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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Changes On Big Talk 850 WFTL

Change is inevitable, and change they will Thursday March 15th at 9am.

Hey folks,

Now I had caught this a few times on Big Talk 850 when my favorite Morning Show went to break. I asked my Friend Rich Stevens what that was all about. I was sad to hear him say, "I am Leaving The Conversation." I will admit, I was VERY sad. But fret not, Rich is NOT leaving Big Talk. He will be simply MOVING to the 1pm hour. Which He loves by the way because this means he can sleep in. {Smile}

So what does that mean for Leadfoot, I mean News Guy Dave? It means instead of working 6 straight hours on the Radio, he will only have to work 4. You see, he is the Morning News guy. He starts his mornings at 6am South Florida's Morning News runs until 9am. Now Dave McBride will simply continue until 10am.

Which is cool for me, The Joyce Kaufman Show will come on from 10am to 1pm. So for all of you who told me, I would love to check her out, but you know, there is another little show on at 12pm, you have no excuse now. Check her out. I'm telling you, give her a Week, you'll be hooked.

Then at 1pm, on Thursday March 15th, 2012, the Debut of the Rich Stevens Show. his new show will go from 1pm to 3pm. Then at three? The Barsky Show from 3pm to 6pm.

Now last time I did this, I was asked what happens at 6pm. Do they just go off the air. NO. Of course not. At 6pm The Savage Nation w/ Michael Savage at 9pm The Dennis Miller Show Of course you can get this, the Total Line up, Pod Casts Down loads, links to the Shows, Blogs, Whatever, and of course, LISTEN LIVE, all at their Website Big Talk, 850 WFTL.

Folks, 850 was good. Now Big Talk 850 is even BETTER. Ever growing, ever changing, ever improving. This small Group of people are really making a difference and really building something great. Live, Local and Fun, from 6am to 6pm. Anything you want to know about Sunny South Florida, you'll hear it talked about HERE. Check them out. You may never be the same again. {Smile}

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