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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Thoughts And Prayers Across The Country, WHO Won The American Cup?

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Our thoughts and Prayers go out to all those that have lost everything from Alabama to Indiana. The Storm of Tornadoes that have been eating their way through the Country have killed 38 so far and completely devastated entire Communities. God Speed to those that have lost their Lives, and to their Families, may they have the Peace and Comfort they need at this time. Homes, Towns, EVERYTHING materiel, no matter how precious it may seem, can be replaced, rebuilt, or started a new. People can't. Peace be with all of you.

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to ya. This is your Provocateur of thought himself, Peter Carlock, and this IS the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. Glad you stopped by. If you want to be part of the OPNTalk Blog, Comment, or just say hi, the Email is, as always,

So after a HUGE week of stuff. Non-stop stuff, leaving very little time for anything, I took a Hibernation Day on Sat. I did not get dressed. I did not leave the House. I did NOTHING. Well, I did even get a nap in. Ever done that? Take a Hibernation Day? Trust me, you should try it. Along with the nap, I also watch some TV. Caught a Movie, and saw the American Cup. Did you catch that? Who won? More on that in a second.

We are fully loaded and ready to go. Coming right up today?

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OK. So WHO Won the American Cup? Well, one of my favorites of all time. Not kidding. Her name is Jordyn Wieber. This girl can do it all. She can fly. She did an amazing job, walking away with her THIRD American Cup Title.

Coming in Second is another Favorite of mine Alexandra, or as she prefers, Aly, Raisman. She was phenomenal as well. After her last event, the Floor, I thought she may have even taken it from Wieber. I think it was a better Floor routine. But Wieber was far enough out to take the Title.

HOWEVER???? Wieber did NOT have the Best Score of the Day. Nope. The "Flying Squirrel” won the Best Score. Seriously. She Blew EVERYONE away. She was a full two-tenths of a point higher than the WINNER. After seeing her Floor Exercise, I understand why Martha Karolyi dubbed her the "Flying Squirrel.” Her real name is Gabrielle Douglas.

So how did someone with a Score Two Tenths HIGHER than EVERYONE else NOT Win? She was technically NOT competing. You see, Gabrielle Douglas was an Alternate. If something happened to Wieber or Raisman, she would have taken their spot. And Won, apparently. But they were fine and did a GREAT job ending it 1, 2. Americans also won on the Men's side, with Danell Leyva taking the title.

So why was Gabrielle Douglas out there? Why was she getting Scores? According to her,

“I wanted to put my name out there and show everyone what I’m capable of doing.”
Mission accomplished. EVERYONE knows your name now. {Laughing} Even Wieber is said to give HERSELF a B and called Douglas "Amazing."

In the Tradition of many before her, WILL Wieber go on to Win the All Around Gold in the Olympics? Or is there another, waiting in the shadows, to steal the Spotlight. Either way, with Wieber, Raisman, and NOW Douglas leading Team USA, I'm feeling pretty good about our chances.

Of course, if you do not like Gymnastics, the preceding was a big fat waste of time for you. Sorry about that. {Laughing} Be right back.

Yahoo Sports - Leyva, Wieber win gymnastics’ American Cup
By WILL GRAVES, AP Sports Writer

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