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Sunday, August 14, 2011

DLA For Sunday 081411

I have to admit, I have no Idea who said this.

Hey folks,

OK. Here it is. The Display of Logic Award. Here is the Envelope with the Winners Name in it. Lights on, music plays, I walk on stage. Crowd applauds, waiting in anticipation for the big announcement.

I raise my hand. I say the following.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. It's time for the Display of Logic Award. I will be awarding the Winner for THIS:"

Think about it!

If you are an illegal in the USA, who snuck across the border, you get FREE food, FREE medical care, FREE education for your children, help with housing and jobs (even if low paying-they pay better than Mexico). You qualify for everything without paying any Income Taxes or other taxes.

If you are a lower income, tax paying US Citizen, you qualify for little or NO help from the government. SO!

Annex Mexico into the USA as our 53rd state. Then all the working Mexican people would have to pay US taxes because they would now be US Citizens living in the 53rd US State. Also the illegals would then become "POOR" US Citizens and no longer qualify for anything like all the rest of the "POOR" US Citizens.

We would gain tax revenue money and stop wasting money taking care of all the illegals. We don't take care of our own Citizens as we do others.
Now of course I understand and am well aware of the number of States. But let's ignore that for a second. I AM thinking about this. I really am. The Winner has a point. Actually on SEVERAL different levels. Interesting, and LOGICAL concept. So I open the Envelope, and announce, the Winner is ROSEANNE BARR!

Now I got this in the Emails. Here is how it started.

ROSEANNE BARR (The Comedian): was on the Jay Leno show. They always talk some politics. He asked her if she had any new ideas on how she would fix the economy. Here is what she said, which at first, sounds like a joke! She said think about it!
DM ended it with this.

She might have been joking, even said she was running for President and would use it as one of her campaign slogans, but it makes alot of sense.
Now I have to admit, I tape the Tonight Show. I usually get like 5 or 6 then scan through the DVR. Oh, this person is on, or Headlines, I'll watch this one, ETC. I saw this one. It said Roseanne Barr, I deteted it. {Laughing} I'm not a big fan. But then I got this Email. I have also discovered it is really hard to get a Transcript from NBC. So I went Online and had to find this Episode and I watched the whole thing. 41 minutes. Now I did see her make the announcement that she is running for President. She did say we should invade Mexico because they have Oil, and that if we Annexed them, we wouldn't have people sneaking across the Boarder. However, I must have missed THIS. I did not see her say this at all. So maybe this is DM's interpretation? Of maybe she DID say it and it was removed? Maybe it was a different Talk Show? I'm not sure. I'm going to Award the DLA. I have to admit, I have no Idea who said this. However, whomever did Congratulations, you ARE the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for Today, Sunday, August 14, 2011. It truly is something to think about.

No. I watched the whole thing. Even through the next guest who was the New Conan the Barbarian guy. I thought maybe she said it as in a response? I don't know. But 41 minutes? Sure not as many commercials, although there WERE. About a minute a piece or so. Anyway, there you have it folks. Be right back. Yeah I know.

NBC - The Tonight Show

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