so many to chose from, well, when we get there I think you will agree with those who beat him out. But I do want to talk about this guy.

Here is a guy that has made the decision to NOT use a new Text Book because it is filled with false information. It is WRONG. Yet, some want the School System to use it anyway. Even those in charge of the Book say it's wrong, and they will make the changes in the new ones, yet, use these for now. What? That's like saying I understand that the new book I have issued says 2+2=5. I will issuing the correction 2+2=4 next year, meanwhile though, just use this one. How insane is that?

Well the issue is Global Warming. Yup. A Global Warming Textbook that is incorrect. Go figure. {Laughing}
A review committee, convened after parents complained, concluded that author Laurie David's book, "The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming," contained "a major factual error" in a graphic about rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels.
Yeah like we haven't risen in temperatures since about 98? Or the fact that Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. But I digress. The Chicken Little Crowd is not happy with this. Talk about another dwindling group.

Together with this Corrected book, there is a Video. The Video, also wrong, will NOT continue to be used.
Corrected versions will continue to be used in Millard's sixth-grade language arts curriculum, he wrote.

However, the district will cease to use a companion video about global warming, narrated by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, he wrote.

The committee found the video "without merit" and recommended that it not be used.

Robyn Terry, the congressman's wife, had described the video as a "political commercial."
The whole Global Warming Bunk is Political. It is all a SCAM. It is all complete BS. This is why Obama and Crew are now using the Deep Horizon Drilling accident to push Cap and Tax. No one, in any significant numbers, believe in Man-Made Global Warming any more. The Majority of you understand it's a complete SCAM.

So the School System, which does want to keep receiving Federal Funds from an Administration that is PUSHING Global Warming, needs to walk a fine line. So Mark Feldhausen issued this statement.
In the letter to parents, Feldhausen said the committee recognized there are "multiple viewpoints" on global warming. The committee recommended that all teachers using the book "make students aware of both sides of the global warming theory," he said.
I hope so. I guess that would mean that the Teachers will have to teach the lie, then teach that others say it is a lie? Should be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Going to fill my cup. Today's coffee is Don Francisco's Butterscotch Toffee, Get yours and meet me right back here. Don't forget, you can also follow along on Twitter - peteropntalk, Facebook - Peter Carlock, Tom Sullivan Radio Listener's club, and as always, you can Email me at Be right back

The Omaha World Herald - Global warming book withdrawn

School Authority Trumps Parents?

Way too far

Hey folks,

You know, this is one of the things that just absolutely drive me nuts. There are some that want to hold the Parent responsible for the crimes their kids commit up to the age of 21. Not kidding. There are some that want the kid to be able to make life or death decisions, such as Abortion, without the Parent even knowing about it. There are some that feel kids will starve to death over the summer vacation because the School is closed, and that is the only place some of these kids eat.

You know where I stand on all this. It is NOT up to the School, to feed your kid. It is not up to the School to educate your kid on sex. It is not the School, Police, or anyone else who holds the responsibility of finding out if there is something wrong with your kid. It IS YOUR Job.

YOU are the Parent. They are the kid. YOU need to be involved in EVERY aspect of their lives. YOU are the is all and end all when it comes to your Child. They have NO RIGHTS except those YOU bestow on them. If ANYONE even thought for a second, that it would be alright for my Daughter to have an Abortion without my input, would find a SERIOUS problem with me. And I do not just go away I assure you.

Parent need to raise their children. There are no excuses. No substitute. No other way. There was a study just published that PROVES that a child with an intact home with a Mother and a Father, are like 400 times less likely to commit Suicide, or turn to drugs and alcohol. They do better in school and have a better life in general in all categories.

However, the Liberal Loons who control the Public Education system NOW want to have the authority to PUNISH your kids for what they do when they are HOME. Sorry, but not even over MY dead body. According to - NYC Going After Teen 'Sexting' -- In The Home Dept. Of Education Targets Sexually Explicit Text Messaging Outside Of School Hours With Up To 90-Day Suspension

NYCLU Slams Idea, Says It's A Violation Of Freedom Of Expression
WOW. Me and the ACLU are on the same side? Most likely for different reasons but still.

Parents and schools struggle with the role technology plays in kids' lives. But a new push to keep them safe has some saying it goes too far.

Schools now want to punish students caught "sexting" -- no matter where they do it.

The Department of Education wants to ban both cyber bullying and sexting in New York City's public schools at all times, even outside of school hours.

"We've always been respectful of first amendment rights. I think we'll get the right balance here," said Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.
No. Not really. Ask those kids that were sent home for wearing the American Flag. Ask the kid sent home for the "Jesus loves you" shirt. They do not believe in Free Speech. They believe in Political Correctness.
While new laws are being enacted to prevent cyber bullying, sexting is not so straightforward.

Sexting has drawn the opposition New York's Civil Liberties Union.

"What on earth is that? It is a vague, undefined prohibition that impacts expression outside of school," said Donna Lieberman of NYCLU.
I do agree. Is saying "I think you're Hot" Sexting? "I like that shirt you had on today"? Of course a full fledged description of intercourse or nude photos may fall under this category. Yet, so is the shirt comment if someone decides it is. So where would it stop, and how would the School have the authority to READ anything that the kids are texting off school hours? Will they have to get a warrant for every student to read them? On what grounds? Or do they just want a new Law saying they can whenever?

