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Sunday, August 07, 2011

DLA For Sunday 080711

A Politician that GETS IT!

Hey folks,

In just a few seconds, I'm going to give a bit of a replay of the Main Event at last Weeks Debt Ceiling Mania. But HERE is a Politician that GETS IT! According to - Ron Paul: Debt Deal is a 'Fraud' Friday, 05 Aug 2011 12:37 PM By Jim Meyers and Ashley Martella

“This is one of the most annoying things about the reporting on what we’ve been trying to do in Washington and what we pretend to be doing,” he says.

“They always talk about cuts, cuts, cuts, and everyone’s screaming you can’t cut this, you can’t cut that. But there are no cuts. What they’re talking about is cutting proposed increases. So it’s a real misleading definition when they talk about cuts. Anything we do for future years doesn’t hold water anyway because you can’t tell the next Congress what to do.
Which is one HUNDRED Percent True. This is WHY here and now is so very important. This is WHY 2012 is perhaps even MORE so.

“Basically it’s a fraud. If they were serious about it they could freeze the budget and give everybody the same amount of money they got last year.”
No that would be a novel concept. Get this.

Paul maintains that if the federal government went back to 2004 spending levels, we would have a balanced budget right now.

“Even now if you freeze the budget, within about five years it would be balanced again,” he explains. “But nobody’s quite willing to do that because they think they have to have steady increases.

“There’s a strong appetite for government and that is where the problem is. People don’t want to cut back on the militarism or anything that looks like it might cut into the check they’re getting from government, and a lot of people are getting checks from the government.”

Paul tells Newsmax the federal budget has doubled in 10 years because “the appetite for government never ends. There are more retired people because of the demographics, less people coming into the workforce. Unemployment rates go up so the benefits go up automatically. It’s endless.

“And there are always new programs. There are hundreds and hundreds of programs that are brand new. They just won’t stop. It’s like an addiction. I don’t think they realize the seriousness of this problem.”
Everything he is saying here is ONE HUNDRED percent TRUE. Cut Obamacare and save one TRILLION Plus over night. End all this stupidity. It's not that hard.

Paul is disappointed that most Republicans who were backed by the tea party in 2010 voted for the budget bill.

“The tea party people have helped because it has changed the atmosphere and at least they’re talking about this,” he says.

“But it has to be awfully discouraging for all of us if they’re not voting against these kinds of programs where we raise the national debt.
Amen Brother. Amen. It IS EXTREMELY disappointing. We saw glimpses of Hope that they were starting to listen, then we get this absurd. and apparently pointless Debt Ceiling Raised. We STILL got down graded. We are still spending more and more money we do not have. They CUT nothing. Yeah, it IS disappointing. But I would not say discouraging. I would rather like to believe that people are EVEN MORE fired up about all this and they are ready to go to the Polling Places in 2012. Paul thinks that nothing will really change until the Conservatives out number the Establishment types in the House and the Senate. Right now, there are not enough of them in power to make REAL change. Especially with Obama as President. He calls the whole thing "a Mess." I couldn't agree more.

Congratulations Ron Paul, for telling it like it is, and showing that there is actually a Politician out there that gets it, you ARE the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for Today, Sunday, August 7th, 2011. Good luck with your Run. Keep talking like this? Who knows?

Sources: Ron Paul: Debt Deal is a 'Fraud'

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