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Sunday, August 07, 2011

FAA Back to Work. Energy Jobs?

I'm glad that's over.

Hey folks,

Yes I'm VERY glad that's over. I'm so sick and tired of hearing the Democrats USE out of work FAA Employees to further their Agendas. I really am. If I heard one more Democrat cry foul over 4,000 furloughed FAA Employees being out of work, I was going to be sick. If I heard one more Democrat say that it was wrong for them to be out of work over some made-up Political Agenda, I was getting ready to Intellectually slap someone upside the head. And as for this idiotic Statement from Obama?

"This impasse was an unnecessary strain on local economies across the country at a time when we can't allow politics to get in the way of our economic recovery," Obama said in a statement. "So I'm glad that this stalemate has finally been resolved."
{Sigh} So am I. I'm glad that's over. Now how about the Tens of THOUSANDS of unemployed Energy Sector Employees? Hmm? What about the HUNDREDS of thousands of FUTURE Energy Sector Employees? Hmm? Hello? Why are they still out of work?

Hey Obama? "This impasse IS an unnecessary strain on Local Economies across the Country at a time when we can't allow Politics to get in the way of our Economic Recovery."It really is just that simple. I agree with you Barack.

Since the completely pointless Moratorium, Tens of thousands of REAL, Full Time, Well Paid, American Jobs have been lost. BILLIONS in Revenue to the Government has been lost. TRILLIONS in NEW Revenue is being lost by YOUR slowing the Permitting Process. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of NEW Jobs are being lost. American Security is decreasing by the day. NOW we have Iran in charge of OPEC. Energy Costs, which hurt the Economy by the way, are unnecessarily High. Mr President, I repeat. "This impasse IS an unnecessary strain on Local Economies across the Country at a time when we can't allow Politics to get in the way of our Economic Recovery." So when are you going to TRIUMPH THEIR Cause?

I understand you have an agenda and you are sticking to it. I get that. But American People are HURTING and it is a DIRECT result of YOUR Political Games and Agendas. We heard all about the few Thousand FAA workers and the $400 million in lost Revenue. CHUMP CHANGE! That is NOTHING, compared to the hurt and lost revenue YOU have caused in your attacks on the Energy Industry.

Actually, if you really want to think about it. What about the THOUSANDS of NASA Employees that are out of a Job. The Millions of regular folks that are out of a Job thanks to the Obama Economy. All we hear about is a few thousand GOVERNMENT UNION Workers? They are back to work. What about everyone else?

It actually made me sick to hear all this non-sense about a few thousand FAA Employees, and NOTHING about the Tens of Thousands Energy Employees that are out of work BECAUSE of Obama. So sad, so sorry, see ya?

Again folks, I do not want to see ANYONE out of work. I'm glad that they are going back. But we have others hurting far more, and they have been hurting far longer than two weeks. What about them? What about what THEY can actually DO for this Country. The FAA does what? Can they help the Economy? Are they supplying what we need? Can they help the little old Grandma chose between eating or heating their Home in the Winter? Will they make sure that you can AFFORD to go to work? Do they REALLY increase National Security?

How about it Barack. Feel like helping the Economy, increasing American Security, and the creation of Hundreds of thousand real long lasting AMERICAN Jobs? It is simple. It cost the Tax Payer NOTHING. Just simply GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Fox News - Senate Passes FAA Authorization, Ending Two-Week Shutdown

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