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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

More Unintended Consequences and Who Cares?

Kill the Damn Birds!

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to ya. Remember this? OPNTalk - Obama: Kill The Damn Birds I told you about this.

The government can issue permits to kill or injure listed species with no penalties or risks of lawsuits to developers who agree to craft conservation plans.

According to federal officials, the large scale of the review will help streamline the permitting process by lumping many projects into a single study.

So they are not saying it may THREATEN Endangered Species. They are saying it WILL KILL THEM. They are just trying to figure out an "Acceptable number." Then forget all the different Studies and Permitting Processes. Just roll it all into one. The regular Process takes too much time and costs too much. You think any other Industry would get this kind of treatment?
And the Fact that Obama WANTS this, so screw the standard process. Just lump everything together.

The Obama Administration has been working to speed development of renewable energy projects by improving coordination among various state and federal agencies.

Environmentalists, however, say the "fast track" process results in inadequate environmental reviews.
Government Scientist will not speculate HOW MANY ENDAGERED Birds WILL be killed. I said this.

{Sigh} "Government scientists have not yet determined how many whooping cranes, other threatened and endangered birds and imperiled bats would be killed or otherwise harmed because of the wind project." OF COURSE NOT! But an Oil spill, they would have estimates out the wazoo, even if they were making them up completely. But since Obama wants this, GOVERNMENT SCIENTISTS, which is an oxymoron to begin with, say "It's so early in the process we won't begin to speculate on what that might be," You SPECULATE all the time you Idiot. Global Warming is nothing more, well, a SCAM, but nothing more than Speculation of possibilities of a POSSIBLE Problem that no one can PROVE. {Sigh}
It's just a FACT. If this was anything to do with Energy. Like the Pipeline Project, they would have all these DIRE Predictions of Doom and Gloom. But because this fits Obama's Agenda. "Nah, we can't say."

So now the NYT is getting in on this. Now I know, I know, they are trying to spin this as a positive, ever growing, Alternative Energy source that the World wants, so killing some birds is just what? Worth it? None of that it true. But according to the NYT - Bats and Birds Face Serious Threats From Growth of Wind Energy

Spinning blades and fluttering wings are clashing more frequently as greater numbers of wind turbines are installed throughout the United States and the world. The generators can top 400 feet tall, have blades turning at 160 miles per hour and can number in the dozens over hundreds of acres. They are part of America's expanding renewable energy portfolio.

But the same breezes that push the blades are the playground of hundreds of species of birds and bats, and to them, the turbines are giant horizontal blenders.
So Birds are being killed daily by "giant horizontal blenders." No one cares? Oil only effects wild life if there is a spill. On a normal bases, Oil running through Pipelines and being shipped in Trucks ETC, have NO effect on Birds. Notice it did not say ENDANGERED Birds. Just Birds and Bats. But this is no big deal folks. No. Don't worry about it. More Birds are killed by Cats. {Laughing} I kid you not.

Yet it's hard to determine how bird populations will respond to turbines. "It's very difficult to say what the impact on birds is ... particularly migratory birds," said David Cottingham, senior adviser to the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Thus, the economic and environmental fallout may not be seen right away, said Cottingham.

According to FWS, birds are killed when they collide directly with turbine blades. Statistics show more birds are killed by cats and windows, to the tune of hundreds of millions. But turbines pose a unique threat to all birds, including endangered species, like whooping cranes, and raptors, like eagles, hawks and falcons.
But don't worry about that. No big deal.

So why are we not Drilling?

"Oh, you can't do that. IF there is a Spill in area X, an estimated 10,000 life forms in the area will be DESTROYED. All Life as we know it in X could be wiped out for the next TEN YEARS!"

OK. So how many endangered Birds will be killed this year by Wind Farms? And if you build more along Migration Routes How many will be killed?

"Oh. UH. We really can't say. Uh, not enough data. Uh. we really do not have facts to back it up. So we will not speculate. We may not know for YEARS. So we should just do it."

One last question Mr. Wind Power Advocate. When these are not producing because of lack of Wind. How do these Turbines run?

"Well? Oil."

Oh. Uh. Glad we cleared that up. {Smile}

NYT - Bats and Birds Face Serious Threats From Growth of Wind Energy

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