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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pink Slime Update, Plants Close, Company Blames YOU

Really need a theme song for this Segment.

Hey folks,

Time for what is growing into a regular Segment here at the OPNTalk Blog. Pink Slime Update. I knew when I first started looking into this it would be big. I had no idea HOW big it would become. I originally thought it was McDonald's only, well, Fast Food in General all do about the same things, so others would not surprise me. But then we learned it's in our Schools and in our Stores. There is a chance you may have it in your FRIG. You may have bought what you were lead to believe is "healthier" ground Beef, only to learn that "lean, finely textured beef," is nothing more than a code word for Pink Slime. The same process they use to make Dog Food.

So you spoke up. Some of you YELLED. Last Sunday I reported to you that Stores All Over Country Pulling Pink Slime. They have stopped selling it all together. Except Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. This is why I will shop elsewhere.

So what happens when you have a Company, that has LIED to people over the years, HID what they are actually doing, and people find out? What do you do if you have a Company that makes a Product that no one buys? Yup. You go bye, bye.

So "Beef Products Inc.," the maker of Pink Slime, and Regina Roth, the VP of the Company, are closing Planets, laying off workers, and blaming YOU! {Laughing} I kid you not. Remember Ms. Riley? She was the one back on Sunday, March 18, 2012 OPNTalk -
Pink Slime WAS Dog Food who, when asked why not Label Packages to let people know they were eating Pink Slime, said...

"What are you asking me to put on the label, its beef, it's on the label, it's a beef product, it's says beef so we are declaring … it's beef,"
Well, Ms Roth just repeated the line. She said..

"What should we label it? It's 100 percent beef What do you want us to label it? I'm not prepared to say it's not beef because it's 100 percent beef."
NO it's not Ms Roth. It's GARBAGE. It's filler to extend Profit. It is NOT Beef. But we know this now, so I doubt you need worry about it. No one is buying it anyway.

So according to ABC News - 'It's 100 Percent Beef': Company on Defensive as It Closes Plants By Jim Avila ABC News – 5 hrs ago

After two weeks of no comments, Beef Products Inc., the maker of "lean, finely textured beef," a product now known by the critics' term for it, "pink slime," came out swinging today during a news conference to announce the temporary closing of several facilities.

The company said that it was suspending all operations at three of its four plants in Texas, Kansas and Iowa. Its headquarters in Sioux City, S.D., would remain.

It said today that it would continue to pay its workers for 60 days as it launches a public relations program designed to restore confidence in its product.

"After that 60-day period is over, if we haven't been able to resume operations again by then, we believe we won't have a decision other than to formally terminate those employees' employment," said Rich Jochum, the company's corporate administrator.
{Laughing} So we are going to LIE to you some more over the next 60 days and hope you buy our Product. If you don't YOU are responsible for all these people losing their Jobs. YOU are responsible for this.

The company blamed social media and news organizations, specifically ABC News, for what it called a gross misrepresentation of its product and process.

"What should we label it? It's 100 percent beef," asked Regina Roth, the company's executive vice president. "What do you want us to label it? I'm not prepared to say it's not beef because it's 100 percent beef."

She said that the company would "attack" the misconceptions in consumers' minds through social media.

"What we're going through is not something any other companies want to … have to endure," Roth said.
Good lick with this. The Stores are not going to buy it. We are not going to buy it. YOU lied to people for years, "90 percent Lean?" uh, Pink Slime. Healthier, less fat, MORE EXPENSIVE for less REAL Meat. No Ms Roth, YOU are to blame. And as much as you say it's One hundred percent beef, others disagree.

Two former scientists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture who reviewed the product advised against using it in ground beef and told ABC News that it was not the same as ground beef.

"It's not fresh ground beef. It's a cheap substitute being added in," microbiologist Gerald Zirnstein said.

The scientists added that the filler was not as nutritious as ground beef, though the company disputed that. An industry website noted that a side-by-side comparison of nutrition labels showed "90 percent lean beef trimmings and 90 percent lean ground beef have substantially identical nutritional value. And all USDA certified ground beef [with or without lean finely textured beef] found in your grocery store is considered to be a good or excellent source of 10 essential nutrients including protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins."
An Industry Website said. They say so, so, just except it.

The low-grade trimmings used to produce lean, finely textured beef come from the parts of the cow most susceptible to contamination, often close to the hide, which is highly exposed to fecal matter. But because of the treatment of the trimmings - after they have been simmered in low heat, separating fat and tissue using a centrifuge, they are sprayed with ammonia gas to kill germs - the USDA says it's safe to eat.
It goes on to talk about the Stores and the Schools. So there you have it. It's your fault folks. But they will give you just 60 days to change your mind. Or YOU will be responsible for all these fine people losing their Jobs. I don't know about you, but I know I'm not eating Dog Food anymore. If you want to buy this garbage, go to Wal-Mart and Sam's. They still sell it. Probably dirt Cheap too.

ABC News - 'It's 100 Percent Beef': Company on Defensive as It Closes Plants

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Have It, They Admit It, However, We Can't Use IT.

This is a GREAT Article.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. This is a GREAT Article. It really is. Just one problem, which it even admits. It's by News Chief - What U.S. energy crisis? Published: Monday, March 26, 2012 at 6:28 a.m.

Every election year, the politicians take malicious delight in panicking Americans with lurid predictions of an imminent energy crisis: We're running out of oil. We're running out of natural gas. The oil sheikhs will be dictating how we run the country.

The solution, of course, is always to elect the politicians making the charges. It's all nonsense.
OK remember this. To say we need to Elect a Politician to CHANGE Obama's Energy Policies is nonsense? We will look at this again in a few seconds.

A March 20 Wall Street Journal commentary by Citi's top commodities researcher, Ed Morse, contends that "in energy, North America is becoming the new Middle East."

That might have been an overstatement, but not by much.

The U.S. and Canada's proven reserves of oil and natural gas are increasing at rates that would have been considered fantasy only a few years ago.

The conservative calculations of the Energy Information Administration said oil reserves increased 8.6 percent from December 2008 to December 2009 and natural gas reserves rose 11.3 percent — and those were economically down years when exploration would presumably slow down.

Natural gas reserves reached their highest level since 1971.

Proven reserves are those that the EIA deems reasonably recoverable given existing technology and economic conditions.

Of course, the technology is constantly improving and high demand makes the recovery profitable.

And then there are new discoveries, like the Bakken Field underlying almost all of North Dakota and parts of South Dakota and Montana. It is estimated to hold 481 billion barrels of oil.

Indeed, because of our refining capacity, the United States became a net petroleum exporter last year for the first time since 1949.

In The Wall Street Journal, Morse writes, "The United States has become the fastest-growing oil and gas producer in the world, and it is likely to remain so for the rest of this decade and into the 2020s."
Now this is true. However, a bit misleading. This is IN SPITE of Obama's War on Energy. His outright hostility to anything Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal. IN SPITE of Obama standing in the way, we have been able to do this. Imagine what we could do if he would get OUT of the way.

Canada is enjoying a similar boom in production and explorations. And one can hope that the overregulation and underinvestment restricting production in Mexico and Venezuela won't last forever.
We would profit greatly from and WITH them if Obama would allow the Keystone Pipeline to be fully built. He is NOT. HE is standing in the way of this also.

In the United States, it would help if the federal government wouldn't get distracted by uneconomic and wasteful incentives for ethanol, electric cars, wind mills that chop up great numbers of birds for tiny contributions to the electricity grid and schemes for extracting fuel from random plants.

The government's efforts should be directed to research, investment and regulation to insure that this energy, which our economy must have, is extracted cleanly and safely.

The "new Middle East" sounds pretty good energy-wise, but we'd just as soon skip the political turmoil. With the coming election, we have a surplus of our own.
OK, so? "The solution, of course, is always to elect the politicians making the charges. It's all nonsense?" THAT is nonsense. It is OBAMA that said the Coal Industry would go Bankrupt, and he was proud about that. It is Obama that said he likes $4.00 plus a gallon Gas. It is HIS Administration that said we need to find a way to INCREASE our Gas Prices to those of Europe. They have of course backed off that. It is OBAMA that put into place Moratoriums both actual and de facto, that have cost America hundreds of thousands of Jobs. It IS Obama standing in the way of the Keystone Pipeline. Oh, he attempted to take credit for that of which he could not stop if he wanted to, and what he has no say on, but he IS blocking the Majority of it for no other reason than Politics.

