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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Debt Deal Reached, Obama Branch to Cost US 7.3 Million Jobs

The REALITY of Liberal Good Intentions.

Hey folks,

Well, they did it. The House caved in, and Voted to raise the Debt Ceiling. REID'S "We'll let a panel we create raise taxes on everyone later, so that we and the President can wash our hands of it." Bill Passed the House last night by a Vote of 269 to 161.

Now I know, the Republicans "Have a Plan" for the next round of battles over this same subject next go around. A friend of mind, "in the know," tells me that this was a necessary first step. That they KNOW that Obama, Reid, and the Rest of the Libs THINK they won this, but EVERYONE will be surprised next go around with what the Republicans have planned. He said, "You have to just be patient. We had to do this. Trust us. This is FAR from over." My friend told me that there are many avenues and different procedures that they are planning on engaging in the near future. Whatever that means.

What I do know is that the House just caved, and Voted on a Bill that does NOT cut spending, it INCREASES it. Puts us MORE in debt, and allows for this {Cough} Bipartisan Committee to lay the ground work to raise Taxes. I hope my Friend is right here.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on. Obama Branch to Cost US 7.3 Million Jobs. Another tool that Obama and Crew have been using to wash their hands of anything dirty, is the EPA. Who has NO Law making ability or enforcement ability. Not Constitutionally that is. A while back, it was the EPA that declared you breathing to be a pollutant. Yup. You breathing, Cows farting. CO2. Back in 2008 the EPA set an Ozone Standard of 75 PPB (Parts Per Billion). Federal guidelines require EPA to revisit the Ozone Standard every five years. However, last year the EPA initiated a reconsideration of that Standard and proposed tightening it to 70, possibly even down to 60 PPB, with NO explanation of HOW to meet these new Standards. NONE.

There are places on Earth that are going to NATURALLY exceed these new Standards. Places like Yellowstone National Park. What then? How to you require Nature to meet Man-Made Standards?

But this is not now, nor has it ever been, about saving the Planet. It's simply about Power, Control, and of course, all that Money. There are TWO new Studies out that I want to tell you about. The first is a Study by NERA Economic Consulting. This study shows that claims that the EPA make are not even supported by their OWN Scientist. It also shows that, the EPA’s own data, shows that the benefits of the proposed Ozone Standard will not outweigh the Costs.

The other is a Study by Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI that estimates that strengthening the Ozone Standard to 60 PPB could cost the U.S. Economy more than $1 trillion per year between 2020 and 2030, and destroy 7.3 million jobs. Lovely day is it not?

We have the House passing a Bill to put us more in debt. We have Obama and Crew winning the ability to raise taxes on EVERYONE and say, "Hey, we didn't want to, this Bipartisan Committee said we had to." Now we have the EPA about ready to cost the US another Trillion, and some 7 Million Jobs, in the current Economic Mess this Administration got us in. But then again, Obama and Crew can claim "Hey, we didn't do this. The EPA did." 2012 can not come fast enough.

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