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Friday, August 12, 2011

Is There REALLY Any Question of Race?

"Peter, you always talk about race. Well, maybe not always. But often. a couple of examples off the top of my head is The Jena Six, The Black Panthers, ETC. Then I saw this on your Blog. "More Political Correctness BS / More Racial Divide" I was wondering why you haven't commented on this yet. Was this the start?"

Hey folks,

I had forgotten all about this. JB is right. Back on Sunday, September 05, 2010, I DID Post THIS: More Political Correctness BS / More Racial DivideThis was all about a group of 30 Blacks yelling "It's Beat Whitey Night."

A supplemental report about the Aug. 20 incident filed by Sgt. Dave Murillo said, "On-duty officers at the fairgrounds advise there was a group of 30 to 40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it 'beat whitey night.' "
Then they got into trouble for telling the truth. I wrapped it up like this:

Yeah but if it is TRUE, then SAY SO. Stop prancing around the issue. If you have a group of Blacks, going around attacking people just because they are WHITE then they are GUILTY of Hate Crimes. Stating the FACTS is your JOB and screw those that are offended by someone telling the TRUTH. It goes on to talk about the transfers ETC. But this is the sort of thing that does NOTHING to further Race Relations.

By the Police NOT following up on the FACTS. For them being fearful to speak the truth. By the thugs getting a pass on Hate Crime Legislation, all this does is BREED MORE RACISM, increase the Racial Divide, and creates MORE problems by encouraging more of this type of behaviour.

There are Racists in EVERY Race. There are those that Hate in every Race. Those that act out on the hatred, must be held accountable for their actions. As I keep saying, if we are to ever have TRUE EQUALITY in this Country, we have to treat everyone EQUALLY. The good, Bad, and ugly.
That was back on September 05, 2010. Now today we have this. According to Fox News - Questions Arise Over Whether 'Flash Mob' Attacks in U.S. Cities Motivated by Race

Police departments in several cities around the country are investigating what appear to be incidents of "flash mob"-generated violence, in which packs of dozens or even hundreds of youths appear seemingly out of nowhere to commit assaults, robberies and other crimes against innocent bystanders.

The motive and circumstances surrounding the attacks that have resulted in numerous arrests around the country are being investigated -- and law enforcement officials in at least one city are looking into a possible racial component to the crimes.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who recently imposed a stricter curfew in response to the city's latest attack, addressed black youths directly from the pulpit of his church on Sunday, reportedly saying, “You have damaged your own race.”

"If you want …anybody else to respect you and not be afraid when they see you walking down the street, then leave the innocent people who are walking down the street minding their own damn business. Leave them alone," Nutter told a mostly black congregation at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Nutter, the city's third black mayor, spoke after a mob attack July 29 in downtown Philadelphia during which 20 to 30 black youths allegedly beat and robbed innocent bystanders, according to law enforcement. Several people were injured, including one man who was reportedly hospitalized for a fractured skull, and police arrested four people.

The incident happened the same day police said a group of all-black teens beat a man on a street in Philadelphia's Old City section -- which was caught on surveillance video obtained by Fox affiliate WTXF-TV. Three juveniles were arrested Wednesday in connection to the attack, Officer Tanya Little of the Philadelphia Police Department told

Similar attacks are also being investigated in cities likes Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, D.C., and Milwaukee, where 30 people were arrested after alleged mob attacks erupted at the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug. 4. At least 18 people were injured in or around the grounds, including seven police officers, authorities said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called the attacks "reprehensible," and some fairgoers, including Norb Roffers, said it appeared bystanders were targeted because of their race.

"It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people," Roffers told Wisconsin’s Newsradio 620.
So WHERE is the question? All Blacks attacking Whites? Why is there ANY question whatsoever? Get this.

But while some witness accounts suggest the attacks are race-based, law enforcement officials say they have no evidence to prove it.