The proposal would let a principal do anything from hold a parent conference to expel for cyber bullying.
Now here is where I and the ACLU most likely differ. The Parent had better KNOW what their kid is texting. This is why I do not feel kids should be allowed to have cell phones. Most definitely NOT unmonitored Internet Access. It's up to the PARENTS to control this. And they had better know BEFORE the School.

Not only does the Department of Education want to ban sexually explicit text messaging that students may do off hours on nights, weekends and summer vacation, but they also want to punish them for it, handing out up to a 90-day suspension.

Students said this proposal is going too far.

"If they're doing it inside of school, that's perfectly fine, but outside of school they don't really have a right over what you do with your phone," said Brooklyn resident Valerie Valdez.

"If it's not in school then I don't see how my cell phone and the school have any relation together," said Queens resident Naomi Moore.
They can't. They don't.

Yet parents find it less of a black and white issue.

"What may be acceptable for a parent to their child may not be acceptable to a school and where do you draw the line?" said Lisa Spector of the Upper East Side.

"I wouldn't want them punishing my child, but somehow if we could prevent sexting and cyber bullying and everything I would be in favor of that," said Brooklyn resident Betsy Davidson.

Both issues will be debated next Wednesday. Parents expect those meetings to be heated, indeed.
You see folks. This is one of the problems. People like Betsy Davidson. Betsy, YOU are the one with the power to stop them from doing it. YOU. I know it SOUNDS good. I know it SOUNDS like it's a good thing that the school is trying to do here. It really isn't. It is a slippery slope. It is a crack in the door.

STOP PASSING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF RAISING YOUR KIDS TO OTHERS!!!!! It is YOUR Job as the Parent. The School should be teaching 1 plus 1 equals 2. it should be teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Teaching things that we need in the real world. How about like counting change back if the computer goes down, or how about how to READ that diploma that the kid just got. But then again, if they can't read and write, then I guess they will not be Sexting. Right?

Sources: - NYC Going After Teen 'Sexting'

Lefties Mad Adult Took Charge

The LWL {Left Wing Loonies} are not interesting in Reality

Hey folks,

They don't live in it. No, the LWL is not interesting in YOU. They do not care that you are about to lose your house. They do not care that you are STILL losing your Jobs at record numbers. They do not care that thousands will be put out of work because of their insane push for the "Green Dream." They do not care that YOU are the victims of crimes committed by those here illegally to begin with. They do not care. They exist, solely to acquire and keep power, control, and of course, all that money.

Did you see the Obama Address from the Oval Office on Tuesday Night? He looked small. he looked like a Saturday Night Live Skit, or a bad Hollywood Comedy about a kid playing President. But the sad truth is, this is REAL.

So it's no wonder that the LWL and Obama and Crew get upset whenever an Adult comes forth and takes over. It really messes with their agendas. That is what is happening right now in Arizona.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, an adult, came out and said enough is enough. The people of Arizona are tired of being victims of crimes. Tired of inflated Hospital Costs to pay for those using the services yet not paying for them. Tired of jobs being taken by those that will work for less than the standard pay rate. Tired of being ignored by the Federal Government, and them ignoring their own LAW. So she stepped up and signed a Law to ENFORCE the Federal Law. She took charge because the Kiddies were doing nothing. Now, even though the Majority of Americans are for it, and some other States are looking into doing the same, the Kiddies are upset. According to the AP - Clinton comment on immigration law riles Ariz. gov By Amanda Lee Myers, Associated Press Writer – Fri Jun 18, 2:45 am ET

PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Thursday she's angry over comments by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that the Obama administration will sue the state over its new immigration law.

In a June 8 media interview in Ecuador that began circulating Thursday in the U.S., Clinton said President Barack Obama thinks the federal government should determine immigration policy and that the Justice Department "will be bringing a lawsuit against the act."

Justice spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler on Thursday declined to say whether the department would sue and that "the department continues to review the law."
Continues to review the Law? It's TEN PAGES! Hell, it's posted HERE. Check out the Archives. {Sigh}

The department has been looking at the law for weeks for possible civil rights violations, with an eye toward a possible court challenge.
{Laughing} IT'S TEN PAGES!!! Weeks? Folks, they are trying to find something, ANYTHING, that they can use to sue over. There is NOTHING there. So what they are really doing is trying to find ways to sue to make this impossible for other States to do in the future. Kind of like damage control. How do we prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

It's unclear why Clinton made the comment since it's not her area. She couldn't be reached Thursday for comment.
Uh, yeah. She would be the Secretary of State, NOT the Attorney General.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Obama and Clinton have both made it clear that the administration opposes the law.
Who cares?

"I will defer to the Justice Department on the legal steps that are available and where they stand on the review of the law," Crowley said. "The secretary believes that comprehensive immigration reform is a better course of action."
Which means AMNESTY! Which means doing NOTHING to secure the boarder. Which is WHY others have to do their job to begin with.

Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement that "this is no way to treat the people of Arizona."

"To learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous," she said. "If our own government intends to sue our state to prevent illegal immigration enforcement, the least it can do is inform us before it informs the citizens of another nation."
Well, you know Gov. even Obama does this. He is famous for going to other countries and apologizing for America's exceptionalism and putting down his own country. This should be no surprise to you.

Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman said the governor was "outraged" and that Clinton's comments make it appear that the Justice Department has decided to file suit.

"But she's confident that in the end, the state of Arizona, the citizens, will prevail," he said.

On April 23, Brewer signed what is considered the toughest legislation in the nation targeting illegal immigrants. It is set to go into effect July 29 pending multiple legal challenges and the Justice Department's review.
If they stick to their guns here, they WILL prevail. Obama and Crew have nothing to say about this. Legally anyway. I'm glad that this report actually gets the Law RIGHT.

The law requires police investigating another incident or crime to ask people about their immigration status if there's a "reasonable suspicion" they're in the country illegally. It also makes being in Arizona illegally a misdemeanor, and it prohibits seeking day-labor work along the state's streets.

The law's stated intention is to drive illegal immigrants out of Arizona and discourage them from coming in the first place. It has outraged civil rights groups, drawn criticism from Obama and led to marches and protests organized by people on both sides of the issue.

The law's backers say Congress isn't doing anything meaningful about illegal immigration, so it's the state's duty to address the issue. Critics say it will lead to racial profiling and discrimination against Hispanics, and damage ties between police and minority communities.
Wow. Maybe this reporter actually read the Law. It's working to. The last I heard, there was a mass exodus of illegals going to other States. The Law PROHIBITS Racial Profiling. It does NOT allow Cops to pull you over for DWB {Driving while Brown} or come up to you and ask to see your papers. The "critics" are worried that other States will follow, and this will mean less Votes for THEM. That's what Amnesty is all about to begin with. Democratic Votes. Obama tried to strong arm the Governor, but that failed.

Brewer met with Obama in the Oval Office about the law on June 3, telling him: "We want our border secured." Obama reiterated his objections to the law. Neither side appeared to give ground although both talked about seeking a bipartisan solution.

Other Arizona politicians, political candidates and activist groups were quick to weigh in on Clinton's remarks. U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth, who is challenging Sen. John McCain, called them appalling; attorney general candidates Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas also denounced them.

Joanne Lin, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, urged the administration to take swift action against the law.
J.D Hayworth should be a shoe in. Notice the RINO John McCain has remain silent? He is all for Amnesty. Yet, he also knows something like 80 percent of Arizonians favor this new Law, and that somewhere around 70 percent of all Americans favor this law. So if he stands a snowball's chance in hell, which I doubt he does, of winning re-election, he can not come out against it.

Yes folks, you want to know why the Lefties are all upset at Governor Brewer? Hell, why they are upset at Governors Christie, Jindal, Riley, Senators, Brown, Wicker, Inhofe, and the like? Picture if you will, Kids, attempting to do something. Say a Lemonade Stand. It's not working. So the Adults come and take over. Watch those kids throw hissy fits. Now you get it.

AP - Clinton comment on immigration law riles Ariz. gov

Consumer Alert: Food Recall

Public Service Announcement, Food Recall

Hey folks,

I do, seems so long ago, but I do remember my single days. When I first moved down here to Sunny South Florida, I was single, by choice, for 5 years. I was working as a Manager for a major Hotel Brand, so a lot of times I would just eat there. But on my one day off, or when I had the benefit of having the evenings off, I would either cook for myself {Which I do love to do by the way} or, if feeling lazy, I would buy one of those frozen, prepackaged meals. That was good enough for me.

So I know that there are many people out there, since it is a Billion Dollar Business, that do go out and buy these meals. Some people live on them. So any time I see something like this, I share it. According to the AP - Marie Callender recall after salmonella outbreak

WASHINGTON – ConAgra Foods is recalling all Marie Callender's brand cheesy chicken and rice frozen meals after they have been possibly linked to a salmonella outbreak in 14 states.

The company said it was recalling the meals after it was informed by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of a possible link between the meals and 29 illnesses. Eight of those sickened reported eating the product in April or May 2010.

The Agriculture Department's Food Safety and Inspection Service, which announced the recall late Thursday, said the most recent illness was reported May 22.

The company is recalling all of the meals, which are labeled "Marie Callender's Cheesy Chicken and Rice White Meat Chicken and Broccoli over Rice Topped with Rich Cheddar Sauce," regardless of production date.

The product was distributed to retail outlets nationwide.

The most common symptoms of salmonella are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever within eight hours to 72 hours of eating a contaminated product. It can be life-threatening, especially to those with weakened immune systems.
So be careful out there folks. If you DO have one of these meals, just throw it out. The $3 to $5 dollar loss is nothing compared to Salmonella.

There is also no guarantee that cooking for yourself is safer, but I guarantee it is healthier for you, and you may even find it fun. I do.

AP - Marie Callender recall after salmonella outbreak