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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fact Checker: Bachmann RIGHT About American Energy

Bachmann Energy claims hit Home Run. They do not like that.

Hey folks,

You KNOW when a Republican or a Conservative hits a Home Run. The Left come out of the wood work, and attempt to denounce, reject, and simply attack the PERSON. They attack that of which they fear. They FEAR the Truth in this matter. Energy.

The Liberals are beholden to the "Green Dream." Global Warming Bunk. They want all that Power, Control, and of course, Money that comes with the whole Scam. Environmentalist who would rather see the Earth "protected" over the Needs of PEOPLE, Vote Democrat. I know, I know. Most of them are Sheeple. They lack the ability to apply Logic, and Reason. As long as they FEEL good, and FEEL important, they will forbid a Farmer from Farming if someone sees a Mouse. Forget the people who will starve or lose their homes. Must protect the Mouse. {Sigh}

Of course they are susceptible to the nonsensical attacks on Big Oil, Coal, and other NATURAL Energy sources. Couple their need to be "Green" and "Save the Planet," with the successful Class Warfare tactic that the Liberals love to play, they HATE Energy Companies, and their "Windfall Profits."

So whenever anyone comes out and tells the TRUTH, the Left go NUTS trying to disprove it. Enter Bachmann. According to the AP - FACT CHECK: Bachmann energy claims oversimplified By MATTHEW DALY. I love this. They admit she is RIGHT, yet they attempt to oversimplify WHY she is uh, wrong? {Laughing} Ready?

WASHINGTON - America's energy future can't be unlocked as simply as Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann makes it sound when she depicts the nation as the "king daddy dogs" of energy. Even if environmentalists folded and Washington regulators got out of the way, much of the energy is too expensive for companies to develop.
That is truly one of the most Idiotic things I have ever heard. A NON-Energy Industry "Expert," saying even if, the Envrionuts and the Government got out of the way, {Which admits they are in the way} it is too expensive? So why bother? Idiot. It's NOT YOUR MONEY.

"The radical environmentalists have demanded that we lock up all our energy resources," she told a town hall meeting in Florida. "President Bachmann will take that key out of the door. I will unlock it."
Great line. She's right. No new Drilling, Refineries, Nuclear Plants, Obama actively attempting to Bankrupt the Coal Industry, as he said he would. Our ENERGY is not just Locked up, but under a full fledged ATTACK. Now because of all this, we must rely on Foreign Governments, some of which do not like us that much. Now Iran is in charge of OPEC. Meanwhile, we do nothing here.

America's energy riches rest primarily on coal, and that resource is already unlocked. Bachmann was correct recently in citing estimates that the U.S. has more potential oil trapped in shale than Saudi Arabia does from all its sources. But those supplies are trapped by the economics of the industry, not overzealous regulators.
{Laughing} So yeah, she's right, but ah, too expensive to get. So why bother. Uh, forget it. Uh see? She's WRONG!!

A look at her recent claims about energy and how they compare with the facts:

BACHMANN: With untapped oil reserves in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and off the nation's coasts, oil shale in Western states, and rich natural gas and coal deposits, "the United States is the No. 1 country in the world for energy resources," Bachmann said. "We are the king daddy dogs when it comes to energy."

THE FACTS: A March report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service backs up Bachmann's claim about energy resources, with some important qualifications, including the fact that the fossil fuel with the largest U.S. supply by far is coal. Bachmann cited the report in her town hall meeting Saturday in central Florida.

The report, using data compiled by the federal Energy Information Administration, says the United States has the highest total endowment of fossil fuels in the world, taking into account known reserves of oil, natural gas and coal. The U.S. has the equivalent of 973.1 billion barrels of oil in fossil fuel energy. Russia is next, with 954.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent. China is next with 474.8 billion barrels.

But coal accounts for more than 90 percent of the U.S. total. The U.S. share of the world's proven oil reserves is less than 2 percent.

Without counting coal, the United States would fall below at least eight countries, including Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Qatar.