There was “no confession or anything else” to suggest the July 29 attacks in Philadelphia were “racially motivated,” Philadelphia Police Department First Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross told

"You can’t just simply look at the race of the offender and the race of the victim and say it’s ethnic intimidation. It may be, but we’re not sure. Does it give us pause? Yes it does,” Ross said.
PC BS! Or? These Law Enforcement Officials are complete Morons. Seriously. But because they are Black, they will NOT be charged with a HATE CRIME, even though there ARE Witnesses, Video Tape, and EVERYONE knows what is going on. Listen to this LAME Excuse that they are attempting to get you to accept.

Without a confession, a witness account or some epithet overheard by the victim, no charges will be filed related to ethnic intimidation or a hate crime, Ross said.

“If we don’t know and can’t prove it, we can’t charge it,” he said. “It’s just a very difficult charge to prove … We’re in the business of what we can prove, not what we think.”

Authorities in Wisconsin, meanwhile, say they are investigating 11 new allegations of race-based assaults near the state fairgrounds in which the alleged perpetrators were all African-American and the victims were either white or Hispanic.

West Allis Police Chief Mike Jungbluth said the victims, who ranged in age from “young all the way up to adults,” suffered broken bones in the alleged attacks.

“They were targeting anyone who was white or appeared to look white … We are actively looking at violations of hate crime statues in Wisconsin,” Jungbluth told, adding that the alleged attacks were “an outrageous occurrence at an event that is truly designed to be about the family.”
Is there REALLY any question of Race? No. Just PC. What do I mean by "if we are to ever have TRUE EQUALITY in this Country, we have to treat everyone EQUALLY. The good, Bad, and ugly?" Simple. I do not just talk the Talk. I walk the Walk. I have and have been teaching about this for YEARS. I have practiced it my whole life. When I meet someone, I extend my hand. They take it, or chose not to. THEIR choice. In time, we get to know each other. I learn who you are, and I discover if I care to further a relationship with you based on THAT. I do not care about your Skin, or Shell. I care about what is inside. I do not care WHAT you are, WHERE you come from, or WHAT you GOT. I care about YOU. If you are someone I find I dislike, I move on. It really is just as simple as this. Follow Martin Luther King Jr.'s teachings.

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
Simple. Easy. Makes sense. Why not follow this? There are good and bad PEOPLE. For the lack of better terminology. It doesn't matter what you look like. What matters is who you are. But we, in a warped and completely ignorant way, have attempted to over compensate for past misdeeds. In this ignorance, what we did was actually magnify the problem. Here is what I mean.

A White guy, or group of Guys where to beat up a Black Person. They are charged with a HATE Crime, which means they get punished, not for the Crime alone, but for perceived thoughts. That's because the Person they attacked is seen as special, more important. Right? As we see here, and all the time, Blacks attack someone who is White? We get an Eh, never mind. Not important. No big deal. They skate. We hear complete and utter nonsense like, "Blacks can't be Racist." Etc. Stupid. Of course they can and some ARE. But some Hatred is the DIRECT RESULT of Special Privileges.

Blacks and other Minorities are taught, White people are Evil. Look at all the things they did in the past. It's Payback time. Screw those Rich White folks that want to hold you down. Whites are told, that because of past Sins of their Father's THEY now have to understand that Minorities must be put on a pedestal. You want that Job? You got a 100 of the Test but they hired a Black guy who got a 70? Well, to bad. Oh you are not making enough money? Well, sorry. If you were a Minority, you would be standing in line at the Grocery with $200.00 of free food too. But you are White, so? Uh, So sad, so sorry, see ya.

Now we have groups of Blacks going out to actually seek out and attack White People, just because of the Color of their Skin, and NO ONE has the testicular fortitude to call it what it is? Hell, we have a Justice Department that came out with an official Directive, that they will NOT prosecute Criminals if they happen to be Black. You know what is going to come of this if nothing is done. Do you not? Some where there is a Skin Head Red Neck watching all this. Before you know it, he will be saying, "Time to go find us some Black Folks to beat up. Hey, what good for the Goose."

Until we stop all this nonsense and start treating everyone EQUALLY, not only will we continue to have Race problems, we will continue to CREATE them.

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