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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Visits NY, Obama is Toast

Preview for Sunday 082811

Hey folks,

As we speak, Hurricane Irene is visiting NYC. According to Reuters - Ferocious Hurricane Irene batters New York By Ben Berkowitz and Dan Trotta Reuters – 1 hr 21 mins ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hurricane Irene battered New York with ferocious winds and driving rain on Sunday, shutting down the U.S. financial capital and most populous city, halting mass transit and causing massive power blackouts as it churned slowly northward along the eastern seaboard.
According to another report I saw, like 2 million people are without Power. But they are not alone.

Irene, still a menacing 480-mile (780-km)-wide hurricane, was enveloping major towns and cities in the northeast, hugging the Atlantic coast and threatening dangerous floods and surging tides.

From the Carolinas to Maine, tens of millions of people were in the path of Irene, which howled ashore in North Carolina at daybreak on Saturday, dumping torrential rain, felling trees and knocking out power.
After NYC, Irene is expected to remain a Hurricane and head even further North into the Boston area. She is not just some little Weather Event. Irene is a Killer. According to this report...

At least nine deaths were reported in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. Several million people were under evacuation orders on the U.S. East Coast.
So our thoughts and Prayers are with those that have lost loved ones and those currently in the Path of this Storm. I'll update you when more information becomes available. Glad we missed this one. Or rather, this one missed us.

Coming right up today?

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So did you catch this? This goes out to all my friends out there that think Obama is STILL unbeatable. Even the Libs know that he is Toast. As it stands right now.

Political analyst and Democratic pollster Doug Schoen tells Newsmax that President Barack Obama is in “deep trouble,” and if the election were held today he “would be a one-term president.”
BY A LANDSLIDE! Seriously. NOBODY is happy with him. Why do you think he is going off the deep end trying to get the "Extreme Vote" In other words, he refuses to enforce Laws on the Books in reference to Gays, Illegal Aliens, and announced that he will not longer Deport. He is actively Suing States that are getting a handle on their Finances by taking on Unions. He is going after those that claim "He ain't Liberal Enough." Yeah I know, but he is. Hell, Doug Schoen is a Lib. He Co-Wrote a Book with Scott Rasmussen entitled “Mad As Hell: How the Tea Party Movement Is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System.”

Three polls over a recent 8-day period have shown Texas Gov. Perry enjoying a significant lead over former front-runner Mitt Romney, with two of the polls putting Perry ahead by double digits.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, Schoen was asked what he thinks of the poll results considering that Perry has been formally in the race for only about two weeks.

“I think it shows how dissatisfied the Republican electorate is with the other seven or eight candidates, and how they’re looking for a fresh face to take on President Obama,” he says.

Questions have been raised about Perry’s ability to garner support among moderate Republicans. Schoen comments: “In the primaries he doesn’t really need moderate Republicans because the bulk of the voters are conservative, but in the general election he’ll certainly have to broaden his appeal.”
{Sigh}You know folks, no never mind. Now is not the time. I have some thoughts on Perry, but I would rather get to know him a bit more before I comment. Anyway, you can tell Schoen is not happy about this.

One recent poll pitting Obama against Perry shows the two in a dead heat. Schoen agrees that Perry is a “formidable” candidate, but cautions: “I think this poll reflects more the weakness of Obama than the strength of Governor Perry. It remains to be seen if Perry develops the kind of broad-based appeal he’ll need to win the presidency.

“Right now it looks like a Perry-Obama race, but a few months ago it looked like Donald Trump was the front–runner, then Mitt Romney, then Michele Bachmann, so anything can happen in this election.”

Schoen was asked, given Perry’s strong showing so far, if it is too early to say Obama is in trouble.

“I think Barack Obama is in deep trouble,” Schoen declares.

“At this point he is being hurt and hurt seriously by the weak economy. He’s going to have a jobs speech in September. He’s going to talk about revitalizing the economy. It’s anyone’s guess if that will make an impact. But as we sit here today, bottom line, I think you’d have to say the economy is a dramatic drag on his presidency.

“I think he would be a one-term president if the election were held today.”
Get this. Remember what I have been telling you about Unions are nothing more than a Funnel of Money into the Democrat Party? Well, now THEY are mad too.

Angry that Democrats are ignoring union issues, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has announced that the nation's largest labor federation is cutting its ties with the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama heading into 2012, and instead it will set up a super PAC to pick and support its own candidates.

Asked if this is a huge blow to Obama, Schoen responds: “Absolutely. Obama needs to get labor back and I think he’ll be courting them furiously in the weeks and months to come.”
Like I said, he lost most of the Normal Votes. Those squishy Republicans and RINOS, Independents, and even some Sane Democrats. He NEEDS the Extreme Vote. He needs the Kooks and the Far Left Looney Base. That's not enough for him to win, maybe about 20 Percent of the American Population, but he can't Win without them. Also if he loses the Unions, where will all the money come from to pay people to Intimidate Voters at the Polls and mess with Ballots? {Smile}

Oh, you know what this is. You know WHO this is. I'll be right back.

Reuters - Ferocious Hurricane Irene batters New York - Schoen: If Election Held Today, Obama Would Lose

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