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Sunday, March 04, 2012

DLA For Sunday 030412

Going against the Grain, and standing up for what you believe in, is ALWAYS Honorable.

Hey folks,

It was a truly sad day on Thursday when we learned of his Passing. The Internet and what has been deemed "The New Media" lost a true Champion for Truth and Reality. I know some of you are going to accuse me of giving an Obligatory Award because of his death. Perhaps they are right. However, I truly believe he deserves it. Going against the Grain, and standing up for what you believe in, is ALWAYS Honorable.

Here is a guy that grew up in a Liberal Household. Grew up in LA surrounded by Liberals and Card Carrying Members of the far Left LWL. But instinctively he knew something was not right. Something, or a lot of things, were not Logical, Truthful, or even CLOSE to what he KNEW was real. So he started doing what so many Liberals, and even those on the FAR Right, seem to lack the ability to do. THINK! Think for himself. Investigate the FACTS for himself. He decided that the Far Left Liberal Loonies was not for him.

He helped launch the Huffy {Huffington} Post. He helped the Drudge Report become what it is. He then decided to go his own way. He did what so many Bloggers and "New Media" people strive to do, and surpassed them all.

He is best known for exposing ACORN, reporting on Shirley Sherrod, and bringing down Anthony Weiner. But he was well known along Political Circles for a wide variety of reasons. Some loved him, some HATED him. But nearly all respected him for his courage to stand up for what he believed, and his ability to get the FACTS for what he was Investigating.

A Family man. A true seeker of TRUTH. A true defender of Logic and Reality. I never met the man. Although I did correspond with him once, and have used some of his stuff here over the years. He will TRULY be missed.

God Speed Andrew Brietbart. May his Family have the peace and comfort they need during this time. Thank you Sir. For all you did.

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