Bachmann's claim that "radical environmentalists" are keeping the United States from tapping its energy resources is harder to evaluate. While lawsuits and government policies keep some known reserves, including Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, off limits, experts say other factors, such as drilling costs and well productivity, can have a greater effect on production.
Don't ya just love this. Seriously. A "nonpartisan Congressional Research Service" says she is right. But. They are incorrect about Coal making 90 percent. However, these are the numbers that the Liberals see. Perhaps that is why Obama is ACTIVELY attacking Coal? Just a thought. But even though they say she is WRONG. They say, well, we can't really prove it. Read this last part again.

Bachmann's claim that "radical environmentalists" are keeping the United States from tapping its energy resources is harder to evaluate. While lawsuits and government policies keep some known reserves, including Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, off limits, experts say other factors, such as drilling costs and well productivity, can have a greater effect on production.
Again with it costs too much. It's NOT YOUR MONEY. Why do you care? You really want us to believe that IF the Energy Companies were turned lose to do what they do, they would simply do NOTHING? Because it costs too much. OK. Get out of the way and turn them lose. They are not going to do anything anyway. Right?

BACHMANN: "We have more oil in the form of shale oil in three Western states than all of Saudi Arabia. That doesn't even include ... all the oil in Alaska (or) in the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota."

THE FACTS: That resource - actually called oil shale - is indeed abundant in the West. Oil shale is rock that has a high percentage of organic material that can be turned into oil. The Green River formation in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah contains vast amounts of oil shale - as much as 4 trillion barrels of oil equivalent, the Energy Department says. That is more technically recoverable oil than in Saudi Arabia, as Bachmann says.

However, most of the shale deposits are not thick or rich enough to access or produce economically at current prices, officials say. Shale mining also requires large amounts of water, a problem in the drought-stricken West.
Again with the Cost too much. However, they have no idea what they are talking about. We have discussed this, along with the COSTS involved in general. They spend BILLIONS in exploration, and drilling. Sometimes they come up dry. Who pays for that? THEY DO! Sometimes they find more than they thought. Who benefits from that? WE ALL DO. More Product MEANS More Supply, Less Demand, Less cost of Energy, Less cost of EVERYTHING.

BACHMANN: "We have resources from coal to oil to natural gas," she told The Associated Press. "The problem is, under the EPA, they've been busy locking up (supplies), especially under President Obama."

THE FACTS: The Interior Department is the main federal agency that regulates oil and gas drilling, not the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA does not issue leases for oil and gas production, although it does monitor air and water pollution from drilling activities.

Recently, a plan by Shell Oil Co. to do exploratory oil drilling operations off the Alaska coast was delayed after environmental and Alaskan native groups appealed EPA air permits issued for the project last year. In this case, Obama's EPA initially cleared the way for the project, only to see it temporarily stopped by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, then tied up by an independent appeals board.
ABSOLUTE BS! Yes, the Interior Department regulates oil and gas drilling. FACT they are slowing the Permit Process at request of President Obama. It's called a De facto Moratorium. FACT, the EPA IS actively attacking the Energy Industry, attempting to put into place Obama's Cap and Tax system, which can not pass the House and the Senate. It just CAN'T. So? Obama will not bother going the LEGAL way, he will just sick the EPA on them. Which is NOT Constitutional AT ALL. The EPA should be DOA. Government needs to get out of, not only Energy, but ALL of our way. They need to let the Free Market BE FREE. If it is too expensive for them to do it. They WON'T. No regulation needed.

Look, we have talked about this in DEPTH. Just this one Private Industry, if allowed to be who they are, WILL:

Create HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of American Jobs
Lower Energy Costs, which lowers EVERYTHING Costs
Increases American Security
Increases Revenue to Federal, State, and Local Governments.

WE could secure 92 percent of all liquid Fuels from right here at home, and our friends to the North, Canada. Why are we not? GOVERNMENT. With access to Oil resources on Public Lands and in Federal Waters that are currently off-limits, and with the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline which would bring additional Oil supplies from Canada, we would have no need of dealing with Iran for our Energy Needs. We would have no need of worrying about a War breaking out in the Oil Rich Middle East. It would have little effect on us.

That is JUST ONE INDUSTRY. Bachmann IS Right. Any President that is SERIOUS about helping our Economy MUST look at Energy. It really is just that simple. And yes. It is FACT. Fact Checked.

AP - FACT CHECK: Bachmann energy claims oversimplified

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