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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The TRUE State of the Union

Make no mistake, the True State of the Union is Conservative.

Hey folks,

You want to know the true State of the Country. We're Broke and we're hurting. This is a Direct Result of unchecked Liberal Policies. The PEOPLE know it. The PEOPLE want it to end. The TRUE feeling out there? Look at Iowa. The Mainstream Media, and the Establishment tell us Mitt is our guy. The People said, "Uh no." He came in LAST amongst the Front Runners. How about the Liberal Choice. The one they were attempting to McCain us with? Jon Huntsman? He came in second to last over all with 69 votes. A WRITE IN Candidate, Rick Perry got 151 more Votes than Romney. A WRITE IN Candidate. More on all this in just a bit.

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Coming right up today?

Media: Romney Number One, People: Last
Stop Treatment, Condition Returns
DLA For Sunday 081411
IWA For Sunday 081411

All that coming right up.

Here are the numbers. According to Politico - Michele Bachmann wins, Ron Paul a close second at Iowa straw poll By ALEXANDER BURNS 8/13/11 6:47 PM EDT Updated: 8/13/11 6:55 PM EDT

Michele Bachmann has been named the winner of the Iowa straw poll, taking 4,823 votes out of nearly 17,000 cast. Ron Paul was a close runner-up, taking 4,671 votes and trailing Bachmann by less than 200 ballots. In a distant third place was former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who took 2,293 votes after investing heavily in the event.

The rest of the lineup: Rick Santorum – 1,657 votes; Herman Cain – 1,456 votes; Rick Perry – 718 votes; Mitt Romney – 567 votes; Newt Gingrich – 385 votes, Jon Huntsman – 69 votes; Thaddeus McCotter – 35 votes.

Romney, Huntsman and Gingrich were listed on the ballot, but did not contest the poll. Perry’s sixth place finish came despite not being listed on the ballot; his votes came through write-ins, since the Texas governor only announced his campaign this weekend.
So forget all the noise about how the Tea Party does not represent America. It IS America. Forget all the Noise that we are a Progressive Nation. We are a CONSERVATIVE Nation. The People keep speaking, no matter what the Media is saying. 2012 is when your Voices need to be heard even louder and more clear than EVER. Be right back.

Politico - Michele Bachmann wins, Ron Paul a close second at Iowa straw poll

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