It IS OBAMA who keeps throwing hundreds of Billions of Dollars into Companies that do nothing but line the Pockets of their CEO's, fire Employees, produce NOTHING, and go out of business. No folks, it's NOT nonsense. It's FACT! We need someone in Office that understands REALITY, and is committed to doing what we need to do. Forget the Gas Prices, that we KNOW from History WILL go down. Forget the new Jobs it WILL create, that we know from History. We are talking nearly if not more than a TRILLION dollars in NEW REVENUE that it WILL generate. We have a President that just says no. While saying NO, continues to spend more money. Think about that.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oprah Fires 30, Me Hide?, Iran Planned to Bomb Israeli Ship

Preview for Sunday 032512

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to ya. Glad you stopped by. Oh, seems I forgot to post the Email Link on Friday. Got this "You call it from the emails, yet you do not post an email link. How does that work?" First, uh, I got your Email? Second, I did forget to post the link. Sorry. I usually do. Like I do every Sunday, about this time I say this. If you want to be part of the OPNTalk, send in Articles, Comments, Complaints, or just say Hi, the Email as always is, But I will try to remember next Friday. {Smile}

Last Sunday I asked you, "If a Show fails on a Network no one watches, does it make a noise?" I was talking about Oprah dropping Rosie O'Donnell, who was averaging fewer than 200,000 viewers, on a daily basis. So for fun I started asking people last Week, "Do you know where to find the OWN Network on your TV?" I asked 22 people. It doesn't matter if they had Cable, Dish, or Direct TV, It didn't matter who the Carrier was. Out of the 22 people I asked, ONE. Yes, 1. One person said Yes, and could tell me. She was also mad at me for calling Rosie a Fat Pig. Sorry. Just calling it like it is. {Smile} 1 out of 22. Any wonder WHY Oprah NOW fired 30 Employees? NO ONE IS WATCHING the Network. They do not even care enough to find out where it is on their TV.

This is another sign out there that most people in this Country are NOT Liberal Kooks. Rumor was back then that Oprah left her long time, Successful Talk Show, because she felt restrained and wanted to start her own Network to have more Freedom to be who she really is. She banked on Rosie being a Major Player and an Anchor For the Network. When that didn't work, they tried to tone down and modify Rosie. They tried to make her "Nice" again. Just failed big time because everyone know who and what Rosie is. Then if you watch the Shows, you get the idea of what Oprah is. There is not enough die hard Libs out there to make it work. This is why there is no Liberal Rush Limbaughs. Why no Liberal Radio works. But hey, they keep trying.

Anyway, coming right up?

Trayvon Martin Case Nothing To Do With "Stand Your Ground"
Stores All Over Country Pulling Pink Slime
Hummus, not Just Middle Eastern Anymore
DLA For Sunday 032512
IWA for Sunday 032512

All this as we dive into the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Of course I AM Pe,,,Oh yeah. That's another point I want to make. "You are real brave Online. Calling people idiots. Calling Rosie a 'fat pig.' Saying Liberals are stupid. I would like to see you say this stuff when you are not hiding behind a screen name."Signed BigThinker--- {Laughing} Me hiding? Hi, my name is Peter Carlock. I live in Sunny South Florida, Stuart to be more precise. I think, I may be wrong, but I THINK my Phone number is on my Profile. I sign EVERYTHING I write, WHEREEVER I write it. From Comment Sections on News Sights, fellow Blogs, WHATEVER. I do NOT sign it "BigThinker---" or "Fubar" or "Quicksilver" or anything else. So are you Male or Female? What's YOUR name? Where do YOU post from? {Laughing} Just saying.

Congrats to Rick Santorum who took Louisiana...Did you catch THIS?

According to Haaretz - Report: Iran planned to bomb Israeli ship in Suez Canal

Egyptian paper Al-Ahram reports that two Egyptian citizens received instructions from Iranian agents to attack an Israeli ship, and offered a third man 50 million Egyptian pounds to carry out the act. By Avi Issacharoff

The investigation of the two found that they had received their instructions from Iranian agents, and that the two asked a third person, by the name of Mohamed Zakri, to carry out the act in exchange for 50 million Egyptian pounds.
I know Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is paying attention. Are WE?

Going to fill my cup. Be right back.

The Hollywood Reporter - Oprah Winfrey's OWN Lays Off 30 in Network Restructuring 2:31 PM PDT 3/19/2012 by Lacey Rose
Haaretz - Report: Iran planned to bomb Israeli ship in Suez Canal

Trayvon Martin Case Nothing To Do With "Stand Your Ground"

Does it have to do with Race? Possibly.

Hey folks,

The Trayvon Martin Case. Here is a Black Kid walking back from a Mini-Mart thing with a Snack, and he is accosted by a MORON, George Zimmerman, who is Hispanic by the way, and Trayvon Martin ends up dead.

Here is what we know. Trayvon was visiting Relatives therefore he was not a Resident of the Gated Community. Zimmerman, who is the Volunteer Neighborhood Watch Captain of his Community, is walking around with a Gun he should not have.

He spots Martin, and decided he was suspicious and called 911. 911 told him to NOT pursue Martin, that they would send someone out. He pursued Martin, who was unarmed, and something happened. The Something is not clear, but what we do know is that Martin was Shot by Zimmerman, and killed. Zimmerman, and the Police involved, claim he operating on the grounds of the "Stand Your Ground Law." No arrests were made. Zimmerman has since relocated.

Like clockwork, and according to the Liberal Anti Gun Script, and according to the Race Card Fame Script written by the Revs. Jackson and Sharpton, the Media kicked into overdrive, and even Obama threw himself into the mix. After all, if Obama had a Son, he would look like Trayvon.

First, we do not even know if Zimmerman has a Concealed Carry Permit. Rumors abound that he doesn't. Second, even if he DID have a CCP, he was not allowed to carry a weapon while on "Patrol" as a Volunteer Neighborhood Watch Captain. So he was wrong right there. Third, he was TOLD by Dispatch NOT to pursue. He did. He was wrong there. He did not "Stand His Ground," he ran him down. Forth, he shot and killed an unarmed kid.

Just on these grounds, he should have been arrested on the spot. None of this has anything to do with the "Stand Your Ground" Law, nor does it have anything to do with Guns. It is all about a Moron, most likely a Wannabe Cop, who killed an unarmed kid. It also doesn't make Martin MORE dead because he is Black. He is just as dead as he would be, if he had been Green with pink polka dots. Lets look at the Liberal reaction and see if we can make sense of it. I know, I know, but lets try.

Some want to now do away with, or modify the "Stand Your Ground" Law. Why? The speed limit here in Sunny South Florida is 70. I speed, I hit someone doing 80 and kill them. Is the Law to blame? No. I AM! I was not following the Law. I was SPEEDING. So modifying the Law will accomplish NOTHING. Change it from 70 to 65 will not matter to me, or someone like me, who will STILL drive 80. The next person who drives 80, hits, and kills someone else, will be no more guilty than before the Law changed. Zimmerman was not following the Law as he and the Police involved claim. Therefore changing or doing away with the Law will accomplish NOTHING.

The Law on Carrying Guns? Did he have a Permit? Does the guy that just robbed Bells Bargo have a Permit? I've talked about this many times. If I'm going to commit and Crime, I am NOT going to go to Wal-Mart, or a Gun Store, get finger printed, go through a Background Check, wait ten days, then go pick it up. No. I'm going to the corner of Hookers Are Us, and Drugs For All Occasions, and buy one from another Criminal. The Gun Laws will not stop this process. We do not need more. I do however think we need more Mandatory Training for those who do go through the Process.

As I've also said many times, I do not like Guns. Truth is, you are more likely to have an Accident with a Gun in your house than you are to EVER need to use it in a Home Invasion type scenario. If you ever pull a gun on me, or someone like me, you BETTER be trained on how to use it. I will take it from you and shoot you with your own gun if I need to. But that's just me. I believe EVERYONE has the right to have one if they chose, as long as they DO follow the Laws on the Books.

Now lets deal with the Race Issue. Is Martin Black? Yup. Is Zimmerman White? Nope. He is Hispanic. But since his last name is not Rodriguez, or Lopez, he's got to be a White guy. Or at lease that is how he will be portrayed. Did he pursue Martin and Shoot Martin because he was a Black guy in a Hoodie? Seems like it to me. But I can not prove that, no. Do we have any evidence to this effect? No. I believe he DID purse Martin SOLEY because he was a young Black Kid. The Hoodie did not help the Situation. But I do truly wonder if he would have been so zealous if the Kid had been White. I have my doubts.

There is so much more I could say about Dress and Appearance of Today's Youth, and the Direct correlation on that, and the reaction they get from others who see them, but I want to stick to this Case.

Truth is, The Revs., even though I AGREE that Race played a part in this, are going to make things FAR worse. Not better. There is a Lynch Type Mentality growing out there that is NOT good for ANYONE. Should Zimmerman be Arrested? Of course. He should have been on the night of the Murder. Should the Police that played a role in NOT doing their Job, and the Chief, if found he did anything improper be fired? Absolutely. Is this a tragic event that caused a young man to die, and a family to morn? Of course it is. But stirring up MORE Racial Violence and possible Riots, is NOT useful and does not help anything.

