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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Evidence The ELMM Diet Works

Have you tried the newest Diet out there?

Hey folks,

You all know that I talk about Health and Science all the time. You know I bring you the latest Studies and question the relative facts. We talk Food here all the time as well. One of the things that most of us have in common, no mater Sex, Race, or Religion, we do not want to get, stay, Fat. We all think from time to time that we could lose a couple of Pounds. Some of us need to lose a bit more, just for general Health reasons.

There are many people out there that KNOW this. They have decided to make a living, in some cases, and very GOOD living, exploiting this fact. Oh, some may do it because they truly care. But most do it for the Profit. Promise someone they will fit into Jeans they wore before the two kids and 20 years have passed, and they jump at it. Tell someone they will DIE if they do not loose X amount of weight, they will buy your Product.

Have you tried the newest Diet out there? Did it fail? Try THIS one. Did it work? What about THIS one? Loose some weight? Did it come back? Take this Pill. Eat these Prepackaged Meals. Drink these Shakes. Eat these Cookies. Yes, there is a Cookie Diet out there.

As you know, I eat what I want. Everything in moderation. You also know, I only pitch ONE Diet. Guaranteed to work EVERY TIME it is tried, by EVERY ONE. I have taken some heat on this, every time I mention it. Can you guess why? Barring any extreme Medical Condition, this WILL work for you. And the best part? It's FREE!! As a matter of fact, it will SAVE you money in the long run. What's it called? The ELMM Diet. Eat Less, Move More.

It is really simple to understand. If you burn more than you take in, you loose weight. If you are burning what you take in, you stay the weight you are. If you take in more than you burn, you GAIN Weight.

In today's Health and Science Segment, we learn that there is even MORE evidence that this is one hundred percent true. According to the AFP - Sedentary life amplifies obesity genes: US study AFP – 11 hrs ago

A sedentary lifestyle can amplify a genetic disposition to obesity, but just walking briskly, and briefly, each day can cut that effect in half, a new study showed Wednesday.

"This is the first study that directly looked at the effect of the sedentary behavior of television watching on the body mass index (BMI) of individuals with a genetic predisposition to obesity," said study author Qibin Qi authors at a conference by the American Heart Association this week in San Diego, California.
Why do you think we have so many Fat Kids. Instead of going out and playing, they are sitting in front of Computers, Video Games, and TVs. Not to mention they are eating Garbage.

To combat the results, Qi said a one-hour daily walk "reduced the genetic influence towards obesity, measured by differences in BMI by half."

The study involved 7,740 women and 4,564 men, with researchers collecting data on their physical activity and TV watching two years prior to assessing their BMI.

The average American watches television for about four to six hours each day, noted Qi.
I'm not sure about that? I would suggest that the Computer is most likely were most sit for 6 hours a day. But you get the point.

The BMI indicator is the ratio of weight in kilograms (pounds) to square of height in meters (inches) -- on this scale, a score of 30 or more is considered obese.

The genetic effect on BMI was seen as "more pronounced in people who spent 40 hours a week watching television than those who spent an hour or less, 0.34 versus 0.08 kg/m2," according to the study.» The recommended walking exercise was associated with 0.06 kg/m2 reduction in the genetic effect on BMI, said researchers, who presented their report at the American Heart Association's Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism 2012 Scientific Sessions conference in San Diego.
Remember the Swimmer, what's his name? Yeah, Michael Phelps. Remember HIS Diet? He ate EVERYTHING. His Breakfast would make me sick. But yet? Not an once of fat on him. Why? He burned it all off. Once again folks, the formula is indisputable. If you burn more than you take in, you loose weight. If you are burning what you take in, you stay the weight you are. If you take in more than you burn, you GAIN Weight. If you want to loose weight, Eat Less, Move More. It really IS just that simple.

AFP - Sedentary life amplifies obesity genes: US study

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