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Thursday, March 22, 2012

NYT Israel Attack Bad For America

Complete and utter nonsense.

Hey folks,

By now you all know I am nothing less than an Expert on anything Iran or Ahmadinejad. I have been watching "Little Hitler" very closely for a LONG TIME. Over ten years both here and elsewhere, I have been sharing his Rise to power from the days in the 80 with the Hostage Crises, to today. From his early beginnings as a Terrorist, to his rise in power to President, to his quest for Nuclear Weapons that he intends on using on Israel to "Wipe them off the map."

I just send an Email to a Friend, who was talking about this on her Radio Show yesterday. Even I was amazed to see the volume of information I have posted over the years. Seriously, just type in Iran, Hitler, or Israel, in the Search Section of this Blog and you will see what I mean. From his rise, to all the apologists, to Obama and his clear, uh, lack of love for Israel.

We all know that Little Hitler is not going anywhere. We all know he IS and HAS been working on a Nuke. We all know he is going to USE it. We all know that Israel can not rely on this Administration to defend them. They are going to have to do whatever it takes to defend themselves, with or without help from Obama.

Now, YEARS after I started warning you that this was happening and what was about to happen, the World is starting to talk about it. Iran is getting closer to having a Nuke, and Israel is getting closer to striking out of Self Defense. Kinda hard to defend oneself if one is aglow from a Nuclear Explosion.

So, just like the Original Hitler, Ahmadinejad has his supporters. Just like the Original Hitler, all of Littler Hitler supporters are Libs. They want you to think that if Israel attacks Iran, it will cause World War Three. They might be right. However, if Iran Nukes Israel, THAT will cause World War Three and it will be after the fact of MORE Millions of Jews are dead. But NOW? NOW they what you to think that even if we attack Iran, it will not do much. I kid you not. According to the NYT - U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran By MARK MAZZETTI and THOM SHANKER Published: March 19, 2012

WASHINGTON — A classified war simulation held this month to assess the repercussions of an Israeli attack on Iran forecasts that the strike would lead to a wider regional war, which could draw in the United States and leave hundreds of Americans dead, according to American officials.

The officials said the so-called war game was not designed as a rehearsal for American military action — and they emphasized that the exercise’s results were not the only possible outcome of a real-world conflict.
{Laughing} Yeah, just the one we want you to believe.. But get this..

The two-week war game, called Internal Look, played out a narrative in which the United States found it was pulled into the conflict after Iranian missiles struck a Navy warship in the Persian Gulf, killing about 200 Americans, according to officials with knowledge of the exercise. The United States then retaliated by carrying out its own strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.
Wait. You mean if Iran hits one of our Ships we would have to get involved? Wait. You mean we could lose lives in a WAR? 200 Americans? Is this before or AFTER MILLIONS of Jews are wipe out because of America's willingness to do NOTHING? But this next part is AMAZING to me. It really is. They go from saying World War will break out, but it really will not have that much effect on Iran anyway, so why bother?

The initial Israeli attack was assessed to have set back the Iranian nuclear program by roughly a year, and the subsequent American strikes did not slow the Iranian nuclear program by more than an additional two years. However, other Pentagon planners have said that America’s arsenal of long-range bombers, refueling aircraft and precision missiles could do far more damage to the Iranian nuclear program — if President Obama were to decide on a full-scale retaliation.
{Sigh}Folks, if we wanted to, we could wipe Iran off the Map. I'm thinking a few well placed Bombs of Israel is going to STOP Iran's Nuclear Program Indefinitely. Not a year. What kind of nonsense is this? Like I said, well, more on this in a second.

With the Israelis saying publicly that the window to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb is closing, American officials see an Israeli attack on Iran within the next year as a possibility. They have said privately that they believe that Israel would probably give the United States little or no warning should Israeli officials make the decision to strike Iranian nuclear sites.
Because they have no reason to TRUST us. Thank you Obama. It wraps up with this.

Israeli intelligence estimates, backed by academic studies, have cast doubt on the widespread assumption that a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would set off a catastrophic set of events like a regional conflagration, widespread acts of terrorism and sky-high oil prices.

“A war is no picnic,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio in November. But if Israel feels itself forced into action, the retaliation would be bearable, he said. “There will not be 100,000 dead or 10,000 dead or 1,000 dead. The state of Israel will not be destroyed.”
Shame on us for not doing more to help them NOW. Of course they want to go it alone. Not because they LOVE War, or HATE Iran, but because they are fighting for their very survival. Look, it really is simple. All this is by the New York Times is an attempt to say "See. Look at all this destruction, and chaos. After all, an Israeli or even an American Strike will not do much. Just delay the Iranians Nuclear Quest by a year or so. So why bother. Right?"

Truth is, Israel has the Right to exist. They have a RIGHT to defend themselves. We have a DUTY to assist them. They are not the aggressor here. They are fighting for their survival. It is too late AFTER a Nuclear Explosion to do much. It is TIME to stop Iran. Period. Oh, don't forget one little detail. After Israel, or at the same time as Israel, we are NEXT.

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