To take a line from Joyce Kaufman, "Can anyone tell me the names of the Jews that were Killed in France by a Muslim?" Anyone? Can you tell me the name of the little 8 year old girl that was pursued and grabbed by her Pony Tail, right before a Rabid Human shot her to Death? Miriam Monstango is her name. Obama can tell you Martin's name. Can Obama tell you her name? Did Race Play a part in that senseless death? Of course it did. He said he killed her because she was a Jew. No press on that. But this story, the Trayvon Martin Case, will be Headline News for weeks. All because the Victim was Black. All because the Media has it orders to cling onto this. Hey, at lease no one is talking about the Economy. All because the Revs. see this as another one of their Spotlight moments.

Make no mistake about it. I truly believe Race DID play a part in this. George Zimmerman SHOULD be in Jail right now. No question in my mind. God Speed Trayvon Martin, and may his family have the Peace and Comfort they need in this very devastating time.

However, to profit from this? To put this Victim over every other Victim, just because of the color of his Skin, or to create MORE division and strive amongst the Races over this while seeking to get attention for oneself, or use it for a distraction or Political gain, is just plain WRONG. May Justice be served in this Case. May we all move on from it.

Stores All Over Country Pulling Pink Slime

Pink Slime Update

Hey folks,

Because of YOU. Well, the New Media that first reported this, then the Mainstream Media that came kicking and screaming along, reported that McDonald's was using Pink Slime. Garbage that should be thrown away, that they use for DOG FOOD, McDonald's was putting in their Burgers and even Chicken Nuggets. They say they have stopped because of YOU.

Then we learned that SCHOOLS were using Pink Slime. While deeming a Turkey on Wheat as not healthy enough, replacing it with Pink Slime Nuggets. Serving Pink Slime Burgers. They now have a choice, because of YOU.

Then we learned that the Beef People refuse to label their packages with Pink Slime, because they "Say it's Beef, it's Beef." {Sigh} We learned that the same process used to create Pink Slime is what they use for Dog Food. YOU said enough is enough. YOU started contacting your Local Grocer and YOU started saying "I will not longer buy Beef in your Store."

Now? Chains: Acme, Albertsons, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher's, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Shaw's/Star Market, Shop 'n Save, Kroger Co., Stop & Shop, Giant, Weis, Safeway, The Food Lion, have ALL said no more Pink Slime filler Beef. Public Outrage has changed their minds.

According to USA Today - Kroger, Stop & Shop join 'pink slime' exodus

NEW YORK (AP) — Supermarket chains Kroger Co. and Stop & Shop said Thursday they will join the growing list of store chains that will no longer sell beef that includes an additive with the unappetizing moniker "pink slime."

Federal regulators say the ammonia-treated filler, known in the industry as "lean, finely textured beef," meets food safety standards. But critics say the product could be unsafe and is an unappetizing example of industrialized food production.
Any doubt that it was YOU that, uh, helped their decision making process?

The Kroger Co., the nation's largest traditional grocer with 2,435 supermarkets in 31 states, also said it will stop buying the beef, reversing itself after saying Wednesday that it would sell beef both with and without the additive.
Yup. They changed their mind. Wonder why? {Smile}

Earlier Thursday, Stop & Shop said that while the U.S. Department of Agriculture has said the product is safe for consumption, it will stop selling the beef due to customer concerns. Stop & Shop is a unit of Dutch supermarkets owner Royal Ahold NV and operates 400 stores in the Northeast U.S.

The chains joined Safeway, Supervalu and Food Lion, among others, who have said they won't sell beef with the filler.

"Our customers have expressed their concerns that the use of lean finely textured beef — while fully approved by the USDA for safety and quality — is something they do not want in their ground beef," Kroger said in a statement. "As a result, Kroger will no longer purchase ground beef containing lean finely textured beef."
"Lean finely textured beef?" It's GARBAGE. It's DOG FOOD. It's not even MEAT. All these Stores are making the right decision here. Any doubts it was the New Media?

Though the term "pink slime" has been used pejoratively for at least several years, it wasn't until early March that social media suddenly exploded with worry and an online petition seeking its ouster from schools lit up, quickly garnering hundreds of thousands of supporters.
This is a growing trend, because of you. Oh, Wal-Mart? You are NOT too big to NOT be effected. Do the right thing and stop sell this Garbage to your Customers. But look and this..

Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, and Giant/Martin's, which operates Giant Food Stores and Martin's Food Markets and in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, all said Thursday they will no longer sell beef with the additive.

BJ's Wholesale Club Inc. also said it will stop selling beef products with the additive, starting April 7 for fresh products and April 20 for frozen.

Whole Foods, A&P and Costco said they have never sold beef products with the additive.

On Wednesday, Supervalu Inc. — which operates stores under the Acme, Albertsons, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher's, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Shaw's/Star Market, Shop 'n Save and Shoppers Food & Pharmacy banners — said that customer concern prompted it to stop carrying products containing the filler.

Delhaize America, the U.S. unit of Belgium's Delhaize Group, also said Wednesday that its Food Lion, Hannaford, Bottom Dollar Food and Sweetbay chains have made similar decisions.

And Safeway Inc., which operates the Genuardi's and Dominicks chains, as well as Safeway stores, also said Wednesday that it has announced it will stop selling fresh or frozen ground beef with the filler.
Do what you want folks, but there is a whole lot of other places out there that you can buy your Beef from. You do not have to buy it from Wal-Mart. They just want the Cheapest Product, hence the most Profit. It truly is a shame what Wal-Mart has become.

So Pink Slime is doing what it should. Going back to being Dog Food. Or sold in other Countries. Or in Wal-Mart. But YOU have made this happen. Keep up the good work.

Hummus, not Just Middle Eastern Anymore

A healthy Snack. Try it sometime.

Hey folks,

If you have known me longer than the past couple of years, you know that my Wife Laura is a Vegan. One of the things I love is trying new foods. Always have. But then again, if you know me, you know I love Food in general. (Smile) That's why I spend time in the Gym.

One of my favorite Snacks of all time is Chips and Sour Cream and Onion Dip. I remember about 15 years ago, my Mentor in the Hotel Business was talking to me about my Weight. I was about 230 at the time. All Stomach pretty much. You see, I quit Smoking and went from 180 to 230 in about Six Months time. He asked me why I did not drink Diet Soda as apposed to regular. I hate the taste was my answer. He then asked what my favorite Snack was. I told him, Chips and Sour Cream and Onion Dip. I will never forget the way he laughed and said, "Why not just drop a scoop of pure FAT in a bowl and eat that?" He told me I should try Salsa. Maybe Join a Gym while I'm at it.

Over the years, I did. I did switch to Diet Soda. I did stop eating McDonald's for my daily intake. I started to get healthy. I started to feel better. Well, I went through a Divorce, moved to Florida, picked up Smoking again, and pretty much went back to doing whatever I wanted. However, I did not change trying to eat healthier, nor did I stop going to the Gym. Then I met my Wife now.

She told me that she was a Vegan. I had no idea what that means. Then I learned over time, that being a Vegan or Vegetarian is not just eating twigs and berries, that there really are GREAT Dishes that can be made. I'm now 249, but is mostly muscle now. And I will admit, though I still eat meat, mostly Chicken, I look forward to "Meatless Monday."

One of the things she got me to try was Hummus. I LOVE HUMMUS. Roasted Garlic and Basil. Sun Dried Tomato. Straight up Hummus. A healthy Snack. Try it sometime. I even tried, and now can't get enough, Hummus and Avocado Sandwiches. Trust me on this.

So in today's Health and Science Segment, I wanted to check out the Health Benefits of Hummus. Is it healthy for you? According to Eating Healthy Foods .org - Take the Healthy Dip – Benefits of Hummus PLUS Unique Recipes

Thinking of making a healthy dip? Then why not try hummus? This centuries-old recipe come from Midwestern origins and is commonly composed of mashed beans, spices and other common ingredients like lemon, salt, garlic, or olive oil. Although you can buy a ready made hummus from groceries and supermarkets, homemade hummus is healthier and fresher. Besides, hummus will set you back at around 6 USD for as little as 20 grams.
I've had Hummus from every store and Restaurant around. Trust me, make it yourself.

That’s expensive especially when you are planning a party. Doing your own hummus recipes (see below for some unique ideas) will certainly save up on the costs and you’ll never run out of dip to serve. Eating healthy foods such as hummus can be easy if you plan.

Traditionally made of chickpeas (also known as garbanzos), lemon juice, garlic, and tahini, this dish has suddenly become a world-wide delight. When enjoyed with raw veggies, whole wheat pitas, or whole wheat crackers, the benefits of hummus are wonderful enough to justify its consumption on a daily basis.

