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Sunday, August 21, 2011

DLA For Sunday 082111

GOOD Job! Do not listen to the Morons.

Hey folks,

The President is a Person that the People Elected to SERVE the People. Period. He is our SERVANT. He works for US. As his BOSS, we have EVERY Right to question him. Imagine in the Corporate World if you hired someone because your Company is have a bit of a Debt Problem. They come in and Double down. They do not solve your Companies Debt Problem, they INCREASE it to nearly impossible levels. Not only would you have a question or two, you would FIRE them.

One thing we need to remove from Public thought is this. That some how, just because these people won an Election, doesn't mean that they are more important than the Rest of us. They do not RULE over us, creating Laws to control Behaviour, and setting Regulations on our Private Lives so that they can CONTROL us. THEY are OUR Servants. They work for US. WE ARE THE BOSS!

Our Winner this Week simply asked a Question. Now he is Target One. Just like Joe the Plumber. This guy wanted to know why this Administration feels it OK to besmirch real and honest Americans that just happen to disagree with the Administration's Liberal and harmful Policies.

Ryan Rhodes asked Obama:

how he can call for more civility when "your vice president is calling people like me, a Tea Party member, a 'terrorist.'"
Obama IGNORED him. then said, because he didn't raise his hand, he would not answer him, THEN came back and said, "Hey I've been called every name in the Book." and he was all for toning down the Rhetoric. But then He met Obama on a receiving line and asked him again. After several stammers and stutters, Obama finally said "It doesn't sound like you're interested in listening." REALLY? Seriously? The People are not interested in Listening? Well, that is partly true. We are not interesting in listening to more LIES and DISTORTIONS. To more False Promises. To same old same old Rhetoric. But it is YOU Mr. President that is the one that "doesn't sound like you're interested in listening."

So what happen next? Well, you can figure that one out. The MMD went nuts. The Mainstream Media put a big target on this guy's chest. He was disrespectful. He is most likely a Racist. He should just shut up. There is a time and place. How dare he approach the President in such a confrontational way. ETC.

Ever notice how if you, no matter who YOU are, say anything that the Liberals do not like, they call is Confrontational, or Hateful Speech. Forget Obama telling Illegals to punish their enemies. Forget VP Biden comparing the Tea Party to Terrorists. Forget Obama calling people Bitter Clingers. Some one like Chris Cristy says Teachers should pay a bit more for their Healthcare and Benefits and Liberals GO NUTS saying he is acting in an Arrogant and Confrontational Manner. Some one like Joe the Plumber or Ryan Rhodes asks a simply and LEGITIMATE Question? They should be shot for having the nerve to question The One.

Congratulations Ryan Rhodes. For having the courage to stand up, not give up, and ask your question, you ARE the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for Today, Sunday, 08/21/11. Keep it up. We need MORE people like you. Perhaps, you can inspire them.

USA Today - Obama clashes with Tea Party member By David Jackson, USA TODAY

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