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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All The Subsidies Will NOT Create Market

The most important fact left out.

Hey folks,

According to Carl Pope, Chairman, of the Sierra Club, we are losing the Green Revolution to places like China. He is not happy about that. He thinks it is unfair that they give all that money to THEIR Green Energy Manufactures, and we apparently, are not giving enough. According to Carl Pope, Chairman, of the Sierra Club, in the Huffy Posts yesterday:

There's no doubt the U.S. is losing the clean-energy race. In 2010 our level of investment in clean energy fell behind both China and Germany, with a growth rate that is 11th among the industrial nations. Last year, China gave $30 billion to its largest solar manufacturers, 20 times the amount that the United States gave, according to Jonathan Silver, former executive director of the U.S. Energy Department's loan program. As a result, in 2010 China sold more than half of the world's solar panels, and is now gearing up a similar effort to dominate global wind markets.
A, China HAS $30 Billion to throw away. We do not. What he HAVE thrown Money away, we have done so freely and even Joyfully, and we have NOTHING for it. B, our own President, who took over a Car Company and is PUSHING "Green Cars" is OUTSOURCING the Battery Manufacturing TO CHINA. We are GIVING them the Business on a Product NO ONE WANTS.

We are consistently losing both manufacturing and deployment leadership in clean-energy technologies that were pioneered and developed in the United States. That's simply not worth debating -- the interesting question is what should we do about it?
Uh, Manufacturing and Deployment to WHO? WHAT? Were is the Market?

OK. Remember OCAN? Looks look at this in the opposite way. Shall we? I create a Paint, that I SAY will save you hundreds, and in some cases thousands of Dollars. One Coat, all you need, EVER. However, the Price of my one can of OCAN is $1000.00 a Can. So, to paint something like a house, you would need to spend more than $6 to $10 Grand. Oh some out there would take the chance and buy it. But Working John and Mary, they will still buy the $50.00 a Can paint. They there will be others that ask, how do I know that it will last forever. If the idea is not believable, MANY will not even think about spending that money to TRY it out.

However, by me making this Product, one coat, ever, I can make the claim that I am saving the planet. Less garbage, less Paint. Less Fumes. ETC. I can now get into the Carbon Offset Business and sell offsets to others. Now the Government comes along and says, "We want in. We want to be seen as caring about the Planet." I say to the Government, "Well, no one is buying it, I may have to shut down." The Government then says, "No, never mind all that, here is $500 MILLION dollars. Just uh, you know, don't forget who loves you baby." However, just like Solyndra, if there is no one buying the Product, it does not matter how much money I have, how much Product I manufactured, there is NO WHERE to deploy it. Just like Solyndra, I may be tempted to take the money and run, attempting to cut my losses.

So this guy, Carl Pope, Chairman, of the Sierra Club, wants our government to give MORE money to a business so that they will SURVIVE, even though, there is NO MARKET for it. He is upset, and It's not fair, that China can give all this money away. It's just not fair. We need to do the same thing. In his Mind. Throw away more money we do NOT have.

Toward the end of his little rant here, he tells you the truth. He said this.

Manufacturing sits in the middle of a supply chain. You must invent wind-turbines before you can manufacture them, and you must have a market downstream before you can sell them. But if national policy makes this crucial middle link of manufacturing uncompetitive, then the whole supply chain will eventually shrink.
HOWEVER!!! The most important fact left out. Where is the DEMAND? There is NONE.

What we do have a Demand for, is what we already KNOW we have. That is what they World runs on. Our own, and the Worlds own, Natural Resources. Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal. With the advancement of Little Hitler {Ahmadinejad}, the Muslim Brotherhood taking over the entire Region, attempting to enact Sharia Law, which is a Stated Goal, one World under Sharia Law, our National Security is dwindling at light speed. Instead of throwing money away on what we Dream we could use, at the expense of what we KNOW we need, is insanity. With all this turmoil and chaos in the Middle East, we need stability here in this country. Not Dreams. Not a Supply of no Demand. But a Supply of what we HAVE a Demand for. This will cost us NOTHING. Just permission to go get it.

The Huffington Post - China Should Play by the Rules, and America Should Play to Win

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