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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obamacare All About Abortion and "Chirica"?

It all seems to be coming together to point in one direction.

Hey folks,

We all know that Obamacare is all about Control. Power, Control, and of course, all that Money. It is the biggest Government intrusion and takeover in our Country's History. Many, including I, believe that this is completely unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is set to look at it this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

As of late, we have learn many things that are in the Law. First, Contraceptives WILL be paid by all Insurance Companies, including Religious Organizations that are against promoting Sexual Behaviour.

Then we learned that, not only will Contraceptives be "free" for all Women, regardless of age, now a $1.00 will go to pay for Abortions. One Dollar for EVERY Premium payment paid will go directly to pay for Abortions. Again, no exceptions. So YOU, regardless of what you believe, WILL be paying for Contraceptives and outright Abortions.

By wait. Not only that, not only Contraceptives and OUTRIGHT Abortions, YOU will pay for young Women to be STERIALIZED. Yup. Sterilization will now be "FREE" for any Female that seeks it.

What does this mean? This means, those on the Left, who seek a "Chirica" policy will now be able to fill these young, impressionable, immature girls, heads with garbage like this. "You know, kids are bad. They hold you back. They cost the States and Federal Government Money. Study after study PROVES that Families with more than one kid are less intelligent, poorer, and less productive. {Not kidding} Kids are just a burden on Society in General. Hey, you want a Career? You want to have all the Sex you want without worry of this Sickness called Pregnancy? You don't want to be Punished with a Baby? Now you can get Sterilized. It's FREE." {Sigh}

Like clockwork, the ignorant Sheeple out there will fall in line and call this a "GOOD THING." Besides, if Sterilized, it will also cut down the cost on Contraceptives and Abortions. So it's a "GOOD THING." Now be a good little Citizen and go get Sterilized.

Think I'm way off base? It all seems to be coming together to point in one direction. We already know that the whole Abortion thing in Obamacare is nothing more than an attempt to secure the Legalization of Abortion. If all these thing in association with Abortion is in the Law, than it will be even that much harder to overturn Roe vs Wade. They are attempting to integrate it as much as possible into Law and normalcy in people's everyday lives. They hope that in time, people will simply accept it.

We already know that Pelosi, Clinton, and a few others, have come right out and said China's one Child Policy makes sense for us here. Now Females everywhere can be Sterilized for "Free." We can't have poor people having kids. Costs too much.

No folks, Obamacare, if even for no other reason than pure Cost, NEEDS to be overturned, defunded, found unconstitutional, or whatever. It needs to be wiped out. Period. Once fully implemented, they can come out and "DICTATE" anything they want. Contraceptives, Abortion, Sterilization, denial of Care, what you eat, don't, how you live, ANYHTING. They can just Dictate and it becomes Law, no process, no discussion, no Vote. Nothing. They can just come out and say "Due to the Cost of Healthcare, Fast Food is now deemed Illegal. All McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, ETC, will be closed down." That's it. It will happen. That is simply too much power for ANY one person to have. You have to remember something. Even if Obama and Crew get thrown out, as they should, in November, if Obamacare is NOT wiped out, and it goes into full effect, someone else will have the Power. Picture someone like George W. Bush coming in. You want someone like HIM having this power? Think about it.

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