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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Energy Independence Equals Bankrupting Auto Industry

Campaign rhetoric and false promises.

Hey folks,

As you all know by now, we have friends over at API and Energy tomorrow. I have been keeping a close eye on the new President and the Obama Administration when it comes to energy and energy independence.

From all the talk that Obama as President would reinstate the Drilling Ban to then him saying he wasn't going to. To some in Congress still pushing him to do so. Then He said he was looking at it, then he wasn't. So on and so forth.

So when I saw this headline from AOL Money & Finance - Obama Pushes for Energy Independence By BEN FELLER, AP, it got my attention. Energy independence is EASY. Drill Here Drill Now. Increase in our refinery capacity and use our own resources. Right?

Well, not according to President Obama. His answer? Bankrupt the Auto industry and attempt to force them to use something that does not exist.

WASHINGTON (Jan. 26) - President Barack Obama took aim Monday at the lofty but long-elusive goal of making the nation more energy independent, ordering reviews that could lead to tougher auto emission standards in states and higher pressure on automakers to produce more fuel-efficient cars.

Believe me, the Automakers ARE working on more fuel-efficient vehicles. The Market wants it. If I can buy a car that gets 40 miles to the gallon, just for pure financial reasons I will buy it. So would most Americans. No need for Government intrusion there.

Attacking a Bush administration policy, Obama directed the Environmental Protection Agency to re-examine whether California and other states should be allowed to have tougher auto emission standards to combat a build up of greenhouse gases.

Which is completely Bogus.

Obama also directed his administration to get moving on new fuel-efficiency guidelines for the auto industry in time to cover 2011 model-year cars.

"For the sake of our security, our economy and our planet, we must have the courage and commitment to change," Obama said in his first formal event in the ornate East Room of the White House.

Change, change, change, CHANGE IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD.

"It will be the policy of my administration," he said, "to reverse our dependence on foreign oil while building a new energy economy that will create millions of jobs."

WITH WHAT!!!! This is the type of thing that drives me nuts. We HAVE NO ALTERNITIVE ENERGY. We are YEARS away from anything practical that will see reality. YEARS. Most "experts" say ten to twenty years. They do not even know WHAT that is yet, let alone know how to harness it, and make it affordable for all.

California and at least a dozen other states have tried to come up with tougher emission standards than those imposed by the federal government, but Obama said that "Washington stood in their way." The president wants the EPA to take a second look at a decision denying California -- and the other states that want to follow its model -- permission to set tougher tailpipe emission standards.

Folks, all this is, is a way for States to MILK the Auto Industry even more than they do now. Unfair and unproven regulations, taxes, and control. Based on a SCAM. Watch some of these companies shut down and move out.

More broadly, Obama sought to show he was not waiting to put his stamp on energy policy, which has both near-term implications on the sagging economy and long-range effects on pollution, climate change and national security.

"Year after year, decade after decade, we've chosen delay over decisive action," Obama said. "Rigid ideology has overruled sound science. Special interests have overshadowed common sense. Rhetoric has not led to the hard work needed to achieve results -- and our leaders raise their voices each time there's a spike on gas prices, only to grow quiet when the price falls at the pump."

THAT is one hundred percent true. For years we have not allowed drilling, building new refineries, nor seeking Nuclear power, because "Rigid ideology has overruled sound science. Special interests have overshadowed common sense. Rhetoric has not led to the hard work needed to achieve results -- and our leaders raise their voices each time there's a spike on gas prices, only to grow quiet when the price falls at the pump." EXACTLY Mr. President. EXACTLY.

The Clean Air Act gives California special authority to regulate vehicle pollution because the state began regulating such pollution before the federal government got into the act. But a federal waiver is still required; if the waiver is granted, other states can choose to adopt California's standards or the federal ones.

And look at the state California is in based on these Liberal Nut policies. They are asking for a bail out themselves.

In 2007 the Bush administration's Environmental Protection Agency denied California's waiver request, gaining praise from the auto industry but touching off a storm of investigations and lawsuits from Democrats and environmental groups who contended the denial was based on political instead of scientific reasons.

THERE IS NO SCIENCE in GWBS. Let me rephrase that GW IS Bad Science. There is no REAL science involved.

Obama on Monday directed the EPA to re-examine the decision. That does not yet overturn anything. But still, the states wanting their own power considered it a victory.

"The federal government must work with, not against, states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Obama said. He added: "The days of Washington dragging its heels are over. My administration will not deny facts; we will be guided by them."

Then you will be guided by fools.

California's proposed restrictions would force automakers to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in new cars and light trucks by 2016.

At least 13 other states -- Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington -- have already adopted California's standards, and they have been under consideration elsewhere, too.

Under California's approach, car makers would need to boost fuel efficiency in new vehicles to about 36.8 miles per gallon in the states that chose to adopt the California standards.

Automakers, which sued to block the state regulations, argued that it could require dealerships in some states to limit sales of large trucks in order to meet the standards. They have pushed for a single national standard.

Requiring automakers to build cars that get more miles to the gallon will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the tailpipes of vehicles.

PROOF! They state this as fact. PROOF?

A law passed by Congress in 2007 requires that by 2020, new cars and trucks meet a standard of 35 miles per gallon, a 40 percent increase over the status quo. But the Bush administration did not set regulations in support of that law.

Maybe because it is not feasible, or perhaps even possible.

On Monday, Obama ordered new guidelines in place to start affecting cars sold in 2011.

He also promised a broader, bipartisan review with the auto industry.

Industry officials have also said they would face billions of dollars in new costs to meet the rules at a time when General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC have received billions in federal loans to stay afloat.

The Bush administration estimated the federal fuel economy rules would cost the industry more than $100 billion to implement the changes by 2020.

This next line really ticks me off. this is getting to be a habit with Obama. Perhaps he feels that this let's him off the hook, or that it makes someone feel good that they are about to get royally screwed by the Government. Remember what he said to Joe the Plumber?

Joe said:

"I've worked hard . . . I work 10 to 12 hours a day and I'm buying this company and I'm going to continue working that way. I'm getting taxed more and more while fulfilling the American Dream."

Obama said this.

"It's not that I want to punish your success," Obama told him. "I want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they've got a chance for success, too."

But that is EXACTLY what Obama's Tax Plan would do. It will punish those that worked hard and made it. But that is not his intent, so it's OK. Well, he just said this.

"Let me be clear: Our goal is not to further burden an already struggling industry," Obama said. "It is to help America's automakers prepare for the future."

But it WILL burden the Auto industry. More than $100 billion. So this is helpful for the economy? This will solve our IMMEDIATE and REAL Problem? The Economy? Nope.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday will appoint a special envoy for climate change as the Obama administration moves to restore America's credentials in environmental policy, said U.S. officials familiar with her decision.

{Sigh} Either President Obama doesn't get it, or, more than likely, DOES get it, but does not care, because this will be a means to an end. The end being the Government taking over the Auto industry, adding it to the other industries being taken over. But while this is all happening, you will also see Americans paying the price. Loss of jobs, benefits. You will see Auto Prices SKY ROCKET because those who are still in business will have to come up with the money some how to adhere to this stupidity. Is this a sound policy? I think not.

AOL Money & Finance - Obama Pushes for Energy Independence

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