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Sunday, March 04, 2012

PETA Kills 95 Percent Of ALL Animals In Their Care

Wait, REALLY? Time for the OON.

Hey folks,

So here I was, minding my own business, driving down the road, when a report came over the Radio. I had to pull over. I frantically pulled my phone out of my pocket. I looked at the date. No. I'm still here. It's still 2012. But the case of Déjà vu was overwhelming. I listened intently. "PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals euthanized 95 percent of all the animals in their care. They claim it's OK because they do it painlessly. A new reports shows." REALLY???

I raced back to the OPNTalk Office. I ran past the door into the back yard. I went to the Highly Fortified and Security Protected Shed. I killed the Security System. Unlocked the door and flung it open. There she is. The Oon. The official Time Machine of the OPNTalk Blog. Isn't she beautiful. Hope the key works. It's been a while. Yup. I open the door exposing her beautiful insides. Want to take a trip with me?

OK. Get in. Wait, close the door. Jeez. We can't fly through time and space with the door open. Ready? Hold on. Push button, ring the bell, pull the lever. Off we go. Whoosshh! OK. We're here. Where? I have no idea. Open the door.

Hey, It's Sunday, August 23, 2009. What a great day this was. Really. Weather is great. A little hot. Oh look, there's my house. We can't go in. That would mess with the Time and Space Continuum and stuff. But look. The Window is open. Be quiet. And whatever you do, DO NOT let them see you. There I am, talking to my Wife. There is a Picture. What is it? Oh, it's a Picture of a Fat Lady on a beach. The Headline is "Save the Whales." No I'm not kidding. We seem to be having a discussion about this. Here is what is happening.

What say you? Are you offended? Are you overweight? Do you get PETA'S point?

Hi, my name is Peter. I'm the Husband of a Vegetarian, and a former card carrying member of PETA. Until she learned that PETA put down, that would be KILLED for those who need a little further help in understanding, 95 percent of their ADOPTABLE animals. She read this.

Since 1998 more than 20,000 pets handed to PETA have been put down.

In 2008 official figures show that the charity put down 2,124 animals that had been given to them.

Figures obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture reveal that last year PETA killed five pets a day.

The charity, which collects over £25m in donations, does not run an adoption shelter. But as the most high profile animal welfare agency in the US many people take unwanted cats and dogs to their main offices in Norfolk, Virginia.

Well, needless to say, she was not all that impressed. So she is no longer interested in what they have to say. Many others are doing the same thing. Now PETA has upset a whole new bunch of people. Fat people.
So it was NOT Déjà vu. I was here. I did hear this. I even talked about this. This is not a new report. OK. Back to the,,,you know.

Back in the Oon. Get in. push the Button,,,,,CLOSE THE DOOR!!! OK. hold on. Ring the bell, pull the lever. Off we go. Whoosshh! We're back. I hope. Open the door. Yup. March 4th, 2012. Close the Oon. Lock the Shed. Activate the Security system. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone what is in this Shed.

So what was this all about. A new report? Well, I wasn't hearing things either. Even though we were talking about it 3 years ago, it IS in the News today, and seems to be getting some traction. According to TNT Magazine - PETA kills more than 95% of the animals in its care 27th Feb 2012 3:43pm By Editor

PETA, the organisation known for its hardline position on animal rights, killed more than 95 per cent of the animals in its care during 2011, it has been revealed.

The Center for Consumer Freedom, a non-profit group that targets groups known to antagonise food producers, has exposed evidence of more than 27,000 animal deaths since 1998, at the headquarters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

In a statement released on February 16, the consumer group said PETA killed 1911 cats and dogs last year, in its base at Norfolk, Virginia, finding homes for only 24 pets.

It is believed to have obtained the figures from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
Which as we know is not new. However?

“PETA hasn’t slowed down its slaughterhouse operation,” said Rick Berman, CCF’s executive director. “It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats.”

In a statement released online, Berman added that PETA has an annual budget of $37 million.

The organisation also runs the website, which details their claims into the organisation’s seemingly shady operations.

PETA said in an April 2011 interview with Newsweek that the ‘no-kill’ policy simply wasn’t possible. ‘We would rather offer these animals a painless death than have them tortured, starved, or sold for research,’ Daphna Nachminovitch told the magazine.
Yeah. That's great is it not. That is VERY Ethical. Just KILL unwanted, for them, Animals, so they have money to put Ads on TV, Radio, and Billboards. I will admit, I don't mind the Naked Protests. Well, most of the time. {Smile} But this excuse is pathetic. I personally know of No Kill Shelters that, well, NEVER Kill. They are more than able and happy to find good homes for these Animals. They don't kill 5 Cats a day. Then you have this COMPLETELY asinine excuse.

Additionally, PETA media liaison Jane Dollinger told The Daily Caller via email that most animals that fall into the Norfolk centre’s care are “somehow unadoptable”, with “injury, illness, age, aggression, or because no good homes exist for them”.
But I'm sure that these are the same people that would advocate euthanasia for old people. Especially if they are injured, sick, or, well, just old. You know, there is no good home for them. Hypocrites. NO ONE should ever give to these Idiots again. Next time I see one of their Protests? I'm just going to laugh at them and offer them a Kitten. Sad thing is, most of them that are Card Carrying Members, have NO CLUE about any of this. They are just mindless doing whatever they are told. And of course, giving them money to kill more Animals. Sad. Is it not?

OPNTalk - Offensive or Effective? Sunday, August 23, 2009
TNT Magazine - PETA kills more than 95% of the animals in its care

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