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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black Pastors Are Angry With The Messiah

Not one of the Problems I had with President Obama's Inauguration Speech, but,,

Hey folks,

OK. So it seems that more and more people are starting to stop and think about President Obama's Inauguration Speech. From some that say it will upset China, and other Dictators, to it was too lofty and no resemblance to reality. Some say that he really said nothing, then some say he was just like Reagan. I even hear the same reporter, in the same breath, compare Obama to Reagan and Carter. That is Patently Absurd.

So how does President Obama relate to Reagan? I'll talk about that is a minute. But I will admit, this is something that just flew right by me. I did not even give it much thought. According to AOL News- Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some by MELINDA HENNENBERGER, AOL

(Jan. 23) - Not everyone was happy with President Barack Obama's nod to nonbelievers and non-Christians in his inaugural address. And some of the stiff criticism about Obama’s religious inclusiveness is coming from African-American Christians who maintain that no, all faiths were actually not created equal.

"For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness," the new president said. "We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this earth," he also said. Nothing too controversial, proclaiming that America's strength lies in its diversity.

Which is true.

But between those two statements, the new president got specific: "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers."

Which is also true. So what is the problem?

By mentioning, for the first time in an inaugural address, the 16.1 percent of Americans who check "no"’ when asked about religion, Obama turned it into the most controversial line in his speech -- praised by The New York Times editorial board and cited by some Christians as evidence that he is a heretic, and in his well-spoken way, a serious threat.

With that one line, the president "seems to be trying to redefine American culture, which is distinctively Christian," said’ Bishop E.W. Jackson of the Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Va. "The overwhelming majority of Americans identify as Christians, and what disturbs me is that he seems to be trying to redefine who we are.’"

He is. Remember folks, to the Left, ALL Christians are Close minded, War Mongering, Racist, Chauvinistic, Homophobes, that "Cling to their guns and Bibles" Christians are nothing more than Hicks that believe in a book written by man and there is nothing you can do to educate them as to what reality is. That there is NO God, and blind faith in some invisible man in the sky is one of the problems that hinders them from seeking "true" assistance in whatever they need. Government.

Earlier this week, Jackson was a guest on the popular conservative Christian radio show 'Janet Parshall's America,' where a succession of callers, many of whom identified themselves as African-American, said they shared the concern, and were perplexed and put off by the president’s shout-out to nonbelievers.

Parshall noted that atheists were celebrating the unexpected mention, and indeed they were: "In his inaugural address … President Barack Obama did what many before him should have done, rightly citing the great diversity of America as part of the nation's great strength, and including 'nonbelievers'’ in that mix,’" said Ed Buckner of American Atheists.

{Laughing} So this reporter had to go out and CONTACT a Group, to get a comment from Non-Believers. I guess it was hard to find one in the general public. Only 16 percent say they do not believe.

"His mother would have been proud,"’ Buckner said, referring to the fact that Obama’s mother was not a church-goer. "And so are we."

I will not attack family members of Politicians. That is an important self imposed rule that I have. But if you care to find out, it is easy to do, who his Mother really is, then look it up. He was raised by his GRANDMOTHER for a reason.

Jackson said he and others have no problem acknowledging that "this country is one in which everybody has the freedom to think what they want.’" Yet Obama crossed the line, in his view, in suggesting that all faiths (and none) were different roads to the same destination: "He made similar remarks in the campaign, and said, 'We are no longer a Christian nation, if we ever were. We are a Jewish, Hindu and non-believing nation.'"

Yeah I remember that one.

Not so, Jackson says: "Obviously, Jewish heritage is very much a part of Christianity; the Jewish Bible is part of our Bible. But Hindu, Muslim, and nonbelievers? I don't think so. We are not a Muslim nation or a nonbelieving nation."’

Nope. We were, like it or not, accept it or not, founded on Judeo / Christian beliefs. We always have been a "Christian Nation." The First Amendment to our Constitution is all about Freedom of Religion. It is there to PROTECT Christians from being prohibited from practicing our faith, and to prevent the Government from establishing a National Religion. All other Faiths are beneficiaries to that.

With all the focus on Obama as the first African-American president, the succession of black callers to Janet Parshall's show was a reminder that the "community"’ is not a monolith, and that many socially conservative black Americans are at odds with Obama's views, particularly on abortion and gay rights. Nor do they all define civil rights in the same way.

The Rev. Cecil Blye, pastor of More Grace Ministries Church in Louisville, Ky., said the president's reference to nonbelievers also set off major alarm bells for him. "It's important to understand the heritage of our country, and it's a Judeo-Christian tradition,"’ period.

So I understand why they are upset. But then this LAST paragraph took me back a bit. Remember back on May 5, 2008, I Posted this? Plan Parenthood Racist?

I was talking about how some Black Preachers were coming right out and saying Planned Parenthood was conducting Genocide. I said this.

So not only is Planned Parenthood using your money to fund Murders, interfere with parental rights, and the family itself, they are using your money to conduct Genocide. Not only are they anti-family, now we have learned they are racists. Interesting. But do you think that anything will come of this? Nope. Why? Because they ARE a Liberal Group, therefore, no hearings, no investigations. It really is a shame.

Yeah, and now we have a Liberal President who just signed an Executive Order saying that YOUR money WILL pay for it. Here is the last sentence in this AOL Article.

But his even bigger beef with the president, he said, is that a disproportionate number of "black kids are dying each day through abortion. President Obama is supportive of abortion, and that's a genocide on black folks. Nobody wants to talk about that as a civil rights issue."

Nope. Just like Black people cannot be Racist, hell, Liberals can't be Racists, in their own mind of course. That is reserved for White Male Christians. Like I said, Non-Believers, that sorry, are nearly all Liberals, and PPH, are LIBERALS, so their views are right, and the only ones that matter.

Be right back.

AOL News- Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some
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