Homemade hummus benefits differ greatly from their store-bought counterparts. While the store bought varieties are filled with sour cream, an ingredient nearly everyone recognizes as fattening, the homemade versions are full of healthy proteins, healthy fats, and tasty spices. Furthermore, homemade hummus has a low Glycemic index, meaning it breaks down more slowly, and releasing glucose more gradually into the bloodstream. Hummus is also rich in vitamin C due to the lemon juice component. It also provides other benefits like copper, manganese, iron, and molybdenum to strengthen the immune system.

Nearly every ingredient has a benefit worth mentioning:

First, the chickpeas: These little white beans are full of protein and nearly void of saturated fats or cholesterol. They can help stabilize blood sugar and prevent the buildup of plaque on your artery walls. With this many benefits from the staple ingredient in hummus, you can eat the dish without fear. Chick peas are also rich in protein and amino acids.

Tahini: Another ingredient that is good for you is the tahini. Tahini is also known as sesame butter, and while it is known for its high fat and calorie count, the good news is that

1)there is only a little tahini in each serving of hummus (how fortunate for us hummus lovers!)

2)most of the fat is unsaturated fat (the good kind); and

3)tahini is high in both calcium and protein.

Lemons and garlic: more staples found in traditional hummus, are greatly valued for their abilities to fight off invasions of viruses or bacteria, their high anti-oxidant properties, and their cleansing virtues as well.

But before you run to the refrigerator for another bite of healthful hummus, stop–there is one possibility that hummus may not be for you. Be honest about what you are eating with it. Are you using it as a dip for your favorite brand of fried potato chips? Throw out the hummus. It will merely be more calories on top of the chip pile. If, however, you enjoy it in the typical Arab custom, such as in pitas or as a dip for veggies, by all means enjoy the meal without guilt. One of the best and tastiest ways to enjoy hummus is slathered inside a whole wheat pita with tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, sprouts, and cucumbers. This sandwich will not only be tasty–it will be healthy, filling, and energy-boosting at the same time. Or add a bit of red pepper flakes to your hummus, as well as a bit of cumin and chili powder, to make a fiery-tasting dip for crudites.

Hummus is not only easy to make–it is filling, and can be used in a multitude of sandwich combinations. It is healthy, and full of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. it is tasty, with infinite variations on flavoring. And best of all, it lasts for many days in the refrigerator, so it will always be available when you need a bite to eat.

There are several different hummus recipes that you can try, the basic ingredient are mashed chickpeas, Tahiti or olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Doing your own hummus, you can be assured of what ingredients will be going into it, and best of all, no preservatives!

If you are tired of the same old traditional food you should try something different: you can create some unique hummus recipes that will delight your family and friends.
I'll be honest, I WILL be trying all three of these..Can't wait.

Unique Hummus Recipes:

A hummus sandwich is quick and easy to prepare and you do not have to be a master chef to make one. If you love beefsteak tomatoes this dish will become an absolute favorite.

Grilled Beefsteak Tomatoes with Hummus and Arugula

Prep Time 15 Minutes
Serves 2

4 Slices 12 grain wheat bread
4 Tbsp hummus
1 Large ripe Beefsteak tomato
2 Slices Swiss cheese
1 Cup arugula
1 Tbsp olive oil

Slice the tomato and set aside. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Assemble your sandwiches with cheese, tomatoes and arugula and place in the hot oil. Grill and turn when it starts to brown. Serve with additional hummus for dipping if desired.

If you are looking for a great dip try mixing hummus and artichokes. The flavors work well together and taste delicious on flat bread, crackers or in a sourdough bread bowl.
OK. I'll give you FOUR Recipes..

Delicious Hummus and Artichoke Dip

Prep Time 15 minutes
Serves 10

2 jars of marinated artichoke hearts
2 cans of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) drained
6 Tbsp olive oil
4 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Cloves crushed garlic
3 Tbsp tahini

Place artichoke hearts, tahani and garbanzo beans in a food processor. Blend and add olive oil, lemon juice and garlic. Continue blending until smooth.

If you are making your own hummus, you do not have to use Tahini paste or sauce. It is delicious, but if you are looking for a hummus recipe without tahini that is lower in fat you might want to try this.

Black Bean Hummus Tacos

Prep Time 35 minutes
Serves 4


Taco Recipe
1 Can black beans
1 Can garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
2 Tbsp cumin
1 Tbsp olive oil
3 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp dried parsley
2 Tbsp fresh chopped cilantro
2 Cups diced cooked chicken
1 Cup shredded red cabbage
4 Corn tortillas
1 Cup sour cream
Salt and pepper to taste

Salsa Recipe
1 Large can diced tomatoes
½ Cup diced fresh cilantro
¼ Cup diced canned jalapeno’s
½ Spanish onion sliced
1 Tbsp chili powder
Salt and pepper to taste

Directions For Salsa
Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. Refrigerate before serving with your delicious black bean and hummus tacos.

Directions For Taco’s
Place the black all of the ingredients except for the chicken cilantro and cabbage into a food processor. Blend until creamy. Heat the tortillas in the oven for about 5 minutes. Remove and fill with the chicken, hummus and cabbage. Serve with sour cream and salsa.
And number four? Hummus and Avocado Sandwiches. Hummus, Avocado, Honey Wheat Bread. I like mine with Onions, but if you do not like Onions, leave them off.

The next time you are looking for an unusual hummus recipe use your imagination. This delicious paste will go with almost anything. Try it on toast or use it as a base for your next chicken lasagna. You will be surprised at how versatile garbanzo beans can be.
OK I will admit this too. Never heard of Chicken Lasagna. I think I may pass on that one. But I love Hummus. Trust me folks. If you never had Hummus, you need to try it. At least once. Better for you than all those Fatty Snacks you have been eating. And it TASTES GREAT too.

DLA For Sunday 032512

This one is too funny for me.

Hey folks,

It also puts to rest I'm wrong. The idea that what I and many others say about why purely STUPID people, not just ignorant, but STUPID people Voted for, and will Vote again for Obama. You remember 08 right? "He will pay my Mortgage. He will buy me a new Car. He will give me free stuff." Remember them? They are still out there. There are even more of them at that. Why? Because that is exactly what Obama wants. He wants STUPID Voters. People that rely on the Government for everything from Cradle to the Grave.

This is why all these Liberal Programs are out there. That is why Obamacare was so important to get passed. That is why Unemployment had to be extended. That's why Obama keep throwing Billions of Dollars away. He WANTS these people to believe he will give them free stuff.

Now this Video that is just out is setting the Liberal on fire. They are going nuts. This is a person they were happy with when she did her first Video showing Racism in the South. But now that she talked to some Welfare Recipients in New York, they can't attack her fast enough. Why? Because the Video tells you the TRUTH. It shows you, in their own words, just who it is that supports Obama. And Why. According to Newsmax - Pelosi's Daughter Enrages Left with Welfare Video Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012 02:31 PM By Martin Gould

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, who courted conservative controversy with a video short showing the sometimes racist views of toothless Mississippi rednecks, has enraged liberals with a second video: New York welfare recipients.

But Alexandra Pelosi admits it wasn’t easy getting the video on television. “All the people I work with at HBO, all the people I grew up with, said, ‘You can’t put that on TV.’

“Somehow [I was] allowed to do it to the toothless rednecks, but when it was our neighbors, it was wait a second, they got defensive,” she told Bill Maher on his HBO show, “Real Time.”

The people Pelosi interviewed at a welfare office on New York City’s 14th Street, admit they don’t want a job, and support President Barack Obama “because he gives me stuff,” and “because he’s black.”
See? I told you that the vast majority of Americans that Voted for Obama, did so, because of the Historic Nature of the Election. The first Black President in History. Others will Vote for him THIS time, for no other reason than he's Black. Then you got these stupid people that are still waiting for theirs. They think if they give Obama another four years, he will finally get all the Rich People's Money and give it to them.

One man smokes and drinks Budweiser through a straw as he stands on line. He laughs as he admits to having five children by four different mothers. He tells Pelosi, “I’m here to get a check … whatever they’ve got to offer, it’s not like they’ve got a checklist … I’m just here to get what I can get.”

Pelosi was attacked by conservatives for being selective in the people she depicted in her video from Mississippi. One man in that video said, “This is America, our president should be American, not Muslim.”
Now in the Spirit of full disclosure, I never even heard of the first Video. But I want to see both. It goes on...

Alexandra Pelosi, the youngest of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s five children, admitted to Maher that she didn’t have to go far to speak to the people she called “freeloading welfare queens,” as the office is “right downstairs from where I live.”

She asks one man, “Why should I help you? Why should my tax dollars be going to you?” He responds, “Only because my ancestors came here to help build this place – my ancestors, the slaves.” He said the last time he worked was “half a decade” ago, and he wasn’t looking for a job – “maybe a career, but not a job.”

Another said he was on welfare “because of my background. Once you go to jail, it’s hard to get a job.” The only white person she interviewed, a young woman, said she was there to get food stamps. “It’s just food,” she said.

