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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Backdoor Amnesty, Pure and Simple

I told you this would not go away. Especially NOW.

Hey folks,

What does Gays in the Military, the refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, and Amnesty all have in common? It's Election Time. Obama NEEDS the Extreme Vote. I told you this would not go away. Especially NOW. Obama is at 39 percent Approval. He knows he lost the "White Vote" He knows he lost most of the "Independents", and Females are no longer Fainting. He knows he is not looking as Golden as the Last time around.

Record High unemployment, record high Foreclosures, the Economy in the Tank, yet we just agreed to tack on another 7 Trillion in the long run, and Obama is on Vacation again. At Tax Payer Expense. Yeah, he is pretty sure he is a one term President. "So what the Hell? Let's go after the Extreme Vote. Lets get the Minority Vote back in our corner. Screw it. Let's pass Amnesty." Right? According to The Wall Street Journal - Who May Qualify to Remain in U.S. Under New Obama Immigration Policy August 19, 2011, 8:53 AM ET By Nathan Koppel

Immigration rights advocates earlier this week voiced anger at the Obama administration for targeting criminal offenders for deportation — a crackdown, critics contend, that has netted too many low-levels offenders who are never even convicted of crimes.
{Sigh} If they are here ILLEGALLY they are GUILTY of a CRIME. You Moron.

Presumably, critics have less to complain about, after the president yesterday made a major shift in immigration policy, announcing that the administration might allow many of the 300,000 illegally immigrants currently facing deportation to remain in the country.
Amnesty. Hey, that's 300,000 possible NEW Votes. Right?

The White House announced that it would use more discretion and review deportation cases on an individual basis, possibly sparing those who aren’t deemed a true threat to public safety. Here’s an article from WSJ’s Miriam Jordan announcing the policy shift.

So, under the president’s new case-by-case approach to deportation, what type of folks stand an improved chance of remaining in the U.S. ? The administration fortunately has provided some guidance.

We start with a statement posted to the White House blog from Cecilia Munoz, the White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

“There are more than 10 million people who are in the U.S. illegally; it’s clear that we can’t deport such a large number,” she writes. “So the Administration has developed a strategy to make sure we use those resources in a way that puts public safety and national security first.”
Well, not that I'm advocating it, but, why not? We can't find them? Just ask NBC or CBS to do a story on the plight of Illegal Immigrants trying to find work in the US and they will give you their Names, Address, when they came here, when they got their family here, how long they have been here Illegally and even were they worked prior. Yet? our Law Enforcement Officials can't find any to Deport? Why would it cost more to deport them than it costs to keep them here? Where is the Math on that?

In deciding who to deport, Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department will apply “common sense guidelines,” Munoz writes. She links to a June 17, 2011 memo written by John Morton, director of U.S. Custom and Immigration Enforcement, which spells out the sort guidelines that will be used.

In deciding whether to prosecute an individual, Morton writes, immigration officials should consider such factors as:

the person’s length of presence in the United States;
So how long they have been a Criminal?

the circumstances of the person’s arrival in the United States, particularly if the alien came to the United States as a young child;
OK there is ground for compromise there. If Dad forced a Child to leave his home and come here. Maybe I can see working something out. Maybe not. But I'm up for further discussions on this one.

the person’s pursuit of education in the United States, with particular consideration given to those who have graduated from a U.S. high school or have successfully pursued or are pursuing a college or advanced degrees at a legitimate institution;
So how they beat the system when Americans have a hard time getting an Education? Yeah. OK. They achieved something?

whether the person, or the person’s immediate relative, has served in the U.S. military, reserves, or national guard; the person’s criminal history, including arrests, prior convictions, or outstanding arrest warrants; the person’s ties and contributions to the community, including family relationships;
Again, if they beat the system, or are Related to someone who beat the system, they should be rewarded? As for the "family relationships" in relationship to "contributions to the community?" Someone would have to explain that one to me.

the person’s age, with particular consideration given to minors and the elderly;
Again, a CHILD who came here against their Will? I'm willing to talk. Just because someone grew old here? Sorry. Should have never been here.

whether the person has a U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse, child, or parent;
Which is one of the problems. OK So we in essence Grant Amnesty to 300,000 Illegal Aliens. Some for the sole reason they have Legal Relatives. So now they are Legal, more come claiming that they have Relatives. So on, so forth. Endless Cycle?

whether the person is the primary caretaker of a person with a mental or physical disability, minor, or seriously ill relative;
Uh, SO?

whether the person or the person’s spouse is pregnant or nursing. Morton cautions that the list of factors he provides is not exhaustive and that no one factor is determinative of whether a person will stay or go.
{Laughing} So basically, we will not Deport them for whatever EXCUSE we decide to use.

A senior administration official told WSJ that the new immigration policy is designed to make better use of limited immigration-enforcement resources and to help ease overburdened immigration courts. But a natural question that arises is whether immigration authorities, with their limited resources, will have the bandwidth to make the sort of case-by-case deportation determinations called for by the new policy.
Good question. They do not have the manpower to track down these Illegals, or to Deport them, yet they DO to go through 300,000 plus, and more to come, ONE by ONE and evaluated WHO stays and who goes. Folks, they are NOT going to do this. They do not really CARE. They WANT Amnesty. All this is, is a way to grant it, without having to deal with Congress, Pass Laws, or answer to the Public. It's all about VOTES. Screw the consequences. Screw Americans. Screw America itself.

The Wall Street Journal - Who May Qualify to Remain in U.S. Under New Obama Immigration Policy

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