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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Young Adults Understand MORE Than Their Partisan Parents

Turn off the News, put down the NYTs, open your eyes, look around.

Hey folks,

This coming November, most will go to the Polls and Vote Republican, because they associate themselves as Republicans. They will Vote Democrat, because they are Democrats. If their Mom and Dad were, then they are too. The sad truth is, they will Vote the way they always have, Whomever has a D or and R after their Name on the Ballot, that is who they will Vote for, even if they never heard the Name before.

They will Vote for this or that Policy Issue, based on what Mommy, Daddy, or what the NEWS says about it. Is it a Republican Bill or a Democrat Bill? Even if they never heard of an Initiative, they will see, "This was by Sen, or Rep, soandso- R or -D." They will hear how this initiative will Ban this or that, or allow this or that, even if it doesn't, and they will Vote how they are told to.

Some will go to the Polls believing whatever they just saw on the News or read in the paper. "The Economy is coming back. Jobs are improving. Housing is stabilizing. All is well." Even though, their Neighbor has not worked in Two Years. Even though they are under water with their Mortgage. Even though they have less money and are paying MORE at the Pump. They will Vote for Obama, because that is what they are told to do.

But then you have the people that actually DO understand what is going on. They HAVE looked around and saw Reality. They are going to go to the Polls and Vote a certain way, because they are LIVING Reality. The latest Polls tells us that the Majority of Americans are NOT happy with this Reality.

Now I understand what I'm about to talk about is Local. It's Missouri. But the numbers are AMAZING and not far off from the National Polls. It is a glimmer of Hope. It is the Reality that we ALL face. It is a sign the Young Adults may very well understand MORE than their Partisan Parents.

Here we go. There is this Group in Missouri called Generation Opportunity. They meet with, and listen to, young Business Leaders and Small Business Owners, and discuss current Issues. They have Ranked Gas Prices, Poor Economy, and Unemployment as top Issues. Look at these numbers.

•Just 31% of 18 – 29 year-olds approve of President Obama's handling of youth unemployment.
•69% say the current leadership in Washington fails to reflect the interests of the younger generation.
•69% prefer reducing federal spending over raising taxes on individuals in order to balance the federal budget.
•59% of overall Millennials agree the economy grows best when individuals are allowed to create businesses without government interference.
•70% would increase production of domestic energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal.

Delayed Dreams from a Poor Economy and the Lack of Opportunity:

•77% of young people ages 18-29 either have or will delay a major life change or purchase due to economic factors: •44% delay buying a home;
•28% delay saving for retirement;
•27% delay paying off student loans or other debt;
•27% delay going back to school/getting more education or training;
•26% delay changing jobs/cities;
•23% delay starting a family;
•18% delay getting married.
This is the Future of our Country folks. Young people, of whom Obama had in his Pocket in 08, now are saying, uh, not this time. Not because they are Racist. Not because they are Stupid. Because they are LIVING Reality. These are people 18-29 years old, that say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. They are not buying the News. They are LIVING through Obama and his Policies. They are not liking it.

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Generation Opportunity's grassroots organizers were actively engaged in the "Show Me State" this week. The grassroots team met with and listened to a wide range of young adults including those working in the professions and the trades, entrepreneurs, community college and university students, young parents, and others who provided their personal stories on the issues that matter to them. Higher gas prices, the lack of economic opportunity, and historically high youth unemployment were discussed and identified as the top issues impacting young adults across all backgrounds and professions throughout Missouri.

"Surging gas prices, the lack of jobs, and the poor economy were significant issues of concern among young people in Missouri. Young adults who own small businesses, those who work in the professions and in the trades, young mothers, students, and those seeking jobs all raised these issues consistently. Missouri's young people have real, practical concerns about how they can make ends meet every week because of higher gas prices and even larger concerns about how their lives are being delayed by the poor economy," said Evan Flores, Director of Field Operations for Generation Opportunity. "Young people know the status quo is preventing many of them from finding full-time, meaningful work - we are dedicated to using our skills to mobilize our networks and communities to put America back on track."
Evan Flores is our winner of the Display of Logic Award this Week, and deserves it for not only stating the TRUTH, but actually attempting to do something about it.

Look folks, this IS Reality. Turn off the News, put down the NYTs, open your eyes, look around. Tell me what you see. LIVE Reality. Do not deny it because someone tells you it's not what it IS. I was just talking to someone yesterday who said she is Voting for Obama in November. I said WHY? She said, I'm a Democrat. I asked what about the Economy, Housing, Unemployment? her answer? She has a Job. Even though she is under water on her house, she is still making Payment on time, so no worries there. She believes what she sees on the Local News. We are coming back. Obama just needs more time to fix what Bush messed up. {Sigh}Here is someone that couldn't care less about Politics. She will go and Vote Obama because she is a Democrat. She doesn't take the time to look around and actually THINK about anything. As long as she has a Job, Home, and is told things are getting better, it's all good. She doesn't like $4.00 Gas, but there is nothing Obama can do about that. She was told so.

Truth is, it's NOT all good. Truth is, we can NOT afford another Four Years of this. Liberal Policies have put us where we are now. Liberal Policies will NOT get us out of it. They will DESTROY our already hurting Economy.

Keep up the good work Evan Flores, and all the folks at Generation Opportunity. You are not alone..

Generation Opportunity

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