Pelosi said the film showed the entitlement culture is causing problems for the party her mother leads in the House. “We have to address the fact that this is why Democrats are losing ground. And this is a problem in America. The entitlement culture has gotten so big that we are losing our own people,” she said.
It's all by design. It's all being done on purpose. This is WHY they do not want the Unemployment numbers to go down too far. That is WHY they want $4.00 plus Gas. That is WHY they want people to feel entitled. They feel that they will not Vote them out if they think the new people will take their free stuff away.

The Emmy-nominated documentary maker also predicted outrage among her fellow liberals, saying she expected “a left-wing feeding frenzy” about her report.

Reaction to the video was swift.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly said he would find a way to put the father-of-five in jail. He said Pelosi’s film showed “a subculture that says, ‘Look, I’m a victim, you owe me, and I’m going to support this president because he will deliver a bigger gift than the other guys will.’ ”

His guest on “The O’Reilly Factor,” political analyst Juan Williams said, “What we have to do is say, ‘You work in this country, this entitlement thing is a total bunch of baloney and it kills you.’ It hurts families, it hurts children, and children are the ones who really bear the brunt.
Yup. It's a simple concept. But they are MAD as hell folks. She hit a nerve.

Congratulations Ms. Pelosi, you are the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for Today, Sunday March 25th, 2012. For having the courage to produce this Video, knowing your Mom would have serious issues with it, you deserve the Award. For showing a bit of a balance in your reporting is also admirable.

A word of warning to ya MS Pelosi. You have shown the truth about Liberals and their policies. Good luck to ya. You should know by now, if you do things like the first Video, some on the Right will get angry. But if you do the same on the Left, they will attempt to DESTROY you. It matters NOT whom your Mom is. But thank you for your work.

Newsmax - Pelosi's Daughter Enrages Left with Welfare Video Tuesday,

IWA for Sunday 032512

As usual, being surrounded by "Yes People," they get a false sense of importance.

Hey folks,

Time to wrap things up with the Idiot of the Week. It's a Celebrity. A Movie Star. We have talked about this phenomena before. The live outside the real world. They, most, lack the ability to think. It's doesn't take that much intelligence to PLAY. To pretend to be something you are not. To live in make believe.

If you are successful, then you have people coming out of the woodwork. They want to share your Spotlight. They want to be seen with you. They want to get some of the Fringe Benefits for being Famous, even though they are not. So? They agree with whatever the "Star" says. As usual, being surrounded by "Yes People," they get a false sense of importance. They truly start believing their hype.

So then, they open their mouth and show that the person you thought they were, is nothing more than a show. They think that they are imparting onto us regular folks, some kind of ultimate wisdom. Enlightenment. Like this gem...

"Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady? No! Too soon, right?"
{Sigh} Idiot. Economy in the tank. Unemployment out of control. Record Debt, things FAR worse than they were. Gas Prices, causing the price of everything, skyrocketing. {By Design} No plans to STOP Spending. Government take overs. And our Idiot actually says...

"Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady? No! Too soon, right?"
There's a plan for the future. A White first Lady is what? Evil? What difference does Color make? Hell, I'll keep Michelle, just throw her Husband out. According to The Politico - De Niro: Too soon for another white first lady By CAITLIN MCDEVITT | 3/20/12 7:09 AM EDT

Actor Robert De Niro thrilled the crowd at a New York fundraiser headlined by first lady Michelle Obama when he listed the alternatives.

"Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?" De Niro asked a star-studded crowd gathered in the backroom of Locanda Verde, a restaurant he owns on Greenwich Street in TriBeCa.

Someone in the crowd shouted, "No!" as De Niro quickly added, "Too soon, right?"
It goes on to say who was there, but who cares. The point is, what difference does the Color of the First Lady have to do with ANYTHING? I would be more concerned if the next First Lady will fly on her own Jet, Vacation with friends and family all over the world on MY Dime. I want to know if the Next First Lady is going to attempt to DICTATE to me what I can and can eat. While she eats anything she wants. I don't care what color the next First Lady is. What I care about is if she is SANE.

Congratulations De Niro, I love some of your Movies, but I couldn't care less what your Racist comments even mean. Just go entertain me some more and leave the Future of the Country to those that actually CARE and understand Reality. You Sir ARE the Idiot of the Week. Add this to all your other Awards over the years. May you receive many more.

Politico - De Niro: Too soon for another white first lady

Friday, March 23, 2012

Media Matters Not A Unbiased Media Watchdog?

"Wow, I never knew. I thought they were an unbiased media watchdog group."

Hey folks,

I really have nothing to add to this. At all. With one exception. This is no surprise. But it's good to see others reporting the FACTS about this Liberal Attack Dog Group. You WERE being Sarcastic, Right? Here it is. It's a little long but well worth the read. It's from The Daily Caller - Media Matters wants a fight, but can’t take a punch By Vince Coglianese - The Daily Caller Senior Online Editor

After facing down more than a month of tough reporting, David Brock’s Media Matters for America still has nothing to say for itself. The progressive messaging group has all but clammed up about its internal turmoil under a constant barrage of scrutiny from conservatives and liberals alike.

It’s been a little over a month since The Daily Caller published the beginning of an investigative series examining the inner workings of Media Matters. The reporting, bolstered by first-hand knowledge from sources familiar with day-to-day activities in the group’s Washington, D.C. offices, revealed close coordination with the Obama White House, a slew of favored — and receptive — mainstream journalists, intense erratic behavior by Brock, a Glock pistol illegally carried by Brock’s assistant and consequence-free sex in the office’s media war room.

TheDC also revealed an extensive list of left-wing foundations that bankroll the group’s operations. Those findings showed the organization’s use of Bernie Madoff-exposed assets, the receipt of a donation specifically earmarked for targeting religious media, and a laundry list of big-name progressive foundations, including the Tides Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and, among many others.

In that same time frame, Fox News reported that Brock had to sell his Rehoboth Beach, Del. home to pay his former domestic partner $850,000 in what Brock called “blackmail” to keep him silent about details purportedly devastating to Media Matters.

Additionally, Media Matters’ foreign policy department has risen to become the group’s greatest public liability, with senior fellow MJ Rosenberg under fire across the political spectrum — and in the pages of The New York Times — for being “virulently anti-Israel,” according to liberal Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz.

A report published Monday by TheDC showed that Media Matters’ foreign policy associations include a tangled relationship with Al-Jazeera, a Qatar government-operated television network with an anti-Israel — and arguably anti-American — editorial posture.

Amid all this fallout are serious questions about Media Matters’ ability to maintain its tax-exempt charitable status with the IRS, with the White House and senior Democrats aligning themselves closely with the organization.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has even promised his voice — regardless of the consequences of political ties for Media Matters’ favored tax status — in helping to promote the organization’s latest anti-Fox News book, “The Fox Effect.”

That tax status, TheDC learned, began to face scrutiny from Republican members of Congress in mid-February.

Through all this, Media Matters has been extraordinarily quiet, publicly answering only a single question regarding a 2009 Media Matters internal memo suggesting the group hire private investigators “to look into the personal lives” of Fox News employees.

“I could not care if a Fox News person was cheating on their wife. That doesn’t matter,” Media Matters’ Executive Vice President Ari Rabin-Havt replied to TheDC during a book event. “We don’t dig into people’s personal lives, no.”

Beyond that claim, Rabin-Havt dismissed a Daily Caller reporter as a “troll.”

“I generally make a policy not to respond to trolls, basically,” he said. “I’m not going to respond to an article that’s basically filled up with just crap. There’s no point getting into a match back and forth with The Daily Caller, and that’s why we chose not to respond.”

Neither Brock nor his group’s spokeswoman, Jess Levin, has returned a single request for comment from TheDC.

Additionally, Brock has avoided nearly all national media outlets while promoting his book, “The Fox Effect,” giving him ample cover from facing tough questions.

The lone exception came late Tuesday night in the form of an op-ed appearing prominently on the home page of the news website Politico.

In an opinion column, Brock went back on the offensive against conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh, complaining about his treatment of a Georgetown Law School student and contraception activist on Feb. 29. Limbaugh referred to Sandra Fluke as a “slut” on his show that day, and later apologized for his choice of words.

Brock’s Politico op-ed came 20 days later — and long after countless other liberal commentators had tired of attacking Limbaugh and his advertisers — in what amounted to a safe toe in the water that gave Media Matters a higher profile without addressing the widespread charges against it.

Brock was at least once offered, and refused, an invitation to appear on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Feb. 19. “We asked Media Matters to make someone available,” host Howard Kurtz told viewers on that day’s broadcast. “David Brock is not able to come on — the founder of the group — because he’s got a book coming out next week,” he explained.

During that program, when challenged on why Media Matters hadn’t yet responded to the reports published by TheDC, Kurtz responded, “Well, we’re going to give them that opportunity, perhaps next week.”

That opportunity never came, and it was not for a lack of trying.

