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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hatsume Fair, Oprah Boots Rosie

If a Show, on a Network no one watches fails, does it make a noise?

Hey folks,

Happy Sunday to ya. We just got back from Delray Beach Florida Yesterday. We went to the 2012 Hatsume Fair, at The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Lots of Pictures with the Cosplayers, Japanese Anime Characters. The Hatsume Fair, is a Spring Festival full of Music, Demos with the Taiko Drums, Dance, and Martial Arts, Arts and Crafts, Food, and of course, the Cosplayers. All in the beautiful background setting of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens themselves.

A great time was had by all. A little too much Sun, WAY too much food, but fun none-the-less. Look for new Pictures soon on Facebook. If you are ever in Town, well, ANYTIME really, you really have to check out the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. It truly is a beautiful place full of history and tradition. If you are in town for ANY of the Special Events, be it the Hatsume Fair, Bon Festival, Oshogatsu New Year Celebration, or any other, you want to take the time to check them out. Very reasonably priced. Food it great. Laura made homemade Susi and we still bought some food there. Trust me folks, you really don't want to miss it if you are in town.

By the way, I am your Provocateur of thought himself, Peter Carlock. This IS of course, the Big Sunday Edition of the OPNTalk Blog. The Email is if you want to send in Articles, Comments, Complaints, or just say Hi. Please feel free.

Coming right up?

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IWA for Sunday 031812

OK. I have an honest question. If a Show, on a Network no one watches fails, does it make a noise? Did you catch the big news that has the "Experts" pondering? What happened? Why did Oprah Boot Rosie? That's right, Rosie has been axed.

Quick, what channel is the OWN on your TV? Seriously. Do you know? Most don't have a clue, and most do not care. What happened to Rosie? She became a Pig. She went from being the "Queen of Nice," to an outright, loudmouth, Pig. I'm really not kidding here, nor am I really attempting to attack Ms O'Donnell. But the facts are the facts. Including ONE that no one wants to discuss.

For years, everyone loved Rosie. She was funny, and entertaining. Then something happened. She came out as being Gay. Laced up her Boots, and became a Loud Mouth Activist for the LGBT community. It may have costed her, her original Talk Show. Still, many still accepted her, and didn't mind all that much, this aspect of her. Standing for what she believes in? Not a bad thing. Of course she did loose a lot of people just on the bases she came out as Gay. But not really enough to kill her career.

Then something else happened. She became a Loud Mouth Liberal Attack Dog. She would attack anyone and anything of faith. She would make fun and attack any one and anything that did not see things her way. She believes WE blew up "Building 7" on 9-11. She calls US the Terrorists in the World. She thinks only stupid people join the Army for an Education. Just a FEW examples of ACTUAL quotes?

"I haven't -- I just want to say something. 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?"

"Don't fear the terrorists, they are mothers and fathers."
I do agree with her on this one..

Go outside of the country to find out what's going on in our own country because it's frightening.

I think Democracy is threatened in a way it hasn't been in 200 years and if America doesn't stand up we're in big trouble.
Hey, maybe it was Bush that drove her insane? He gets blamed for everything else. {Smile}But the simple fact is, she went from being "The Queen of Nice" to an in your face, bully. Don't agree with her point of view? She attacks you. She comes out with some amazing BS. She just went nuts. So, contrary to what many Liberals think, this Country is STILL very Conservative. They THINK that they are the Mainstream and that the Majority of Americans think like them. The Media tells us this. They BELIEVE this. They go out and try to be themselves thinking that they have the backing of most. They DON'T. They fail. Why? Because the majority of Americans STILL believe in God, Family, and FREEDOMS. They still believe in the American Dream. They still see this Country as the GREATEST Country on the face of the Planet, and they see nothing wrong with that.

So Oprah, calls up O'Donnell and says, I'm starting my own Network, and I would like you to be on it. I want you to revive your Talk Show. She jumps. I'm sure a lot of money was discussed as well. But here is the problem. Well, a couple. First, no one watches the O Net. The vast Majority of people can't even tell you where it is on their TV. I can't. Then you put someone like O'Donnell, who has offended the Vast Majority of people out there, on. No one watches HER Show. When I say no one. I mean 200,000 viewers. That is about the same as one City in one State.

Which reminds me of a conversation I was having on Facebook. Just as a side note here, I was discussing the Rush Limbaugh Apology thing and a couple of people were attempting to form some kind of Boycott for his sponsors to attempt to get him off the air. I simply pointed out that A - He owns his Show. The only one that can fire him is HIM. B- With over 20 MILLION Listeners at any given 15 Minute Segment, Advertisers are not going to be quick to pull from that pool. Too much money involved. One of them could not believe the 20 Plus Million Listener number. But it's true. So when you are talking 200,000 Views, you are talking a doomed Show. Just saying.

So Oprah did what ANY Network Executive would do. She canned the Show. You know Rosie, you DO have a First Amendment Right to say whatever you chose. But you do NOT have a Right to be heard. People have the right to turn you off. They have the freedom to switch the Channel. You have a RIGHT of Freedom of Speech, one that you do not agree with all having, but you do. You can say whatever you want. As long as you are willing to accept the Consequences for what you say. You have offended WAY too many people. That is why you failed. It really is, Just that simple.

Going to fill my cup. Be right back.

Deadline Hollywood - The Quick Demise Of Rosie O’Donnell’s OWN Talk Show: What Went Wrong? By NELLIE ANDREEVA Saturday March 17, 2012 @ 1:20am

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