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Sunday, August 14, 2011

IWA For Sunday 081411

Dimwit Twit spewing phony Liberal Talking Points.

Hey folks,

OK. Idiot of the Week time. You know, I really wish some of these Liberals out there would just once, TRY to learn what the TRUTH is, before spewing completely idiotic Talking Points that couldn't be further from the Truth.

I know, I know. They are just Liberals. They lack the ability to apply logic and or THOUGHT to whatever they are told. They just accept it and even attempt to share it as FACT. The problem is, all that really happens is they look like complete imbeciles every time.

Today is no different. I actually can not believe the restraint I have had holding this until today. It was on either Tuesday or Wednesday, on CNBC Squawk Box with Host Joe Kernen. His Guest IS our Idiot of the Week. Her name? Meredith Whitney a Banking Analyst, who said THIS.

"I would suggest that the debate is really around unemployment, and I think that, you know, call the Tea Party whatever you will, the fringe element is, you know, I characterize freaked out white men who are unemployed and have been unemployed for three years and they're scared to death. And three to four million of them are just about to roll off of unemployment benefits in the next three months. So, this is only going to get worse. For this reason, you have to deal with structural issues. So, if you are a Machiavellian Democrat, you want to deal with this issue and defuse the Tea Party as fast as you possibly can, because this poses the biggest threat to their reelection I think in ’12."
Really? Even their other Guest Rick Santelli let her have it for this one. Check out the Video. Way to go Rick. This couldn't be further from the REALITY of the Situation. The Tea Party is made up of MOSTLY Employed People. Some Rich, some Poor, some White, some Black. People from all over the Country. They are AMERICA. As a matter of fact. Here is what one had to say.

Kevin Jackson, a former ACORN and union organizer who currently works as an advocate for the homeless in Charleston, S.C., began attending tea party events "because I saw the Left under Obama seeking to destroy the freedoms that we as Americans have fought so hard to have, and the Left's determination to take socialize, to over the state", he said.
Back on April 15th 2010 Renew America - Tea Party Express III Tour: More blacks tea partying! By Lloyd Marcus

In Michigan, I was excited because a larger number of blacks attended our six tea parties. Several were fans of my music, columns and have read my book, "Confessions of a Black Conservative." They thanked and called me courageous for speaking out. Folks, I am not courageous. My strength comes from my Faith and knowing I am on the right side.

At each tea party, I asked the blacks who approached me for autographs and to pose for pictures how they earned a living. Interestingly, they were entrepreneurs or ex-military who experienced socialism abroad. They are not looking for a handout, nor do they view themselves as victims.
That was back in April of LAST YEAR. More and more Blacks are joining the Movement. More and more PEOPLE in general are joining the Movement. Hell, according to a Poll out there, 55 percent, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll

I know, I know. She is a Dimwit Twit spewing phony Liberal Talking Points. The FACTS are the FACTS Ms. Whitney. Maybe you should look into it a bit more before you go trying to insult someone. Fact is the Tea Party is GROWING in leaps and bounds. The more Obama and his Liberal Socialist Agendas become known, and FAIL, the more and more People out there are joining the Tea Party Movement. You are right about one thing, Unemployment IS helping the Tea Party and Hurting the Liberals. But that is just not who the Tea Party IS in general. They ARE America. They make up AMERICA. They are US. All of us that do not want this Country Destroyed.

We are not playing Politics as usual Ms. Whitney. Something that the Leadership on the Right need to learn as well. We are fighting for the VERY SURVIVAL of this Country. You attempting to reassure Liberal Sheeple out there that THEY are the Majority, and the Conservatives out there are nothing more than Angry White Guys. You know, Ignorant, Racist, Chauvinistic, Homophobes that cling to their Bibles and Guns are the Minority, YOU Madam, are the Idiot of the Week. FACT is Ms. Whitney, YOU are in the VAST Minority in this Country. EVERY Poll you can read out there tells you that over 70 percent of this Country believe in God. Over 60 Percent consider themselves Conservative. Over 70 percent consider themselves as "Right Leaning. Fact is Ms. Whitney, only 20 percent in ANY poll I have seen out there, consider themselves Liberal.

Why is Obama enjoying a 40 percent Approval Rating? Because that is how many people in this Country that are Unemployed or pay not taxes. They NEED Government for their every day existence. But even some of them are starting to say, ENOUGH!

I do have a question for you Ms. Whitney. Why is the Mainstream Media made up of so many Angry White People?

News Busters - Rick Santelli Rips CNBC Guest For Calling Tea Partiers 'Freaked Out White Men Who Are Unemployed'
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