A producer for “Reliable Sources” accidentally reached out to TheDC to confirm Brock’s appearance on the Feb. 26 broadcast. But that invitation was later retracted, according to Kurtz.

“In the end we wound up not inviting him because we had too much other news to deal with,” Kurtz told TheDC via email.

As to why Brock hasn’t even appeared on the liberal MSNBC to promote the book, the network did not return TheDC’s request for comment.

MSNBC may have some incentive for maintaining distance from Brock. A source within his organization originally told TheDC that Media Matters took credit for “pretty much writing their [MSNBC's] prime time.” The network’s president, Phil Griffin, made himself readily available to phone calls by Media Matters staff.

Politico, among the few national outlets to speak with Brock for his book tour, published a playful interview with him on March 13. The questions, ranging from “tell us your favorite joke” to “how often do you Google yourself?” are the same asked of every guest in the publication’s “Answer This” series.

Reporter Patrick Gavin told TheDC that he offered Brock the interview on Feb. 7, “before the Daily Caller thing ran [on Feb. 12].” Gavin said Brock’s answers were emailed back to him on Feb. 22, ten days into TheDC’s investigative series on the group.

Brock was also on MSNBC host Ed Schultz’s Feb. 21 radio show, where he took a cursory question regarding TheDC’s reporting.

“We haven’t responded,” Brock said. “Reuters [columnist Jack Shafer] said that The Daily Caller piece was ‘bad journalism and lame propaganda,’ and we don’t feel like we need to respond to that.”

It’s a drastically different PR strategy for an organization whose founder once published an open letter challenging Fox News host Bill O’Reilly to an on-air debate in an effort to defend Media Matters and George Soros, the liberal financier who would eventually become a major contributor to the group.

According to the Dec. 16, 2004 letter, O’Reilly had previously dismissed Media Matters as a “far left, deceitful, disgusting website” composed of “‘character assassins’ and ‘despicable weasels.’”

“You once offered your viewers your definition of the word ‘coward,’” Brock responded in the letter. “On the January 5, 2004, O’Reilly Factor, you declared: ‘If you attack someone publicly, as these men did to me, you have an obligation to face the person you are smearing. If you don’t you are a coward,’” he recalled.

“Well, Mr. O’Reilly,” Brock continued, “you have attacked me publicly on numerous occasions, and you refuse to face me. You, sir, are a coward — by your own definition of the term.”

“Should you continue to refuse this offer,” Brock concluded, “it is only reasonable that the American people will conclude that you are not only — as you would put it — a ‘coward,’ but a hypocrite as well.”

Beginning in February, Fox News has devoted extensive coverage to the challenges facing Media Matters, but none of those reports have elicited a response from the oft-pugnacious media monitoring group. Even the “Fox Attacks Media Matters” video round-up — featured prominently on the homepage — has gone dark, with the last clip dated February 8, 2012. The organization’s coverage now excludes dozens of once-meticulously documented mentions of Media Matters on Fox News programs.

Additionally, Media Matters has not published a single entry on its website challenging the many news stories released over the last month about its own operations.

Media Matters did not return a request for comment for this story.
They are nothing more than Bullies. You know what happens when you stand up to a Bully? They run and hide. They are typical Libs. They Lie, cheat, and steal. They have no ability to actually engage in an Intellectual Debate on their Positions. They simply attack. They follow scripts. They follow orders. They can not stand up to scrutiny. They can not deal with the TRUTH. I love it. Their little Bubble is bursting, and they have no idea what to do.

Have a great Weekend folks. See you Sunday.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

NYT Israel Attack Bad For America

Complete and utter nonsense.

Hey folks,

By now you all know I am nothing less than an Expert on anything Iran or Ahmadinejad. I have been watching "Little Hitler" very closely for a LONG TIME. Over ten years both here and elsewhere, I have been sharing his Rise to power from the days in the 80 with the Hostage Crises, to today. From his early beginnings as a Terrorist, to his rise in power to President, to his quest for Nuclear Weapons that he intends on using on Israel to "Wipe them off the map."

I just send an Email to a Friend, who was talking about this on her Radio Show yesterday. Even I was amazed to see the volume of information I have posted over the years. Seriously, just type in Iran, Hitler, or Israel, in the Search Section of this Blog and you will see what I mean. From his rise, to all the apologists, to Obama and his clear, uh, lack of love for Israel.

We all know that Little Hitler is not going anywhere. We all know he IS and HAS been working on a Nuke. We all know he is going to USE it. We all know that Israel can not rely on this Administration to defend them. They are going to have to do whatever it takes to defend themselves, with or without help from Obama.

Now, YEARS after I started warning you that this was happening and what was about to happen, the World is starting to talk about it. Iran is getting closer to having a Nuke, and Israel is getting closer to striking out of Self Defense. Kinda hard to defend oneself if one is aglow from a Nuclear Explosion.

So, just like the Original Hitler, Ahmadinejad has his supporters. Just like the Original Hitler, all of Littler Hitler supporters are Libs. They want you to think that if Israel attacks Iran, it will cause World War Three. They might be right. However, if Iran Nukes Israel, THAT will cause World War Three and it will be after the fact of MORE Millions of Jews are dead. But NOW? NOW they what you to think that even if we attack Iran, it will not do much. I kid you not. According to the NYT - U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran By MARK MAZZETTI and THOM SHANKER Published: March 19, 2012

WASHINGTON — A classified war simulation held this month to assess the repercussions of an Israeli attack on Iran forecasts that the strike would lead to a wider regional war, which could draw in the United States and leave hundreds of Americans dead, according to American officials.

The officials said the so-called war game was not designed as a rehearsal for American military action — and they emphasized that the exercise’s results were not the only possible outcome of a real-world conflict.
{Laughing} Yeah, just the one we want you to believe.. But get this..

The two-week war game, called Internal Look, played out a narrative in which the United States found it was pulled into the conflict after Iranian missiles struck a Navy warship in the Persian Gulf, killing about 200 Americans, according to officials with knowledge of the exercise. The United States then retaliated by carrying out its own strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.
Wait. You mean if Iran hits one of our Ships we would have to get involved? Wait. You mean we could lose lives in a WAR? 200 Americans? Is this before or AFTER MILLIONS of Jews are wipe out because of America's willingness to do NOTHING? But this next part is AMAZING to me. It really is. They go from saying World War will break out, but it really will not have that much effect on Iran anyway, so why bother?

The initial Israeli attack was assessed to have set back the Iranian nuclear program by roughly a year, and the subsequent American strikes did not slow the Iranian nuclear program by more than an additional two years. However, other Pentagon planners have said that America’s arsenal of long-range bombers, refueling aircraft and precision missiles could do far more damage to the Iranian nuclear program — if President Obama were to decide on a full-scale retaliation.
{Sigh}Folks, if we wanted to, we could wipe Iran off the Map. I'm thinking a few well placed Bombs of Israel is going to STOP Iran's Nuclear Program Indefinitely. Not a year. What kind of nonsense is this? Like I said, well, more on this in a second.

With the Israelis saying publicly that the window to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb is closing, American officials see an Israeli attack on Iran within the next year as a possibility. They have said privately that they believe that Israel would probably give the United States little or no warning should Israeli officials make the decision to strike Iranian nuclear sites.
Because they have no reason to TRUST us. Thank you Obama. It wraps up with this.

Israeli intelligence estimates, backed by academic studies, have cast doubt on the widespread assumption that a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would set off a catastrophic set of events like a regional conflagration, widespread acts of terrorism and sky-high oil prices.

“A war is no picnic,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio in November. But if Israel feels itself forced into action, the retaliation would be bearable, he said. “There will not be 100,000 dead or 10,000 dead or 1,000 dead. The state of Israel will not be destroyed.”
Shame on us for not doing more to help them NOW. Of course they want to go it alone. Not because they LOVE War, or HATE Iran, but because they are fighting for their very survival. Look, it really is simple. All this is by the New York Times is an attempt to say "See. Look at all this destruction, and chaos. After all, an Israeli or even an American Strike will not do much. Just delay the Iranians Nuclear Quest by a year or so. So why bother. Right?"

Truth is, Israel has the Right to exist. They have a RIGHT to defend themselves. We have a DUTY to assist them. They are not the aggressor here. They are fighting for their survival. It is too late AFTER a Nuclear Explosion to do much. It is TIME to stop Iran. Period. Oh, don't forget one little detail. After Israel, or at the same time as Israel, we are NEXT.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obamacare All About Abortion and "Chirica"?

It all seems to be coming together to point in one direction.

Hey folks,

We all know that Obamacare is all about Control. Power, Control, and of course, all that Money. It is the biggest Government intrusion and takeover in our Country's History. Many, including I, believe that this is completely unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is set to look at it this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

As of late, we have learn many things that are in the Law. First, Contraceptives WILL be paid by all Insurance Companies, including Religious Organizations that are against promoting Sexual Behaviour.

