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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Free Market Vs Government Agendas

Preview for Sunday 082111

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to ya. I am of course your Provocateur of Thought Peter Carlock, and this IS the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Good to see ya. I know some of you are perhaps getting tired of OCAN. But this IS a perfect illustrations of how the Free Market works. But I have some REAL Life Examples of this as well. In the reverse. This is reality. It is also the BEST way to do things that cost the US Tax Payers NOTHING.

OCAN is the fictitious Paint that I created. One Coat All Needed. You go out to the market and you convince people that if they buy this Paint from you, they will never again have to paint, whatever it is they paint. Be it a house, or a Car. A Deck, or a Toy. One Coat will cover ANYTHING, and will never Chip, Peel, or even Fade. OCAN is also "Environmentally Safe." One Coat. Less Garbage. Yeah it coasts a bit more, but you will never again have to worry about whatever it is you are painting. Do it ONCE, never again.

So? Some people buy it. If it works, they tell others. Others buy it. Companies buy it. It takes off. YOU get Rich. Thompson and Thompson come along and offers to buy the rights. Other, older and out dated Paints become a thing of the past. Other VERSIONS of OCAN hit the Market. Before you know it. Standard Paints are history. Stories that Dads tell their Sons. "You know Son, when I was growing up, there was no OCAN. You had to Paint two of three Coats, Every other year or so." Son to Dad. "Dad, come on." THAT is the Free Market. Not Government Mandating it, then PAYING you for it, if it works or not. Where do they get that money from? Yup. YOU. The Tax Payer.

Now OCAN COULD very well fit into the Green Agenda. Therefore, as the Creator and the CEO of OCAN, I could most likely ALSO receive a big chuck of Government funding, just because. But if I do not, and it is what I say it is, I would have no need to other than perhaps GREED. If it DOESN'T do what I say it does, I will accept the Government Funds and make whatever funds I can, until eventually someone decides enough is enough, and cuts off the Spout. Coming right up I'll give you a GREAT Example of this in REAL Life. Also coming right up today?

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So lets see. Government is propping up Solar Companies. They Prop up Wind Turbine Manufactures. They Prop up Battery Companies, or uh, ship them over Seas. They give YOU incentives to BUY these things that no one really wants. They PAY people to keep doing the things they are doing EVEN if there is no need or desire for what they produce.

According to the NYTs - Citing a Lack of Usage, Costco Removes E.V. Chargers

Costco, the membership warehouse-club chain, was an early leader in offering electric-vehicle charging to its customers, setting an example followed by other retailers, including Best Buy and Walgreen. By 2006, Costco had installed 90 chargers at 64 stores, mostly in California but also some in Arizona, New York and Georgia. Even after General Motors crushed its EV1 battery cars, the Costco chargers stayed in place.

Yet just as plug-in cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt enter the market, Costco is reversing course and pulling its chargers out of the ground, explaining that customers do not use them.

“We were early supporters of electric cars, going back as far as 15 years. But nobody ever uses them,” said Dennis Hoover, the general manager for Costco in northern California, in a telephone interview. “At our Folsom store, the manager said he hadn’t seen anybody using the E.V. charging in a full year. At our store in Vacaville, where we had six chargers, one person plugged in once a week.”

Mr. Hoover said that E.V. charging was “very inefficient and not productive” for the retailer. “The bottom line is that there are a lot of other ways to be green,” he said. “We have five million members in the region, and just a handful of people are using these devices.”
So they attempted to jump on the Band Wagon or Green, and they paid out all this money to have these things installed, and NOTHING! Now of course those that aim to make money are trying to save them.

Plug In America, the California-based E.V. advocacy group, contends that the stations do get used, and is conducting a rigorous grassroots campaign to save them. The group asserts that some of the units have been delivering free electricity to loyal E.V. owners for a decade or more, and that people regularly plug in.
Of course what this story does NOT tell you is that Plug In America has received $12.5 Billion Dollars of Tax Money, and is actively seeking MORE. So even though those that are footing the Bill, say NO ONE IS USING THEM. Decides to pull the plug, this Group that stands to lose all this GUARANTEED Funding says, they are wrong?

Look. Even General Motors stopped making its EV1 Battery Cars because no one wants them. The Free Market says this. Until you can:

Make it affordable. Currently something like $30 to $40 Thousand to Buy. Another $20 Thousand in like 4 to 5 years for NEW Batteries.

Make it Productive. Go more than 40 to 50 Miles between Charges. Decrease the time to Charge. Create Locations TO Charge ANYWHERE {What happens if you run out of juice on the Freeway?} Discover how to deal with a MASS Charging demand. And of course, make sure it can GO more than 60 Miles an Hour.

Make sure that it is SAFE for all. Those Driving it, and those walking down the street.

No one is going to buy these. Until they can be shown to be equivalent to what they are using now, no one will waste all that money and time. But as long as the Government keeps giving them money, they will KEEP Producing that of which no one wants. Free Markets? Cut off useless and unwanted Products and Services, saves money. Government Agendas? Continuously spending money they do not have on useless and unwanted Products and Services, wasting even more money. Which do YOU think is better for the Economy?

Be right back.

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