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Sunday, March 18, 2012

IWA for Sunday 031812

Once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Race Card..

Hey folks,

This is not new. This is one of the main reasons that Obama got elected in the first place. This is in the Playbook. If all else fails, play the Race Card. It is pretty pathetic and shows nothing more than just how desperate the Left is getting.

Disagree with Illegal Immigration? You're a RACIST. Think someone should be held accountable for Voter Fraud? You are Racist. Disagree with a Government Program that PROMOTES one Race above another, you're a Racist. Any time you disagree with the "smart people" and their Liberal agendas, YOU are the one with the problem. YOU are too stupid to understand what is good for you. If you ask them for details of why they think they are right? Or prove that they are wrong? Well, then you are a Racist. A stupid one at that. Then comes Obama. Of course, YOU'RE a Racist.

Disagree with ANY of Obama's Policies? Racist. Do not Vote for him? Racist. Call him out with FACTS and ask for clarification on, well, anything Obama does. Racist. Dumb, stupid, bigoted, RACIST, and you just don't matter anyway.

So we are use to this. When the Left can not Win an Intelligent argument, you disagree with their Policies, OR they want to push an agenda that NO ONE {the Majority} wants, that is what they go to. Race.

So the Left COMPLETELY manufactured this nonsensical "Right's War on Women." and attempt to get Females to believe that the Republicans want to Ban Contraceptives, which NO ONE SAID, EVER, and YOU don't buy into it, YOU ARE STUPID and RACIST!!!

I kid you know folks. Karen Finney, a Democrat Strategist, said the only reason she can see for Rick Santorum winning the Female Vote is, they are too stupid, and Racist, to know what is good for them. {Laughing}

Well... This woman vote really hurts me, I gotta say. It's a little painful 'cause I'm wondering if those women really heard the full message that: Yes, there is the economy, but if you've gotta worry about your basic health care, how are you then gonna be able to do what you need to do in terms of having a job, paying your rent, taking care of your kids.
If you don't HAVE a Job, you CAN'T pay your Rent, and take care of your Kids. The last thing most intelligent people are thinking when the have no Job, Money, and or Food, is Hey, how am I going to pay for contraceptives. You know, I may not have anything, with little hope of getting anything, but I want to have sex. {Sigh} Of course it's the ECONOMY you Idiot.

You know, I'm stunned. Uh, the only explanation that I can come up with is, and I think this would be a question I'd want to go back and ask these women. For these women: Did race or, or, in other words, "conservative values," that's the code, right? -- trump gender? You know, it's still a very conservative state. The racial issues are alive and well in Alabama and Mississippi.
So ANYONE that espouses "Conservative Values," is really saying, hey, don't Vote for, or agree with Obama, because he's a Black Guy. And I guess while you are at it, do not agree with Liberals, because all they care about is Minorities. So they have to be stopped because they are not for White People. {Sigh} Conservative Values are God, Family, and FREEDOM. No matter what Race you are. Conservative Values have NOTHING to do with Race. But I guess this would explain why our Idiot this week hated Clarence Thomas being nominated to the Supreme Court, or why she hated Herman Cain. Not because of their Policies or Beliefs, but because they are Black. Right? I say that she did not like them because she is a Racist herself. It could NOT possibly because she disagrees with their View on things. It has nothing to do with Policies, or Core Values, she hated them because they do not look like her. Right?

Remember those polls that we saw where large percentage don't believe in interracial marriage and think the president is a "Muslim." So clearly there is some sort of racial stuff in there, and I wonder if that ultimately for white working women trumps their own gender.
{Laughing} You stupid White Women. By the way, what Polls is she talking about? When? By Whom? It's all Bunk. But in her view, White "Working Class" AKA Poor, Women are Stupid Racist, because they believe in God, Family, and Freedom.

Congratulations Karen Finney, for being such an Idiot, to come out on national Television and call White "Working Class" Women, Stupid Racists, you ARE the Idiot of the Week. So I leveled a charge against you. Prove to me that you did NOT like Herman Cain for any other reason than he's Black. Maybe you are too stupid to realize that the reason you did not like him was because your a Racist. But you are. See how this works?

News Busters - MSNBC Political Analyst: Alabama Women Voting for Santorum 'Really Hurts Me'

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