Then we learned that, not only will Contraceptives be "free" for all Women, regardless of age, now a $1.00 will go to pay for Abortions. One Dollar for EVERY Premium payment paid will go directly to pay for Abortions. Again, no exceptions. So YOU, regardless of what you believe, WILL be paying for Contraceptives and outright Abortions.

By wait. Not only that, not only Contraceptives and OUTRIGHT Abortions, YOU will pay for young Women to be STERIALIZED. Yup. Sterilization will now be "FREE" for any Female that seeks it.

What does this mean? This means, those on the Left, who seek a "Chirica" policy will now be able to fill these young, impressionable, immature girls, heads with garbage like this. "You know, kids are bad. They hold you back. They cost the States and Federal Government Money. Study after study PROVES that Families with more than one kid are less intelligent, poorer, and less productive. {Not kidding} Kids are just a burden on Society in General. Hey, you want a Career? You want to have all the Sex you want without worry of this Sickness called Pregnancy? You don't want to be Punished with a Baby? Now you can get Sterilized. It's FREE." {Sigh}

Like clockwork, the ignorant Sheeple out there will fall in line and call this a "GOOD THING." Besides, if Sterilized, it will also cut down the cost on Contraceptives and Abortions. So it's a "GOOD THING." Now be a good little Citizen and go get Sterilized.

Think I'm way off base? It all seems to be coming together to point in one direction. We already know that the whole Abortion thing in Obamacare is nothing more than an attempt to secure the Legalization of Abortion. If all these thing in association with Abortion is in the Law, than it will be even that much harder to overturn Roe vs Wade. They are attempting to integrate it as much as possible into Law and normalcy in people's everyday lives. They hope that in time, people will simply accept it.

We already know that Pelosi, Clinton, and a few others, have come right out and said China's one Child Policy makes sense for us here. Now Females everywhere can be Sterilized for "Free." We can't have poor people having kids. Costs too much.

No folks, Obamacare, if even for no other reason than pure Cost, NEEDS to be overturned, defunded, found unconstitutional, or whatever. It needs to be wiped out. Period. Once fully implemented, they can come out and "DICTATE" anything they want. Contraceptives, Abortion, Sterilization, denial of Care, what you eat, don't, how you live, ANYHTING. They can just Dictate and it becomes Law, no process, no discussion, no Vote. Nothing. They can just come out and say "Due to the Cost of Healthcare, Fast Food is now deemed Illegal. All McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, ETC, will be closed down." That's it. It will happen. That is simply too much power for ANY one person to have. You have to remember something. Even if Obama and Crew get thrown out, as they should, in November, if Obamacare is NOT wiped out, and it goes into full effect, someone else will have the Power. Picture someone like George W. Bush coming in. You want someone like HIM having this power? Think about it.

NYT - U.S. Clarifies Policy on Birth Control for Religious Groups By ROBERT PEAR Published: March 16, 2012
The Daily Caller - $1 abortion surcharge in Obamacare
The Cypress Times - OBAMACARE MANDATES PAID STERILIZATION FOR WOMEN Ethan Edwards, Published 03/19/2012 - 11:42 a.m. CST

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Real Life Proof We CAN Drill Our Way Out

Complete and utter Election Time BS.

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. Since it's Tuesday, time to check in at the Energy Front. Someone just asked me why I call it "The Energy Front." I call it the "Energy Front" because this Administration is at WAR with every form of Energy that makes the World work. From the Moratorium, to the De-Facto Moratorium, to the Oppressive Taxation and Regulations, to the OUTRIGHT Denial of anything that WILL actually work to: Create Jobs, Reduce Dependency, Increase Revenue and bring Costs Down.

They are in trouble folks. It really is that simple. We learned before that $4.00 Gas is a tipping point. Once the price hits $4.00 a gallon, people get angry. People start calling for action by Government. People start changing their Lifestyles. It gets loud out there. When it hit $4.00 a gallon, Obama attacked Bush saying he should do something. The Liberals attacked Bush saying he should do something. He did. He said we will use our own. He said we would Drill more and use more of our own resources. The Price of a Barrel of Oil dropped, overnight, like a rock.

So now, Oil is $108 a Barrel. Gas is near and in some places over, $4.00 a gallon again. This President is NOW saying there is nothing he can do. This President is NOW talking about it and completely LYING about it. He is coming out and attempting to get you to believe we are Drilling more and it's not working. {Sigh} Complete and utter Election Time BS.

It was Barack Obama who said he likes $4.00 a gallon Gas. It was HIS Administration that said they want to find a way to get American Gas Prices up to that of Europe. It is Barack Obama who said he would bankrupt the Coal industry, and your Energy Costs would "Necessarily Skyrocket."It is Barack Obama who imposed a Drilling Moratorium. Rigs all over packed up and took Tens of Thousands of American Jobs with them. It is Barack Obama who put into place a De-Facto Moratorium. Slowing and blocking the Permitting Process. It is Barack Obama who is attacking Natural Gas, it's too cheap. It is Barack Obama who is attacking Hydrofracking.

All this at the same time he is out there saying we are Drilling more and it's not working. Saying we can't Drill our way out of all this. Again folks. Complete and utter Election Time BS. What we CAN'T do Mr. President, is continue to throw hundreds of Billions of Dollars into Companies that line the pockets of Executives, while firing Employees, producing NOTHING, and going out of business.

What we can't do is get off Oil and flick a switch and go Green. There is NOTHING Green to switch to. NOTHING. I love this piece by Erick Erickson of Red State.

On Friday, the President of the United States accused his Republican opponents of being members of the Flat Earth Society because of their demands that the nation increase drilling.

In no small bit of irony, the President who bitterly lamented the rise of ATM’s and Internet travel options accused the GOP of wanting to bitterly cling to the past.

But what of Barack Obama’s energy policy? He likes to tout wind and solar technologies and batteries, but it seems while he accuses the GOP of being flat earthers, the reality is that the President is himself anti-science when it comes to the reality of domestic energy needs.

His solution to fueling our cars amounts to using unicorn farts as gas — which has just as much a chance of happening as the mythic battery powered cross country run.
{Laughing} "Unicorn Farts." Very funny. However, Farts are CO2 and that's a pollutant. Can't use that. {laughing}

So we can't Drill Our Way out? Look at North Dakota. Here is the entire Article. According to Personal Liberty Digest - The North Dakota Oil Boom March 16, 2012 by Chip Wood Yup. That's his name. Chip Wood.

The average prices of a gallon of gas and a barrel of oil are near 150-year highs. Most pundits expect them to go higher. Are you ready for $5-per-gallon gasoline?

In a recent speech, President Barack Obama said: “We’re not going to be able to just drill our way out of the problem of high gas prices.” Actually, to a large extent, we can. For proof, let’s compare what’s been happening in California to the extraordinary accomplishments in North Dakota.

According to the Fraser Institute’s 2011 Global Petroleum Survey, California is the worst State in the Nation for its hostility to drilling. In fact, measured against the rest of the world, California ranks 91st.

Thanks to years of placating environmental extremists, California’s anti-drilling regulations make it almost impossible to drill for new oil anywhere in the State, onshore or off. As a result, its production of oil has fallen by nearly one-third in the past 20 years. As oil production has declined, so has tax revenue. Even with several gigantic tax increases during that period, oil revenues in the State are down.

That’s too bad, because California needs every penny of income it can get. It has one of the highest State sales taxes and personal income taxes in the country. Still, it’s not enough. The budget deficit for the coming fiscal year will top $9 billion — the fifth year in a row of billion-dollar deficits. Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed solution? Raise taxes even higher.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that wealthy Californians are fleeing the State as fast as they can. According to census data, almost one-third of its wealthiest residents — those earning $500,000 a year or more — fled the State between 2007 and 2009. On our Left Coast, they won’t drill for oil. And pretty soon, they won’t be able to drill many millionaires, either.

Let’s contrast the near-bankruptcy of the People’s Republic of California with what’s been happening in one of the most independent and entrepreneurial States in the union: North Dakota.

In 1995, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that there were 150 million “technically recoverable barrels of oil” in an area of North Dakota known as the Bakken Shale. In 2008, the number had climbed to 4 billion barrels. Two years later, it had doubled to 8 billion barrels.

Today, thanks to vast improvements in recovery technology as well as the discovery of vast new oceans of underground oil, estimates of “recoverable” oil in the Bakken Shale have tripled to 24 billion barrels. That is more oil than is being produced anywhere else in the United States, including Alaska’s famed Prudhoe Bay. But it’s a small fraction of what is possible.

Experts say that current technology can extract only about 6 percent of the oil they know is underground in North Dakota. Total estimated oil reserves are thus around 500 billion barrels. And new discoveries are happening all of the time.

Let me include an interesting footnote on the subject of “reserves.” In 1980, the oil reserves in the United States were estimated at 30 billion barrels. Yet in the intervening 32 years, this country actually produced 77 billion barrels of oil. In other words, we produced more than 2.5 times more oil than the leading experts said there was 32 years earlier.

