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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Follow Up On Kill The Damn Birds

It really is worse than I thought.

Hey folks,

Yesterday I posted This: More Unintended Consequences and Who Cares? Where I reminded you of what I posted July 14th, 2011 Obama: Kill The Damn Birds. What I was talking about was the Birds that are being killed daily by "giant horizontal blenders." And it seems as if no one cares. Obama and Crew WANT Wind Farms and WANT to further their "Green Agenda," so they do not care about the Birds getting killed. They do not even care about the Standard Environmental Study Process. Just lump everything into one. Approve it, and away they go. What about the Endangered Species? Well, they do not seem to care about that. They are willing to issue a Licence to Kill, in order to further their agenda.

I gave you this example of how I could see a conversation, based on the FACTS, would go with someone in the Obama Administration talking about all this. It went like this.

So why are we not Drilling?

"Oh, you can't do that. IF there is a Spill in area X, an estimated 10,000 life forms in the area will be DESTROYED. All Life as we know it in X could be wiped out for the next TEN YEARS!"

OK. So how many endangered Birds will be killed this year by Wind Farms? And if you build more along Migration Routes How many will be killed?

"Oh. UH. We really can't say. Uh, not enough data. Uh. we really do not have facts to back it up. So we will not speculate. We may not know for YEARS. So we should just do it."

One last question Mr. Wind Power Advocate. When these are not producing because of lack of Wind. How do these Turbines run?

"Well? Oil."

Oh. Uh. Glad we cleared that up. {Smile}
Well folks, it seems WORSE than I even thought. A Friend of mine sent me this Link yesterday. Get this. According to the Miami Herald - US officials conducting dead bird study in Gulf

The Associated Press

MOBILE, Ala. -- A new study being conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service aims to determine how many birds may have died during the Gulf oil spill last year.

The Press-Register in Mobile ( reports that in the "Carcass Drift Study" funded by BP PLC, researchers are attaching numbered floats to hundreds of bird carcasses and dropping them in the Gulf to track their paths. Federal officials have dropped about 250 real carcasses and 65 dummy carcasses in the water since July 16 along the Gulf between Louisiana and Panama City, Fla.

Researchers hope this study will determine how many dead birds never made it to shore. Researchers will combine this study with several others to estimate the total number of birds killed by the months-long spill.
OK. So because they have no real proof of any wide spread environmental Destruction that they hoped for, they are forcing BP to spend money on this Bogus Study. I guess they will claim, based on how many dead birds are EATEN, Sink, or whatever, that THIS must be a real number of Birds killed during the ACTUAL spill. Right? But that is idiotic. Just because a dead bird carcass that they drop in the water, doesn't float up, will NOT prove that there was a real Bird Killed during the Spill that just didn't happen to wash up. But they will have something that sounds good to those without the ability to think or apply reason.

"See. We dropped 250 dead Birds in the Ocean and only 5 washed up. So just imagine how many were really killed during the Spill." {Sigh} They may even say "It was worse than we thought." The sad thing though, is that there are some Sheeple out there that will ACTUALLY BELIEVE them. After all, it is Big Bad Oil we are talking about.

Scientists believe many dead birds are likely to be eaten by sharks or simply sink into the water.

"So we're looking at what is the probability the carcasses will come ashore? If they do come ashore, how long will they stay there? And then, what is the chance the surveyors will find them?" said PeteTuttle, who is heading up the Natural Resources Damage Assessment for U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

The project is costing about $1 million.
Why? Seriously. Why? Of course some will sink, some will be eaten, and some will never be found. But WHY? Oh, to spend $1 Million of BP's Money. OK. As long as it is for a good cause.

Mike Pixley with the fish and wildlife service said the transmitters attached to the carcasses can be detected from about five miles away. So far, researcher don't know what's happened to most of the dead birds, he said.

The contraptions attached to the dead birds are small Styrofoam buoys painted orange and white with tiny transmitters on them. Each has a phone number printed on it in case someone finds it.
Hey call the number, maybe you will get a T-Shirt or something. This whole thing is Patently Absurd. I do have a few questions myself though.

What is the effect on the SHARK that may EAT one of these Dead Birds with a Styrofoam buoy on it. Will it make them sick? Kill them?

What is the effect on the land where these may wash up and rot?

Why did it cost a Million Dollars to drop Dead Birds in the Ocean.

And the Million Dollar question I have. WHERE DID THEY GET 250 DEAD BIRDS? Did they kill them? What kind of Birds are they? How is it no one cares about THAT?

WAIT? Hey maybe they are the Birds killed by the Wind Farms. At least they are putting them to good use? It really is worse than I thought.

Miami Herald - US officials conducting dead bird study in Gulf

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Anonymous said...

If you want real answers call the the number on the float rather than bitching about it on you blog.