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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case Nothing To Do With "Stand Your Ground"

Does it have to do with Race? Possibly.

Hey folks,

The Trayvon Martin Case. Here is a Black Kid walking back from a Mini-Mart thing with a Snack, and he is accosted by a MORON, George Zimmerman, who is Hispanic by the way, and Trayvon Martin ends up dead.

Here is what we know. Trayvon was visiting Relatives therefore he was not a Resident of the Gated Community. Zimmerman, who is the Volunteer Neighborhood Watch Captain of his Community, is walking around with a Gun he should not have.

He spots Martin, and decided he was suspicious and called 911. 911 told him to NOT pursue Martin, that they would send someone out. He pursued Martin, who was unarmed, and something happened. The Something is not clear, but what we do know is that Martin was Shot by Zimmerman, and killed. Zimmerman, and the Police involved, claim he operating on the grounds of the "Stand Your Ground Law." No arrests were made. Zimmerman has since relocated.

Like clockwork, and according to the Liberal Anti Gun Script, and according to the Race Card Fame Script written by the Revs. Jackson and Sharpton, the Media kicked into overdrive, and even Obama threw himself into the mix. After all, if Obama had a Son, he would look like Trayvon.

First, we do not even know if Zimmerman has a Concealed Carry Permit. Rumors abound that he doesn't. Second, even if he DID have a CCP, he was not allowed to carry a weapon while on "Patrol" as a Volunteer Neighborhood Watch Captain. So he was wrong right there. Third, he was TOLD by Dispatch NOT to pursue. He did. He was wrong there. He did not "Stand His Ground," he ran him down. Forth, he shot and killed an unarmed kid.

Just on these grounds, he should have been arrested on the spot. None of this has anything to do with the "Stand Your Ground" Law, nor does it have anything to do with Guns. It is all about a Moron, most likely a Wannabe Cop, who killed an unarmed kid. It also doesn't make Martin MORE dead because he is Black. He is just as dead as he would be, if he had been Green with pink polka dots. Lets look at the Liberal reaction and see if we can make sense of it. I know, I know, but lets try.

Some want to now do away with, or modify the "Stand Your Ground" Law. Why? The speed limit here in Sunny South Florida is 70. I speed, I hit someone doing 80 and kill them. Is the Law to blame? No. I AM! I was not following the Law. I was SPEEDING. So modifying the Law will accomplish NOTHING. Change it from 70 to 65 will not matter to me, or someone like me, who will STILL drive 80. The next person who drives 80, hits, and kills someone else, will be no more guilty than before the Law changed. Zimmerman was not following the Law as he and the Police involved claim. Therefore changing or doing away with the Law will accomplish NOTHING.

The Law on Carrying Guns? Did he have a Permit? Does the guy that just robbed Bells Bargo have a Permit? I've talked about this many times. If I'm going to commit and Crime, I am NOT going to go to Wal-Mart, or a Gun Store, get finger printed, go through a Background Check, wait ten days, then go pick it up. No. I'm going to the corner of Hookers Are Us, and Drugs For All Occasions, and buy one from another Criminal. The Gun Laws will not stop this process. We do not need more. I do however think we need more Mandatory Training for those who do go through the Process.

As I've also said many times, I do not like Guns. Truth is, you are more likely to have an Accident with a Gun in your house than you are to EVER need to use it in a Home Invasion type scenario. If you ever pull a gun on me, or someone like me, you BETTER be trained on how to use it. I will take it from you and shoot you with your own gun if I need to. But that's just me. I believe EVERYONE has the right to have one if they chose, as long as they DO follow the Laws on the Books.

Now lets deal with the Race Issue. Is Martin Black? Yup. Is Zimmerman White? Nope. He is Hispanic. But since his last name is not Rodriguez, or Lopez, he's got to be a White guy. Or at lease that is how he will be portrayed. Did he pursue Martin and Shoot Martin because he was a Black guy in a Hoodie? Seems like it to me. But I can not prove that, no. Do we have any evidence to this effect? No. I believe he DID purse Martin SOLEY because he was a young Black Kid. The Hoodie did not help the Situation. But I do truly wonder if he would have been so zealous if the Kid had been White. I have my doubts.

There is so much more I could say about Dress and Appearance of Today's Youth, and the Direct correlation on that, and the reaction they get from others who see them, but I want to stick to this Case.

Truth is, The Revs., even though I AGREE that Race played a part in this, are going to make things FAR worse. Not better. There is a Lynch Type Mentality growing out there that is NOT good for ANYONE. Should Zimmerman be Arrested? Of course. He should have been on the night of the Murder. Should the Police that played a role in NOT doing their Job, and the Chief, if found he did anything improper be fired? Absolutely. Is this a tragic event that caused a young man to die, and a family to morn? Of course it is. But stirring up MORE Racial Violence and possible Riots, is NOT useful and does not help anything.

To take a line from Joyce Kaufman, "Can anyone tell me the names of the Jews that were Killed in France by a Muslim?" Anyone? Can you tell me the name of the little 8 year old girl that was pursued and grabbed by her Pony Tail, right before a Rabid Human shot her to Death? Miriam Monstango is her name. Obama can tell you Martin's name. Can Obama tell you her name? Did Race Play a part in that senseless death? Of course it did. He said he killed her because she was a Jew. No press on that. But this story, the Trayvon Martin Case, will be Headline News for weeks. All because the Victim was Black. All because the Media has it orders to cling onto this. Hey, at lease no one is talking about the Economy. All because the Revs. see this as another one of their Spotlight moments.

Make no mistake about it. I truly believe Race DID play a part in this. George Zimmerman SHOULD be in Jail right now. No question in my mind. God Speed Trayvon Martin, and may his family have the Peace and Comfort they need in this very devastating time.

However, to profit from this? To put this Victim over every other Victim, just because of the color of his Skin, or to create MORE division and strive amongst the Races over this while seeking to get attention for oneself, or use it for a distraction or Political gain, is just plain WRONG. May Justice be served in this Case. May we all move on from it.

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