Today, the numbers are even more staggering. The amount of “technically recoverable” oil in the United States is estimated at 1.4 trillion barrels. (Please note that is “trillion,” with a “T.”) Unfortunately for us, most of that oil is located in areas Obama says we can’t search for it: in portions of Alaska and in waters off our shores.

Combined with known resources in Canada and Mexico, total recoverable oil in North America exceeds 1.7 trillion barrels. How much is that? Let me put it in perspective: It is more than all the oil the world has used since the first oil well was drilled in Titusville, Penn., 150 years ago.

So far, all I’ve discussed is oil. When natural gas and coal are added to the total, the numbers are clear: We have enough energy reserves in the United States to fuel all of our needs for 100 years, even if we never made another discovery.

Back to North Dakota for a moment. The effect of the bonanza there has been extraordinary. Stephen Moore, my favorite Wall Street Journal writer, says that what is happening in Williston, N.D., “is what the Gold Rush might have looked like had it happened in the time of McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and Home Depot.”

The State has the lowest unemployment rate in the Nation, at just 3.3 percent. California’s, by contrast, is 11.1 percent. That doesn’t even count the unemployed people who have simply stopped looking for work. The true unemployment number is probably closer to 20 percent.

According to the Census Bureau, North Dakota led the Nation in job and income growth in 2011. While California is losing millionaires every day, North Dakota is creating them faster than anyplace else in the country. But even entry-level positions are benefiting. For example, a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s pays $18 an hour plus a “signing bonus” for new employees.

And while the State of California can’t begin to pay all of its bills — it even issued IOUs last year in place of tax refunds — the biggest argument in North Dakota’s State Capitol is how to spend all of the money that’s pouring in. Legislators in Bismarck have approved hundreds of “shovel ready” infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, railroads and pipelines. But even while spending more on worthwhile projects, legislators also agreed to cut the State income tax.

What’s happening in North Dakota is a classic example of the one thing that would solve our energy problems everywhere — and most other problems in the economy, too. Unfortunately, it’s the one thing Obama and his team won’t even consider.

The solution is simple: Let the market work.

In his State of the Union address in January, Obama declared that “This country needs an all-out, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every available source of American energy.”

Like so much that comes out of our President’s mouth, the sentence was as misleading as his skilled staff of speechwriters could make it. What he meant was that his Administration would continue pouring billions of dollars into every wasteful alternative energy pipe dream they could think up, while continuing to slap higher taxes and more regulatory handcuffs on the businesses that can actually solve our energy needs and make money (and pay taxes) doing it.

Rather than foster energy independence, Obama wants to make us all dependent. Dependent on government, that is.

Want to reduce unemployment? Increase tax revenues? Get the economy humming again? Truly foster energy independence?

The answer to all of them is the same: Get government off our backs. Let the market work. The results will be amazing. Maybe next year we’ll have a government that’s willing to give it a try.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

It really is not hard to understand. To fix a problem cause by the attack on Oil, is to FREE Oil and let those that do, do what they do, and we will all benefit from it. Decreased dependency. Increase Revenue. Increase National Security. Increased Jobs. Lower Costs on EVERYTHING. Drill our way out of this Mr. President? Yes we can.

Red State - Barack Obama’s Energy Policy: Unicorn Farts as the Fuel of Tomorrow Posted by Erick Erickson (Diary) Monday, March 19th at 4:46AM EDT
Personal Liberty Digest - The North Dakota Oil Boom

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hatsume Fair, Oprah Boots Rosie

If a Show, on a Network no one watches fails, does it make a noise?

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to ya. We just got back from Delray Beach Florida Yesterday. We went to the 2012 Hatsume Fair, at The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Lots of Pictures with the Cosplayers, Japanese Anime Characters. The Hatsume Fair, is a Spring Festival full of Music, Demos with the Taiko Drums, Dance, and Martial Arts, Arts and Crafts, Food, and of course, the Cosplayers. All in the beautiful background setting of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens themselves.

A great time was had by all. A little too much Sun, WAY too much food, but fun none-the-less. Look for new Pictures soon on Facebook. If you are ever in Town, well, ANYTIME really, you really have to check out the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. It truly is a beautiful place full of history and tradition. If you are in town for ANY of the Special Events, be it the Hatsume Fair, Bon Festival, Oshogatsu New Year Celebration, or any other, you want to take the time to check them out. Very reasonably priced. Food it great. Laura made homemade Susi and we still bought some food there. Trust me folks, you really don't want to miss it if you are in town.

By the way, I am your Provocateur of thought himself, Peter Carlock. This IS of course, the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. The Email is if you want to send in Articles, Comments, Complaints, or just say Hi. Please feel free.

Coming right up?

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IWA for Sunday 031812

OK. I have an honest question. If a Show, on a Network no one watches fails, does it make a noise? Did you catch the big news that has the "Experts" pondering? What happened? Why did Oprah Boot Rosie? That's right, Rosie has been axed.

Quick, what channel is the OWN on your TV? Seriously. Do you know? Most don't have a clue, and most do not care. What happened to Rosie? She became a Pig. She went from being the "Queen of Nice," to an outright, loudmouth, Pig. I'm really not kidding here, nor am I really attempting to attack Ms O'Donnell. But the facts are the facts. Including ONE that no one wants to discuss.

For years, everyone loved Rosie. She was funny, and entertaining. Then something happened. She came out as being Gay. Laced up her Boots, and became a Loud Mouth Activist for the LGBT community. It may have costed her, her original Talk Show. Still, many still accepted her, and didn't mind all that much, this aspect of her. Standing for what she believes in? Not a bad thing. Of course she did loose a lot of people just on the bases she came out as Gay. But not really enough to kill her career.

Then something else happened. She became a Loud Mouth Liberal Attack Dog. She would attack anyone and anything of faith. She would make fun and attack any one and anything that did not see things her way. She believes WE blew up "Building 7" on 9-11. She calls US the Terrorists in the World. She thinks only stupid people join the Army for an Education. Just a FEW examples of ACTUAL quotes?

"I haven't -- I just want to say something. 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?"

"Don't fear the terrorists, they are mothers and fathers."
I do agree with her on this one..

Go outside of the country to find out what's going on in our own country because it's frightening.

I think Democracy is threatened in a way it hasn't been in 200 years and if America doesn't stand up we're in big trouble.
Hey, maybe it was Bush that drove her insane? He gets blamed for everything else. {Smile}But the simple fact is, she went from being "The Queen of Nice" to an in your face, bully. Don't agree with her point of view? She attacks you. She comes out with some amazing BS. She just went nuts. So, contrary to what many Liberals think, this Country is STILL very Conservative. They THINK that they are the Mainstream and that the Majority of Americans think like them. The Media tells us this. They BELIEVE this. They go out and try to be themselves thinking that they have the backing of most. They DON'T. They fail. Why? Because the majority of Americans STILL believe in God, Family, and FREEDOMS. They still believe in the American Dream. They still see this Country as the GREATEST Country on the face of the Planet, and they see nothing wrong with that.

So Oprah, calls up O'Donnell and says, I'm starting my own Network, and I would like you to be on it. I want you to revive your Talk Show. She jumps. I'm sure a lot of money was discussed as well. But here is the problem. Well, a couple. First, no one watches the O Net. The vast Majority of people can't even tell you where it is on their TV. I can't. Then you put someone like O'Donnell, who has offended the Vast Majority of people out there, on. No one watches HER Show. When I say no one. I mean 200,000 viewers. That is about the same as one City in one State.

Which reminds me of a conversation I was having on Facebook. Just as a side note here, I was discussing the Rush Limbaugh Apology thing and a couple of people were attempting to form some kind of Boycott for his sponsors to attempt to get him off the air. I simply pointed out that A - He owns his Show. The only one that can fire him is HIM. B- With over 20 MILLION Listeners at any given 15 Minute Segment, Advertisers are not going to be quick to pull from that pool. Too much money involved. One of them could not believe the 20 Plus Million Listener number. But it's true. So when you are talking 200,000 Views, you are talking a doomed Show. Just saying.

So Oprah did what ANY Network Executive would do. She canned the Show. You know Rosie, you DO have a First Amendment Right to say whatever you chose. But you do NOT have a Right to be heard. People have the right to turn you off. They have the freedom to switch the Channel. You have a RIGHT of Freedom of Speech, one that you do not agree with all having, but you do. You can say whatever you want. As long as you are willing to accept the Consequences for what you say. You have offended WAY too many people. That is why you failed. It really is, Just that simple.

Going to fill my cup. Be right back.

Deadline Hollywood - The Quick Demise Of Rosie O’Donnell’s OWN Talk Show: What Went Wrong? By NELLIE ANDREEVA Saturday March 17, 2012 @ 1:20am