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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Want Obama Impeached Over Amnesty

Happy Thursday To All. All eyes on Hurricane Irene right now here in Sunny South Florida. The good news is looks like she will just blow us a kiss from about 200 miles off the East Coast. Better than coming straight through for a Visit.

Hey folks,

Yeah, we are watching Irene Closely, but my day is pretty much same old same old. Something else I'm keeping an eye on is what I told you about this past Sunday. Obama's announcement about the CHANGE in Immigration and Deportation Policy IS Backdoor Amnesty, Pure and Simple This is where he said we will go Case by Case and will NOT deport ANYONE who is not a Violent Offender. Basically, the way it has been laid out, there is really NO reason to Deport ANYONE. I said this.

Folks, they are NOT going to do this. They do not really CARE. They WANT Amnesty. All this is, is a way to grant it, without having to deal with Congress, Pass Laws, or answer to the Public. It's all about VOTES. Screw the consequences. Screw Americans. Screw America itself.
Well I'm not alone in my disgust over this PURE pandering for the Latino Vote. I got the following Press release in the Emails a few days ago. It's from Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. Here it is.

Obama Approval Crashes to New Low Following Amnesty Decree

August 23, 2011 (MMD Newswire) - - Public approval levels of Barack Obama are crashing to new lows shortly after his administration has announced an effort to bypass the Congress, the Constitution, and the American public to create a form of executive order Amnesty for illegal aliens.

The Department of Homeland Security announced last week that many illegal aliens would no longer be deported. This policy conflicts with existing federal laws that say all illegal aliens are to be deported. The US Constitution specifically states that immigration policy is to be set by the Congress, not the Executive Branch.

ALIPAC would like to publicly thank Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich. (202) 225 - 2106) for announcing today she will hold Congressional hearings to prove Obama has violated the US Constitution with his amnesty.

An extensive collection of scientific polling data collected at shows clearly that a large majority of Americans, across racial and partisan lines, oppose any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens similar to the kind Barack Obama has created in an authoritarian way.

With this news being Obama's latest major policy announcement, his crashing numbers are likely in response to the news of "Obama's Amnesty" reaching the public.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is playing a key role in distributing this news to the nation.

"Obama decreed this unlawful Amnesty for illegal aliens on a Thursday while the Congress is in recess," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Our first mission has been to alert the public about this move via online activism, national press releases, and numerous talk radio interviews. As word spreads of what Obama has done, his approval ratings drop."

Rasmussen Reports presidential tracking polling indicates that Obama's approval ratings have hit new lows for the last two days in a row with Obama's 'presidential approval index' rating hitting -26 today! Only 19% of Americans now strongly approve of Obama while 45% now strongly disapprove.

Barack Obama's approval levels are also hitting new lows following his Amnesty for illegal aliens decree in Gallup polling, which usually generates numbers more favorable to the president than other polling organizations.

Gallup is currently showing Obama's approval levels reaching 53% disapproval vs 40% general approval for August 19-21. This is a negative index of -13% which is a new approval low for Gallup readings on Obama.

"Obama just took steps to put over 300,000 illegal aliens and eventually millions more in direct competition with American workers at a time of historic unemployment. He has done so in a way that is illegal and unconstitutional," said William Gheen. "We are calling on the media to alert more Americans about what Obama has really done here, and we are calling on the Congress to begin the impeachment process immediately."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has launched an effort to build up public and congressional support for the impeachment of Barack Obama following congressional hearings that discovered the administration of Barack Obama has been using the ATF, CIA, FBI, DEA, and Department of Justice to buy thousands of assault weapons for the Mexican drug and illegal alien importing cartels.

ALIPAC's Impeach Obama Facebook page has quickly become the largest in the nation with over 23,000 supporters in the first month. An online petition website which is building up strength for national protests calling for the Impeachment of Obama has received 4,000 signatures so far.
OK. They are one hundred percent RIGHT here. Seriously. He doesn't care about the Constitution. He has SAID so. He doesn't care about the Rule of Law. Even though Court after Court find some of the things this Administration does unconstitutional, they continue to do them regardless. They refuse to enforce Laws they disagree with, and even SUE States over THEIR enforcement of LAW.

Now I am all about throwing this Moron out of the White House, and putting someone in there that is an Adult, REALLY Intelligent. Not some made up, Media driven, unproven, BS, but REALLY Smart. Able to apply Logic and Reason and in direct contact with REALITY and Truth. However, having said all that, Obama will NEVER be Impeached. So lets work on getting the RIGHT Person in there next year.

Now if you REALLY want to sign the Petition or read more about this, you can go HERE and HERE. Perhaps signing the Petition and leaving Comments may be a message to those out there that we have had enough, and we are not going to take it anymore. But then again, they, including Obama, DO NOT CARE what you think. That is why 2012 may be the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in HISTORY. America itself is on the line.

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