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Sunday, January 25, 2009

IWA For Sunday 012509

More Kooks Waiting On Obama

Hey folks,

It's Sunday, it's time for the IWA. This weeks winner is yet another Kook that is waiting on the Dream that is Obama to become reality. Waiting for President Obama to start doing the things he has Promised.

Just days ago in Washington D.C., before two million or more on-lookers and countless others joining via satellite, a new administration was sworn in to office. The new US President and his team have committed to tackling the many tough issues that face our nation today.

The health of our environment is one such issue that is on the minds of many. Any new legislation that deals with our land, air, and/or water resources will likely have the attention of the citizenry. Environmental policies will certainly be of interest to the Venza Group, a "green" company that insisted on establishing a policy of offsetting its CO2 footprint within months of opening its new office.


One of the Southeast's premier training services provider, the Venza Group worked with Green Mountain Energy Company to identify the CO2 emissions footprint created by its whole operation. They measured the emissions impact of annual electricity usage, employee commuting and corporate air travel. They discovered that they were responsible for the emissions of approximately 47 metric tons of CO2. Put into perspective, that is about the same environmental impact as driving a car almost 115,000 miles!

Says WHO? How about some actual PROOF of any of this? But get this, it's all OK, according to our Idiot Daniel Johnson, Chief Operations Officer of Venza Group.

The Venza Group then offset 100% of those estimated emissions through a combination of Renewable Energy Credits and Forest Sequestration offsets. Offsetting their emission was equivalent to taking about 9 cars off the road annually or planting more than 6,150 trees. Furthermore, the offset has the same environmental impact as recycling over 253,000 aluminum cans and recycling over 41,100 pounds of newspaper.

Yeah, that sounds really good. A lot of fluff but that's about it. Looks look at their solution. Let's say that it is real. It's not of course, but I'm pointing out the sheer stupidity of the whole scam.

OK. So Venza Group has been told that they "were responsible for the emissions of approximately 47 metric tons of CO2. Put into perspective, that is about the same environmental impact as driving a car almost 115,000 miles!"

So did they cut back on what they were doing? Nope. Did they give up thier Jet? Nope. Did they change ANYTHING? Nope. But now they are %100 percent carbon free? Why? Because they paid MONEY to people. They bought Credits, which means nothing. And they paid someone to say they have Forest Sequestration set aside. No new trees. No REAL Renewable Energy. NOTHING. They simply PAID someone to say it's OK.

Through this process, the Venza Group is taking responsibility for its share of CO2 emissions. Standing for achieving results, they are committed to being a part of the solution to global warming. Addressing their environmental impact is just one way the Venza Group is making a difference. Like so many others in this year of transition, they believe being green is an excellent way to show their commitment to the Red, White, and Blue.

Daniel Johnson Chief Operations Officer
312 Maxwell Rd., Suite 100 Alpharetta, GA. 30004
T. 770.685.6502 F. 770.685.6553

Now who are they? Their a consulting and training group. The Train Managers for Hotels and the Healthcare Industries. They get paid to fly around and conduct seminars. But no worries, they are now carbon free. {Sigh}

Congratulations Daniel Johnson, for being ignorant enough to buy into all this GWBS, or for the willingness to attempt to cash in on the scam, you are the Idiot of the Week. I guess you can now say that your Jet flies on Renewable and Clean Energy, even though there is no such thing.

Venza Group

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