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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Media: Romney Number One, People: Last

Do NOT be fooled folks. There is NO DOUBT. Conservatism is on the Assent.

Hey folks,

All we keep hearing, from the start, leading all the way up to, the Iowa Straw Poll, is Romney is our guy. Not from US. But from the Establishment types, and the Mainstream Media. He is a real, serious, and genuine Candidate. He is not some fringe, Right Field Kook, like those Tea Party Members support.

We were told that he is the Number One Guy. The ONLY one on the Right capable of beating Obama. Forget the Tea Party. {Spoiler Alert} Our IWA Winner this Week wants you to believe that the Tea Party is NOT Mainstream America. They are simply:

"freaked out white men who are unemployed and have been unemployed for three years and they're scared to death."
We KEEP hearing this NONSENSE. We keep hearing how the Tea Party is a SMALL, insignificant, White, Racist, Chauvinistic, Homophobes, who want to take this Country back to the dark ages. I said this. Or, I will in a few minutes. {Smile}

"This couldn't be further from the REALITY of the Situation. The Tea Party is made up of MOSTLY Employed People. Some Rich, some Poor, some White, some Black. People from all over the Country. They are AMERICA."
We have also learned that over HALF are Women. The Media and the Left want you to believe that you are in the Minority in this country. If you WANT Smaller Government, less Taxation, and Government out of our Private Lives, you are in the Minority. If you AGREE with Obama, and the Liberal Agenda, then you are Mainstream. Come on people. Get with the Program. Don't listen to these "Tea Partiers." They are all Kooks. The Majority in this Country believe the way we do. Liberalism is the way of America now. God, Family Values, Small Government? That is all so YESTERDAY. No one believes in all that stuff today.

So we go into a Debate Mitt Won. No one could touch him. He came out unscathed. What about Bachmann? WHAT? Are you serious? Come on Pete. She is a Kook. She can't Win. How many times does the Media have to tell you that NO ONE spouting Conservative Values can Win?

Well, according to the AP - Bachmann wins GOP 2012 test vote By MIKE GLOVER and PHILIP ELLIOTT Associated Press

AMES, Iowa (AP) -- Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won a test vote of Iowans on Saturday, a show of popularity and organizational strength for the tea party favorite five months before the state's caucuses kick off the GOP presidential nominating season.

The result is the first indication of what Iowans think of the field of Republicans competing for the chance to challenge President Barack Obama next fall. But it's hardly predictive of who will win the winter Iowa contest, much less the party nod or the White House.

Rather, Saturday's outcome suggests that Bachmann has a certain level of support and, perhaps even more important, the strongest get-out-the-vote operation and widest volunteer base in a state whose caucuses require those elements.
Whoa, Whoa! What was that? Bachmann Won? REALLY? How did that happen? Well, surely Romney came in Second. Right?

Texas Rep. Ron Paul finished a close second while former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty placed a distant third.

"We have a lot more work to do," Pawlenty said, making clear he wasn't dropping out despite a disappointing finish. "We are just beginning and I'm looking forward to a great campaign."

The results of the nonbinding vote, held on the Iowa State University campus, came just hours after Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the race.

"I full well believe I'm going to win," Perry told South Carolina voters on a conference call before delivering his first speech as a candidate.

"It's time to get America working again," he declared in Charleston, S.C. "America is not broken. Washington, D.C. is broken."
Wait Perry? A WRITE IN CANDIDATE? 718 write-in Votes. What happen to Romney? 567 votes. That's 151 MORE Votes to someone not even on the Ballot than Romney.

The evidence is CLEAR. Do NOT be fooled folks. There is NO DOUBT. Conservatism is on the Assent. Remember what I said about Bachmann a little while back?

There is a REAL fear out there that they HAVE indeed done a good job in making Sarah Palin unelectable. I do not think so, but they do. So here comes another Beautiful, smart, serious, FEMALE, who is NOT Palin. Her name is Michele Bachmann. So those that may have wanted to Vote for Palin, may very well NOW go with Bachmann. Regardless of what the MMD and the Left tell you, they are terrified of this scenario. I can't imagine what they think of this. Look for the Attacks on Bachmann to INCREASE starting today.
The American People keep speaking LOUD and CLEAR. Over and Over again. It can no longer be ignored. It can't be spun. It can't be explained away. It is NOT going away. Conservatism is on the Assent. We ARE a Right leaning, God Fearing, Family Oriented, Country Loving, Conservative Country. We are a simple folk. We LOVE the Constitution. We WANT smaller Government. A Government OF the people, by the people, for the People. We WANT the American Dream. The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. No more back room, smoke filled deals. No more Political Games. We need REAL Hope, and REAL Change. We can not get there by the same old, same old. We need NEW. The People keep talking. Is anyone in Washington DC Listening?

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