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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

President Obama Report Card

First week in office grades by Our Country Deserves Better PAC

Hey folks,

I know it's not Friday yet, but I got this in the Emails and found it pretty enlightening. They back what they are saying with links and facts. This is what I mean about the Dream of Obama, and the reality of President Obama and his new Administration. Here it is.

Barack Obama promised "change we can believe in," a new "hope" and "transparency in government" in the days leading up to his inauguration. However, his first week in office has been mired by a series of missteps and failures. The following report card by the Our Country PAC highlights a week in office that reveals Obama hasn't changed at all from the liberal he was in the U.S. Senate and Illinois State Senate.

We've included citation links to support each of the claims made here.

At a time of staggering deficits that require fiscal responsibility from the President and Congress, Obama and the Democratic leadership in the House & Senate are trying to outdo one another in spending more of your tax dollars.

Obama's currently
pushing for a $1 TRILLION spending plan that is heavy on big government programs with very little tax relief.

Before he even took office, Obama pressed then-President Bush to
request the second $350 billion in federal bailout money. This is despite the fact that the first installment of bailout funds failed to loosen up credit markets as anticipated. Instead, many banks kept the money to pad their own balance sheets, and proceeded to cut credit limits on their customer's bank credit cards.

Obama has placed a desire to "be liked" and to appease America's enemies ahead of our national security concerns. He has emboldened America's enemies and showed a dangerous weakness that some will be sure to challenge or exploit with Obama as Commander in Chief.

First Obama
suspended the trials of terrorists being held at GITMO (Guantamo Bay Cuba Terrorist Detention Facility). Then Obama announced that GITMO would be closed altogether within one year - despite not having a plan in place on what to do with the terrorists being held there. Shortly after his announcement a video surfaced featuring two al-Qaida terrorists who had been held at GITMO - but then released. A Pentagon report indicates at least 61 GITMO detainees went on to commit or attempt to commit terrorist attacks after they were released from GITMO. And Obama now foolishly wants ALL detainees released from GITMO.

Obama similarly signed an executive order
limiting the interrogation techniques U.S. intelligence officers can use in trying to obtain critical information from terrorists that could save American lives.

Obama also undermined the U.S. War on Terror by appeasing those who have been most critical of the missions of U.S. troops. His first call to a foreign head of state was not to a key U.S. ally (such as Britain or Israel) but instead
to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Similarly, Obama's first official interview since becoming president was with a Middle Eastern television network known for broadcasting anti-American tirades, al-Arabiya television.

Barack Obama angered pro-life advocates across the globe when he signed an executive order
allowing taxpayer funding of abortions at U.S. facilities around the globe.

While people may differ on abortion policies here in America, it is an affront to pro-life Americans to take their tax dollars and use them to end human life.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week pushed for $200 million in funding for birth control saying, "
we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy." Astonishingly, the Democratic leadership was arguing that children are too costly for the nation at this time.

To his credit, Obama did ask House leaders to scrap the funding proposal, but he did not denounce Speaker Pelosi's comments, but instead said it was
not the right time for such a proposal- concerned about the backlash from some Republicans on Capitol Hill over the issue,

For all the talk of "change" that Obama pledged to bring to Washington, he has instead surrounded himself with the same Washington establishment figures he had said were part of the nation's problems.

But what's been worse is seeing the controversies surrounding Obama's appointments.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been called a "
tax cheat" for having evaded his taxes.

His pick for Commerce Secretary was
forced to withdraw his name from consideration after it was announced that he was the target of a federal corruption probe.

Obama's nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder,
advocated clemency for 16 FALN terrorists during the Clinton administration and his law firm represents numerous individuals held at the GITMO terrorist detention facility.

And after Obama pledged not to have lobbyists serving in key posts in his administration
he nominated an ex-lobbyist to serve as Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Now a lot of this stuff I have been pointing out to you as it takes place. I will continue to attempt to be true to my words and give President Obama a chance to prove me and his other skeptics wrong as time ticks by. As you can see though, just in his first week, he is showing that he IS either going to attempt to swing this country to the Hard Left, or he is showing signs that he really is as ignorant as people say.

Please do not misunderstand me here. I am willing to give him a chance. I DO want him to succeed IF him succeeding makes this country better. I will stand up against his, or anyone else's insanity of attempting to put this country at risk, or change the very foundation on which this country was founded on, for a radical agenda.

So far, just in the first week, as you have just seen, he has DECREASED our country's security, sent mixed signals to our enemies, appointed criminals and radicals to places of power within our Government, and has set in motion a policy that has a VERY strong potential to BANKRUPT this country.

I understand that the Obamaid drinkers will blindly follow whatever they are told and praise him no matter if he is changing this country into a Socialistic Society. I understand that the Mainstreme Media will simple report to you what they are told to. I understand that many in this country will simply remain asleep and attempt to live the Dream that is Obama. But I will continue to watch, inform, and attempt to educate those masses too blind to see what is right in front of them.

Our Country Deserves Better PAC- Website

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