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Sunday, March 11, 2012

DLA For Sunday 031112

It is without a doubt, the Federal Government, NOT Texas, playing Politics with Poor Women's Healthcare.

Hey folks,

OK so we just talked about this. Texas does not allow Tax Payer Funding for Abortion. They do not allow Providers, can you say Planned Parenthood, that provide Abortions to receive Tax Money. They do not BAN these places, or hinder their Operation. If YOU choose to have an Abortion, you can go there and pay for it. It will be done. As long as the Murder of Innocent Lives is still legal in this Country, People like Planned Parenthood will still make a pile of money doing it.

This basic fact is the whole reason WHY it is Patently Absurd to think ANYONE would be attempting to ban Contraceptives. No one is. All this is, is, nonsenses and a distraction. They do not want you to talk about Obama's Record. They do not want you talking about Jobs, Housing, the National Debt, $5.00 a gallon gas. No. They do not want you talking about the Economy. They want you thinking and talking about how the GOP have this "War on Women." None of this is even remotely true.

In the next wave of BS, Obama and Crew announce that they will cut Funding going to Texas because Texas will not allow the money to pay for Abortion. Problem is, they never told Texas about this. Gov. Perry wins the Logic Award be telling it like it is.

Perry blasted Sebelius' announcement, insisting Medicaid rules give states the right to determine which clinics are qualified to provide women's health care.

"The fact that the Obama administration would announce its decision to deny care for more than 100,000 low-income women during a press event before giving official notice to the state is a clear demonstration of the political motivation behind this decision," he said in a written statement, adding that Texas officials are still waiting for official word on the decision.
There really is no other way to look at this. This is EXACTLY what Obama is doing. Playing Politics with the Health and Well being of those he CLAIMS to be all about helping.

Congratulations Gov. Perry, you are the Winner of the Display of Logic Award for today, Sunday, March 11th, 2012. Thank you for speaking the truth, and PLEASE, do not give in to this nonsensical Political pressure. Continue to stand for what the PEOPLE in Texas want. And they don't want this.

However Gov. Perry. There is something I would LOVE to ask you. Your Spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Stephanie Goodman, just said this.

Stephanie Goodman, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, said money to pay for the program would be diverted from others that are under budget — though she didn't offer specifics. If that doesn't cover the costs, she said, the state would increase its deficit to pay for the services because officials believe that if low-income women don't have access to birth control, the birth rate would rise and cost the state another $57 million in maternity bills.
{Sigh} Abortion and Contraceptives SAVE the State Money? Children are a burden? Did she not just say this? Here is the problem if we accept the premise, which I do not, that this is Fact. Besides the fact that it is STILL not MY or YOUR responsibility to pay for it. This is a dangerous road for us to go down.

First, It would not cost the State, nor the Feral Government ANYHTING, if we did not have YEARS of failed Liberal Policies that destroyed the Traditional Family, and DECADES of training people to rely on Government from Cradle to the Grave. So? Have a kid, Government gives you more Money. Want an abortion, Government Pays for it. Because an Abortion is Cheaper than paying for a Kid. Diapers, Formula, Food, Education, Healthcare, ETC. Of course it is Cheaper to just KILL it before it grows.

To make a statement that sounds like something right out of Pelosi's Mouth. She advocates a China Like One Child Policy. They are using this to MANDATE that WE all collectively PAY for Contraceptives for people who STATE they have so much Sex they are going broke paying for their own.

Once we accept the Premise of Contraceptives and Abortion as Financial Necessity for the Country, and the Well Being for all, then we start down a dangerous road of acceptance of Abortion as nothing more than a Cost saving Medical Procedure, instead of seeing it for what it is, the Slaughter of an Innocent Life. Lets work on ways to make Child Care more affordable, and forget about finding money to Pay for other's personal responsibility. There are a lot of things the Government need not be throwing money away on. We can find the money without having to sell out our Principles.

Fox News - Obama administration to end funding for Texas health program over state's abortion law Published March 09, 2012

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